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Old Missionary List

*This page will no longer be updated. Please use the Alumni link on the left to register and submit your current information.

Before President Alcover - Up until July 1988
Name Start Date City E-mail News
Hardesty, Bill 1971 Lancaster, CA Belo was part of the Brazil North Mission. I served November, December (72), and Jan (73).

President Nivio Alcover - July of 1988 to July of 1991
Name Start Date City E-mail News
Izaias Antonio da Silva 1989 Araraquara-SP Estou casado há 5 anos e tenho 2 filhos, Felipe (4 anos) e Eric (2 anos). Trabalho no setor de representação de ` medicamentos. Estou me mudando para essa nova casa em Araraquara-SP e vou frequentar uma nova ala. Espero notícias de amigos e companheiros.
Affleck, Steve 7/89 Draper, UT
Black, Jason 1/89 Meridian, ID I've been married for four years. No kids yet but I have a dog named XUXA. I received a CIS degree from Boise State and have been working as a Customer Support Manager for Micron Internet Services.
Blattman, Matt 9/89 Reno, NV Married wife Kathy in 1992, we have two children, Daniel who is 6 and Kylie is 4. Graduated from UNR with a BS in mining engineering. I back to working for a mining consultant in Reno. Would love to hear from anyone! Webpage:
Burbank, Brenton 9/87 Anchorage, AK My wife Shelley and I got married in March 1990. We have 3 children, Madalyn (8), Tyrel who passed away at age 4, and Megan (3). We live in Anchorage Alaska. I am an accountant and work for a local manufacturing company. I am currently serving on the Stake High Council. I would enjoy hearing from anyone interested in writing.
Burk, G. Scott 6/89 Metarie, LA
Chaim, Michel 3/89 São Paulo-SP Estou trabalhando na Associacao da Igreja atualmente, quando terminei a missao fui trabalhar no MTC aqui, onde fiquei ate 95. Estou casado com a Cristine, a mesma que me escrevia durante a missao temos 3 filhos lindos, Caroline 4, Daniel 3 e a Julia 5 meses. Estou estudando Direito (law School), Estamos planejando ir para a conferencia de outubro. See all of there, I hope so! Feel free to write some note.
Cluff, Patrick 12/89 Chandler, AZ
Conover, Paul 6/89 Lake Forest, CA I married Shari about 5 1/2 years ago and we have two children: Benjamin (3) and Emily (6 months). I'm a patent attorney with a firm in Newport Beach, California. I've been a stake missionary for the past few months, and in case any of you were wondering, people in the U.S. turn all the lights off and pretend they're not home too.
Coverston, Jason and Gaylee 1989 Alpine, UT
Janeiro 2001: Gaylee e eu casamos em 1993. Temos tres filhas e estamos esperando um filho em Fevereiro.
Dalley, David 2/89 St George, UT Married with 2.5 little girls and a beautiful wife. We live in Southern Utah where I work editing video/audio for multimedia software and I opened a recording studio.
De Graff, Aaron 11/88 Denver, CO Got married in Jan. 1993 after putting in two years as a physical therapist technician. After 2 years I finished an associates in P.T. and had our son Jonathan. Spent 4 more years in this field when I changed my major. I am finishing another associates in Computer Animation at a Colorado Art School. I have my own local interactive cartoon entitled "The Bug Paramedics" . We just had identical twin girls in Feb 98'. Looking forward to hearing from any of you from Alcover's gang!!!!!
De La Rosa, John 7/89 San Antonio, TX Married for 4 years, expecting 1st kid in january 2000. and also have 3 dogs and just bought our 1st home. I manage a computer graphics lab.
DeCoursey, Mark 1990 MDECOURSEY@DEAINC.NET Hitched in '93, Tami and I have 2 boys and a girl. I graduated in Industrial Design and am currently working as a 3D modeler and drafter in Elko, NV. Anyone try Rodizio's in SLC? Pretty good for a flashback or two!!
De Lima, Francisco Carlos Félix 5/90 Fortaleza-CE Quando olho para trás é impossivel não ver o MARCO que foi a missão e o será por toda a eternidade, pricipalmente pelos amigos eternos que encontramos. Fui Élder De Lima na missão, atualmente trabalho numa empresa de telecomunicações como encarregado do Setor Pessoal,casei-me e tenho uma linda garotinha de 6 anos,a quase quatro anos estou servindo como 2º. Cons. da Estaca Fortaleza Sul,Gostaria de ter noticias.
Eldredge, David 9/89 Springfield, OR Oi mission dudes - I am now in Oregon working in Health Care Administration and am serving as EQ President in our Springfield Ward. We love the Northwest, but consider relocating to Utah eventually. I am married and we are expecting our 4th in October. Would love to hear from any of you old missionaries.
Fontes, Gervasio 1991 Campinas-SP Essa pagina é boa mesmo!!! Estou fazendo faculdade de análise de sistemas,casei com a Simone em 97 e já temos o nosso filho Henrique.Mandem notícias.
Gaskill, James 8/89 Medford, OR Our little family is about to grow! We are expecting another little one in January 2001, bringing the total to 3 children. We are still living in Oregon, having moved from Salem to Medford, and we love our new Ward. I have advanced to Lab Supervisor in the Central Point Crime Lab.
Hulstine, Darren 1988 Orcutt, CA Married since 1990 with 4 children. Serving as a Bishop's counselor. Working as a Sales Representative for a dental supply & equipment dealer. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Elder Kenyon Alred, John Whight or Jeff Oldham? Please let me know if you do. Tchau!
Hassell, Hudd 1/90 Gilbert, AZ This is incredible! Its been so long and I haven't had a chance to go to any of the reunions. I've been married now for 3 years and have a little girl and boy. I build computers and put together NT networks here in Arizona. Can't wait to see Pres. Alcover in October! That will be great! Elder Cluff was the one who clued me in to this site. Thanks um montao! Hope to talk to you all soon.
Hyland, Bradley 9/90 Gilbert, AZ
James, Greg 10/89 West Valley City, UT I married my wife Jill in 92 and curently have 3 childeren. I work downtown managing a Body Shop and love it.
Levi, Castro Silva 4/89 Itapecerica da Serra-SP Depois de tanto tempo, ja fui de tudo, cons. no Quorum de Élderes, Membro do Sumo-Conselho da Estaca Santo Amoro e Estaca Guarapiranga, Bispo nas duas estacas. Casado e tenho 1 folha de 5 anos, trabalho no Universo Online (UOL) como Analista de Suporte. Gostaria de ter noticias dos velhos companheiros e amigos da mais bela região do mundo. The Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission.
