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Send Your Solace 17 Mar 2007
Dear members of the PHC alumni.It is with deep sympathy this mail comes as a result of the recent incident that befell one of our own.
Bishop Eugene O. Okojie who had his whole house gutted down by fire on the early hours of Tuesday,12th March,2007.He was helpless as he was unable
to save ANYTHING.He was unable to make phone calls and the State fire service were unprepared for this emergency.It was a pity as he watched with his
own eyes his belongings brought down to ashes by wild fire caused by electrical faults in the building.
We are however happy that no life was lost and we hope he will bounce back well soonest.
I by this medium plead that fellow alumni send messages of sympathy and love to him through his email
May the great Almighty God continue to bless us all. Amen.

Andrew U. Ikponmwonba
PHC Webmaster
Andrew U. Ikponmwonba Send Email
The Last gift of Christmas 23 Dec 2006
Cause the 24 of december will be sunday this year, i have decide to post this gift so you can enjoy it on that day. I cannot believe it has come to a end, i do hope you have enjoy them as much as I did to send you those. Christmas might be different in each country but the message should always be the, share, exchange, everything that make us remember the priority Jesus Christ.


I would love to be a little bird
Just for this time
To be able to deliver my gift personally to you
I would love to be the angel
Whispering to your ears
God loves you
I would love to have done twice as much
To make this special day
Be so perfect
Today I come to write you
This last gift of love
On a parchment written
With golden ink
Spangle with crystal tears
And wrapped with a thin veil of tender
I will always be in your life
In you’re thought and mind
I will always be there to comfort you
And pray for you
It will only be a word
A smile or just my love
That I will be given
But every single petal of this love
Will fall just for you
Happy Holidays
May God bless you!
And remember
Each gift given to you….

Thank you, peace of love, charity, time, gentle love, be yourself, place of honor, tapestry of life, Christmas spirit gift, reconciliation, gift of exchange, this tear, warm, the child, gift of prayer, inside your heart, patience, precious, positive, share Him with you, my testimony, a story from my heart, another perspective all those gift are now part of your life!!

With my love,

Suzanne Carpentier
Aka Angel on earth
December 24, 2003 edit on december 24, 2006
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Am I the blessing 22 Dec 2006
I want to share this with you all, as a testimony, showing that we are all struggling in life, but with faith there is comfort from Heaven above. This was wrote with the help of a great man, my dear friend and brother Chuck Ingerson, may Lord continue to bless him with wisdom to council us with his love and good words. Thank you so much Chuck,

Hugs to all

Suzanne aka Angel on earth

"Am I the Blessing"


Tears flood upon my cheeks
blessings here and there
Always so welcome like a balm
hands are hugging me
When in despair i cry for help
do I challenge Him
For the great demand
in faith they are performed
Through life on earth
enduring till the end;

Today the lamp filled with oil
I'm holding in my hand
I feel I am so alone
wandering within a soul
A challenge from the Lord
could i be a great blessing
Behind the doorgate of Heaven
agency choices of the way
Can you hear me Father
to let more understand;

A family to receive full blessings
waiting for us behind the door
To comfort us, to ease our burdens
to reward our effort
Would only one all to love
all hope of a family
Father do help us forever
by giving us each a chance
To prove this life's deman
wanting the best for all of us;

Because we're searching ourself
to do all in the right way
Able to put all in your hands
to deal with trouble and burdens
To love Thee with hearts strong
able then endure more
The giants of the world
asking life to surrender
Having faith in your power
helping us thy children all;

It is my humble prayer
In the name of your son Jesus Christ, amen.
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
The twenty -third gift of Christmas 22 Dec 2006
The twenty -third gift of Christmas

Malls are waiting for customer
They even offering the best bargains
Thousands of lights and marketing add
Are attracting you
New movies are out just ready to be seen
The rush before Christmas to get the last gift
As start, today is one of the more stressful one
Thinking of what to buy, what to cook
Where to go?
Now imagine yourself with another perspective
Your house smells food
All day you were with your children cooking
And enjoying every minute of it
Making pie, cookies, breads and other great goodies
Only your ancestors had the recipe
You took this Holiday not to break the Spirit
But much more to feel the Spirit
You have choose to be with people
Give valuable time and love
Oh finally, I have time to read this beautiful long story to my daughter
Let us go play in the snow, make a snowman
No let us build a big fortress
Or even think about the time you have wish to learn
To embroider the way grand-ma was!
She is coming…. maybe we can just sit with her
In addition, learn from her.
How long have you played with the whole family?
A great big game of Monopoly…with popcorn and juice
Much more, form a singer group all together a choir maybe you have talent remember?
Be with your family.
Tomorrow they could be gone, sick, or too old
However, remember the gift they will open that day
Will soon be forgotten
But the time you have decide to spend with them
Will be forever cherish
He ask you to remember to love each other
Two weeks off, thinking of them, being with them
My suggestions for their gift
cannot be buy
Are not recycle
But believe me!
It is contagious…
This is my gift for you today…
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
22nd gift of Christmas 21 Dec 2006
The twenty-second gift of Christmas

