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Friend! 21 Feb 2012
Hi my name is Lydia Smith. My friend Spencer Ryan Kendalli is serving in the Albania Tirana. I moved or else i would ask his family for his address. Could I please get it from yall? I would really appreciate it.

My email is

Thank you
Lydia Smith Send Email
Artur Beqiraj and Albana Beqiraj 13 Jun 2011
I'm looking for the elders that baptized Artur Beqiraj and Albana Beqiraj.
They have moved to Cleveland Ohio and the elders are teaching their 9 year old daughter but brother Beqiraj doesn't understand or speak any English.
I guess we just want to know them better and help them integrate themselves in our ward.
Please send me an email if you baptized, taught or know Artur and Albana.
Alex Correa Send Email
Albanian instructor 17 Aug 2010
I'm trying to put together a language refresher to Albania. Do you know of any members that teach Albanian to non-native speakers?
Michael James Young Send Email
Shyqyri Zhegu 02 Mar 2010
I'm looking for an Elder Gary Jensen who baptized Shyqyri in Tirana. He is now living in Vermont in our Ward (Burlington) and would really like to reconnect with Elder Jensen. Please, if anyone knows where I can contact Elder Jensen, email me at:
Cynthia Bades Send Email
Hi 11 Feb 2009
Just wanted to announce that, although slow, I found the website... finally.
Hi everyone!
Christian Elias Sjavik Send Email
Anyone have a current list of members addresses? 12 Aug 2008
I would like to write some letters to some Albanians and was hoping someone might have a more current list of addresses that I might write some members that I had baptized? Thanks! My email is
Jeffrey Brian Dixon Send Email
looking for a friend 22 Apr 2008
im looking for a friend that is curently serving in the albania tirana mission.. i lost all his contact info when i moved including his parents number or i would ask them.. his name is jonathan harline if anyone knows anything about him email me.. thank you
chantell dukeshire Send Email
Mission Call! 20 Mar 2008
I just received my mission call last night to the Albania Tirana Mission and was wondering if any of you alumni are anywhere near Provo, or especially down here at BYU. I would love to talk to at least someone about what to expect there. Thanks again and I am so incredibly excited!
evan monson Send Email
Elder Linzi 03 Feb 2008
hello everyone i am very new to this but my missionary is serving now in Albania fier i am wondering if anyone knows how he is doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? write back asap if you have any info?
Aubrey Dawn Lindgren Send Email
Greek Heritage 27 Oct 2007

I live in Salt Lake and am our Stakes Indexing Director. But I am trying to work on extraction also for those of us who are of Greek heritage. I am working with someone in Athens at the American University of Athens. We are trying to locate volunteers to help take digital pictures of the grave tomb stones in Greece. I know some are looking worn but we would like to preserve what we can. The images would then be placed on which I would be happy to do. If you know of anyone who would be willing to help with this project please have them contact me. I also have a second email which is


Dawna Stevens Send Email
Original message removed 19 Oct 2007
Original message removed
Creed H Spillane Send Email
Original message removed 19 Oct 2007
Original message removed
Creed H Spillane Send Email
From Michael Boud 25 Apr 2007
I am trying to find out the names and possible contact info of two RMs from
your mission who were in Tirana April or May of 1998. Two young LDS men
knocked on the door of my now Albanian friend - simply asked if they could
leave a blessing on her home. After doing so she never saw them again as
she moved. She claims her life got better after the visit. I recently
introduced her to the local missionaries after hearing her relate this
story. I told her I'd try to help her find the two missionaries. She now
lives in DC/N Va suburbs.

Please contact me if you have any related info.

Thank you,

Michael Boud
Ryan Stewart Send Email
Lorena Babo├ži 21 Mar 2007
Lorena (Tirana 2nd Branch) has finally got her visa and wants to come to the US April 11th. However, she was going to be staying with Ledia Kita and Ledia will be on vacation in Europe at that time. I'm looking for anyone who may know of someone that can provide Lorena with a room on a temporary basis. Lorena says she can pay rent. Please let me know if you can help at For all of you that may not know Lorena, she is a wonderful young lady, has a degree in English and has been working for the Church as a translator.
R. John Hunt Send Email
Familja Fifo & Others 09 Feb 2007

Does anyone have current information on the Fifo Family from the Tirana 2nd Branch? I just got my letter to them returned to me marked that they are "Larguar." While we're at it, does anyone have contact info for Berta and Lola (Floresha) Hoxha, for Alketa and Holta Xhebraj (2nd Branch), the Baze sisters (4th Branch) or Adela and Eni Baho (1st Branch)? What about the Rrapi Family from Fier? I appreciate any updates you can give me!