Lima, Jorge 3/89 Orlando, FL Oi pessoal, eu era Elder Jorge na missao lembram de mim? eu terminei minha missao em 91, em Fev. de 93 me mudei para os EU, estou aqui a quase 6 anos. Me casei em Dez. de 96 com minha querida Jule, temos um filho de 7 meses chamado Pierce. Estou muito feliz, tenho uma familia maravilhosa. Tambem estou indo para a faculdade e trabalho para Marriott International. Foi maravilhoso achar este website da missao por favor me escrevam. Uma abracao. Jorge Lima :)
Leonard, Cory 1/89 Provo, UT We are planning the 10th Anniversary Reunion of MBBH with President Alcover, to be held October 2, 1998 in SLC from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
Long, Dan 12/89 Columbia, SC Finally left BYU with undergraduate degree in Zoology and a Masters in Dance. Now I'm at the University of South Carolina getting a Masters degree in International Business. I'll be returning to Brazil for a 6 month internship in December of 99'. I'm married and have one son, Jordan. Visit my webpage at
Lott, Troy 1989 Spokane, WA I've been married almost 8 yrs. now. I have 3 kids(Cassidy 4 months, Derek 2.5 years, and Sierra 4.5 years.). My wife and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple on August 17th. It would be wonderful to here from anyone who served with me on my mission. Write(or E-mail or call) soon.
Marcelo Belarmino Souza 5/89 Guarulhos-SP I could hardly believe when I came to know this site about BH mission. It was a wonderful surprise. It has been a long time since we all got back home from our missions but I still remember you and I am so grateful to you for all you taught me through the time and experiences we shared together. I am now married to a lovely girl and have a two-year old huge boy called Junior who lights up our family´s life. I have been working for an american company based in Tulsa, OK, as a Customer Service Manager at a Brazilian subsidiary. Thanks again for the time we spent together. I would have lived my whole life through lost if I did not have the chance to go on a mission and meet you there. I would love if you drop me a line.
Mark Coburn 1987 Brasilia, 1988 to 1989 Belo Horizonte Kuna, ID I am studying at Boise State University and working full-time. I have a home in Kuna, just outside of Boise. I just started a computer service business. I am still is touch with some members from Contagem, some there and some that have moved to Boston, MA. I enjoyed the website and the memories it brought back.
Maschke, Jesse 3/87 Toledo, WA Casei em 9/89, temos quatro filhos, terminei 11 anos com a forca aerea, vamos mudar para Texas em 1 mes!
Meier, Brent 7/88 Holladay, UT Moved back to Utah from California. Anyone know where Elder Brandon (Brandon Peterson) lives?
Mendonça Leite, Fernanda Guarany 1989 Juiz de Fora-MG Casei-me em janeiro de 1992 com Fernando Leite, de Recife-PE. Estamos morando em Juiz de Fora e temos duas filhas, Anna Elisa (7) e Anna Maria (3). Estou no 6 período de Pedagogia e servindo na igreja.
Menk Sandro & Fernanda Fonteles 3/88 Orlando, FL Estamos casados ha 10 anos . Temos tres lindos filhos : Helaman ( 9 anos ), Ana Carolina ( 7 anos ), Moroni ( 2 anos ) . Mudamos ha tres anos para Orlando FL . Sentimos saudades ( 04 /fev/2001 ).
Meza Jorge Ernesto Figueroa 11/88 Estou casado, e tenho tres filhas e minha esposa esta esperando a nossa quarta filha. Estou nos USA a duas semanas,e espero encontrar meus companheiros de Missao. Me escrevam.
Mortensen, Bart 6/89 Kaysville, UT I will be married to my sweet heart, Stephanie R. Mortensen for two years June 17, 1998. I graduated from Weber State University June of 1995 in Geography. I am working for a Document Imaging Company in Kaysville for about four years.
Nelson, Ken 6/89 Provo, UT
Pearce, David 5/89 Bountiful, UT I have been married to Alison since 1993. We just had our first little girl, Reagan, last March. I graduated from law school in 1997 and am working at a firm in Salt Lake City. I would love to hear from everyone.
Salik, Fabio 3/90 Jundiai-SP Me casei em 1996 e ainda nao tenho filhos. Me formei em Eng Quimica e trabalho em uma industria de embalagens. Adoraria receber noticias de todos os grandes amigos que fiz durante minha missao.
Santos, Aderaldo Joaquim dos 4/88 João Pessoa-PB Logo que voltei, me formei em Geografia, pela UFPB., estou solteiro e continuo firme, estou viajando para U.S.A. em maio/2000, espero notícias de amigos, ex-companheiros e interessadas
Silveira, Alexandre Darif da 1989 Pelotas-RS Estou casado com Josiane, tenho 2 filhos: Uriel e Mateus e estamos esperando para janeiro de 2002 um reforço masculino, Vítor. Trabalho na Bunge Alimentos onde fui transferido para Pelotas, onde hoje sirvo como conselheiro da Estaca Pelotas Norte.
Simpson, James 1/89 St. George, UT I have been looking a long time to find something about our mission. It is sure great to find this. I spent time in the navy down in Antarctica. Upon release I came here to see Charles, stayed here, and finally got married Sept of 97. I now am a translator for the Army reserve for Portuguese. Hope to hear from Ya'll soon!
Snediker, John 3/89 Chatsworth, CA My wife Betty and I were married 1996 in the Los Angeles Temple. We have three sons Mike [born 2/97], Brian [born 1/99] and Daniel [5/01], they are great boys who keep us on our toes. We live in Los Angeles where I am working for Kaiser Permanente developing Clinical/Medical Computer Systems. I am attending the El Camino Real Spanish Ward where I am a counselor in the Bishopric, I am also the Scoutmaster and Early Morning Semenary Teacher. On my mission I served in Ramo Brasil-BH, Sete Lagoas, Bebedouro, Votuporanga, Dourados, Itiuitaba, Mirasol and Sao Jose do Rio Preto.
Talbot, Charles 2/89 Lexington, KY Great Site, it brings back a lot of memories and "Saudades". I currently live in Lexington, KY with my Wife Liz and two boys, Sessel and Daniel. It would be great to hear from old friends so drop a note.
Tessis, Heber 11/87 Brasilia-DF Married at the Temple, 2 kids (Jordan and David), BA, Managing Director of United International Investigative Services do Brasil, active in the church...
Wallace, John David "Iceman" 10/89 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA I married Kristine in '93, my daughter was born in '98, and I have another daughter due in Sept., 2000. I graduated from USC majoring in Business Admin./Entrepreneurship. Currently, I am a Sales Rep for Brother International.
Ward, David 7/87 Zionsville, IN My wife (Ann) and I have 3 children: Julia (7), Katie (5) and Grant (2). I am a CPA and work in the Controller's group of Praxair, Inc., in Danbury, Connecticut. I would love to hear from any mission friends!