The closer we are from the end
I am feeling more emotional
Because I do not want to end this perfect moment
I wish time would stop
I feel each one of you closer to me at this moment
And my heart is full filled with your love
Today I would like to offer you this gift
Something special
A story from my heart
A true one shared with my love.
Once upon a time, there was a happy family
They were very blessed; they never had to worry about
They had also plenty of friends
Every thing was there to make them happy
But one day their destiny change for the worst
They then drown into turmoil, sickness and so many more
Nevertheless, they kept the richness of their heart
It was solid like a rock
Their arduous work increased
Their faith was put to test
But they never gave up hope
Always just like pillar they stayed
Then one night when the snow falled…
At this moment precisely the celestial floodgate opened on them
This family receive more then their eyes could even see
Gift of all size and color of any kind
All they had given during their lifetime
Without looking back
Was given to them with softness and love
Goodwill and tenderness
To all of you who make this possible for that family
Therefore, they can be so happy during the years to come because…
People gave them their hands
They smile back at them, they did listen to them also
Those people could easily be you
Never misfortune showed such happiness
Their path were now softer
Cause someone took off the little rock blocking their road
During all these years someone like you
Have made this time looks like it never showed up in their life
Moreover, God heard prayers in their behalf
In return blessing come for each fragment of love given to that family!

Believe me this story is true, it really did happened

Just to know miracle does exist for every one!

With love,

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
21 gift of Christmas 21 Dec 2006
The twenty-first gift of Christmas

In three days, it will be the end
With tears, I am offering you this gift
My testimony
Learning there is a GOD
Is always a marvelous revelation in our life
I, myself can truly said
I have seen His true miracle in my life
My life has been a great challenge
It was not easy
Nevertheless, since He came into my life
I have learn to have faith, to have patience
Trust and hope
I have learn to love and to be love
I have learn to share and to receive
You all know that I cannot do anything else
With out Him!
But today more then ever
I can testify you
That my Redeemer is alive
In addition, He holds me when I am discouraging myself
He cry with me when I am hurt
He rejoice with me when I am blessed
This is my testimony
He is my life!

Hugs Suzanne
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Gift number 20 19 Dec 2006
The twentieth gift of Christmas

Imagine yourself …
You are following a star
Imagine that moment
A star guiding you to a special destination
You are about to see
The newborn child
Imagine yourself following his life
Step by step
Seeing the miracles happened
Earring the talk on the mountain
Being there when they distribute the fishes and bread
Imagine yourself
At this moment
When they crucified Him!
He is the most beautiful gift you could receive
I wanted to share Him with you!

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Gift 19 18 Dec 2006

‘ ’P’’
Remember this letter
Remember the mystery about it
‘’P’’ is for patience
Something I did work a lot to get
When I told you it was my angular stone
It is more like a precious gift
It is also for a positive attitude
But do not worry I have not yet got it all
This is a quality I have choose to work on
Now, you are asking yourself
What is this got to do with my gift for Christmas?
The three words are my gift for you today
Patience, precious, positive
Every soul on this earth is precious
Every one deserve your patience
And some positive words
During this special season
My dear friends,
It is time to give beyond the gift
Patience is so hard to work on
But this precious quality
Will give the more precious result of all
Think of it…the count down has start!

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Gift # 18 17 Dec 2006
The eighteen gift of Christmas

This gift is dedicated to a friend of mine
However, you can all receive it and feel the power of it
This gift was ponder after a special story told with confidence
My wish is you can see the marvelous gift of Christmas in it.

Slowly the seed grow
The warm rays of sun and his heat
Helped her to grow
She had to survive to all temperatures
Even the rain and the storm
Seasons did not spared her
She did grow bigger and bigger
Suddenly proudly the tree was standing
Strong with his big branches touching the sky
Wanting to tickle the clouds and fight against all elements
The three survive to the modernism
Then it was the solitude the isolation
Only paved ground was around him
Not even a flower or a bench to sit the stranger
To welcome the poor
But the tree stays strong with all his power
Nevertheless, slowly he became sick
Leaves instead of being bright green
Became brown and dry
The tree was past the century
In addition, every one had forgotten about him
But you my friend you have seen him
And for only one second you knew it all
The meaning of his powerful life
You went beyond the appearance
You saw the great softness and valuable life
He did had during his lifetime
Bless you are my friend in this day
Because you saw, what most of us forgot?
The value of a soul, beyond the appearance
My gift today is in your heart
Cause you are a special friend,
Thank you!

