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All registered alumni, friends, members and parents of the mission are welcome to post to the message board.

Please refrain from posting messages to sell, purchase, or offer to sell any product or service. All submissions are reviewed by the site maintainer before being approved, and may be edited for content.

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President H. Trent Tanner 31 Mar 2016
For those who are not aware (including myself) President Tanner passed away August 8, 2015. He was 75 and died from a sudden, massive heart attack. I am really saddened to hear this and wanted to share so others would know!
Daniel Corey Curr Send Email
Richmond Va 14 Jan 2015
I'm looking for the missionaries who Baptised me on Dec 30 th 1981. My recollection was their names were Elder Hughes and Long. If anyone knows how I can find them let me know.
Jeff Cook Send Email
Find a missionary 03 May 2014
We are looking for Elder Sorensen. He served in Stafford, VA sometime in 2002/2003. If anyone knows how we can find him we would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Lisa Morrell Send Email
Missionary who baptized my Mom 02 Mar 2014
Hey! So I can't remember the name my Mom gave me, but she was baptized in 1979 in Norfolk VA and her name was then Lynn Wunnenberg, if anyone knows, please help me find the missionaries who taught and baptized my Mom! If they read this, since she was baptized she's had three children serve missions, two married in the temple, and another one just about to! Thank you so much for your service!
Hunter Dickerson Send Email
New President coming 08 May 2013
I was recently quite excited to hear that the new President arriving this year is someone I know. Brad Wilson was released last year as a counselor in our Stake Presidency. My parents have known him since he was a little boy, and I have known him since I was little. He and his wife, Mari-lynn are great people and I love that they are going to the mission that I love.
Tom Mathias Send Email
Ross Corless 20 Jan 2013
Elder Ross Corless passed away January 13,2012 after a stroke. He happily joins his eternal companion Bette S. Corless who also was his companion when serving a mission on the Eastern Shore about 1995. He served as a branch president there and loved the people of the Eastern Shore. Please pass this along to the members there and those who served with them. thank you,one of his daughters, JoDene Hollingshead
JoDene Hollingshead Send Email
Search 29 Aug 2012
I'm looking for an "Elder" Garrison who would have served in Norfolk Ward in 2007. If you could contact my husband (Charlie) and I, we'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Our email address is:
Kristy Overman Send Email
looking for a sister missionary 14 Oct 2011
im looking for a Leigh Ann Yates, she was serving in the Denbigh Ward , in the newport news stake, in 2001 ish
Leighann Lange Send Email
Want to find missionary pall 16 May 2010
I am Looking for an ELDER HADFEILD I when on exhanges with him in 2004 does any one know where i can find him
James Thomas Carson Send Email
Elder Ford & Elder Nielson 15 Nov 2009
I am looking for two missionaries that served in the Suffolk/Smithfield area around 1997-1998. Elder Isaac Neilson and Elder Jacob Ford. Please email me at if you know them.
Michelle Markham Send Email
finding 2 missionaries 17 Sep 2009
I was a member of the Norfolk 2 ward 1992 to 1994 and I am trying to find 2 missionaries and want to see if anyone can help. It is hard when I can't remember their first names. It was always elder to me. The last names were Andrews and Gordon. I know Gordon was from Kearns Utah but that is all I know. If you can even just give me their first names that would help. Thank You Melanie (Wilks) Morgan
melanie morgan Send Email
Mission Map 03 Mar 2009
I am in need of a mission map (boundaries) for a Ward YM/YW activity. Does anyone have a map they can fax (253-928-2301) or email me (
John Mietus Send Email
President Johnson Tribute 31 Jan 2009
I've been asked to pay tribute to President Johnson (1989-1992) at an upcoming Church Educational System activity. Please send any thoughts, feelings about him to I will need your emails by Friday, February 21.
Robb Hoch Send Email
Elder Guenther 02 Dec 2008
For those of you who knew or served with Elder Bryce Guenther, he passed away last year in an accident. His funeral was very well attended in Spruce Grove, Alberta. His wife and children dearly miss this fine husband and father.
Patrick Zezula Send Email
John Carey 20 Aug 2008
If any of you served around 1998-1990 you might have served with John Carey or Rolf Skold. John Carey was killed in a car accident last week. I have been trying to find Rolf Skold to let him know. If you have anyway to contact Rolf Skold please let me know. John was a great friend to me and I lived with his family for awhile while he was on his mission. He will be greatly missed.
Shelley Lerdahl Send Email
Charlottesville 28 Apr 2008
I served in Charlottesville in 1994 and knew a family named Kirby. I was wondering if any of you know if they are still there. There was a lot of them around but I am mostly wondering about Allen and Kem Kirby. Does anybody have any information?
Wendi Roberts Send Email
Hiding 21 Feb 2008
Why don't more alumni come out of hiding? Caution, caution, caution. Times are changing and people change. Because we served the Lord we are targets of the adversary and some of us get tangled up with people we should not. In CASM I noticed that the worst afflictions came right after a zone conference. It was as though angles were assigned to protect us while we were in the meeting but as soon as we got out; well; I saw one car load of elders break out a small gituar and drove off laughing and singing (one would hope that the songs were the hymns of zion but if so why the laughing?) On the other hand; when I was transfered from Asheville to High Point I was driven by the zone leaders from A. to HP and we sang one hymn after another. That drive was one of the most spiritual in the time I was in the field. I personally am just being careful. Please forgive us.
Don Rodney Alsop Send Email
1995-1997 29 Nov 2007
Hi everyone. I was just thinking about my mission and the spirit lead me back to this website. Please email me at
Ryan Lewis Send Email
Nicole 13 Oct 2007
Im going to serve the people of Virginia!
Nicole Barney Send Email
Contact Information 01 Oct 2007
Why doesn't anyone want to be contacted? I have looked at several people I knew on my mission and everyone seems to have hidden contact info.
Tom Mathias Send Email
Nancy Philips-Fradenburg 30 Sep 2007
Anyone keeping in touch with Nancy? She was a land-lady to the Sisters in the early 90s as well and lived in Newport News. Can someone hook me up with her info, or pass mine on to her? Thx again.
Tarrell Harris Send Email
Juanita M Charlton 30 Sep 2007
Hi, is anyone keeping in touch with Juanita? She lived in VA Beach and had a room rented to the sister missionaries for some time, and was certainly doing so in '91/92. Would love to get in touch with her again.

Tarrell Harris Send Email
Elder Mark Mathews/Jeff Neilson 14 Sep 2007
I was also wondering if anyone had kept in contact with Elder Mark Mathews of ID and Jeff Neilson of Blandind(?) UT?
Steven A. Davis Send Email
Oliver Greiner 14 Sep 2007
I wondered if anyone has kept in touch with Elder Oliver Greiner. He was from Germany and served around 1986-88. Thanks!
Steven A. Davis Send Email
Am I the first one? 10 Aug 2007
I'm thinking this is the message board! :) Well gee, welcome everyone! I was known in the mish as Sister Coltharp. If you remember me, let me know!!!
Heather Lyn Lee Send Email
Use like old WWWBoard 08 May 2007
I hope this message board can be used like the old WWWBoard we used to have on the old site.

System Admin
SWT Send Email
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