Wells, Kevin 8/88 Roanoke, VA I live in Roanoke, Virginia. (never would have guessed that one....) Married almost 6 years to my favorite person, Anna. We have a 4 year old girl, Jessica, a 2 year old boy, Austin, and are expecting our third child in July! I'm currently working for a Design Firm and am also still very active with my music. My first CD should be finished in July. I'm very excited about this project! This is a great idea and I hope many more alumni find this page. Hope to hear from you soon!
Zacheu, Wellington 7/87 Florianópolis-SC Casei-me em 1991,com Paula Rocha, e tenho 3 filhos.

President Wayne A. Millward - July of 1991 to July of 1994
Name Start Date City E-mail News
Almeida, Jamie 3/91 Duarte, CA Enjoying the married life, met my wife in Philadelphia while I was waiting for my Visa. Attending University of Phx. and can't wait to graduate. Self employed marketing truck accesories. Glad I found this site!
Bangerter, Ryan 4/92
Brown, Jeremy 1/92 Provo, UT I am attending BYU and I am not married. Wow!!
Biesinger, Ken 1/92 Provo, UT I graduated from BYU in April of 97. I am working in Provo for a CPA firm, and am trying to get my CPA licence. And no!! I am not married.
Baretta, Nilson 4/91 Campinas-SP Estou morando em Campinas, ainda não temos filhos. Estou tentando aprender inglês para continuar meus estudos nos EUA. Mandem notícias!
Benson, Ryan 1991 Boise, ID I served in the B.H. mission before it split, so I wasn't sure which mission to register with as an alumni. I would appreciate any information on other missionaries who served during that time, and or reunions that have been planed.
Blake, Daniel 2/91 Kirksville, MO Met my wife and married her in 94 while attending BYU. I am first year med school right now, living close to Nauvoo and some other neat church history sites. Sinto falta de voces, especialmente os irmaos brasileiros. --Dan
Bradford, Lance 7/91 Plano, TX Graduated from BYU and now playing QB for the Dallas Cowboys. I live in Plano, Texas and work at EDS as an Information Analyst. Got a wonderful wife and a sunshine little girl. "Life is good!"
Bueno, Miguel 1993 Valinhos-SP E aí pessoal!!! Espero que todos estejam bem, por que eu estou muitooooo bem. Estou trabalhando bastante e vou me casar em novembro de 99. Estou com saudades mandem notícias. Um GRANDE ABRAÇO! :) :) :) :) Sorriam sempre :) :) :)
Call, Danny 5/92 Arvada, CO I married a beautiful girl from my hometown Denver (yes, she did wait for me) in December of 1994. We had a baby girl named Whitney in October of 1997. I graduated from BYU in 1998 with a degree in chemical engineering and I am currently working as a technical consultant for the software company J.D. Edwards in Denver, Colorado where I am using my language skills.
Cook, Terrell 7/91 Provo, UT I am married, just graduated 12/97 and am working full-time at Nu Skin International as a programmer. We just had our first baby (boy).
Costa, Darlan 1992
Cox, Matthew 1992 Denver, CO I am married with 2 children. I am currently attending school in Boston and only have 2 more years to go! If anyone has information about an Elder Galvao, please contact me. Also, HI! to all my MTC district.
De Oliveira, Maria Selma 8/92 Goiânia-GO Minha situação mudou um pouco de alguns meses para cá...estou de mudança para Warren-MA,pois estarei me casando em março/2000 ,com um homem maravilhoso.seu nome é Décio,ele é português...vamos nos casar no Templo de Washington. Meu e-mail a partir de Fevereiro será : Espero que meus amigos de missão possam escrever para mim...abraços a todos!!!
DeCoursey, Mark 12/90 Clearfield, UT
Feitosa, Sergio 3/93 Fortaleza-CE Oi Gente, agora já sou casado e tenho um filho (Igor Henrinque ) e continuo trabalhando na estaca fortaleza sul, profissionalmente trabalho para a maior rede de farmacia (pague menos)do Brasil , no setor de Expansão e dá pra levar a vida , minha Familia manda um abraço para todos os conhecidos,tchau!!!
Ferreira, Edna 11/91 Sorocaba-SP Atualmente estou cursando Administração de empresas na Universidade Paulista(Unip) Sou Professora, trabalho com a Johnson & Johnson em eventos e cursos. É maravilhoso ter este meio de comunicação. espero receber notícias suas.
Fromm, Michael 11/92 E. Wenatchee, WA I will be getting married. I am very excited. The date is set for 16 July. My Wife is from Natal. I am studying computer network engineering. When I am finished I will earn a cert from Microsoft. (MSCE) After that I have been thinking about trying to get a job with American Airlines, or look for a job in BH. I have been all over Brazil and BH is the best place I have been.
Grover, Stewart 12/90 Springville, UT I have been married since may 12, 1995. We have no children yet. I am studying Latin America Studies at Brigham Young University.
Henderson, Robert 1992 Raleigh, NC I was married May '94 to Teresa, we now have 3 beautiful daughters. I graduated from a tech school in '95 and am working for a Caterpillar dealer. I am returning to college in Spring '99 to pursue an engineering degree. I love my family and teaching my children the gospel. We are definitely obeying the "multiply and replenish the Earth" commandment!!! I miss Brasil.
Hoggan, Jim 1992 Salt Lake City, UT Was married to an incredible girl in July of 94. (only 4 months after I returned home) We have 2 little boys. Oscar is 3 and Watson is 19 months. I own a mortgage company in Salt Lake and my wife does our appraisals. Brazil is the best place on earth!
Hurley, Kevin 1991 Fullerton, CA Married and I followed my wife to CA for medical school. She's going to be doctor Hurley. I'm working for a presentation company in sales. Just wait 'til ya'll are seeing each other with video conferencing equipment !!!
Jackman, Aaron 10/90 Orem, UT I Married a sweet girl from orem and have two wonderful sons ages 2 1/2 years and 11 months. I work at a bank in collections and colateral inspections, working towards becoming a loan officer for the bank.
Johnson, Brett 3/91 Providence, UT I married Shon Watkins cousin. We met at his wedding breakfast. We now have two girls and a boy. We live in Providence, UT and we are finishing up construction on our second home. I am working in Salt Lake (no money up here) at American Investment Bank. I am the senior skip tracer for the auto and legal departments. For those of you who are wondering what a skip tracer is, I am a telephone based bounty hunter for open auto loans and legal accounts. I took some time off from school but have recently returned to finish up. *** If anyone has information on the Brasilian elders please forward it to me, also any address to the Tres Coracoes chapel. I miss Brasil and its people!!!!