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
3 gifts tonight, no. 15, 16 and 17 14 Dec 2006
The fifteen, sixteen and seventeen day of Christmas

Surprise are you!
Yes three days without any gift
The closest we get to Christmas day
The more intense the message should get
Why is that?
Three days without food
Three days being sick
Three days without any roof
Three days suffering from cold
Three days earring bombing
Three days a great sufferance
Three days to buried a love one
There are so many reasons for those three days
Message are supposed to be gift of love
Early this morning when the moon was waving good night to the sun
I was alone thinking of you!
Each one of you!
It could be Mary, Pete, Kuburat, Andrew Linda, Luke, Chuck and Rachael
Or even Paul, and many more..
I thought the real meaning of Christmas
When our heart is touch by the emotions given
When Jesus suffered more then three days just for us all!
No, I am not rich
I have no money to buy you a gift
Nevertheless, every time I do bend my knees
And say a prayer for you
I know you will receive the most wonderful gift I can give you!
Now I know I am rich
My treasure on this earth is my family
And all my true friends who care for me!!
I am giving you the gift of prayer

Pray for your children, pray every minute of the day

pray for our soldiers, pray for the hunger, pray for the sick

pray for love, for peace, for having Him in your life every time of the

day, pray for your ennemies, pray cause He is the reason why

we are breathing every second of our life.

With love

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Gift no. 14 13 Dec 2006
The fourteen gift of Christmas

Child dream so real
We feel like being into a another world
World of fantasies
World of magic
Treasure, diamonds, fur
No we are mistaken…
Child dream the reality
Love, emotions, care, tender
Eyes sparkling
Family together
The treasure of each children
Christmas is representing the birth of a special child
His dream was to save all those children
Today I am giving you the gift to remember
The child
The birth child
The childhood
The abuse child
The sick child
The poor child
The war child
The hungry child
The rejected child
Your child……
It is a great gift you have to remember
Your own child..
But remember they have dream
Go beyond the dream and find your child

Find yourself too as a child.


Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Number 13 12 Dec 2006
Thirteen gift of Christmas

Wind is so chilly
Ice is cracking under our feet
Winter finally found back his place
Trees seems unreal, frozen between past and future
Remember the crystal tear given to you
My gift today will be simple
Warm to feel the Spirit
To envelop a friend with your arms
To wrapped up your heart
And give it back with the heat of love
Melt the time
Give warm love around you
Like I am giving you!

Hugs Suzanne
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Gift no. 12 so special 11 Dec 2006
The twelve gift of Christmas

A little angel came tonight
He whisper small words unto my ears
This little angel came down
To tell a special message
A loving message written on his heart by GOD
He ask us not to forget
Solitude, sickness, poverty
Children all over the world
Soldier far away
People in prison
He said: ‘’You know the people we always forget’’
A tear drop down on my ear
Bringing tears to my own eyes
Have we forgot just to write?
This message is special
Would like it to be dedicated to them
The misfortunate
All gift are not always beautiful
Like we all dreamed about!
I have thought about them
When I wrote this special gift for you
I am giving you this tear as a gift today
So you will remember the twelve gift of Christmas


Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Message 11 before Christmas 10 Dec 2006
The eleven gift of Christmas

Is like a bouquet of roses
Blooming just for you!
It is like a Christmas carol choir
Singing just for you!
This gift is a gift of blessings.
Give, receive, share, hugs
It is always great opportunities
To do this day after day
During this period of festivities
However today I am giving you the
Gift of exchange
Such a different way to distribute the most
Valuable gift you have in yourself
Talent of cooking
You can sing, sew, or you have a car
Give a gift of exchanging your talent
Help someone a sister
Your brother, your friend
The women next door
Do not be shy you have helped me once
Many talent were spread around
Exchange them as a gift
Give your time give yourself
Find the way because for their eyes
The simple thing is valuable
And receive like a treasure…..or even a bouquet of roses!


Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
How many of you knows their scripture?? (game) 10 Dec 2006
I found this quizz, how well do you know your scripture, do not peek please, you have to use your head.......have fun!
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
The eight gift 09 Dec 2006
The eight gift of Christmas

Already eight days, time is running too fast

I have not yet said half of my messages.

You have been such a marvelous source of inspiration

Even if it is a great project,

each word comes from my heart

Today, you will receive another special gift

Try to picture in your mind,

A huge box all wrapped with golden paper

The biggest box you have ever seen

Inside there is something special but simple

OH! I myself have thought about it so many times

Through all the messages you have read so far,

Gift are not always something we can touch

However, it is mostly something we can feel and


I am giving you a place of honor in my tapestry of life

It will be weave with golden thread so it can be solid

I will cherish memories of the first time we met

In addition, each way you have touched me!

This tapestry will be treasure forever

Because inside there will be a part of every one

of you!

This is my gift for you today!

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
The 9 and 10 day before Christmas 08 Dec 2006
The ninth gift of Christmas

Bring Crosby could have sing this next gift
Louis Armstrong could have played the music
Fred Astaire could have dance over it all
But I, I could only offer poetry
Today, I am a little melancholic
To write about this next gift
I am thinking mostly about the poor
Walking down the street during this cold air
Even if we have the Christmas spirit
Fixing all the meals, taking care of the gift
Listening to the song
I would love to share the same spirit
Nevertheless, I have seen today a tear on someone’s face
I have saw an hand asking for some food and help
I have thought myself about the sacrifice we have to made
This tune is sad, but how much important for a child
My gift today is very simple
I am giving you the Christmas spirit gift
Not to have a good consciousness
More over to feel the need
One day it has happened, it was we
You have given us your hand
You have brought back this sweet spirit
Wipe this tear hold our hand,
Feed our heart, give water to our soul
We remember! The sweet Christmas spirit!