Thanks, Heather Corrigan Stonely
Heather Marie Stonely Send Email
Missionary list 06 Feb 2007
Does anyone have a updated missionary list of missionaries that served from 03 to 05/06?? if you do could you please email it to me or fax it to me! my email is and the fax is 702 451 2760
Robert Glenn Warren Send Email
Im engaged!! 05 Feb 2007
Yes yes i am!!! and she is very hott too!!
Robert Glenn Warren Send Email
Gjin Pergegaj 05 Feb 2007
Along with Ryan Quinlan and Bevan Weed and others, I taught and baptized the Pergegaj Family. The experience of working with them remains one of the highlights of my mission. I was fortunate enough to return to Albania a while after my mission, and was there when Gjin was called to be the president of the Third Branch. He will be missed by his family and friends, by the missionaries and members in Albania, and by all others who knew him. My prayers are with Loreta, Alba, Irena, and other family members.
Ryan Stewart Send Email
Very Sad News 29 Jan 2007

That's terrible news, my prayers are with the Pergegaj family. He's was a great man and was always helping us missionaries out. I hope all is well with the third branch and that Motra Pergegaj is doing well.

Here's some good news. We are having our third child come April and it is a boy. We are trying to catch up with Sessions, don't want him to take too much "pride" in having the most children out of the Lenker missionaries. We can't think of a name though. Maybe we will call him Bukuroshi, after my good pal Brandon.
Jeffrey Brian Dixon Send Email
Gjin Pergegaj passed away. 29 Jan 2007
(letter insert)

Speaking of the church, it was a sad week. Maybe 3 weeks ago, the president of the 3rd branch and his wife were in a car accident. His wife got better, still with much pain, but he stayed in a coma. Friday morning he passed away, and on Saturday they had his funeral. I never met him, but have heard that he was an exceptional man, as all the branch presidents are here.
Brandon Stanger Send Email
Land Purchased for Tirana Chapel 29 Jan 2007
(Elder Tobias who is currently serving in Albania wrote this in his letter home last week.)

One of those miracles was last Monday. There is a piece of land here in Tirana that for at least 3 years missionaries and members have fasted and prayed many times for this land. A group of people own it, all of them but one were ok with the offer we gave them, but that one wanted the amount it would cost in down town Tokyo, just because he knew about the church. I remember when I first got in the country we had a fast that this man would soften his heart, nothing happened. Last Monday as a man from Germany was here looking for a building in Vlore, later they met with the owner of the land, and after 3 or 4 years of saying no, he agreed to the offer and it was signed. Some blessings come automatically, but others or most of them don't come until we are ready and until we do what it is we are asked. I believe the mission had to do better before the Lord would give us this land. This doesn't mean that it is doing to be a down hill thing from here, it is still going to be hard to build a church there, because it is nearly a perfect place in town, exactly in the middle of the two branches that will use it, and the government here seems to only give permission for apartment buildings, but the first step is done.
Brandon Stanger Send Email
Familja Pergegaj 07 Jan 2007
kam nje lajm jo te mire per te thene,
Gjin Pergega dhe Loreta kan pasur nje aksident me makine , Loreta eshte jashte rrezikut , pra vetem ka thyerje te brinjeve dhe dicka te tille, kurse Gjini eshte rende, ne gjendje kome , po shpresojme shume qe Zoti ta ndihmoje ate, vellai i Loretes qe udhetonte me to ka vdekur, ai ishte 60 vjec, gruaja e tij eshte plagosur. Ka ndodhur kjo ngjerje me dt, 2 janare. Jam vertete shum e trishtuar per kete ngjarje,kam agjeruar per to dhe po lutemi te gjithe si nje distrike , Zoti paste dhene jete te gjate per to.
pres te degjoj nga ty,
me dashuri Jeni
Ryan Stewart Send Email
Pergegaj Family 07 Jan 2007
Hello, all.