Jones, Michael 11/92 Beaverton, OR Well I went to Utah State for a year, I was married in 96 worked and put my wife through school. I then returned to school and got a degree in computer science and am currently working as a software engineer at Intel.
Kunzler, Troy 7/92
LaClare, Jon 1/92? SLC, UT
Leonard, Eric 3/91 Federal Way, WA After the mission I attended BYU where I graduated with a degree in Computer Science. While there I met and married Amy Beckstead from San Antonio in August of '94. We now have three children (Karina 7/95, Katie 7/97 and Thomas 11/99). I have been working for Andersen Consulting in Seattle since the Summer of '96.
Mansfield, Jeff 12/90 Pocatello, ID married, one kid
Martin, Lance 1991 Provo, UT Just recently had an addition, a baby girl, in December. Working in Provo, living with beautiful wife and baby.
Matthews, Robert 7/91 Alton, IL I am married with one child and another due in July of '98. I am currently in my 2nd year of dental school and will serve 4 years as a dentist in the Navy when I am through with school.
Maughan, Steven 12/92 Monteview, ID I live in North Salt Lake, Utah. I served in Janauba, Itauna, Barroca, Venda Nova, and Barreira. Please let me know if you have information on Elder Monteiro who served with me in Itauna and Venda Nova or Elder Roberto from Recife, who served with me in Itauna.
Maynes, Robert 1/93 SLC, UT
Molina, Renato 5/92 Gravataí-RS Ola Pessoal servi missão em 92/94 tenho saudades das pessoas de Minas Gerais, e de meus Ex companheiros, se alguém souber deles entrem em contato comigo através de meu email. /Renato Molina
Moore, Blake 9/90 Bountiful, UT Sou casado e temos um filho de dois anos. Estamos esperando outro bebê em novembro de 97.
Morais, Jacileide 8/92 Las Vegas, NV Pessoal: Gostaria que enviasse o endereco correto, estamos atualizando para o Presidente e S. Millward. Teremos um Reencontro no proximo ano e precisamos mandar cartinha a voces. Envie p/ meu e-mail.Obrigada. Leda Morais
Morse, Curt 5/92 Atlanta, GA I married a beautiful girl from B.H. named Roberta, she's an international flight attendant for Delta Airlines. I graduated from college with a degree in business and international relations,I am currently working for Delta Airlines as a database administrator and am living in Atlanta Georgia.
Moyano, Rogério 2/91 São Paulo-SP Estou em São Paulo ainda, Me encontro Solteiro, mas estoun trabalhando para que isso possa mudar. Estou formado e dou Aulas numa das maiores academias de Fitness do Brazil e Atuo também como Personal Trainer
Myers, Roy 7/92 West Jordan, UT I married Evonne Stevens from Orem Utah. We are enjoying life and loving all the pretty National parks in Utah. I'm working as an Officer with Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office. I sure am glad to have had the opportunity to serve in BH and meet so many good people. Take care of yourselves.
Neuenswander, Tad 1991 Clearfield, UT I got married on June 24, 1998 to Nichole. I graduated from Weber State University in December of 1997 with my Business Admin. degree with my emphasis in Marketing. Nichole will graduate with her Accounting degree in December of 1998. We are currently living in Clearfield. No kids yet.
Owen, Bryce 7/91 Rexburg, ID My family and I are living in Rexburg, Idaho. I'm doing an intership at the Ricks College Counseling Center. I will graduate from Idaho State University in May of 1999. I have 2 children and loving life!
Orfila, Fabricia 8/92 Japan Oi , eu estou ainda no Japão , trabalhando até o pó
Peres, Carlos e Valente 7/90 Manaus-AM Estou casado com a moça mais linda do mundo e tenho uma princesinha de apenas 3 meses. Atualmente sou professor do SENAC e Primeiro Conselheiro no Bispado
Petersen, David A. 11/92 Murray, UT I just barely found this page (7/13/01, what luck) I think its great. I got married in December of 1997 to Jennifer Slayden who is from Pocatello Idaho. Jacob, our first son is almost 21 months old. He is the cutest little toe-head ya er'did see. He brings so much joy and happiness into our lives, we love him to pieces. Parenthood is bom de mais! Jen stays home with Jacob. The ultrasound lady told us on Monday that Jacob will probably be having a little brother at the end of November. I finally graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Geological Engineering. I work as a staff engineer for IGES (Intermountain GeoEnvironmental Services) in Salt Lake. I will be starting my M.E. in Environmental Engineering this fall (fall 2001). We own a little condo in Murray,UT. We have a modest family web page at I would love to hear from anybody who still remembers me, so e-mail me.
Preece, Jason 9/92 West Jordan, UT Currently attending BYU. Married to a wonderful woman. Working in physical therapy. Will continue to study in the medical field.
Pyrah, Chris E. 11/92 Nampa, ID I live/own a home in Nampa, Idaho, just west of Boise. Got married to by best friend from Winnemucca, Nevada. Married in November 97. We have a beautiful little 5 month old daughter, third try was a charm. I work in sales and tech support for a company that makes sonar fishfinders and downriggers. Went to three and 1/2 years of school at BSU, got bored, and found this great job.
Redmond, Michael 12/90 Santa Rosa, CA I married my beautiful wife in 08/93. We have 2 girls ages 3.5 and 1.5 years. I am a computer systems engineer in Santa Rosa CA. I was stoked to find this web site and look forward to meeting up with old friends.
Ribeiro, António 4/91 Recife-PE i'm an english teacher. not married yet. i've moved to São Paulo in july 94 and now I'm living in Recife, where I teach at an English School. i'm serving in My ward as teacher in the elders quorum. Going to the University this year. to graduate.
Rigby, Duane Utah
Riggs, Clayton 2/93 Henderson, NV Married in Dec. 96, to Kimberly West of SLC. Baby girl (Cassidy) born Sept. 03, 1999
Rodriguez, Angela Cristiane de Oliveira 1/93 São Paulo-SP Olá Companheiros?? Eu estou ótima, casada a 5 anos com um homem maravilhoso,e, tenho duas filhas lindas; Águeda Preciosa(4) e Ágatha Izabel(2).Continuo servindo no evangelho com muito amor e tenho saudades da missão...Gostaria de ter notícias.Escrevam.
Sampaio Sckianta, Cristina 7/93 Aracajú-SE Olá pessoal. Eu estou muito bem. Casei-me com Silvio Sckianta em 19 de julho de 1996 e estamos orando e lutando muito para que o Senhor nos abençoe com filhos - é o que mais desejamos. Temos nossa própria empresa de informática e estou diante de um computador o dia inteiro. Gostaria de receber notícias de todos vocês. Um grande abraço da Sister Sampaio - que agora é Sra. Sckianta.
