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More couples needed! 20 Aug 2015
Dear returned Taiwan missionaries and friends,

The Taiwan Taichung Mission is in great need of a few adventurous missionary couples: One couple to serve in the mission office as Financial Secretary and Mission Secretary, and one or two more couples to serve in Member and Leader Support (MLS) roles. President Blickenstaff, the current mission president, recently sent me the following note:

“Dear Brother Walker,

We are in need of at least two, possibly three senior couples in the Taiwan Taichung Mission. Our office couple, Elder and Sister Jan, are scheduled to return home in December and our only other couple, the Schweiders, will complete their mission in February. The office couple needs to be reasonably proficient with computers and general office procedures. The sister functions as mission secretary and handles many details of new missionary arrivals, returning missionary departures, correspondence with families and many other tasks. The brother functions as our mission finance secretary. He keeps track of all missionary funding and expenditures as well as the mission budget, including the yearly audit. Our office couple also has opportunities to teach with the missionaries and interact with local members.

We also need a couple to serve in member and leader support (MLS). Our current MLS couple lives about 3 hours south of Taichung in Kaohsiung. They serve in a ward and help with English class, music, youth activities, home teaching and anything else the bishop needs. They have many opportunities to teach and interact with the full-time missionaries in their ward. There is a possible third opportunity for another couple to serve in MLS or self-reliance.

These are wonderful opportunities for those with Mandarin Chinese language skills, however this not a requirement. There are also mission cars available for MLS couples to use. The people in Taiwan are still as warm and wonderful as they were the last time you were here, and maybe even more so! If you have been thinking about serving a mission and waiting for the perfect opportunity…wait no longer! Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come!

Thanks so much for helping us put the word out to our former Taiwan missionary community. This is a great opportunity to brush up on that rusty Chinese that you have always wanted to use again. Anyone interested in serving with us should contact me directly at If someone has real interest, they should contact me right away because the office couple opportunity is high priority and may be filled by the missionary department soon. I would love for these opportunities to be filled by those who have a particular desire to serve in Taiwan, as opposed to someone who is randomly assigned to come here.”

We recently returned from this mission, and would recommend it to anyone!
Vic Walker Send Email
Email broken? 06 Aug 2015
Hi John Peterson. I think the email is broken on this site. I tried to send you a message, but it failed.
Vic Walker Send Email
Office Couple Needed! 22 Jan 2014
Dear returned Taiwan missionaries and friends,

The Taiwan Taichung Mission is in great need of an adventurous missionary couple to serve in the mission office as Financial Secretary and Mission Secretary. President Blickenstaff, the current mission president, recently sent me the following note:

“Hi Elder Walker! We are trying desperately to find a couple to replace the Darringtons. Do you keep in contact with enough missionaries from our era to put out the word that we need a good secretary and finance guy? I think it would be a blast for someone who is looking to come back and brush up on their Chinese.”

Let me give you a few more insights: Kyrstne and I recently returned from the Taichung Mission after serving about a year and a half as family history missionaries, and I want to tell you that we absolutely loved it. While there, our previous mission president was also desperate for an office couple, so he asked us to serve as finance and mission secretaries for about two months. If you have worked in an office before, I don't think you will find it extremely hard to do. It’s just a matter of being organized and getting things done when they need to be done. You DO NOT have to speak Chinese to do famously in this calling (although it certainly doesn’t hurt). When Chinese is needed in the office, you will have office elders all around to help you. The current couple, the Darringtons, did not serve missions in Taiwan, don’t speak any Chinese beyond “ni hao,” and had never worked in an office or with computers, but they are doing wonderfully, and having a ball doing it. They are two people with adventurous spirits and smiles on their faces and with the Lord’s help have settled in very comfortably.

Living in Taiwan is not expensive. We actually saved money while on our mission. Taiwan is not like it was in the 70s, either – it has grown tremendously. I would say your standard of living would be like living in Japan or other Asian first world country. You will have access to a car for mission business, which can be combined with personal errands, so you won’t have to ride bikes unless you want to. Office hours generally are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, with evenings and weekends free to see the country and the people. Unlike your earlier missions, in general you won’t have to work 60 hour weeks.

Also, unlike your previous mission, you won’t be moving around the island: you will stay put in Taichung. That will give you the opportunity to really get to know the local members, to make friends with them. Also, since you are in the office, you will see nearly all the missionaries at one time or another, and will get to know the office staff and Taichung missionaries very, very well. My wife would say that that was the best part of our mission: loving and taking care of our young elders and sisters, for whom we became something close to parents. I agree with her.

