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President Robert G. West

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Spouse: Carol
Served: 1986 - 1989
Associated Alumni
Your Occupation: Retired
Served under Area Presidents: John Sonnenberg and F. Arthur Kay.

Areas: Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Papua New Guinea.

Family: Carol: Children and Grandchildren: Rob in Simi Valley, CA: (Dawn/Craig: Jordynn, Connor, Jaxson, Gemma LeBeau in Boise, ID; Robert in Hawaii(Army)i; Richard in Santa Barbara, CA; Jean in Simi Valley, CA) ; Steve/Gloria in St. Louis, MO: (James/Keri: David, Steven, Jaredi in Kanab, UT; Justin/Amber in Salt Lake City, UT; Jenny/Sam Bright: Will, Elly, weston in Moses Lake, WA; Grant/Amanda, Lauren, Chase (2012-2014 Mission in San Bernardino, CA), in Orlando, FL); Mike/Brenda in pSalt Lake City, UT (Brandy/Jentry - Jancen Beckstead; Brooke - McKay Ipsen; Jami/Austin Beckstead: - Bailey, Faith; Parker) in Salt Lake City, UT; Sharon/Dave VanKammen: (Eighteen year old triplets, in September 2012, Christopher, Cambrea, Cameron) in Naperville, near Chicago, IL.

2324 So. Shorewood Dr.
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
Carol cell: 801-521-0143; Bob cell: 801-599-3123
Web Site: None

Comments: You, ABM Missionaries, are Great! We love you and wish the best for you and your families as you continue to serve your Heavenly Father in righteousness.

Carol and I would appreciate hearing from you periodically: What are you doing, how are you, how is your family, how many in your family, your occupation, your service in the church, etc.?

Carol and I have lived in Detroit, MI; London, England; The Hague & Rotterdam, Netherlands; Seattle, WN; Columbus, OH; Reston, VA; Chicago, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; St. Louis, MO; Brisbane, Australia & Papua New Guinea; Salt Lake City, UT; Tokyo, Japan; SLC, UT again; London, England (again); and SLC, UT again, now Saratoga Springs, UT. We have served in three bishoprics, three Stake Presidencies, four high councils, and taught the gospel doctrine class in seven different wards.

After finishing our three year assignment as Mission President in Queensland, Australia and Papua New Guinea from 1986 to 1989 we retired to Salt Lake City. But, we first, traveled to Jerusalem, Israel to study with the students at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies for two months. A great experience.

We served a part time mission in Salt Lake for six years on the Church Hosting Committee (10 Couples) 1991-06 & 2001-02, three years in a singles ward Bishopric, three years teaching the High Priest group, three years as assistant to the High Priest Group Leader in three different wards, two years as High Priest Group Leader in two different wards, four years as President of our Terrace Falls Condominium Association (80 units), four years as Precinct Chairman of the Republican Party, State and County delegate to party conventions, Executive Secretary to the Asian North Area Presidency (Bob) and Secretary to the Area President (Carol) in Tokyo, Japan, 1998-2000, and missionary/temple workers in the London England Temple, 2002-2004.

Carol has been the compassionate service counselor in the Ensign 2nd Ward Relief Society and Bob was released from the Salt Lake Ensign Stake High Council to be called as the High Priest Group Leader and two years later released in May 2009 after back surgery and subsequent five by-pass heart surgery in Feb 2010 resulting in numbness in two finger in each hand, and numbness in half of each hand. In July 2011 Bob had "strep cellulitis" in his right leg with four weeks in a hospital and skilled nursing center. Carol has worked at the Utah State Legislature, nearby, during the Jan/Feb sessions. Carol was a docent giving tours of the Utah State Capital in 2008. Carol, also, had four by-pass heart surgery in 2005. Other than that we are in good shape., except Bob had to give up tennis, three days a week, at age 81. The past year and a half we have been "vagabonds" living and moving from the west coast to the east coast and back.

We have, thoroughly, enjoy our convenient, home location, a couple of blocks from the Salt Lake Temple, and all the activities in Salt Lake and in Utah for the past 21 years. But, we, recently, sold that home.. We now have a permanent homenin Saratoga Springs, UT on the northwest side of Utah Lake.

Good News: Steve Married Gloria, a wonderful, talented lady from Orlando, FL after the death of Becky and Gloria's husband. Each had three children. Justin married Amber, both Spanish speaking returned missionaries.

Remember: "Priorities: Which is superior and which is inferior:
Our exterior or our interior?" Modern Proverbs.

Sincerely, With Love,
Bob and Carol West

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