Spilsbury, Ted 7/93 Alexandria, VA I got married in May 1999 to my longtime girlfriend Marilyn Alida McDowell. We now live in Alexandria, Virginia where I work in DC as a systems integrator (programmer) for a biometrics software company and my wife works as a massage therapist at a local health club. We enjoy our ward working as the librarian and nursery coordinator and hope to have some children soon! :-) Tchau!
Stoddard, David 6/91 Aloha, OR Finally Graduated From BYU and Got a job.
Tobiasson, Brent 1991 Beaverton, OR I finally got married in 1997 to a girl from Salt Lake. What got the process started was attending our mission reunion at the Millwards and I was the only single guy. I just barely had a daughter join the family (5/10/2000) and it is awesome. Graduated in 1998 and now I am a stockbroker in Portland.
Tyson, Carl 12/92 Mt. Pleasant, NC Got married in the DC Temple 23 Aug 1997 to Jennifer Wallace of Kannapolis, NC. We now have a son who is 6 months old. I got transferred to the Rio de Janeiro Mission when the Belo Horizonte Mission split. Please contact me with more info about you. Tchau.
Utrera, Jader Moscheto 4/92 São Paulo-SP Oi amigos! Estou muito feliz. Casei com a Ingrid em 1999 e estou formado em Educação Física. Trabalho em algumas academias. Estou bem firme no evangelho e amo meu Senhor. Quero corresponder com todos. Abraços.
Wakefield, Todd 7/91 Provo, UT I graduated last December with a degree in Statistics at BYU. In March, my wife Alison gave birth to our beautiful little daughter Kayla. We have been married almost four years now. I am working as a data analyst in Provo while my wife finishes school. I also teach a few Ballroom dance classes at UVSC for fun.
Warren, Jared 7/91 Lawrence, KS Hello friends! I'm married with two kids, and getting close to finishing a Ph.D. in clinical child psychology at the University of Kansas.
Wright, Matthew 1991 American Fork, UT Graduated in 1996 from BYU with a degree in Journalism... Married my beautiful wife JaNae in March '97. We met in Vienna, Austria on BYU study abroad... JaNae served in the Florida, Jacksonville mission. We have a one-year-old boy that has pretty much become the center of our universe. I am currently the senior editor at, a division of We live in Provo, UT.
Xavier, Karla 11/92 Niteroi-RJ Que bom encontrar esta pagina! Tenho muita saudades daquele tempo(o tempinho bom so). Ainda estou solterissima e muito feliz!!! Mande noticias. "É bom demais".

President Expedicto J. Saraiva - July of 1994 to July of 1997
Name Start Date City E-mail News
A. Santos, (Adriano) 3/96 Aracajú-SE Terminei meus estudos - terceiro ano em Administração - trabalhei em quatro empresas diferentes, sendo a última de informática. Não casei ainda, mas estou prestes a me casar... um dia! Gostaria que se comunicassem comigo, principalmente meus companheiros. Um abraço para todos.
Abdala, Jarbas 8/93 Joinville-SC E aí pessoal, como estão todos? Continuo estudando Publicidade(Advertising) em Blumenau - SC, mas vou me especializar em Design Gráfico. Estou me esforçando para me tornar um excelente profissional. Ainda estou solteiro, mas espero em breve estar no time dos casados. Na igreja, continuo no meu primeiro cargo depois que voltei da missão: lider da obra missionária. Em outubro/99 tive o privilégio de batizar um de meus melhores amigos, foi chique demais!!! Tenho saudades do tempo de missão, mas com certeza "dias melhores virão". Um grande abraço a todos. Que trem bão, sô! May the Force be with You.
Anderson Sandall, Holly 9/95 Plain City, UT
Anderton, David 9/94 Blackfoot, ID
Bird, Bryan 6/94 Logan, UT I am now happily married. We have bought a house and I enjoy fixing it. Still in college and majoring in Chemistry. I work for Hyclone Labs. and am injoying it. Yes I do love my church calling of Primary Teacher. Enjoying life and having a good time.
Blue, Jason 9/95 Provo, UT I'm just hanging out in Provo for the summer. I finally got a job and I'm enjoying the hot weather (finally)
B. Johnson, (Bret) 9/94 Vienna, VA I thought I should give a quick update. Married Shannon Rigby of Heber, Utah on 9-7-00 in the Salt Lake Temple. Living in Washington DC working in accounting and preschool (Shannon teaches preschool). We'd love to hear from you.
C. Hansen, (Chad) 8/94 Sandy, UT I am married to a wounderful woman named Beth. We have one boy one more on the way. We have bought a house in Sandy and I am currently working for a company called XO Communications.
Child, Daniel 2/95 Pocatello, ID Dear companieros, I am very excited to write again! This next summer I will be going to Brasil with my choir group. I am president of the Idaho State Chamber Choir. We just got back last summer from touring Italy and Grease. It was a blast. I hope that I will see some of my families in Brasil. I'll be in Brasilia for a week then of to Rio for a week! My wife Teresa is doing great and my daughter Jessica is crawling all over the place. I also need all of your help, I need Elder Marzagao's address if anyone has it please send it to me please. I think he is from Curitiba.
Cook, Cheryl 7/96 Salt Lake City, UT im just finishing up at the university of utah, skiing and running this season, thats about it!
Cruz, Fernando 8/94 Salt Lake, UT Bem galera que saudades!!! Faz um tempao que nao falo com alguns de voces. Estou morando em Salt Lake por um ano e meio, me casei em Fevereiro de 1998. Para que se lembrar me casei com a mesma moca que namorava na epoca de missao. Me mandem e-mails para matarmos as saudades!!! Abracos do Cruz para todos!!!
Dantas, Lucy da Conceição Gomes Dantas 3/96 São Vincente-SP Ontem dia 01/06 tivemos o Reencontro com Presidente e Sister Burgess e seus dois filhos Jef e Andrea. Tivemos a oportunidade de nos divertir,e desfrutar de uma tarde bem espiritual com testemunhos de todos os missionários retornados que lá estiveram, até mesmo havia uma missionária que não foi da época de Pres. Burgess,de qualquer forma ela estava para rever os amigos e saber notícias da Missão.Quem teve a oportunidade e não foi perdeu. Valeu para os jovens que até mesmos de outros estados participaram
Dart, Josh 8/95 Anaheim, CA 12/2000 I'm a family man now. With my beautiful return missionary wife and our newly born daughter Emma, life is wonderful! We are living in Southern California. I still have my production company (, and California is still the place to be(besides Brazil), just ask my neighbor Pres. Woffinden. I still think about the mission everyday, and how it was to serve every minute (well at least I tried to). NOTE TO THOSE WITH WHOM I SERVED: Ainda Te-Amo!
