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Nova presidencia de estaca Macapá 20 Feb 2022
MACAPÁ BRAZIL STAKE: (Oct. 10, 2021) President — Romulo dos Santos Jansen Rodrigues, 46, State of Amapa Government public servant; succeeding Rodrigo dos Santos Jansen Rodrigues; wife, Elisangela da Silva Nogueira Jansen. Counselors — Clemilson Carlos Silva dos Santos, 43, Macapá City Hall professor; wife, Jackeline Coelho dos Santos. Steve Wanderson Calheiros de Araújo, 51, Federal University of Amapá professor; wife, Lanna Sabrina Feitosa da Silva de Araújo.
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Connect/Contato with Mission presidente 30 Jan 2022
Returned Missionaries Can Choose to Share Contact Information with Mission Leaders in Member Tools

Ex-missionários podem optar por compartilhar informações de contato com os líderes da missão no aplicativo Ferramentas do Membro
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Novo Templo Annunciado por Belém Brasil 03 Apr 2016
President Thomas S. Monson began his address in the Sunday morning session of the 186th Annual General Conference by announcing that in the coming months and years, four new temples will be built.

Their locations are Harare, Zimbabwe; Quito, Ecuador; Belém, Brazil; and a second temple in Lima, Peru.

Belém, Brazil

President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Curitiba Brazil Temple on June 1, 2008. Photo by Gerry Avant.

Nearly 1.3 million of Brazil’s 204 million people are members of the Church. Six operating temples (Campinas, Curitiba, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife, and São Paulo) currently dot the country. Another temple is under construction in Fortaleza and two others are announced for Rio de Janeiro and now Belém.

Brazil, a federal republic with a Portuguese-speaking population, covers almost half the continent of South America.

The first known Church member in Brazil was Max Richard Zapf, who was baptized in Germany in August 1908 and immigrated to Brazil in 1913. After many years with no Church contact, Brother Zapf and his family learned that Augusta Kuhlmann Lippelt and her four children, who had also joined the Church in Germany before immigrating to Brazil in 1923, were living in the small southern Brazilian town of Ipomoea. Augusta's husband Roberto, although not a member when he moved his family to Brazil, was baptized several years later. The Zapf family soon relocated to be with their new friends, the Lippelt family. These two families represented the beginning of the Church's permanent presence in Brazil.

The president of the South American Mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina, first visited Brazil in 1927, and returned with the elders to begin missionary work in September 1928. A branch was organized in Joinville in 1930 and the first Church-owned meetinghouse in South America was dedicated a year later in Joinville.

A mission was created and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on May 25, 1935. A Portuguese edition of the Book of Mormon was published in 1939.

In 1954, President David O. McKay became the first Church president to visit Brazil. At the end of the 1950s, membership totaled 3,700 and by the time the Sao Paulo Temple was dedicated in 1978 it had reached 54,000. After 1978, in part due to the revelation extending priesthood to all worthy males, Church growth became extraordinary. By 1990, membership exceeded 300,000 and as the 1990s ended, membership totaled more than 700,000.

The Brazil Area was created in August 1987. On February 2, 1986, with the creation of the Campinas Brazil Castelo Stake, Brazil became the third country outside the United States to have 50 stakes. When the Sao Leopoldo Brazil Stake was created December 5, 1993, Brazil reached 100 stakes, the second country outside the United States to do so.

In October 1993, construction began on Missionary Training Center in Sao Paulo, the Church's second largest MTC. The seven-story building, capable of accommodating 750 missionaries, was dedicated May 18, 1997, by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. In October 1998, North American missionaries called to Brazil began receiving nearly half of their training at the Brazil Missionary Training Center. The program to send North American missionaries to Brazil for four weeks of training enabled them to be immersed in the Brazilian culture and Portuguese language in a controlled environment.

The program was so successful that in April 2000 the first 22 North American missionaries were sent to Brazil for their full eight weeks of training.