Today myself I have witness this gift

From precious person send from Heaven

just to put joy into the llife of a family

I saw it from my own eyes just like

The shepherd saw Jesus'birth

It was a miracle, a real miracle.

Believe in the Christmas spirit

Believe in God He is alive.

The tenth gift of Christmas

Often I am surprising myself
To be this little girl on the Christmas night
Opening with enthusiasm her Christmas gift.
Again.. few more days and it will be your turn
Your eyes will be shinning and your heart full of joy
Your family will surely be reunited around the Christmas dinner
In addition, maybe a fire would burn in the fireside
But I would like to stop here and take a moment
To think about many countries around the world
Who are suffering from war, from corruption
From hunger, from being cold and alone
I know my message is not sweet and warm
This little girl enthusiasm to open her gift
Just stop and thought about some other little girl
Crying at night, being hungry and so alone.
Slowly day after day, I am bringing you
This vibrant atmosphere receiving a Christmas gift
Sharing with you, few things you have done without noticing
Showing you the valuable and unique person you are.
Each day, it is a feast for me to play with words
They are dancing in my head like a twister.
I am remembering the time we have left
To do something different for a change
Make that Christmas be something more then just an Holiday
This season is a great opportunity to give
So I give you two gifts today
The first is the gift of: Act of love
You have the chance to make this Christmas
A special day for someone in need
Do an act of love not a act of counciousness
The other gift is also special, cause you also have to give
I am offering you the gift of reconciliation
Forgiveness worth thousand words
Your heart will be light and fly like a bird
I love you…. Give back those gifts in return
Christmas will then have another dimension…. You’ll see


Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Gift 7 of Christmas 06 Dec 2006
The seven gift of Christmas

Marching along the ocean
Thinking of the beauties left to us
By the Creator himself…sorry
I was just dreaming of your next gift
Of course, this could be found into
The magnificent of the creations around us
The ocean, the mountain, the field.
However, look closer around yourself
The seven gift of Christmas is inside you
A breath of so many qualities found along the way
Some are hidden; some are easy to be notice
Like this marvelous masterpiece GOD made for us
You have surely shown one day, something special
Not gifts buy in a store
It was even more beautiful then the butterfly out of his cocoon
It’s my turn to make to give you the chance to discover it.
So imagine yourself in a cocoon at this minute
Waiting patiently for the ultimate moment
When you will show this gift of beauty to me
An extreme delicate movement of gentleness
And slowly like the butterfly out of the cocoon
You have shown me the gift to be yourself
What else have you expect?
This is the gift I wanted to discover
Be yourself, It’s the reason why

You touched me by your simplicity
You were this beautiful unique person, just you!


Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Day six, before Christmas 05 Dec 2006
The six gift of Christmas

Like a myriad of colors
Or the aurora borealis
On the other hand, even just a simple rainbow
The next gift is expressing
The multiple words of gentleness
Use into the dance of our friendship
The music I have listen when the words
Came to my heart was mostly unique
Not even a maestro could have guide
The orchestra with such fingering
Nevertheless, you have let your heart talk
So many times, like an artist painting the canvas
This gift is a touch of this and that
Moreover, my turn comes to give it back to you
As a masterpiece of gentle love,
The gift of gentleness is giving to you
With words of simplicity

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
I got Him in my thoughts (english and french ) 05 Dec 2006
I got him in my thoughts

Sun shine every day throuh the window

The light is so shinning

My skin warms up cause of the rays

My heart is beating so hard feeling his love

His words floating into my thoughts

He ask me to listen to him

Day and night cause of his words being a happy lyric

I got him in my thoughts

I breath by him

Braking all wall around me

Opening myself body and soul

What would I do, tell me?

If I ever loose this love

So pure so perfect

I got him in my thoughts

My life is dedicated to him

Shine sun, shine days and night

My life will never stop

Until the day he will come

To take me in his arms

To bring me to his kingdom

I got him in my thoughts

My God, my Savior, my Redeemer

I love him so i could even be free of breathing

I love him with a love so pur so vivifying

I love him cause he loves me back

Angel on earth

November 10 , 2006

Je l’ai dans mes pensées

Le soleil brille toujours par la fenêtre

Sa lumière est si brillante

Que ma peau se réchauffe sous ses rayons

Mon cœur bat la chamade en sentant son amour

Ses mots flottent dans mes pensées

Il me demande de l’écouter

Jour et nuit parce que ses mots sont une musique de bonheur

Je l’ai dans mes pensées

Je ne respire que pour lui

Brisant toute barrière

Pour m’ouvrir entièrement corps et âme

Que ferais-je, crois-tu?