Doria, Joseph 11/94 Brooklyn, NY "Hello everybody! All is well in the Big Apple. My wife and I are happy as clams, and our daughter Emily is wonderful. We are expecting our second baby in April of next year. I was called recently as bishop of our ward, so things are pretty crazy (I feel like I'm on a mission again!) I hope everyone is doing well. I really enjoy hearing from all of you, so please write. In closing, I would like to encourage all of you to vote in the upcoming presidential election. We all know there's only one man who has the intelligence and energy and vision to lead this nation in the new millennium: SARAIVA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!"
Dubois, Ryan 10/94 Lehi, UT 09/2000- Recently married Jessica Buckwalter from American Fork. I am selling cars at The Utah Auto Collection in Orem. (229-3600. call me if you need a car). We live in Lindon, though Jessica is telling me she wants to take me away to South Carolina to finish her school.
Dyer Burgoyne, Cathy 5/94 Logan, UT We are living in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We have a little girl named Brittney age 3 and Hailey age 1. She was born on December 5, 1997. I am currently staying home with the girls while my hubby and I manage a successful on-line business.
E. Costa, Claudio 2/95 Ilhéus-BA quero notícias da galera!!! estou ótimo, ainda não casei:)
Garff, Cris 10/94 Scarsdale, NY Married and divorced two times. Co-owner of Zuka Juice with Sutton and Parkinson. (brincadeiras!)
Garner, Chris 2/95 Orem, UT
Glover, Brent 10/94 South Jordan, UT
Grow, Robert 12/94 SLC, UT 11/00 Tricia and I are now living in Baltimore while I attend medical school at Johns Hopkins University. I'm in my first year so we still have a ways to do. I'm thinking of doing something with gene therapy and genetic engineering. I may need some potential investors soon. We are expecting our first child (a girl!) in late February and we very excited. I agree with Doria; SARAIVA FOR PRESIDENT. Hope everyone is well.
H. Oliveira, (Harley Herbert Pinto) 1995 São José dos Campos-SP CASEI!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPERO NOTICIAS DE TODOS!!!
Haddock, Joe 8/95 Provo, UT Just here in Provo. I will be working this summer as a body guard for the Spice Girls. Did you catch the U.S. vs. Brazil Soccer match? U.S. 1 - Brazil 0. DOPE!
Hail, Ben 10/94 Newark, OH I'm now an oficially certified recording engineer, and looking to transfer schools to get the coveted 4year degree. I'm single and happy, and broke. ate mais, sorria!
Hall, Jason 8/95 Rexburg, ID Well, I'm graduating from Ricks in April and starting at UVSC! Me noivei a semana passada para a moça mais linda no mundo e casar-me-ei no dia 15 de agosto. Trabalharei num impreza de "web development"
Hancock, L. Dustin 11/94 St. George, UT I'm attending school at Dixie College and working at Jones Paint and Glass. I am saving up my money so that I can systematically buy out all of the zuka juices in the state of Utah, especially Garff's and Sutton's.
Hardy Campbell, Krissy 10/95 Carmichael, CA I just moved and changed my e-mail so I wanted to get my info up to date. The strangest thing happened to me today. I received a letter in the mail from Belo Horizonte. It was addressed to Irene Ferreira Da Silva with my new address!! I have no idea who this person is, or if she lived here (At my new address) before. The (love)letter was from one Anderson Luiz Dos Santos in BH Bairro Sao Tomas. I don't think this person knows me, though I believe I may have served in that Bairro. I also don't know that they members of the church. PLEASE SOMEONE, HELP ME SOLVE THIS MYSTERY!!!!! IF ANYONE KNOWS EITHER OF THESE TWO, OR EXACTLY WHAT AREA BAIRRO SAO TOMAS/PLANALTO IS IN, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'M DYING OF CURIOSITY!!!Tambem, si alguem de voces conhece o endereco, o e-mail de Presidente Saraiva, por favor me mande 'na hora, seria muito legal. A gente precisa de conversar com ele. Tenho a saudade, povo. Tchau.
Hathaway, Shane D. 11/94 Magna, UT Jan 2001: In the year 2000 I got married to Kristina Shaw (who I didn't know in high school even though we graduated the same year), got a job offer in Fredericksburg, Virginia and moved, and started preparing for a baby. This year we're going to buy a house. I've been a member of five different wards in the past two years. Life is good except for the lack of a Zuka Juice in this area (now Jamba Juice)... you guys are welcome to bring your establishment here, we know just the right place! You know, there are a few of us in the northeast right now--we should get together!
Hill, Heath 10/94 Kaysville, UT Currently living in Hawaii, finishing up my bachelor's degree. The church is still true in Hawaii.
Hoover, David 1/96 Blacksburg, VA At Tech. Having the time of my life. Going to Chicago for Spring Break. Can dunk the basketball.
J. Coleman, (Jeffrey) 8/95 Phoenix, AZ
J. Finch, (Jason) 9/94 Provo, UT (BYU) Hello Mission, Life is great. I will have been married two years come June 2000. No children yet, but someday. Last summer I spent 6 weeks on tour with BYU folk dance team and loved it-although I was fora da casa foi dificile, mesmo. I am finishing up my degree and will be teaching 5th grade in American Fork, UT starting Aug. 2000, WATCH OUT!! I'd love to hear from anyone--seja bonsinhos, viu?
J. Hansen, (Joe) 7/94 Murray, UT I graduated from the University of Utah in May of 1999. That July I married McKenzie Reid from Sandy Utah (Marshall Jones was with me when I met her). We now have a son named Colten who is four months old. I work for Frito-Lay as a District Sales Manager, and would like to return to school for an MBA in a few years. 2/13/01
J.C. Hansen, (James Craig) 8/94 Layton, UT Set 2001) Oi, gente! Faz muito tempo que nao atualizo as informacoes aqui, e parece que muitos de voces tambem sao fubecas ;0) Para resumir minha vida destes ultimos anos, casei-me em dezembro de 1997, formei da Universidade de Utah em Administracao de Empresas no verao de 2000 (e sei que voces da BYU nao vai acreditar, mas ainda tenho testemunho!) Eu e minha esposa ganhamos uma lindissima bebe em agosto do mesmo ano. Estou trabalhando por uma firma que produz software para fabricadores de semicondutor. Sempre estou viajando, mas e bom. Porque parece que estes nao escreveram por muito tempo, o Mike Larsen e a esposa dele (sim, ela concordou) tiveram "triplets" em junho deste ano. Nossa!!! Todos os tres sao saudaveis. E descobri a semana passada que o Elder Glover esta na minha ala. Nao e que nao fui por muito tempo, e que ele acabou de mudar para ca, viu? Bom, e so isso por enquanto. Escrevem quando puder! Um abracao a todos!