The Sao Paulo Stake, the first in South America, was organized on May 1, 1966. Ten years later, Brazil had 10 stakes, and a temple had been announced for Sao Paulo. President Spencer W. Kimball presided over a cornerstone ceremony for the temple on March 9, 1977. The temple was dedicated Oct. 30, 1978. President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Recife Brazil Temple on December 15, 2000. While President James E. Faust, second counselor in the First Presidency attended the groundbreaking of the Porto Alegre Temple, he also was made an honorary citizen of Sao Paulo, in recognition of his lifelong ties to that city and to Brazil, where he served as a missionary. President Hinckley dedicated the Recife Brazil Temple on December 15, 2000; the Porto Alegre Brazil Temple on December 17, 2000, and the Campinas Brazil Temple on May 17, 2002. President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Curitiba Brazil Temple on June 1, 2008. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf dedicated the Manaus Brazil Temple on June 12, 2012.
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Job opportunity at SLC for Portuguese speaker 21 Dec 2015
Dear former Brazilian missionaries,

 At the request of Brother Dimitri Clark, below, here is information about
a position with the Church at Salt Lake City for someone who speaks
Portuguese and has some other notable qualifications. If you know of
someone to whom this may be of interest, please follow with Brother Dimitri
Clark, the recruiter.  Thank you, Alf Gunn

Alf, I am a Senior Recruiter for the LDS Church & looking for a Portuguese
speaking Manager for the Self Reliance Service department based here in
Salt Lake City, UT. Would you know someone who would be interested in that
role? See below for a brief description or full description online:

Manager, Self Reliance Services International Support, SLC, UT

UT-Salt Lake City
ID 139276, Type: Full-Time - Regular
The manager is the Perpetual Education Fund?s ?Self-Reliance Initiative?s?
catalytic link, information conduit and problem solver with headquarters,
employees, volunteers, missionaries and local priesthood leaders. The
incumbent is assigned to support 3-5 International Areas and must become
expert on all PEF Self-Reliance programs, policies and tools.

?Bachelor?s degree. MBA or equivalent strongly preferred but not required.
?Min. 10+ years direct hands-on project/product management exp. building
multi-site teams, improving complex systems, and/or implementing new
product and program introductions in a complex organization.
?Fluency in Portuguese is required.
?Prior international business experiences with P&L responsibility strongly
preferred. Proven success in working with senior and executive management.
?Must be self-starting, enthusiastic, and member/priesthood oriented. Must
be able to relate to others in a caring and sensitive manner.
?Exceptional interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills,
and group training skills.

Worthiness Qualification
Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and
currently temple worthy.

All the best,

Dimitri Clark
(801) 240-4731Â work | - Current open jobs - Future jobs
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Encontro dos Missionários Retornados 01 Aug 2015
Iremos ter um encontro dos Missionários Retornados da Missão Brasil Belém que serviram de 94-97 com o Presidente Penha. Será dia 16/01/2016 em São Paulo. O Presidente e a Sister Penha estarão no encontro. Caso você queira ir, favor confirmar presença com o Emerson Bohneberger (Ex-Elder Bohneberger) pelo e-mail:
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Sealed Together The Manaus Temple Caravan 19 May 2015
Artigo e video sobre as caravanas para o Templo de Sao Paulo e os membros de Amazonas/ Manaus.

n the 1990s, Church members in Manaus, Brazil, were 4,000 kilometers from the nearest temple, which was in São Paulo. The rain forest, half the length of the Amazon, and most of the Brazilian coast lay in between, and yet their leaders dreamed of helping as many Saints as possible reach the temple. In 1992, they planned a six-day caravan by boat and bus that would make the dream of reaching the temple a reality for many.

