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Mark Jolley's funeral 05 Sep 2015
Kellie Blades Jolley's husband, Mark Jolley, passed away this week. Here is his funeral information.

Funeral 9/5/15 at 11:00am

10945 S 1700 E Sandy, UT 84092

After a courageous battle with brain cancer, Mark passed on into eternity surrounded by his family. We would love for you to join us in celebrating his beautiful life.

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support.

- A viewing will take place at Larkin Sunset Gardens on Friday September 4th from 6 - 8 pm.
1950 E .10600 S. Sandy, UT 84092

- A funeral service will be held this Saturday September 5th at 11 am at 10945 S. 1700 E. Sandy, UT 84092 (our church building)

The receiving line for the funeral will be from 9:30 - 10:30 am
Craig Stanley Larson Send Email
Uniform System for Teaching Families from 1973 25 Sep 2013
Dear Fellow Australia Northeast Mission Alumni,

Do any of you still have a copy of our original "rainbow" discussions? Would you be willing to photocopy it for me (I will be happy to pay for copying and shipping) and mail it to me?

One of you indicated you would but were moving. I have lost the info to recontact you.

I would like to show my family what we actually taught and how we did it. I have the flip book, but my discussion pages were lost in a basement flood.

Any help would be appreciated.


Craig Matteson
I served under Bird and Wall. 1973-75.

my address info is

5818 Bellwether Drive
Saline, MI 48176

you can phone me at 734 649 1457 if you would like to chat.

Craig Matteson Send Email
any Aussie friends 14 Sep 2013
hey an old time Kiwi missionary70/72 served in maitland all around Sydney then up in Brisbane it was all one mission then from queenbyan act to port morsby papa new guinnie (could be spelling mistaks) lol wanting to hear from any one from that era companions G Whetstone, T Robinson, Kilford, zl Gifford, dl Bundy in Brisbane at the moment will be flying back to NZ on the 17th cheers for now
Clive Gilbert IRVING Send Email
Looking for Ballard missionaries 28 Feb 2013

For the upcoming Ballard mission reunion on Friday April 5, we haven't been able to locate the following missionaries. If any of you knows the location of any of these missionaries, could you give us their contact information, or pass on the mission info to them?


Craig S. Larson


ABM Pres. Ballard Reunion
April 5, 2013 at 6:00 pm
1305 N 100 E
American Fork, UT

Missionaries we're looking for:

Anthony Abel
Larry Abney
Cynthia Asay
Sam & Julie Asper
Steven Babcock
Jeff Bartlett
Reuel Bell
William Blocker
Jereck Boss
Scott Bowlby
Roscoe Burnett
Richard and Jill Burnham
Peter Cardinal
Randy Carling
Richard Carman
Cletus Case
Robert Clark
Gregory Compton
Brett & Marci Cook
Lane Corless
Aaron & Jo Del Cranny
John Croft
Henry Dahlsrud
Arthur Daniels
Scott & Darlene Darger
Nickolas Dattilo
Daniel Davis
Wayne Diamond
Toren Doman
David Dowley
Marc Dummer
Jill Eggertsen Fife
Moyle Facer
Leonard Fifita
Jon Flake
Rebecca Flannery
Karen Halterman Perkins
Wade Harper
Lyndon Harrison
Alex Hendrickson
Stacy Howard
Kerry Hull
Karl Huntsman
Douglas Roy Jackson
Richard Jackson
Randale & Kami Jones
Scott & Russell Lewis
Robert Lucy
Jeanette Lusty
Deborah Lynch
Larry Madsen
Scott Marple
Steven Matson
Daniel McAffee
Stephen McDermott
R & C McGarry Leseberg
Shawn Miller
Isaac Miller
Shawn Miller
Dennis Miner
Renn Monson
Gary Munsee
Brian Nielsen
Lex Nielson
Douglas & Sari Peters
John Peterson
Stephen Pincock
Elsa & Will Quist
Kenneth Ro
Albert Robertson
Kevin Seeley
David & Kim Simeoli
Rhea Sorensen
Jerome Squires
Donald Stabler
Kenneth Stapley
Darin Stoner
Maika Tatafu
Roger Thomson
Scott Tilleman
Oliana Toa Snow
Russell Tolley
Charles Troutman
Donald Truex
Joseph Tucker
John Udarbe
Darin Weaver
David Whitaker
James White
James & Billye White
Bradley Whittle
Bradley Whittle
Darrell Wilson
Roy Woods
James Woodwell
Randy & Meri Kay Woodworth
Joseph Woolf
Trent Wride
John Wright
Brent & Nancy Yorganson
Jonathon Young
Gordon Zander
Craig Stanley Larson Send Email
Companions and friends - where are YOU!? 23 Jan 2013
I was wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of

Richard D. Mumford. He was my trainer and was from Portland, Oregon.