Jacobson, Kriss 4/96 Logan, UT Things are going great here at USU! I'm just finishing my first quarter . . tomorrow! I've loved it and am excited for the next one. I am studying peoples and cultures of Latin America with my Sociology in hopes heavenly Father will send me back. i also am taking a seminary teaching class and was invited to teach mission prep. labs. I love being involved in good things. I am excited for the reunion and can't wait to see you all! Tchau
Jack Morris, Jennifer 5/96 Herriman, UT I got married in June of 1998 and had a little girl named Savannah in July of 1999. I am going to visit Brasil in January 2001!
Jarvis, Daniel 8/95 Provo, UT I am studying economics at BYU and they have given me one more year to finish up my engineering minor to go along with economics. If anybody wants to go swing dancing here in Provo, let me know and we will go party.
Kennedy, Alexander F. (Crentao) 8/94 Provo, UT Como vai voces fubecoso fubecas? Eu demorei quatro anos para encontrar o web site da missao, pois eu sei nada sobre a technologia. Que pena. Eu fiquei muito feliz ao ler sobre suas vidas neste "web site." Parece que tudo vai bem com voces. Eu sou casado faz tres anos para Elizabeth e eu estudo na escola do direito no BYU. Eu focalizo meus estudos no lei de "Zuka Juice," agora "Jamba Juice," pois quero ajudar or ex-missionarios como Sutton e Garf com os negocios deles. Brincadeira! Eu me formarei em abril e em julio eu me-mudarei para Nova Iorque para trabalhar em "international corporate law" numa firm la. Eu vejo, de vez em quando, o Grow, T. Tanner e Doria. (Eles sao chatos demais--brincadeira). Eu tenho muito saudades do Brasil e pretendo viajar la logo que puder (eu espero poder ir la dentro de dois anos). Seria o maior prazer receber recados de qualquer um de voces (menos o Preisser, ele "can bite me"--brincadeira--quero receber recados dele). Para fechar, eu quero relembrar voces de algo muito importante; minha tema: "Mais vale uma fubeca que dez crentoes." Tchau. P.S. Alguem tem recados e o endereco do Greg Martin?
L. Da Silva, Márcio 1996 Alegrete-RS Estou me preparando para...,não se preocupem não vou casar ainda, mas estou indo para Provo em Janeiro de 99, então me aguardem. Fui!!!
Laird, Sheldon 7/94 Pullman, WA Well, I am really gluttoning for punishment. I graduated from the University of Wyoming and now I am attending Washington State University. Looks like I'll be a career student. Otras noticias - eu estou ainda casado (faz tres anos) e tenho uma vida feliz. Eu estou estudando biotechnology e aprendo muito. Eu tenho saudade de mais do Brasil. Eu tento cozinhar comida Brasileira, mas nao e o mesmo. Eu tenho algun amigos brasileiro (que nao sao membros - yet) e falar portugues, mas estou esquecindo muito. Eu preciso visitar Brasil de novo. Eu falo para minha esposa que nos vamos morar la, mas ela nao acredita. Vamos ver. Gostaria receber noticias de voces. Eu gostaria agradecer Brian Morris e qual quer otra pessoa que da tempo para fazer este site. Obrigado muito.
Larsen, Kim 6/94 Orem, UT
Larsen, Michael 1/95 Ogden, UT Estou trabalhando no Sears com James Hansen, Estudando na Universidade de Weber State por enquanto. Espero transferir para o U ano que vem. Tambem quero anunciar que vou me casar....algum dia. Já tenho a noiva, so tem que convencê-la :-)
Lima Winter, Isabel 1994 Aracajú-SE Oi gente, bem tem algumas coisas que aconteceram ontem...uma coisa super legal mesmo. Vou dizer que ATE AGORA JA' ...estou muito animado, pois consegui o impossivel. eu jamais pensei que eu iria conseguir o tesouro mais dificil. Ontem fui p/ o consulado americano- nao vou dizer que eu estava animado-pois pensei que eles iriam me negar como sempre me negaram..mas por uma razao ou outra(pela vontade do Pai Celestial) eu consegui passar a entrevista e consegui o visto permanente. Logo vou voltar ao meu jaime e posso relaxar e ter paz na minha vida pela primeira vez em muito tempo.. este caminho que o Pai nos da' para trilhar...e' muito muito dificil as vezes mais quando uma coisa boa acontece..geralmente e' muito bom para nos. Eu estou en cima dos ceus ..e eu estou animado de ter a oportunidade de mostrar de novo meu amor ao meu marido. Quero agradecer eles/elas que ajudaram o jaime enquanto que eu estava aqui..pois voces fizeram tanto...todos os jantares...toda a ternura e amor..quero agradecer a ala Winder17 pois eles fazem parte da familia agora e estou animado de encontrar com eles. Mas tambem quero encontrar com Sambo (E. Randall), a Debbi Bright,Jason Finch, Heath Hill, e tantos outros de voces que conheco!! obrigado demais de novo pela sua ajuda!! suas oracoes!! tenho certeza que essas oracoes fizeram toda diferenca! Obrigado ! Jaime ja venho baby:) se cuida meu amor!! ta bom ta bom sei como voces americanos nao gostam de afeicao publica:) vou para por aqui!! a gente se ve!!
Lyman, Dean 6/94 Provo, UT I'm going to get married to Kellene Larson on April 15. Wow! Who would've thunk it. Anyway, tying to learn spanish through a guy at my work. I work for Western Technical Services, doing computer programming. It's easy stuff, I'm not that smart. Bon Voyage!
M. Pereira, Luiz Antonio 11/94 São Paulo-SP Olá amigos! Estou casado a 04 anos (para quem se lembrar, com a mesma moça em que eu era noiva durante o tempo da missão e que estava servindo na missão Brasil Belém na mesma época)e tenho um filho de 02 anos. Gostaria muito de manter contato com vocês e compartilhar as novidades.
Mangum, Craig 7/95 Provo, UT The other day at my soccer game, I was kicked quit brutally in the ribs. I had some x-rays taken and the results were as follows: A beautiful contusion, no soccer for a week. That's the coolest novidade that I've got. Later Lads.
Marzagão, Rodrigo 7/95 Curitiba-PR Ainda nao sou homem casado! Estou estudando e me virando! Cursando medicina, ainda faltam 2 anos para eu terminar. Batizei minha mae e minha irma. Vou comecar a dar aulas de violao no mes que vem. Tambem vou trabalhar em um pronto-socorro (emergency care) e em uma clinica psiquiatrica. Proximo semestre vai ser cansativo, mas tudo vai dar certo. Former-companions and housemates (existe esta palavra?), E-mail me!