Si jamais je perdais cet amour

Si pur si parfait

Je l’ai dans mes pensées tout le temps

Ma vie lui est dédié

Que le soleil brille nuit et jour

Que ma vie ne s’arrête que le jour

Ou il viendra me prendre dans ses bras

Pour m’ammener avec lui dans son royaume

Je l’ai dans mes pensées

Mon Dieu, mon Sauveur, monRédempteur

Je l’aime a ne plus en respirer

Je l’aime d’un amour si pur si vif

Je l’aime car il m’aime en retour

Angel on earth

10 novembre 2006
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
The fift day of Christmas 05 Dec 2006
The fifth day of Christmas

Seasons can pass through
And never stopped
Because this fifth day of Christmas
Is almost the angular stone of my life
I'm offering it to you
And showing with an extreme softness.

Telling you how you did use it..
Would be for me like telling a secret
About the end without the beginning.

So I will leave you ponder a little
Nevertheless, take the time to think about a small question..
What I have done (thinking of yourself) so she hides
From me this little secret?

Because you are a bit curious
I will let out a simple letter of the word
Moreover, keep the rest closely behind my heart.
The enigma of this fifth gift will be hide carefully

However, know my dear friends
Even if I have just met you

And you are at the end on my life tapestry
You have at a special moment in your life
Use this gift for my family of I
Therefore, it is the time to give you the small letter of a big word
Will let out the mystery around this letter a bit later..


Suzanne aka angel on earth
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
The second day of Christmas 05 Dec 2006
The second day before Christmas (dec 2nd, 2006)

This second day,
I want to offer you peace
during this difficult time
when the world is in turmoil
I would like for a simple moment
Just try to make you feel the soft warm
It is this peaceful time.
From the bottom of your soul be full filled
With a softness indescriptible
With a power unmessurable
A real soft peace from the heart
Sign of something given to others
From a smile wiping tears
From a hug comforting the lost soul
This peace of love given with simplicity
Because you were the one to give it away
This is my second gift for this day of Christmas
The gift of a ultimate peace of love


Suzanne aka angel on earth
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
First day of Christmas 05 Dec 2006
Sorry everyone something happened and you should have read this one in the first place...... so late but there, enjoy every bit of it.

The days before Christmas


The days before Christmas was first written in year 2003, it is amazing how life goes on fast but every thing comes back for the same period of time, like the spirit of Christmas. This spirit should be with us every day of the year but around us during the period of Christmas, bulbs light start to shine, decorations are put together to share this special moment, and every year there is more and more, they get bigger and bigger. But the true spirit of Christ (mas) is what we have succeed to gain every day of our life. Let me share with you all again and with some new friends what I wrote few years ago during this marvelous time of Christmas. And I remember that time was rough, one to deal with , no food on the table, no money to dress the kids, no more reserve and tons of bills to pay, but one greatest gift of all God’s love and miracle for our family. Yes we are richer with love and strength, our courage is stronger, our faith is also and our testimony if one of the most important things for us. This poetry is my gift to you, some changes have been made to it to be able to give it a new breeze of love. Catch it! It’s my gift for you!

So for the next 23 days you will receive my Christmas message, if you want to be remove from the list pls just send me a email asking for it.

The first day of Christmas

The first day of Christmas(december 1st, 2006)
My heart is carried away.
In offering you my gratitude
My eyes are sparkling with love

Outside mother nature is holding winter.
The white carpet seems to be delay
Children are jumping just seeing the tree

About to be dress for Christmas
Soon our home will be all decorated
The message I have learn waiting for Christmas

Is more like letting the thanksgiving be attached

To another great time of the year

Being grateful for every thing
Is to remember, that you once did
Give a hug, said something nice
Or even smile at the right moment

Or fulfilled a service with love

It also could be a time to remember

Someone who is alone, you could be there

Oh time stop so often to let us remember

The greatest gift we receive during Christmas

The gift of being able to say I love you
That is why this first day of Christmas
Is to say ''Thank you''

Be thankful for the love you have receive

From your close one, from stranger crossing your road

From your friends, from every one

Cause every time a light bulb shine, it is for that person

Who did smile at you, who did help you, who did care about you

Say thank you!

Hugs Suzanne
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Third and fourth days of Christmas 04 Dec 2006
The third day of Christmas

I was so anxious to share with you this next gift
The charity, not only the charity found
on the corner of one street by giving a penny in a can
But the charity coming from the sparkle of your soul
The charity vibrating inside each thread of emotions
The only one who is taking just a look to know
To understand the gesture or the thought given.
The charity display on the canvas of your life
With a magic brush of love and feverishness
Here a tear of joy flowing on you from me
this gift is yours it is the charity you have given.

The fourth day of Christmas

Like a crystal glittering on a day light
My next gift cannot be unperceived
Pure like the water source
White like the flakes spinning around gently
This gift you gave to me like a diamond
With thousands facets.
The time you took
To listen, to talk, to be just you
That time is a treasure combining all kind of ways
That special time you took it for you
Your family, your friends but most of all
It is the time you have taken just for me....
Even the small second...was a precious gift
As a reflection from your heart to mine.

