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Pressident Barry 06 Jun 2010
Guys how are you all I know everyone wonders where are the Barry's I tried to search the facebook and I found some links to President Barry's
Office: 305-466-4062
Fax: 305-557-3261
Allan Marvin Matro Guevara Send Email
Looking for Spencer Tressler 12 Jan 2009
Hey Everyone, Yeah, I know its been along time. I trying to catch up with Spencer Tressler. If anyone has any recent or old contacts please email me. Thanks Elder Warwick
Jonathan Mark Warwick Send Email
Brandon Weimer 09 Apr 2008
Hi Good people,

Im also trying to locate Brandon Weimer also Elder Mavis. If anyone knows any details please post.

Take Care,

Daniel James Mack Send Email
help find 31 Mar 2008
Does anyone know the email or whereabouts of Fred Beesley? Or Burke Hunsaaker?
Or Stoker? Travis Gunn?
Aaron Ferster Send Email
Brandon Weimer 28 Nov 2007
Hi all from Pres Barry's era. Wondering if any of you know where Brandon Weimer is and what's up with him.
Rachel Ardern Send Email
Mission Reunion 13 Sep 2007
Please spread the word about our reunion the details of which you can read under Sister Burkman's name. Also, I'd love to hear from any of you.
Glenn L Pace Send Email
Reunion 05 Sep 2007
I'm hoping you are all picking up on the time and place of our reunion. Send me a note when you get a chance and be sure to give Sister Burkman your RSVP
Glenn L Pace Send Email
Mission Reunion 17 Aug 2007
Hi everyone,

I don't know how many people this reaches, since I just discovered it. As Sister Burkman has been saying we will be having a reunion on October 5th, 2007. We will be publishing more details in the near future. Please spread the word. I would love to hear from any of you in the meantime.
Glenn L Pace Send Email
Mission Reunion 29 Jun 2007
Yates is coming to the Mission Reunion! Is happy to take orders for Tim Tams, Cadbury Chocolate, Seamless Coin Pouches, Milo, and Vegemite :), etc - (Will consider payment in kind eg Reeces Pieces, $US100 notes, free hotel accommodation :) ) Looking forward to seeing you all. Elder East (hubby) from the ASM will also be coming if anyone knew him ...
Elissa East Send Email
91-93 16 Jun 2007
I started out in the old ASM and broke off into the North. Started in Orange, Castle Hill, Mission Office with Pres. Nielson, and lots of time in Toukley. Hit me up if you got contacts with Toukley members, I'm looking for a few people. Thanks.
Joshua Randall Send Email
I'm trying to get in contact with Sister Jesse Yau, she served in Sydney North between 01/09/05 - 01/03/07.
We were in MTC together and I would like to catch up with her to see how she's going- we've only been home for 3 months so I wanna see if she's dealing with post mission life better then I am (hehehe).
We lost contact while we were on our missions.
Would like her email address and an email address of another MTC sister who also served in ASNM - Sister Funaki!!! Hope someone can help me!!!
Daphne Reupena Send Email
coery 25 May 2007
Hey Nathan you dont probably knows me, but i'm one of your bro's com. is he married now?
cris yala labayan Send Email
looking for brent 11 Apr 2007
everyone knows where these guys are? Brent Mason, Corey Blackham,Daniel Dollar, and Savelio Kuli
cris yala labayan Send Email
Finding Ryan Lee 24 Mar 2007
Hi, Does anyone know of the whereabouts of Ryan Lee, served in SNM and finished in end of 94. He was from Idaho. Would like to catch up with him.

Amanda Jane Tarling Send Email
Fluke 22 Mar 2007
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Elder Brian "Fluke" Fluckiger? I served with him in the Central Coast in 1997. Heserved from 1995-1997.

Samuel C Workman Send Email
Do you know where Ryan Lee is 14 Mar 2007
Does anyone still have contact with Ryan Lee? I would love to hear how he is and catch up with him
Amanda Jane Tarling Send Email
Thomas Moran 14 Nov 2006
For all of you who knew Thomas Moran, I just wanted to inform you that he returned to our Father in Heaven on November 13. His funeral services will be held on November 16...not sure where as of yet. He will be missed, yet I cannot wait to see him on the other side!
Heather Joy Allen Send Email
President Terrance Barry 25 Oct 2006
Does anyone know the current contact info for Pres. Barry? As far as I know, he lived in Florida but that was back in '01. Please let me know.