The Pergegaj Family (Tirana 3rd Branch) were in a serious automobile accident on January 2. Loreta has some broken ribs and Gjin is in a coma. Loreta's brother was driving, and he was killed; Loreta's sister-in-law suffered injuries as well.

The entire mission is praying and fasting for Gjin, as his situation is situation. I'm sure our prayers and fasts would also be appreciated.

Ryan Stewart

PS, I will attach the letter I received from Myzejen Kocani so you can read her words.
Ryan Stewart Send Email
Ejj ti shoku E. qe hiqesh si Arber 06 Jan 2007
Ne radhe te pare trego kush je ... dont be scared..Be proud of urself... well... If I was u I was gonna do the same..I was gonna be ashamed of myself too..

P.S Ke gabu Website..shko e shkruj tek
Albena Bishop Send Email
Andy Jenson 01 Jan 2007
Does anyone know how we can contact Andy Jenson. He was supposed to have surgery in December but the email address I gave for him is no longer active.

President Stephen C. Lenker Send Email
article about the durres chapel dedication 28 Dec 2006
i have a copy of the one page article that was written in the church news. it goes into detail about the new building that has been dedicated in albania. there was no way to post a file to the site so anyone that is interested please email me. i will reply and attach the .jpg that has a picture and the article. it is amazing to see the church go forward in the country we loved serving in.
Brandon Stanger Send Email
Albanian Speakers needed for NPR Documentary 13 Dec 2006
This was forwarded to me by a friend and I thought someone here might be interested:

>> Subject: Looking for an Albanian Speaker
>> Hi,
>> My name is Amy Steelman and I work for Sandy Tolan, who is producing a
>> documentary for NPR about Albania. We are looking for people who
>> speak Albanian or another Balkan language to be voice actors for this
>> short piece. This would not require much time and recording would
>> take place in Sandy's Berkeley studio. For more information or if you
>> or any other band members are interested, please call us at:
>> 510-849-3467 (home) or Sandy's cell phone 510-717-1172.
>> Thank you,
>> Amy Steelman
Rachel Land Send Email
update on albania from an elder serving there 19 Nov 2006
11/19/06- this was a message recently written.

President told us that when we have an average of 20 people in church that he would get us a building. Well, we did some math. In the past 4 weeks we had 73 people in church, meaning for Sunday we needed 27 people, which was the last high record from a couple of weeks ago and that time we had 5 visitors from Fier.
Meaning, we had to get the same amount, but without any help from Fier.
Miraculously, you wouldn't guess how many were in church. Yeah, we had 28 people, so last night I called President and told him that we need a building, and he told us to start looking and that he would come down with someone from Germany that is coming down for the Durres church house dedication. Its amazing to see the tender mercy of the Lord we just happened to have 20 people average for 5 weeks the week someone came to Albania that has that authority. We will see how it turns out we could have a building soon.

Speaking of building, I am really excited to go to durres for the open house.
It is going to be Saturday, but the building will be dedicated Thursday.
Brandon Stanger Send Email
Come join the ish-Elders Fantasy league! 04 Nov 2006
Some of us old Elders are doing a NBA fantasy league in yahoo where we have a friendly competition and can catch up on old times through posts to the league as we play. Dan Wunderli, Colby O'very, Derek Iverson, Matt Mullin and Me are already apart of it, but we need three more to join today in the next four hours. So while you guys are watching on the BYU game on the tube come online and join our league! It is a ton of fun even if you are not much into the NBA. It's fun to trash talk other Elders. The league is ID and password are League ID#: 178250
Password: basketball
Go to and join a private league. It will ask for a league ID and passsword. Just enter them in to join. Our draft is tonight at 9:30 PM MST so please join before then. It's easy to do. Thanks!
Jeffrey Brian Dixon Send Email
Albanian Ambassador Utah Reception 10 Oct 2006
UVSC will host a reception for Albanian Ambassador Aleksander Sallabanda and his wife on Thursday, October 26 in the evening. This will be on the UVSC campus in Orem. Ambassador Sallabanda is VERY favorable toward the Church in Albania and would love to meet those who have served in his country. I have no way to get this message out to RMs: please help by spreading the word. For exact time and location on campus, please send me an e-mail at and I will respond. He is particularly anxious to again meet with Elder Smith M.D. who served as a humanitarian missionary; the two became good friends.
Ross \"Rusty\" Butler Send Email

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