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News Item: anybody for a video?

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anybody for a video? 07 Jul 2004
Hey Albanians,

Crazy how time files, isn’t it? We’re all in college, getting into our careers, or maybe having kids and all that. It sure is hard to keep track of everyone. I’m looking foreword to the reunion this year though.

Anyway, I’m sending this email in case anyone’s interested in some videography work. I am executive editor at Create A Memory Video Productions based in Salt Lake City. As such, I’m pretty much at liberty to contract projects with whomever and for whatever price we can find agreeable. This means anyone I know can get a screaming deal on some very good quality work. (For example, we just did a video for Shawn Yates for about $400 cheaper than the going price.) If anyone’s interested, or has family or friends that might be interested, give me a call or drop me a line, even if you’re not in Utah. We can do work in other states if needed.

-Kevin Croft
Create A Memory Videos

Web site:

2294 South 2000 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
Kevin M Croft Send Email

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