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REUNION IDEA? 19 Jan 2002
I wanted to run an idea by folks and see if there is any interest. I mentioned it to Paul Lockyer, but haven't heard back. Because President Liddicoat is all about the Pacific, and as far as I know, hasn't been back to the States in years, and also because the ABM reunions should also have many of our friends from the Pacific as well as the U.S. elders and sisters, I was thinking that we should have an ABM mission reunion in Hawaii (sort of a meet halfway thing.) I served from 91-93, so obviously that's the group I'm interested in getting together, but if there are other year groups with enough interest, I'd be willing to help out with planning. I was thinking of planning for a date well enough in the future to give folks time to plan (say Spring-Summer of 2003).

We can set up the reunion either at the stake center in Honolulu or at a hotel, plan some activities, either very loosely or a more structured schedule of events--PCS, the beach, whatever. My "uncle" Bert Dupont was once a stake president there, and should be back from his temple mission in Spain soon, so I think he'd be willing to help me out with some planning.

Please email me and let me know if you have some interest, and pass this along to any other ABM'ers you have contact with. I wouldn't mind opening it to interested members in the ABM too (the more the merrier).

Thad Barkdull
Thad Joseph Barkdull Send Email

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