In the temple, the Saints were sealed to their families and ancestors. Through the journey, they also developed spiritual strength and unity that laid a foundation for the future growth of the Church in Manaus.
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Mormon Helping Hands Revitalizes State School in M 04 Feb 2012
Mormon Helping Hands Revitalizes State School in Macapá, Brazil

By Michelle Sá, Macapá Brazil Amapá District public affairs, with contributions from Melissa Merrill, Church News and Events

3 February 2012

Fifty Mormon Helping Hands volunteers worked on Saturday, January 21, 2012, to clean, weed, and revitalize the state school Ivone Maria Menezes in Macapá, Brazil.


Article Highlights

Fifty volunteers—including members, friends, and missionaries of the Church—participated in the project.
This project was one of several Mormon Helping Hands efforts in the Brazilian state of Amapá. The projects are organized to help build communities and demonstrate Church members’ commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Approximately 50 Mormon Helping Hands volunteers—including members of the Church, their friends, and Latter-day Saint missionaries missionaries—mobilized on Saturday, January 21, 2012, to help clean, weed, and otherwise revitalize Ivone Maria Menezes, a state school in Macapá, Brazil.

The activity, coordinated by the school board and organized by the Macapá Brazil Amapá District’s public affairs director, Kleber Sainz, drew attention and coverage from several local media outlets. In addition, the school’s director, Adelia Danin, was receptive to and assisted in the project. “We were delighted with the generous contribution [the Church] gave us,” she said. “We will always keep the memory of it with us.”

Mormon Helping Hands volunteer work is continuing throughout the Brazilian state of Amapá. These efforts exist as a way for members of the Church to improve the communities in which they live and to demonstrate that they wish to follow in the footsteps of the Savior Jesus Christ, who “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38).

“The Church in Amapá hasn’t been the same since the actions of Helping Hands began,” said Michelle Sá, who serves in Church public affairs in the district. “To see the love and devotion of families, youth, and children all united, reaching out to those who need help, is very rewarding.”

Those changes Sister Sá described are affecting missionary work too. “Through Helping Hands, people are able to associate very easily the name of the Church with the program,” said José C. F. Campos, president of the Brazil Belém Mission. “The activities are publicized by the media, so when the missionaries talk to people about the Church, the people tell them that they are already familiar with the Church because they saw on television the activities that Church members made possible.”

This, he said, generally leads people to having higher confidence in the missionaries and in their message, and that in turn has improved the image of the Church among government officials, media representatives, public and private entities, and private citizens. “The people have a positive image of us, and they gladly receive us into their homes,” President Campos said.

Mormon Helping Hands has become so well known, he added, that it has become a “trademark” of service. Latter-day Saints have become known for being able to mobilize quickly and recruit volunteers to attend to any community need.

“Actions are much more powerful than even thousands of words in vain,” he added. “Through our example we can demonstrate that we are willing to serve our community. And, as King Benjamin taught, ‘When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God’ (Mosiah 2:17).”

Kleber Sainz, who serves as director of Church public affairs for the district, invited those who have not participated in Mormon Helping Hands to do so. “The feeling is very good,” he said. “Come! Feel the joy and the love. It’s wonderful. Our hearts are glad to participate and to see people happy.”
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Plaqueta... 03 May 2010
Ola Guerreiros sou luciano,Fui Elder Maciel,gostaria se possivel conseguir comprar uma plaqueta,pois perdi as minhas, pois meu filho vai nascer em julho e gostaria de uma plaqueta.
Posso comprar, o que posso fazer, obrigado e um abração...
luciano sabino maciel Enviar E-mail
Just Called 27 Mar 2010
I was just called to the Brazil Belem Mision and I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions or tips that might be useful
Tyler Douglas Tarter Enviar E-mail
Novo Templo Em Brasil 04 Oct 2009
Plans to build five new temples were announced today by President Thomas S. Monson, worldwide leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, during the Church’s 179th Semiannual General Conference in Salt Lake City. With 130 temples currently operating and with another 16 in some phase of planning or construction, these five temples bring the worldwide total to 151.
President Thomas S. Monson announced five new temples during the Saturday morning general conference session.