Veloy Twitchell. He was in my group out from Salt Lake. He was hit by a car
and almost died. We had the mission fast for him.

John Craig Bolton. He was my second companion. He worked in the mission
office for awhile.

Two Aussie Elders I lost track of were

John Bruce Baird who hailed from Victoria.

And a companion, Steven G. Mutton. He was from Fitzroy, Adelaide.

I cannot find them searching this site, the web, facebook, or linked in.
But SOMEONE might be able to find them.


Craig Matteson
5818 Bellwether Drive
Saline, MI 48176
734 649 1457
Craig Matteson Send Email
Looking for missionaries 06 Jan 2013
Hello, does anyone have any contact with the following missionaries? I don't have current contact info for them:
Fred Dunford
Robert Edwards
George Elton
Bill Gossett
Beryl Hardy
Ken Heslin
Brett Hill
Varsel Jenks
Dennis Lambson
Jim Lefavor
Paul Ludlow
Craig Stanley Larson Send Email
Giving Sis. Ballard ride to reunion 10 Oct 2012

This is a message to all missionaries who served under Pres. Ballard,. I spoke to Sis. Ballard today. She would love to come to the reunion next April 5 if someone could drive her up from Snowflake, Arizona. Is anyone from the Mesa or Phoenix area driving up then that would be willing to bring her as well?
Craig Stanley Larson Send Email
Ballard Reunion April 5, 2013 23 Aug 2012
For those who served under President Ballard from '83-'86, Scott Hadley is willing to make a video/slideshow of photos we took while serving in the ABM. If you have photos you would like to be included, please send them to Scott at
Craig Stanley Larson Send Email
USA Visit 11 Jul 2012
Gidday ABMers 1988-1990. I am heading over to the US - Idaho (Nampa & Idaho Falls) to catch up with a beautiful girl I met online in April. As I don't get the opportunity to travel State-side very often, if you live in Idaho, feel free to drop me an email on as I'd love to catch up at Church, etc while I'm over. Take care, Brad Matthews.
Bradley Wallace Matthews Send Email
LDs Timeline App Released 25 May 2012
Hi all,

I finally released my Iphone app.

Check it out at or

Over 6800 individual events from LDS history and counting.

And yes. Android and Ipad versions are coming

Gaven Ferguson
Gaven P Ferguson Send Email
Uniform System for Teaching Families 13 Mar 2012
Dear Alumni, My copy of our 1973 era discussions was lost to a flood. My hope is that one of you has either a spare copy you would sell me or would be willing to make a copy of them (which I would pay you for) and mail the copy to me. Please contact me at if you wish to help me with this. Thanks, Craig.
Craig Matteson Send Email
Looking For 01 Dec 2010
Looking for Lynn Campbell on the Gold Coast. My compnion and I baptised Sister Campbell back in 1982. Last known location was in Tweed Heads. My wife and I are going to be visiting Brisbane soon and we would like to find her.
Chad Daniels Reese Send Email
Companions 07 Mar 2010

does anyone know any contact details or whereabouts for elder kade wasden, elder david woolsey, elder kevin s. smith and garrett garfield?

much appreciated
Elijah Francis Fruean Send Email
Facebook 21 Dec 2009
There is a Facebook group Page for Missionaries who served with President Horrie Harvey.
Todd M Peterson Send Email
Darren Ball & Trip to NZ 15 Sep 2009
Does anyone have contact info for Darren Ball? Also, I'm going to be in NZ around Oct 25-27 on business. If anyone wants to get together, please drop me a line.
Rob Franklin Send Email
Scott Greenberg 22 Feb 2009
Does anyone know where Scott Greenberg is, I have a few people that would like to get in contact with him. If anyone knows how to find him, please contact me.

Ben Cluff
Benjamin J. Cluff Send Email
Looking for a few folks 20 Jun 2008
Anyone have any tabs on Mary McKenna? Member in Camp Hill Ward, heavily active in singles stuff. She lived with family in Morningside, on Malcolm St. I think. I've lost tabs, and would love to get back in touch with her. Also, anyone know where/how I can track down Mike Rummens? He served from 1993-1995, from Glendora, CA. He was living in Mountain View, CA, but that was back in 2001. Have lost touch since then.

