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Burnie Tasmania 50th Anniversary 16 Jan 2014
I am currently looking for pictures or memories from anyone who has served in the Burnie area in North West Tasmania, Australia. We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Burnie Chapel on the weekend of the 1-2 February this year and I am trying to put a timeline together of who has past through here over the last 50 years.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Robyn Hatchard
Robyn Hatchard Send Email
looking for an ex missionary 26 May 2009
does any one know of a Daniel Moon? He served in Mandurah Ward in 2003/2004...
he lives in Nevada...
Josie Bartel Send Email
Just Called 20 Aug 2008
I was just called to this mission and I was just wondering if any of the sisters could give me some hints for clothes I need to get before I come. (I'm not quite sure on what specifically would be appropriate.) Any tips or anything else you would like to pass on would be quite helpful. Thanks!
Angela Price Send Email
Reunion 02 Oct 2007
Does anyone know if we are having a reunion this Friday?
Brad Clark Bentley Send Email
3 Ray Street Invermay The Nermut's 15 Aug 2007

I am actually looking for any missionary who served in Launceston and lived (or taught) at


The house was owned by Jindrich (called Henry or Harry) and Anna Nermut. And the missionaries used to live in the upstairs flat above the main house.

Henry and Anna were my Grandparents and I know they traveled to Salt Lake (etc) to attend the weddings of some missionaries etc. and I am INCREDIBLY keen to find and speak to ANYONE who knew them (or of them) and their contact with the church.

I am now a member and am keen to hear their story - good news or bad both is welcome! I served a mission so I understand that not everyone accepts the message - but I am still keen to hear their story.

Thank you

PLEASE feel free to contact me ANYTIME

0011 61 410172607)

I look forward to hearing from you

Sister Melissa Nermut
Melissa Nermut Send Email
Missionary Video 01 Apr 2007
Hey everyone,Thought you all would enjoy this.

Here is a fun missionary video my friends and I just made about the postman stealing elder's mail. We probably all joked that this was happening if we weren't getting letters for awhile.

If you enjoy it, please share it with friends & family,
Ted Sowards
Ted P Sowards Send Email
needs your prayers. 06 Feb 2007
how'z it.
I don't have all you old dogs email so this is the best way to get to all of you. My brother in-law, who lives in the states (Don't ask me why but he does) has a wife and three kids. Anyway he has been fighting cancer for the last year and has been having treatment and all the fun stuff. We found out the other day that he now has a tumor in his brain that can't be operated on and so it was just a matter of when it would all end for him. Well that call came today. He only has two weeks to live and so it has really hit us hard, as it would.

Well Nadia (my wife) and her family are flying out tomorrow to be able to spend what time Levi has left with him and his family to love and support them.

I'm am humbled to have served the Lord for two years and even more so that I had the chance to serve with you all. I may not have serve around you all or even known you all but I think of you all as my AMWM family.I ask if you could pray for my family, more so for Nadia as she is 29 weeks pregnant with our first child (who's a boy). The flyt to the States it's the eaiest thing to do (other than when you're on your way home,lol). I'm worried for my wife and son. If you could all be mindful of her in your prayer it would mean so so much to me. Thanks for the time served and for your prayers.
1Love Andrew
Andrew P Morales Send Email
Marion Ferguson from Geelong Ward. 03 Jan 2007
Hello everyone,

I was just given this email from the daughter of Marion Ferguson. And I wanted to pass on this important message to anyone that may have known her, and would like to know.

The message from the daughter follows, but I send my love to all my fellow missionaries. I hope Christmas was a wonderful time for you.

Sharla Nuttall
Hello All,

It's Cynthia here - Marion's eldest daughter. As I'm not 100% sure of
exactly who all her contacts in her contact list are, I thought it better to
include everyone.

As some of you may know, Mum has been battling cancer for the past year,
with the last few months proving much more difficult for her. So as you can
imagine she hasn't been on the computer for some time, which may be the
reason for her lack of contact.

Unfortunately, Mum passed away this morning (peacefully) and very grateful
that she was able to see all her children in the preceeding hours.

She had asked for her e-mail contacts to be notified and I do apologise for
some of you recieving this email as apposed to a phone call - however some
numbers Mum didn't have in her phone book.

Please feel free to reply to this email or phone 0419 719 309 (my mobile)
should you wish to talk, ask questions or wish to know details of funeral
arrangements when they are confirmed etc.

Kind Regards,
Sharla Nuttall Send Email
GuessWhat! :) 13 Dec 2006
Hey Everyone,

Its been a while and ive been outa contact though i was getting all sentimental for the mission; for those who did get a chance to serve with me it'd be good to hear from you.

