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Looking for Georgian Translator 09 Jan 2012
I am serving as a Bishop in Sandy, Utah. I have a gentleman living in my Ward from Georgia. He is coming to Sacrament meeting every week and is interested in being taught the Gospel. I need someone to help teach Giorgi. He speaks some English and some Russian but not enough to be taught the gospel. We need someone who can teach or translate from English to Georgian. Call me @ 801-783-9160 ro e-mail. Thank You.
David Arnold Send Email
any adivice? 28 Dec 2011
My son is leaving the MTC in a few weeks for Georgia. I haven't seen too many comments from missionaries who served in Georgia. I was wondering if there is anything he should have that I could send him before he leaves the MTC? Any advice for serving in Georgia?
Karen Davis Send Email
Tanksgiving day 25 Nov 2010
Hey everyone who is currently in Yerevan, We are having dinner tonight and every one is invited to come for a big turkey.

Home is where you dare to dream and your harvest exceeds your greatest expectations.
Grigor Tadevosyan Send Email
David Robinson's Homecoming 07 Oct 2008
Elder David Robinson will be speaking in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008 at 11:00 a.m.
David Spencer Robinson Send Email
Phone number for mission home? 18 Feb 2008
I also just had another crazy idea. Since it's still winter, it'll be dark around 6:00 p.m. (at the latest) while in Armenia, so if you can give me the phone number of the mission home, if I've got some time, I can call up and I'd be more than happy to go out with the missionaries, even if it's tracting or contacting, provided this was okayed by leadership.
John Pruess Send Email
Contacts in Armenia? 18 Feb 2008
I see that this is a low-traffic Web site, but I'm trying to get this word out wherever I can.

I am going to Armenia in a couple weeks for a short 3-day vacation (sad, but it's all that worked out). I am looking for places to stay each of the 3 nights that I'll be there (Feb. 27th to Mar. 1st). If anyone's got an old member or investigator who'd be willing to put up an American member of the Church who speaks fair Armenian and fluent Russian, I'd love the chance to meet and stay with real Armenians while there, and I'd be more than happy to pass along a message or anything for you.

Thank for any help you can give me in the next two to three days.
John Pruess Send Email
Mariam Avetisyan 10 Aug 2007
I was wondering if anyone out there has current contact information for Mariam Avetisyan?

I know this is a total shot in the dark because I have so little background information. Sister Avetisyan served as a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia, and as far as I remember correctly, was from Yerevan (yeah, I know, that doesn't narrow it down any).

John Pruess Send Email
ASAP-Help with Patient Treatment 03 Jun 2006
Greetings Everyone
My name is Milena Gevorgyan. Many of you may remember me from Yerevan branch, or my mother Hasvira Minasaryan.
We are writting with an urgent plea for help. My older sister in critical condition of her liver. The doctors here in Armenia have not been able to diagnose her disease due to abcense of medical and testing equipment. They are recommending her to seek treatment outside Armenia ASAP.
Do you know of any charitable organizations or private affluent parties who would sponsor her treatment in USA or even Europe. We've been trying to find such organization or person for these 2 months now with no positive results so far.
Would you please, please let me know at She needs to be seen by a doctor by middle of July latest. We would be etternally grateful to you.
Milena Gevorgyan Send Email
looking for Okiin (?) 26 May 2006
I know I didn't spell that name right. Oh well. I just returned to the US and while I was in Gyumri I was given a letter for Elder Oki. If anyone knows where he is or how to reach him please let me know.
Alice Catherine Marsh Send Email
looking for Hayarpi Manukyan 06 May 2006
Hey Everyone,
my name is Roma and I am from Petrozavodsk, the Russia St. Petersburg Mission. I am looking for Hayarpi Manukyan, we were together at the Provo MTC. I only know she served in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission.
Does anyone know her e-mail? We now have a sister in my branch from Armenia, sister Arutyunova, she says you all hi.
So, if you know sister Manukyan or know anything about her please let me know. Also, if you know her or see her please tell her that Roma, or it is better elder Chelyshev, I served in the California Sacramento Mission, is looking for her.
Thank you all,
love, Roma.
Roman Chelyshev Send Email
Reunion 05 Sep 2004
Hey there everyone. I am just trying to figure out if there is going to be a reunion this October. My wife and I are really contemplating whether to come down for conference and a reunion. If anyone knows about one, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks and hope to see you.
Brian J. Bohn Send Email
Pres. Beckstrand 05 Sep 2003
Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Pres Beckstrand? I need to ask him about a few things. By the way, I'm getting married in December. Email me at Thanks.
Matt (Gardner)
Matthew Aaron Gardner Send Email
Reunion 31 Mar 2003
I vote for a reunion in Las Vegas at the Hai Kentron that Harris knows about. Maybe we can do it when Aram Assatryan is in town ;)
Ryan C Durham Send Email
Paul Perrin 23 Feb 2003
I was talking with my new Bishop this weekend, and he mentioned that he served in Tahiti in the 70's. I mentioned that Paul's dad had been the mission president there some time back. He said that he did know Yves Perrin, but not as a mission president, but as a missionary, even though he never had the chance to serve with him. He also commented on how great of a man he was. It just goes to show how small the world really is.
Brian J. Bohn Send Email
Reunion 18 Feb 2003
Hey everyone, I was thinking it would be great if we had a reunion. The only problem is, that I can't come back to the states until I have a student Visa. But, I was also thinking that we could do one up here in Canada, just across the border, I know of a great place that has a lake and some great climbs and a bunch of cool stuff. If anyone is interested, let me know. It would have to be for the summer, though.
Brian J. Bohn Send Email
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