Hugs Suzanne
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Two shall walk together 01 Oct 2006
I did once more thought about you when i came to read this beautiful article, i have never heard that story before, but i think it is a marvellous missionary tool we can all use as a missionary, or return missionary

Enjoy it,


Two Shall Walk Together
by Wayne B. Lynn

Wayne B. Lynn, “Two Shall Walk Together,” Tambuli, Feb.–Mar. 1986, 30
The wind had been blowing all afternoon. Red sands of the Arizona desert had filtered in through my closed car windows and settled thickly on everything inside.

In breathtaking splendor the sky reflected pastel shades of amber, pink, and orange. Thin beams of silver light pushed earthward through gaps in the clouds forming exquisite pathways from the sky.

I never ceased to marvel at the beauty of the desert that presented itself in so many contrasting displays. Now, looking down the winding dirt road past a small Indian house by the roadside, I could see the Latter-day Saint chapel ahead of me. What an unlikely place for a chapel, but there it was; and beside it a small distance away was “the elders’ trailer.” What was even more important, I could see the elders’ “Chidi” (truck) parked beside it, and the lights were on in the trailer. This meant the elders were home.

I stopped beside their house trailer, and as I stepped from my car, a half-starved dog came barking from under the house, showing mixed emotions by growling at me first through yellow teeth and then wagging his tail.

I smiled and said to myself, “Well, it isn’t unusual to receive the mission president with mixed emotions. Elders aren’t always glad to see me if their trailer isn’t clean or if their work isn’t done.”

In this instance Elder Naylor and Elder Jensen greeted me warmly and immediately began sharing with me how the work was going. Early in our conversation Elder Naylor said, “President, the thing I really want to tell you about is this old man named Amos Singer. He has two very bright grandchildren who live with him. He asked us to teach them so they can join the Church and enjoy the blessings of Church membership.

“We were teaching them for the first time last Saturday, and the grandfather came in to listen to our lesson. We were talking about God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and prayer. After we were through he started telling us a few things that really amazed us. It was like all those stories I’ve heard about but never thought would happen to me. He told us he is 79 years old and had been trained to be a tribal medicine man when he was very young (about 15 years old). He was taught by his great-grandfather and has an incredible memory of very, very old Navajo Indian beliefs. Most people don’t know the real old traditions.

“He talked to us about how he has studied the organization of many different religions. He says they are all different except the ‘Mormon Way.’ He told us the things we teach are the same things taught by the old Navajos, although the Navajo religion has changed lately. He talked about ‘eternal life’ and how the earth would be destroyed in the near future by fire and then be made new and would be a place of happiness and no troubles for the righteous. He said that when Christ comes again it will be in glory with angels singing all around him. His great-grandfather taught him the song the angels would be singing, and he even sang part of it for us. He said that as far as he knows there are only two people alive today that know that song. He told us of the legends of ‘ahix kee naa’aashii,’ the ‘two who walk together’ and how they would bring the gospel back to his people. He pointed at us and said, ‘You are what this is talking about! The two who walk together.’ ”

As Elder Naylor concluded telling me his story he was trying to blink back the tears.

“As you know,” I told them, “these things were all predicted in Book of Mormon prophecies. How does it feel to be out here fulfilling scripture?”

“Just think,” Elder Jensen responded, “what we would have missed if we hadn’t come on our missions.”

“Yes,” I replied, “and think about all the other elders who have walked down these dusty roads two by two. It is because of them that this chapel is standing here. And it’s because of you and others like you that they’re talking about making this branch into a ward and soon forming a Lamanite stake.

“Let me tell you about two of your fellow elders I was with last week who walked together up by Lukachukai.

“I learned about them when I attended a stake conference. Among the speakers that morning was a handsome Navajo boy. He was frightened by this first experience at public speaking, but he was sustained by faith and by a deep, sincere testimony. Only a few short months before, the Church was unknown to him.

“Two of our young elders drove their truck as far up a muddy, rutted road as they could go and then ‘two walked together’ the remaining eight miles through mud and snow to teach a man and his grandson. Because of their dedication and determination, this young man, now a baptized member filled with the spirit of love and testimony, was speaking to the congregation. He, too, will soon be on a mission, walking with a companion down some distant country road or city street. He will walk his way into the homes and hearts of those who are seeking the Lord. Oh, the high adventure of missionary work!”

“President, I remember when I thought jumping off the top of a haystack was high adventure. Just finding your way around the reservation was adventure to us when we first arrived. We were a little afraid of learning a new language and about a new land, a new people, and their ways. Now we’ve learned to love them and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

“You both know Elder Kempter, don’t you?” I asked. “I received a letter from him a little while ago, and among other things he said, ‘Have I got a story for you.’ It went something like this:

“ ‘Last night after holding a family home evening, we were getting ready to leave when this one girl came out to the truck and asked me if I wanted a goat. I told her it was probably too small to eat and I didn’t have any place to keep it. Now, I don’t know if you are aware of what offering a goat means, but afterwards I found out. Offering a goat is a way of proposing marriage for a young lady! I almost fell over with surprise when I found that out—but don’t worry, President, there is no attraction on my part!’