I am engaged also! to a wonderful woman by the name of alicia york incredibly spiritual and a true blessing.

I work as a systems analyst and a designer so i keep myself busy :)

I guess thats a brief update so peace out.
Blake Lyle Sherwood Send Email
Coming to Utah 04 Nov 2006
Hey everyone I've finally got myself togeather and i will be heading to Utah for a month long holiday. If anyone would like to catch up I am keen to see all friendly faces. I'll be there from the 6th of Dec 06 till the 2nd of Jan 07 and i would love to catch up and visit with any of you who remember me :)
drop me an email
Daniel John Swann Send Email
Gridiron Greats 28 Oct 2005
For those who care, I coach the offensive line at Timberland High in South Carolina. Our JV when 8-0 with out a close game. Our varsity finished the regular season 9-1, rank #3 in 3A in South Carolina. We are a number one seed in the state playoffs. We don’t get much press because we are out in the woods (Francis Marion National Forest). Hard working student-athletics.
John D. Grimsley Send Email
Miracles still happen 21 Sep 2005
Just when I started to think miracles were a thing of the past, Morales got engaged.
David Wesley Smith Send Email
Engaged (finally) 07 Sep 2005
Hey, I also am engaged to a lovely lady named Miurvy Martinez. She's from the Dominican Republic that served her mission on Temple Square and upon finishing her mission went home for a few months and came back for conferance and to visit my brother who served in the DR and I met her through him. We are hoping to get married near the end of the year, but getting visa's and everything for her family is more work that I thought.

Pass the word if you see others and if you read this SEND ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS so I can send invites/notifications to as many as I can.
Jesse David Busker Send Email
engaged too 08 Jun 2005
hello everyone again... i'll be getting married a little sooner, 16th july in the perth australia temple, to naomi for those that know her. sweet... love yous all... cya.
Luke Manly Holder Send Email
Engagment 26 May 2005
Hey hey hey...for all those peeps that dont know already (former companions etc ) Lee (sister Davie) and i are engaged to be sealed in the Sydney Australia Temple 24th september! Crazy aye. Also im looking for caleb steele's contact details so anyone with that infomation, can you hook a brother up..Thanks!!!
anyone wanting to email me feel free to do so.
Eli tupuraki Teariki Send Email
reunion 22 Mar 2005
You spoilt americans! Ha, i signed up for the reunion even though i wont be there in person. thats unless someone wants to sponsor me?
Luke Manly Holder Send Email
just called 17 Mar 2005
Hello everyone I was just assigned to the Australia Melbourne West mission. I will be speaking Mandarin. I am so exciting and can't wait to get to the field and start serving and do my best.
Jordan Dirk Rothlisberger Send Email
Hobart 21 Feb 2005
Hey just came back from Hobart with the Family. We had a great time. We went to Praties the real potato meal for lunch on the first day there. We went to the salamanca markets and had some sticky fingers ice cream. On Sunday we went to Hobart Ward. All the boundries have changes since I served there but we were able to see heaps of familar faces. We were invited over for dinner to the Smith Family. That was really cool. Good old Peter Browning "Coach" took us for a tour around Hobart. He took us to the fort in sandy bay and other places of intrest. He is moving to UTAH really soon.
We went to Port Arthur and drove through Doo Town. We saw the Remarkable caves, Tasman Arch, The Blow Hole, Devils Kitchen and Pirates Bay. Eunice was in Melboune at the time so we did'nt get to meet up with the her. We had a Souvlaki from Mickinos in sandy bay.
The Highlight of the trip was to see all the people I worked with. I saw members who where once less active holding 3 callings. I saw people we baptised still active in the church. I saw members who were YSA and now married with children. The work will go forth.
David Wesley Smith Send Email
just got back from melb 07 Oct 2004
yes you all hear right. ha ha. and you didn't. this was my 2nd trip down there. i spent two weeks there this time where last time i was down there for 3 weeks. made where do i begin. stayed in Werribee with th Howe's, Geelong with Jan Carter and Nth Melb with the Pena's.
man i ate so much while down there, went to Footscray for a kabab from that place there,( i only eat kababs there in melb coz their crap here in QLD) as well as some of those dounuts from that cavavan thing beside the train station there. had sum Hunie and a whole heap of FOB food.
before i forget. anyone who served in Geelong and spent time with sister Jan Carter give her a call. things aren't too good for her. her dauter isn't the best, worse the uslaue. she misses all of us who served there. while i serve there she did heaps for me, and i know that i wasn't the only one. give her a call some time soon. her number is (03)5282-8459 i don't know what the country code is. her mobile is 0438078081.
i spent heaps and heaps money on shoping while there, can you say Smith St. played B-Ball with some of the members in Werribee. they play in a club on thursday night. got to spend time out in the night life. all in it was the bomb. trying to go each year. laters 1 love morales
Andrew P Morales Send Email
Mission President's email address 01 Jul 2004
I am wondering if we will be getting an
update including President Warner's email
address. I don't use it unless really necessary, but would like to have it just in case. I did email President Curtis a couple of times and he was very courteous about answering.
Jared Daniel Vause Send Email
MISSION REUNION!!! 11 Jun 2004
Hello Everyone!