Hey, anyone visiting Hawaii, come see me, would love to catch up. Thad.
Thad Joseph Barkdull Send Email
Looking 08 May 2008
I been hoping to cath up with my trainer Travis Thorne from Boise Idaho. If anyone knows his contact details please let me know.

Andre Sliedrecht Send Email
Help finding My Greenie 28 Mar 2008
Does anyone know where Matt Anderson is? We served together in MacKay Qld in 1979.

Thanks for your help.
Ramsey MacKay Send Email
T.Beau Reynolds 18 Mar 2008
Hey guys i was wandering if anyone has heard from or is in touch with Elder Beau Reynolds (2001-2003). Im trying to catch up with him. If anyone can help it would be great
Jay J Yau Send Email
I am looking for a Kay Jefferies. I baptized her son, Rusty back in 1978. I have lost track of her and her family. They were very special to me. She may have re-married and might be north of Brisbane. I would appreciate it if anyone has any information about her or her kids to email me. Her oldest daughter is named, Michelle. She has 7 children. They were living in Coopers Plains when I was there. Thanks-- Layne Harris
Layne Ray Harris Send Email
Cory Joyce and Stewart Armstrong 26 Oct 2007

If anyone has contact information on Cory Joyce from Hamilton, New Zealand and Stewart Armstrong from New South Wales, please let me know.

Don P Bingham Send Email
River Fire Brisbane 2007 19 Sep 2007
Hi everyone,

Just thought I would remind you all of the great Rivefire event of September.
Two F111 jets perform their spectacular "dump and burn" over the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, during the Riverfire Festival.
If you want to see shots of it you can go to YouTube and just type in Riverfire 2007. Some of the videos you can see the temple as well.
Just and update on what is happening in Brisbane - last weekend we just had a new Stake organised (no 8). It is good to see the Brisbane region growing in members.
Cheryl Leonie Draper Send Email
Happy New Year 02 Jan 2007
Hi everyone. I hope that you all had a great Christmas. Just wanted to wish all the RMs a wonderful New Year and hope that you all will have a safe journey through out 2007 is now commencing.
Keep up the good work and endure to the end in the service of the Lord.

Elder Mani Herman Ah-Fua
Melbourne Australia.
Mani Herman Ah-Fua Send Email
Old Friends 13 Dec 2006
Has anyone heard from any of the following former missionaries or know how to contact them?:

Elder Val Haddon
Elder Brian Smith (served under President West)
Elder Blair Matthews
Elder Ewan Black
Elder Mike Bellows
Elder Brad Whittle
Elder David Collins
Elder Philip Ihimaera (Smiler)
Elder Jared Oviatt
Elder Ron C. Smith
Elder Joe Wolf
Sister Libby Meurs (Jordan?)
Elder Eric Sainsbury

To anyone else who served when I did--I'd love to hear from any of you. I still think of my mission often and I am happy to reconnect with anyone who was a part of it.
Jeffrey B. Teichert Send Email
Looking for Ewan Black 30 Nov 2006
Hey everyone. All is well with the Een clan. Can anyone help me find Ewan Black ? We were companions in Kingaroy in 86. Thanks ! Anyone else feel free to drop a line too. Ta
Michael W Een Send Email
Elder Trevino 21 Nov 2006
wanting to get in touch with an Elder Trevino and Elder Hill who baptized me and my brother in 1980. Also am wanting contact info for Elder Justin Hardmans to find contact info for his mother Cathi Rae .
Cheers Gina
Gina Beard(Litchfield) Send Email
Ray Munson 11 Oct 2006
I lost contact with Ray soon after he returned home. If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know. Thanks~
Dave Caldwell Send Email
Fran Seiboth/Winniard Davis Whereabouts? 20 Sep 2006
I baptized a family in 1992 in the Marsden area. The mothers name is Fran Seiboth. Does anyone know of her where abouts? Also I am wondering if anyone know how I might contact Elder Winniard Davis. I served with him in '92. I think he lives in the Brisbane area.

Marc Blauer
Marc Hawkes Blauer Send Email
Lara Jane Qualtrough 20 Sep 2006
Hello All,

I received a phone call from Lara Jane Qualtrough in the spring advising me she was going to be in town. Does anyone know how to get a hold of her?
Jay Colby Send Email

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