“Do you see what I mean about high adventure? Be careful, brethren, about accepting goats!

“On the other hand, think of some of our elders coming from the country or the Indian reservation to a larger city for the first time. These new experiences are fun and challenging. Do you remember Elder Descheenie?”

“Sure, I remember him. He was a Navajo elder, dark eyes, black curly hair, and a wide smile that made you wonder what he had been up to. He was a good elder.”

“That’s him all right, and he was a good elder. Let me share this story from a letter I received from him: ‘Did I ever tell you about my first and second day at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah? Well, I was the only Navajo-speaking missionary that went to the center at that time. On my first day there I did all right in finding my apartment and the missionary classes, but my second day I got up late and discovered that everybody had gone to their classes already, so I took a shower and decided to go to class, too, but couldn’t find my class. I walked in every hall and every building but still couldn’t find my classroom, so I just gave up and decided to go back to my apartment and stay there until my companion came back.

“ ‘So I was headed to my apartment, but I couldn’t even find my own apartment either, so I decided to try the building that was next to me there. I still couldn’t find my own room. Then I saw many girls coming into the building that I was in, and I thought to myself, I must be in the girls building. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I was so lost I didn’t know what to do so I walked over to the bookstore and there I found my companion. Was I glad to see him again!

“ ‘I told him what had happened to me, and he almost died laughing. Anyway those were the good old days. We had some baptisms last Saturday, and we’ve got some more coming up too. I was going to write you a long letter, but I’m running out of news so I’m going to end here and do some more work. Have a nice day, and thanks for everything, and we’ll see you soon. … Elder D.’

“I shared this story with some of our new elders just last week when I was driving them to their first assignment. I turned to Elder Bobby Yazzie in the seat next to mine and asked, ‘Did you ever happen to meet Elder Descheenie?’ A smile came on his face, and his eyes filled with tears. ‘President,’ he said, ‘He is the one that found me, taught me, and baptized me. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today. I’m the only one in my entire family who is a member of the Church.’

“It’s hard to explain the thrill I felt when he told me this. Only a short two years before, Bobby had never heard of the Church, and here he was riding beside me: intelligent, handsome, clear-eyed, and anxious to go forth and share his testimony among his people. Bobby had only been out for a short time when he had his first baptisms, his own grandfather and grandmother, and since then many more.”

While I finished telling my story I began putting things in my briefcase in preparation to leave. The elders had a teaching appointment, and I had another visit to make.

Darkness had already fallen for several hours when I pulled into the town where missionary Sisters Hucks and Matson were serving. It was late in the day, but I thought I should stop to say hello since I had to leave early the next morning. The lights in their apartment were on so I guessed correctly that they were there. I was greeted with enthusiasm, and they started our conversation with, “Guess what happened with us tonight, president.”

“Tell me, what happened?”

“Well, the ward mission leader has been behaving mysteriously all week. He never asked us—he told us to be at a meeting at the church tonight. We were almost angry at him, and we wondered what was happening. When we got to the church there were a few cars parked outside but no one was in sight.

“We went into the church and could see lights on and hear voices in one of the rooms down the hall. We walked down there and knocked on the door.

“Everything went quiet, and then the door opened wide.

“To our surprise the room was filled with people, and on the front row looking right at us with radiant smiles was the family we had been teaching. They were all dressed in white baptismal clothes.” Unable to speak further, the sisters smiled at me through their tears.

It was Jesus who many years ago “sent them two and two … into every city. …

“Therefore he said unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest” (Luke 10:1–2).

I wonder if any young man or woman would refuse a mission call if they knew the joy of “two walking together” and the “high adventure” of missionary service.
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
Valliant warriors 30 Sep 2006
I wanted to dedicate this poem to the pionniers you have met during your mission, every time you have touch one soul and they join the church, they then became a pionnier. You are also warriors valliant one, what you did during two years is so marvellous please never forget it. Remember to go back in your memories to find the light that push you to knock on each one's door.

Till now, enjoy this poem, it is for each one of you.!

Your sister in gospel Suzanne

Valliant warriors
Saints, Saints listen to thy voice
the valliants warriors are inspiring
our path in this dense fog.
Thy tired foots and hungry stomach
were lighthen by their faith in Lord.
Chase from their home, lost in
the desert with only families
and friends to give some comfort.
Saints kept devoted their faith
in their Savior, they battle
with an unshakeable faith
that this journey will end one day.
Allelujiah! They yell when
animated with the last strenght,
they found Zion the promise land.
Saints, Saints, listen to thy voice
The valliants warriors are now
us, believer from all countries.
Ready to follow GOD to return
home safely we need to sacrifice
our lifes and put to test our faith.
Come, come Saints from all over
Lord said he will stay on your side.
Remember our valliants warriors
and their dedicated example,
they did not fought for nothing
Will you?