The locations of the new temples will be Brigham City, Utah; Concepción, Chile; Fortaleza, Brazil; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; and Sapporo, Japan. The exact temple sites will be made known at a later date.

There are currently five operating temples in Brazil. In May 2007 the Church announced plans to build a temple in Manaus, Brazil making a temple in Fortaleza, Brazil the seventh in that country. There are now over 1,060,000 members of the Church in Brazil.

Os planos construir cinco novos templos foram anunciados hoje por Presidente Thomas S. O Monson, líder mundial dA Igreja de Jesus Cristo de Santos de último-Dia, durante o Semiannual 179 da Igreja Conferência Geral em Lago Salgado. Com 130 templos atualmente operando e com outro 16 em alguma fase de planejar ou construção, estes cinco templos trazem o total mundial a 151. O presidente Thomas S. O Monson anunciou cinco novos templos durante a manhã de sábado sessão geral de conferência.

As situações dos novos templos serão Cidade de Brigham, Utah; Concepción, Chile; Fortaleza, Brasil; Ft. Lauderdale, Flórida; e Sapporo, Japão. Os locais exatos de templo serão feitos sabido numa data posterior.

Há atualmente cinco templos operativos em Brasil. Em 2007 de maio a Igreja anunciou que planos construir um templo em Manaus, Brasil fazendo um templo em Fortaleza, Brasil o sétimo nesse país. Há agora mais de 1.060.000 membros da Igreja em Brasil.
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Brasil mais uma vez. 25 Aug 2007
To our good friends and associates. Greetings!

It is with great joy and gratitude that we announce our calling to serve as missionaries in the Brazil Area. Our primary assignment is to labor as Area Auditor/Trainers for a period of 18 months. After completing our training at the MTC in Provo, Utah, we will leave for São Paulo on September 3, 2007.

We send you our love and pray for the Lord’s choicest blessings to be with you.

Sincerely yours,

Don and Claudia Andrew

A nossos amigos e companheiros,

É com muito alegria e gratidão que anunciamos nosso chamado a servir como missionários na Área Brasil. Nossa tarefa principal é para trabalhar como Auditores/Treinadores da Área por um período de 18 meses. Ao completarmos os treinamentos no CTM em Provo, Utah, partiremos no dia 3 de setembro de 2007 para São Paulo. Trabalharemos no Escritório da Igreja em São Paulo.

Enviamos nosso amor e orarmos pelas bençãos do Senhor estejam convosco.


Don e Cláudia Andrew
Don L. Andrew Enviar E-mail
Mission Reunion 26 Mar 2007
Dear Elders and Sisters,
After confering with President Layton (03-06), we have decided that we would not hold a reunion this spring. We will however, hold a reunion of the Brasil Belem Mission in October 2007. The date to be announced.
We will be holding an ice cream social for missionaries who served with Pres. and Sister Andrew in the late spring or early summer. Watch for more details.
Com amor,
Don and Claudia Andrew
Don L. Andrew Enviar E-mail
just called... 24 Feb 2007
I have just been called to the Brazil Belem mission and I am so so excited! My only frustration is that I'm not quite sure what to bring... If there are any sisters out there or anyone who might have advice as to what type of clothes, shoes, etc. would be best or where to buy these things I would appreciate your words of wisdom!
Anna Corinne Simmonds Enviar E-mail
Oi 08 Sep 2006

Fui a Sister J.Alves(94-96) e servi em Belém-Ananindeua-Icoaraci e São Luis-Ma.
Sinto saudades da minha companheira Sister Géorgia Roma(queria o seu e-mail),Sister Burnes,Sister Stradolini,enfim quer quiser me escrever é só contactar.
Estou casada,feliz!!!!
Muito Bom!!!! 26 Aug 2006
Pra mim é um prazer poder escrever pra tantos guerreiros dessa maravilhosa missão, espero poder entrar em contato com muitos dos meus grandes amigos!
estarei aqui esperando por noticias de vocês;
um forte abraço!
Luciano Queiroz.
Luciano Lima Queiroz Enviar E-mail
email de todos da missao 17 Aug 2006