Da C Zhao Send Email
kia ora bros 24 Oct 2006
hey does anyone have "steven cooks" contact info? if so please email me on
johnny jackson Send Email
Pace reunion 08 Oct 2006
The Paces are coming to Melbourne and Adelaide for a mission your and then on to Sydney for a few days. I have been in contact with them and I am trying to arrange get togethers in each city. Please contact me if you want to see the paces so we can arrange the best time to get the most people there.

Elissa East (Yates)
Elissa East Send Email
Reunion with Pres Pace 06 Oct 2006
Hello all returned ASNM,

Pres Pace is doing a mission tour of Adelaide and Melbourne and then spending a few days in Sydney. I have been in contact with him and trying to contact as many missionaries as possible to let them know. In Melbourne he is speaking in a sacrament meeting and a few missionaries are going to that. He will be in Adelaide for one day only and said he can change his evening plans to see anyone there. In Sydney we have between Thurs 26th Oct and Sunday 29th to organise something. If everyone can foward this email to anyone in Australia/New Zealand that would be intersted and contact me and we can arrange an evening that best suits everyone to see Pres and Sister Pace. For some reason I can't log on to the mission home page so have sent an email to the administrator.

Lets move quick and see how many people we can get together, it has been a long time. What are your ideas, use a chapel or someones home? I am in Canberra so I bit far to come or my place would have been volunteered. What do we do with family as I would love to bring my kids to introduce them but they are still young and would distrupt the eveing so do we need to see if we can get some babysitters to help (or make the spouses babysit?). I want as many as ideas as possible to make sure everyone is happy and as many people get to see Pres and Sister Pace as possible.

Elissa East (nee Yates)
02 6291 3371
0420 312 706
Daniel Q Taiapa Send Email
Internet Use in ASNM 12 Jun 2006
Just to let you know, use of the net has been banned for ASNM missionaries, too much disobedience. So I don't think we can be expecting much updates from those serving. Or President may renew the policy (when he goes home!)
Bronson Eruera Perich Send Email
Well, my info is a bit old, but when I was serving there (November 2004), Grants dad had passed away, the 7 Hills flat they were renting to the mission was offered to them but declined on the basis that the mission doen't take them kind of gifts, they had actually stopped renting from that flat cos it was dodgy, and Grant was living at home with "mum" (I never ever called her that, much to her dismay).

Bronson Eruera Perich Send Email
yo 10 Jun 2006
your email doesnt work. where you at these days.
Nat T. Brunt Send Email
oi perich 08 Jun 2006
bro, i tried to email you, but your address doesnt work! bro, its so good to hear from you though. things are good here. it sucks being home though, i wish i was back in australia so bad. oh well. i have talked to both siren and josia on msn, they are doing very well. josia's mom is still on track to be baptised, and apparently sirens roommate emma is takeing the lessons now too. shes pretty confident that emma will be baptised. its awesome!

well, take it easy bro.
mark petersen Send Email
Looking For Megan Harr 08 Jun 2006
I am getting married soon and am in need of an address for Megan Harr who was recently married and I don't remember her new name. If anyone can help me locate her that would be greatly appreciated.
Adam Loraine Turney Send Email
Your son has been released 31 May 2006
oi! Nat! Gimme your email address! Mine is:
Bronson Eruera Perich Send Email
Mission reunion 26 Mar 2006
Is there any news of upcoming mission reunions this April. Seems like they are usually in April but I have not heard anything regarding them. If anyone knows of anything, get the word out.
Scott Ford
Scott Ford Send Email
Gamett & Piper 08 Feb 2006
Does anyone know the recent contact details for Paula Gamett and Jean Piper? If so please let me know at
Naomi Watts Send Email
Where's Gibb 19 Jan 2006
Hey can someone let me know where Elder Gibb disapeared to when he got home (i think his first name was paul - bad comp aye) if you know hit me back at thanks
dale stephens Send Email
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