Angel on earth
august 11, 2003
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
To give you an update on my research.. 14 Sep 2006
Now if someone just try to say that it is a coincidence, never mind i wont believe you. This is a true miracle, my heart is still shaking so much from the email i have receive today. My friend sister email me from France so in the next few days i might hear back from my dearest best friend from Cameroon. Now tell me how did the angel performed that one, Lord has his mystery He must have known that I have missed her so much. She is a precious person, I have been searching to get back in touch with her for so many years sending message to medias, newspaper, hospital, some might have thought i was nut, i wasn't. I wanted to find her back, i have missed her very much. And in a week i have decide to find her through the church the right way, in the order of God ways and see I have result, prayers, fast, love, patience. That is a true miracle. Hallelujiah!!! God is living and He loves us, He has prooven it to me so many times, that is why i never doubt the power of prayers and the power of fatith. What would you do without Him in your life???

God bless all of you that had joined in prayers with me!!! A true miracle.


angel on earth
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
A spiritual message to help you go through life. 14 Sep 2006
I have wrote this few years ago, thought i would share it with you all my new friends from oversea. If you want me to share more let me know!!

Please do remember those thoughts comes from experiences of life.

COURAGE IS IT??--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Based on the scripture D& C 128:22 TO 25, I could have put anything found in the bible too like DE 31:6 or JOS 23:6, AL 15:4.

Let me explain to you my thought of today, of course you know all it is only my thoughts, you might agree or disagree with it that is what we call the free agency.

How often people said to me, oh you got courage a great courage! After they knew that we went through our problems, or after knowing that we did adopt another child, or just by the fact i have opened a nursery or even by the fact that Richard change his job after 30 years into the installation of carpeting. I could just yelled and say, no it does not take courage,it takes love of wanting to do something for ourselves, it takes love and trust in our Father in Heaven for giving us this opportunity to grow, it takes love to gain more knowledge, it takes love. But where do I found His love, through every thing, I gave myself an ultimatum one day when it was so hard to go through all my turmoils, I have ask myself to find at least one thing positive, just one thing telling me that LORD is there and that He loves me. Let me tell you, it was the hardest challenge I have given myself but it does really work,, it took small courage and also love and comfort. remember Job, oh I do remember him... he is a good example and for me he was positivism.

Something else I have try to found to help myself deal with people hurting me. What would it be if this person have said something positive instead? That is my question, so I think maybe this person had a hard time, maybe she is alone, sad, hurt maybe she need attention....Now if I could find just one thing about this person to make me change my mind and make me forgive her.....would it be worth it....? I thought so, it does mean i needed courage and love.

The scripture is telling us to rejoy, to see and especially to search for every thing possible that is coming from GOD, remember our thoughts are guiding our life, if we do have them negative and let them stay.....we would not be able to search for the best out of us....Remember that all of us are unique and so beautiful, we are fullfilled with talents and love and service, each one of us are important, worth to be here on this earth, worth to be love. It does not need courage, it does mean we need to let ourselves find the just little thing that could be positive to be magnificient, to have a wonderful life and to finally be an example of courage and love...

For now on, I do answer, I have love....that makes me wanted to be here and to give my best to this world. Yes I have love, I have you, you my sister, you my brother, you my friend, you my Savior, you my God.....I have love.

thanks for being part of my weekly messages...


Angel on earth
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
They got a branch in Cameroun..........yippee 13 Sep 2006
I cannot believe they got a branch in Cameroun wowowo Thanks Lord for this marvellous news so there is hope for this country too to learn about Your love, oh I will fast and pray for this branch to became a ward soon and who knows one day there is gone be a Temple. Please fellow returned missionary bend on your knees, we need a joining prayers here to be united for this country as well as for yours so that country can grow in spirituality and love. I will fast and pray every sunday for the gospel to be spread like water flowing in a river. It will happened!!

Who will join, and remember the power of the prayer is just something the ennemy cannot go against..... if you have your own prayers let me know I will add it with mine.


your sister in gospel

Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
I knew I had to believe.. 13 Sep 2006
Thank you so much i was direct from Lord to come in here. I knew I had to believe in prayers, I always do anyway, now my hearth is fullfilled of joy and eyes of tears of joy for receiving news from your country. I really felt my lost friend to be found because of Father in Heaven, she will be the lost sheep I know it for sure, she is waiting in her hearth to know about the thruth, I have to believe that after 30years it has to be.

Thank you so much dearest returned missionary and dearest new friend for your help and also for your greetings, I have a strong testimony on the church and every thing that goes along with it. people here knows me very well, I'm always one to testify about the gospel and the miracle in my life and also the great blessings so please know that I will be forever grateful for cheering me the way you did. Now some of you will need to talk to me about this marvellous country and your life and the life after being in mission.

anyone who wants to join me in chat would have to send me a email.

But be aware I'm a a total dedicated person to God he is my priority so you want to be uplift email me, you want to hear from God email me, you want to have a new friend to be penpal email me.

God bless you all,

Suzanne your sister in gospel
Suzanne Maloney Carpentier Send Email
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