This is the second notice for the 2004 AMWM Reunion! Please get the word around! Tell anyone and everyone you know. If you have missionary emails, please pass this message on.

Also, we need to be able to calculate how many people will be coming, so we have created a website for everyone to RSVP on. If you are coming to the reunion, you need to register online at: . If you are bringing someone with you (like a wife, fiancee, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband, etc.) please register them online also. We'd ask that each person contribute $5.00 for the food/refreshments.

Again, please contact any missionaries who have served in the mission to inform them of the reunion. See you there!!!

Mark Leck

Questions? email amwm at theredx dot com
Mark H Leck Send Email
- 11 Jun 2004
Rose Kautoke Send Email
just leave me alone 23 May 2004
mate all you NZers guys are sad ones. mate first it was AhMu now Feming about me getting married or even hooking up. nah things are all good. it will happen when it happens. i had i really good sunday today. i visted a friend's ward for their baby's blessing. there was also some chick getting back from her mish and another girl that i know who leaves for the great AMWM this week. it was all good hearing both these sisters talk. mate me think heaps about the mish and the things that i miss. all you guys even now after this time not seeing alot of you's still mean alot to me. thanks to all my comps and the great friends who i still care about. laters to you all.
1 love andrew morales
Andrew P Morales Send Email
twice 06 May 2004
somehow I sent this msg twice
David Wesley Smith Send Email
Tassie Record 06 May 2004
Has anyone beaten the 14 months in tassie record yet. I went down to tassie 3 times. I can remember ridding up and down all those hills. I was glad to have car the 3rd time I went down. I havnt ridden a bike since i got home and I'm not about to go out and buy one tomorrow. I think all missionaries in Tassie should have cars. I'm just interested to see who else had to ride all those big hill for 14 months.
David Wesley Smith Send Email
Joel and Alzina Warner 16 Apr 2004
From the Church News, March 6, 2004

Joel Whiting Warner, 58, Australia Melbourne West Mission; Mandarin 1st Ward, Jacksonville Florida East Stake; former stake president, counselor in stake presidency, stake Young Men president, bishop, and missionary in the Montana Mission. Co-owner Liberty Tax Service. Born in San Francisco, Calif., to Clifford Elisha and Beryl Whiting Warner[0]. Married Alzina Maria Higginson; seven children.
A seminary teacher, she is a former counselor in stake Relief Society presidency, stake missionary, counselor in stake Primary presidency, ward Primary president and counselor in stake Young Women presidency. Born in Denver, Colo., to Elmo Cassim and Lelia Hatch Higginson.
Sterling Stewart Morrill Send Email
New Mission President 13 Apr 2004
G'day there Patricia : )
The new mission president will be Joel Whiting Warner. He's from the Madarin 1st Ward, Jacksonville Florida East Stake and his wife is Alzina Maria Higginson. If you'd like to see a photo here is a link to Deseret News Archives where this information came from...

Have fun!!
Suzanne Walters Send Email
new mission President? 13 Apr 2004
I have heard that President Curtis will be leaving soon. Does anyone know who will be the new mission President and where he is from? I have heard that he is from Florida and since I live in Florida I would like to know.

Thank you.
Jared Daniel Vause Send Email
Reunion 05 Apr 2004
Hey everyone. I was thinking it would be cool to have a reunion in Australia. So if you think you would be interseted please let me know. Since I'll probebly organize it, We will probebly do it here in Queensland. Beautifull one day perfect the next. (Brisbane River Terace Chapel) The date is to be announced. Anyone who likes organizing these things is welcome to.
David Wesley Smith Send Email
ACC 14 Mar 2004
This is John Grimsley, one of few East Coast(Maryland) of the USA Alum's of the Melbourne West. I don't get on this website much but I have something Important to share. Yes the Church is True, Yes the Mission is the best thing I ever did, Yes I don't have a real job-still in graduate school, Yes I have no social life cause of work & school, but most important of all is The University of Maryland Terps Basketball Team Beat the Duke Blue Devils for the ACC title today in the ACC tournament for the first time EVER! The Spirit moves me to share the joy that is in Maryland at this time. Thank you all for letting me share this important news with you, and remember....Fear the Turtle!!
John D. Grimsley Send Email
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