If our personal circumstances permitted, we would jump at this opportunity. If you are close to retirement, or already there, don’t hesitate – apply to be missionaries with your spouses. I don’t think you will regret it a second – we certainly have not!

If you have questions, please send me a note through this website, and I’ll try to answer it. You could also message Kurt Blickenstaff, the mission president, who will probably give you better answers anyway.
Vic Walker Send Email
Asia Pacific Region Scout Jamboree 19 May 2011
Anyone going to the Scouts of China 100大露營 at 高雄縣澄清湖 this July? My son is looking for a buddy.
Perry 徐建中 Chee Send Email
Looking to reconnect 24 May 2010
If anyone can help me. I served in Taichung mission, 1991-1993. During 1992 I was in Dong Tainan ward. Met a very nice family there, a brother and two sisters. Brother's name is Wu zhunglin, and his sisters, were Wu hui-e, and Wu hui-jin. I would like very much to reconnect with them if anyone can help me. My contact email is

Thank you in advance for any help I may get.
David Joseph Denning Send Email
80-82 RM's? Would like to connect.... 31 Oct 2009
Hello, there: IF you served during the Miner dynasty, would like to hear from you.

Drop me a line. Have you attended any reunions?
Mei Li - Mary Billie Anne Lem Send Email
Teaching English and Living in Taiwan 22 Oct 2009
Teacher job in Chia- Yi city :

We need a teacher that native English speaker and willing to stay in Taiwan for year.

If you are interested in this message ,please contact me ,Alexis :
Zhi Ling Alexis Chen Send Email
Missionary Study Language Edition of BOM 04 Jan 2009
I would like to buy a copy of the Missionary Language Study Edition of the Book of Mormon (3 columns, Engish, Chinese, Pinyin).

Please email me if you have one and are interested in selling it.

Thank you,

Daniel Baird Send Email
Fei Chang Hao 20 Aug 2008
Hey this Is Alumni Prenten Frazier "Fei Chang Lao" and I am currently Fei Chang Hao. Any 2000-2002 missionaries please find me on Face book.


I found several LONG LOST people and new members.

Look me up!
Prenten Dean Frazier Send Email
Teach English in Hong Kong 22 May 2008
We are looking for native English speakers in teach English in Hong Kong.

Teaching in Hong Kong is a great way to re-connnect with the Chinese culture and explore many cities and villages in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We offer competitive compensation salary package. Please contact Mr Koon Chow via email for further information.
Gloria Dik-Sze Leung Send Email
pics 25 Apr 2008
david dean Send Email
going to Taiwan 05 Jan 2008
Hey, my family and I are going to Taiwan this summer, and want to find anyone who I knew 20+ years ago (yeah right..) Just wondering if any of you newer returned missionaries ever heard of a Wang An Hsiung (wrong romanization -- sorry) who we met in hengchun (Kaohsiung mission) who was from Kaohsiung, or a Pan Wenrong family who was in kaohsiung. Sorry, I was there when the missions were one. Just on the OFF chance someone knows them.

Thanks so much.

Carol Scott
Carol Claudia Ramsay-Scott Send Email
Christmas Message 25 Dec 2007
Christmas 2007 and Reading the Book of Mormon

Dear Fellow Missionaries,

At this Christmas time I am grateful for all the ancient and modern prophets that urge us to come to Jesus Christ. For the past several years I have read the Book of Mormon each year and have prepared a glossary of terms to help myself and to encourage returned missionaries to read the text for the truths that are there and to keep up their language skills. The glossary is based on the simplified version and the characters are in the simplified form and available from the BYUI website directories/college and departments/language and letters/foreign language and literature/Chinese/related sites.

Now that the new translation has come out the characters in the book are standard ones. Most of the terms in the current glossary are still valid for the new translation. I use njstar software on my computer that enables me to print out characters in either simplified or standard characters. For me there is no problem. But the difficulty is that the files for the glossary at BYUI are in pdf format. At the moment I don’t think there is a way to undo the pdf formatting so users can toggle back and forth to print simplified or standard characters.

For 2008 I plan to revise the glossary and put new terms into the glossary from the new translation and will work with Professor Scott Galer at BYUI to put up the glossary so users can choose the character format that they want.

Elizabeth and I have had a good year traveling the world, visiting with family and friends, and working in my orchard and garden. The Book of Mormon is a great book!