Por trabalhar no escritorio da igreja fica mais facuil eu entrar em contato com todos, mas mesmo assim não consigo localizar muita gente, por isso pra manter todo mundo bem informado , mande os e-mails de seus amigos para que eu possa atualizar minha lista e avisar a todos quando tiver novidades no Brasil. E não esqueçam o reencontro com Pres. Andrew em dezembro. Duvidas me contatem!!
Fernando Pereira Enviar E-mail
Google Earth 02 Aug 2006
Prezados guerreiros:

Queria pedir favor de vcs. Tehno procurado bastane os locais onde servi no programa 'google earth.' Se ainda nao tenham usado o programa, devem, nao custa e da pra ver muitos lugares na missao diretinho. Meu favor e se vcs podem mandar as localizacoes de various lugares pra mim. Um exemplo e a sede da estaca Cabanagem que fica: 1 24' 30" S, 48 26' 11" W. Quero saber onde fica: A sede da estaca cidade nova, escritorio da missao, casa dos assistentes, capela na rua Pedro Alvares Cabral, a capela de alvorada, a capela no centro de Ananindeua. Sei +/- onde achar esses mais faz anos ja e estou esquecendo rapidamente. Podem mandar as localizacoes desses lugares pra meu email: Ate seria bacana ter uma pagina no site da missao com informacoes assim.

antigo E. Bair
Kyle Bair Enviar E-mail
Que bom que todos estão bem!!! 25 Jun 2006
Olá guerreiros e guerreiras!!!
Aqui é o velho Elder Nascimento (Nice), fiquei muito feliz de poder os guerreiros da minha época aqui e saber que estão super bem e animados!
Este site é bastante interessante e faz-nos saber que as pessoas as quais convivemos por dois ou 1 ano e meio de nossas vidas estão bem e apesar das 'distâncias', ainda podemos estar unidos e ver o sucesso de cada um que me deixa muito feliz!!!
Abração para todos e divulguem para todos!!!
Magno Diógenes Nascimento Santos Enviar E-mail
E ai gente 06 Mar 2006
Que lugar chique p'ra encontrar com os ex-missionarios da missao. Quero ouvir noticias de minhas companheiras e outros que conheci na missao. Agora sou casada ha' quase dois anos e tenho um filho de 6 meses. Ele e' meu amor da vida. Moro em Utah. Obrigada pela site, quero ouvir mais novidades. :)
Kristy Davies Laxman Enviar E-mail
É bom reencontrá-los! 27 Jan 2006
Após muitos anos fiquei sem manter contato com vários missionários que estiveram comigo na missão Belém e hoje graças a este site tenho encontrado diversos amigos. E o melhor nisto tudo é saber que estão firmes na igreja e servindo ao Pai Celestial. Um grande Abraço a todos.

Flavio Luiz Hilário Rego
(Elder Rego)
flavio luiz hilario rego Enviar E-mail
Oct. Reunion 24 Jan 2006
Para os missionarios que serviram durante a epoca de Pres. Godoy:

Eu queria planejar uma reuniao em Outubro (2006). Ouvi falar que Pres. Godoy vai estar em Salt Lake pelo conferencia. Eu acharia que tem muito de nos que estaria interessado de juntar e bate um papo e visitar. Se tiver sugestioes ou quiser ajudar no planejamento me mande uma mensagem 'ta bom? Ate mais

Elder Lloyd
Scott Roger Lloyd Enviar E-mail
parabens pelo site 14 Dec 2005
Esse site esta de parabens, pois nos aproxima de pessoas queridas que talvez nunca mais veremos nessa vida, mas podemos saber como elas estão, obrigado mesmo por isso!1 Um abraço a todos os guerreiros!
Ex- Elder Fernandinho
Fernando Pereira Enviar E-mail
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