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ho! Gente mais ... 18 Jun 2003
... preguicosa!!! Kd meus emails??? Me escrevam ex- missionarios! Um dia vamos fazer uma grande festa!!!
Sergio L. Victor Send Email
Portuguese for Missionaries 14 Jun 2003

My name is Joshua McMurray. I served from 97-99 in the Japan Nagoya Mission. When I served my mission there where as many as 200,000 Brazilians living in Japan. Although the mission remains in one piece, the elders that serve there are now called to speak either Portuguese or Japanese. When I served there, however, all elders where called to speak Japanese. If an elder studied Brazilian it was only by special invitation from the mission president.

About six months out on my mission the president asked what I thought about studying Portuguese, and I told him that I would rather focus on my Japanese. Consequently, I spent the rest of my mission proselyting to the Japanese countryside—most Brazilians live in the city because that's where the biggest factories and the best paying jobs are. Nevertheless, I could not hide from the Brazilians.

A Brazilian in the Japanese countryside is like a firecracker going off during sacrament meeting, impossible to ignore. A mountain bike riding American sporting a beat-up suit and a crew cut is equally conspicuous, and we to naturally attract each other--wherever I went Brazilians followed.

Some of my most memorable experience on my mission in Japan was spent teaching the people of Brazil. Although I still stay in contact with my Japanese/English speaking Brazilian friends, I have always regretted passing up the opportunity to learn Portuguese.

I have decided to finally accept the invitation that was initially extended to me back in 97 and begin studding Portuguese. I distinctly remember there being a thick fluorescent green book called “Portuguese for Missionaries.” From what I hear, despite some minor flaws, that book is the best way to learn Portuguese. If anyone has that book and would be willing to part with it, I would be extremely grateful. I will also pay all shipping and handling costs. Many Thanks.

Please contact me at:
Joshua McMurray Send Email
oiiiiiiiiiii 13 Jun 2003
oi gente me escreve!!!!
sergio Send Email
OI GENTE 15 Mar 2003
Oi povo:
MILENA Send Email
O tempo voa 05 Feb 2003
Ja terminei amissao faz 5 anos. Gostaria de saber como vcs estao.
Ataandson Paes Send Email
Marc Stemig dies in accident 07 Jan 2003
Dear Elders and Sisters of the Brazil Belo Horizonte Oeste Mission,

I am a member of the Sonora 1st ward, and friend of the Stemig family, in California and I just wanted to tell you all that Marc Stemig died Jan 3rd, 2003 in Harrisburg, Utah. He was on his way back to BYU and lost control of his vehicle and both he and his younger cousin, Katie Tenney died after the vehicle rolled several times. They were both wearing seatbelts, but were killed instantly in spite of this. Marc wasn't speeding and witnesses say that his driving up until that point was normal and safe. Apparently he swerved and then over-corrected and this sent him into a roll.
After Marc returned home from Brazil in November he got a job at Gottschalks department store. He had excellent customer service skills and was well-liked by his co-workers. He made local members of the church very proud. The store manager hired Marc over other qualified applicants because he trusted LDS returned missionaries. Letters and cards can be sent to the Stemig family at:
119 McCormick Dr., Sonora, CA 95370.Their phone number is (209)533-0754. Mother-Dana, Dad-Pat, Sisters-Chantal and Laura, Brother-James.
Thank you in advance for your support of the family during this difficult time. Marc's sweet spirit and fun personality will be sorely missed, but his family has the faith that he is once again serving a mission, but this time to his deceased family members in the spirit world, in particular his grandfather who died a year ago.
Michelle Mika Send Email
quero ve-los 01 Nov 2002
Gostaria de entrar em contato com os ex-missionários de BH Oeste, grupo 3 de 1998 á 2000 e também os menbros de MG.
Novo Patriarca! 23 Oct 2002
Parabéns pela página, está muito boa!
Gostaria de dizer-lhes que o Pres. Edson Lopes, ex-presidente da Missão Maceió, foi chamado no dia 19 out 2002 para ser o Patriarca da Estaca Pampulha.
Gisa Teixeira Send Email
fotos 04 Oct 2002
Gostaria de enviar um foto de missionáros que servem aí e serviram, não serví nesta missão, mas meus amigos que serviram gostariam de colocar suas fotos,´como faço, principalmente qdo alguns ainda estão no campo,
um abraço.
Jose de A Santiago Junior Send Email
Festa! 03 Oct 2002
Dia 09/10 tem aniversário aqui em casa!Consegui 1/2 dúzia de promessas de votos... pelo jeito não sei divulgar os candidatos, ainda que membros da Igreja. E prá presidente ? Tem uma sugestão...
Pereira"s Send Email

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