Frederick W. Crook
Frederick William Crook Send Email
Ssearching 03 Nov 2007
Hey if any of you out there has heard or knows where I can find the Taichung sister missionary, Heather Porter, could you let me know or give her my email address at and let her know Chuck Huff would like to say hi. Last time I saw her was about six years back. Thanks.
Chuck E. Huff Send Email
Looking for MTC Comps (1991) 02 Jun 2007
I opened the Mandarin speaking missionary work in vancouver BC in 1991. I am trying to track down those Elders that I was in the MTC with: Caress, Beard, Moss and Rirey. I would love to catch up!

David Thornock Send Email
B of M Glossary 13 Feb 2007
I am encouraging returned missionaries to keep up their Chinese language skills by reading the Chinese Book of Mormon simplified character edition. To assist Taiwan Missionaries in this effort Professor Scott Galer and I have prepared a “Glossary of Terms for the Chinese Book of Mormon [Simplified Character Edition].” The glossary is in pdf format and can be located and down loaded at the following website.
Frederick William Crook Send Email
In Taiwan for New Years 07 Feb 2007
I'm back in Taiwan for Chinese New Year. If anyone who served with President Kim is around and wants to meet up, send me an email at . I'll be in China all year this year, mostly in Hong Kong and Zhuhai.
J Aaron Farr Send Email
CONTACT INFO 19 Nov 2006
Does anyone have the contact info for Aaron Davis? He started in Taiwan around May of 2001.

Brandon DeWitt
Brandon DeWitt Send Email
Downloadable 1000 Word List 14 Oct 2006
I served from 89-91 and have scanned in the 1000 Word List we used back then.
Go to:
and click on the link to download.
It is a .pdf file, and the quality is OK, but the best I could get with the materials.

If anyone knows of another online version, please e-mail me at

John Dye Send Email
Hello from New York 08 Aug 2006
Hi every one, This is Martin from Kaohsiung. I just want to give a shout out to anyone who knows me and reads this. I have been living in New York since 1999. New York has been really great for me, it's a wonderful experience and I have learned a lot here. I am moving to Brussels, Belgium at the end of August, will be there for about 3 years. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me. Let me know if you are planing a trip to Europe, I can play host. Any body from the East Kaohsiung? I miss everybody there.
Martin Pan Send Email
Invitation-E Mitchell 22 Apr 2006
My homecoming will be on April 23rd at 9 AM at the Sandy Hillcrest Chapel on 8735 South Harvard Park Dr (1035 East). Hope to see you all. Refreshments served at our house.
Mindy Mitchell Send Email
Please help. 20 Mar 2006
I am trying to reach Raymond Chang. He was baptized 3/21/1999 during President Kim's service time. The phone and email I have for him are not current. Please call me or email me at 435-668-7949 or

Kelly Allen Campbell Send Email
camping out in taiwan 25 Feb 2006
hi. my husband and i are going for the celebration in july & august and we are trying to get in contact with some members who might have some open floor space that we could camp out & sleep for a night or two in the gaoxiong area and one night in the taichung area. any leads would be great. thanks. email me at
Margie Anna Sessions Send Email
Host Family in Provo 06 Jan 2006
Does anybody know any couples live in Provo, UT willing to take an international student to live with them? My sister is going to BYU-ELC from Taiwan for learning English this coming September 2006. She is planning to stay at least a year in the USA. Since she is a Hard Worker, and Love to Help Out things, she might be able to help the couple she lives with…. by the way, she is a sweet girl…who doesn’t speak English…..haha.^O^ If you have any info, please feel free to contact me @
Mei-Lin Gao Send Email
Passing of Elder Brian Morgan 03 Apr 2005
I was glancing through the paper today and noticed the obituary of Elder Morgan. I never served with him but he was a funny guy.

I thought some would like to know.

My condolences to his family!

Ray Stringer
Ray Stringer Send Email
Looking for Jya Yi members 26 Jul 2004
Hello I'm looking for Hwang sung lin and Lin shin peng both are members that lived in Jya Yi. If anyone has phone numbers or emails for any of these two please let me know.

Thank you,

Justin Summers
Justin Summers Send Email
Looking for documents 02 May 2004
Hey there! I've been looking thru some of my mission info and have been trying to find something that I had about what the church's direction on worshiping ancestors and what not. Anyone have a copy??
Scott Reid Send Email
Hi, It's Me! 06 May 2003
What a cool site! I'm still alive and usually out of trouble. I'm doing Fitness, Health and Wellness now a days in New Mexico. I miss good ol' Taiwan! It's been a while, but I'm still alive and single, (believe it or not) Miss me? remember me? Get a hold of me... What's up Comp! How do you say that in Chinese?

William Joseph Zottneck Send Email
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