Mayer, Vinicius 5/95 Curitiba-PR Olá pessoal! Gostaria de receber notícias de meus ex-companheiros e amigos por isso me mandem um e-mail ou escrevam-me.
Vinicius Mayer
Rua: Rio Juruá, 258 - Bairro Alto
Cep: 82.840-390
Curitiba - Paraná - Brasil
Estou aguardando!!!
McOmber, Dan L. 1994 Colorado Springs, CO Sou Casado! Ja faz um mes. Eu falto so um semestre no BYU. I'll graduate in December. Drop me a line we'll play ball!
McKinley, Nathan 5/95 Bryan, TX Very happily married 2.5 years.
Mills, Christian 10/94 Ogden, UT I moved to Utah two years ago, got married a year and a half ago, and we had a son three months ago. I'm studying at Weber state university.
Morales, Hector 1994 Las Vegas, NV I was living in Brazil for the past two years and for anyone who wants to move there, DON'T!!!!! It is not the place to be. I am still married, going on five years now and love my wife more than anything. Right now I am studying the physics of fire and Fire science. I will be starting with the Las Vegas fire Department soon as a Fire fighter.
Morise Silva, Bruno 9/94 Santo Andre-SP Selado no Templo de Sao Paulo em 30 de marco de 1998 com Edinalva. Isabella Mayumi nasceu em 8 de janeiro de 2000. O 2o. conselheiro da presidencia da minha estaca será o novo presidente da missao a partir de julho de 2000. Seu nome eh Paulo Tofannelli.
Morris, Brian 10/94 SLC, UT I graduated from the University of Utah in Computer Science in May of 1999. I am currently working for a small biotech software company in downtown Salt Lake called Cimarron Software. The company's building is located such that we had a prime (and safe) view of last year's tornado. In my spare time, I've been doing a lot of mountain biking.
Murphy, Matt 1994 Spanish Fork, UT
N. Johnson, (Nathan) 9/95 Rexburg, ID
Nascimento, Elaine 1995 São Paulo-SP Estou morando em Sao Paulo,trabalhando,e muito feliz por morar tao perto do Templo e encontrar os amigos de missao.
Nelson, Jon 11/94 Santa Paula, CA I am still single not like the rest of you guys
Nimer, Cory 9/94 Provo, UT
Oliveira, Luciano 9/94 Salt Lake City, UT Me casei em novembro de 1999 com Tania, ela e de Salvador e serviu Missao Provo, UT. Estamos vivendo em Salt Lake, estudando bastante. Apos nos graduarmos e fizermos nosso mestrado, estaremos retornando ao Brasil. Se algum amigo estiver por perto e quizer nos contatar nosso telefone e: 801 5340656
Olson, Daniel 8/95 Valley Stream, NY My family moved to another town on Long Island, about 10 minutes from JFK airport. I'm taking a semester off of school, living at home, and working. I'll be back at BYU in January.
Oxenden, Heath 10/94 Gastonia, NC A vida aqui na Carolina do Norte é boa. Eu sinto muito falta do Brasil e da missao! Eu e o Heath Hill iremos voltar no mes de outubro. Vamos passar por Belo Horizonte, Divinopolis, etc. Se alguem quiser ir conosco, por favor, ligue-me! A vida casada é boa demais. Minha esposa é minha melhor amiga. Meu filho está crescendo rapido - ele vai fazer o seu primeiro anniversario em 3 semanas. O meu testemunho ainda est´ bem forte - a missao nao parou, mas continua! É bom demais ler as noticias que tem posto neste website. Continuem! Cuidem-se. Se alguem tiver guarana aí por favor mande-me uma garrafa - Meu estomago sente falta! Até mais!
Paes, Ataandson 2/95 São Paulo-SP Estou trabalhando no CTM, cursando faculdade e me mudei do RJ para SP. Ainda não me casei, mas estou procurando a pessoa certa para dar um dos passos mais importantes da minha vida pois já passou da hora.
Palmer, Preston 1/96 Higley, AZ Well, i've been married now for almost a year, our baby is due in september (was not planned). I recently got my contractors license and started a business doing home automation, (Home-Mation Inc.) I will have a web site for it soon. My wife and I just built our 1st custom home and moved in last month. Things are going pretty well. I've been back to brasil once and plan on going back next year. If anyone's ever in AZ give me a call.
Papenfuss, Mark 6/94 SLC, UT
Patching, Nathan 8/95 Laie, HI I'm going to school way out west, in Hawaii, running cross-country, and working as a sound technician. It's great fun, I plug in and unplug cables and mic's etc...E-mail me ASAP, Tchau
Parkinson, Robert 7/94 SLC, UT I'm still married, still going to school, still waiting for our first child so I can name it after Presidente Saraiva, still working. The baby arives in july and it will for sure be way cuter than anyone elses.
Peterson, Aaron 9/95 SLC, UT
Porter, Matthew 7/95 Mesa, AZ I'm engaged to be married Dec 30.
Pretel, Maurício 1994 Portugal As novidades sao que eu cortei a minha mao a um mes atras e eu consegui cortar tres dedos e dois deles eu cortei os meus tendoes, eu agora estou fazendo fisioterapia, para ver se recupero novamente. eu ja na estou estudando na BYU, eu agora estou fazendo o meu curso de ingles em outra escola, essa minha nova escola fica em Provo tambem, e o nome dela é ALCI. As novidades sao essa.
Ramos de Sousa, Elisangela 1996 São José dos Campos-SP Oi pessoal , Estou com saudades da missão e de todos . Gostaria de saber notícias suas . Tenho dez filhos ( brincadeira) Me casei faz 2 anos e ainda não tenho filhos . Um abraço a todos
Ramsey, Chad 8/95 Logan, UT I'm now working for a mortgage company. I go fishing during my spare time. Just hangin'.
Ranger, Chester 1/95 Pollock Pines, CA Estou estudando economia global na BYU, e sou regente do coro; pretendo ser professor de seminário no ano que vem.
Reynolds, Lee 5/94 Centerville, UT I'M SORRY BUT I DON'T FREQUENT ZUKA JUICE!! Everything has milk! I am pushing heart disease and high blood pressure these days. O.K., so I just work for Frito-Lay. Stay cool! Have a rad summer. See ya' next year.
Rodrigues, Eduardo 9/94 Magna, UT I live in Salt Lake for about three years. I am married and have a little boy called Taylor Eduardo.
Rose, Trent 9/94 Idaho Falls, Idaho It seems that somebody already registered me and said that I was a force. Thanks for the compliment. However, I thought I'd write and give an update about myself. I'm living here in Idaho Falls. I work as a financial planner. I've been married 18 months to a wonderful girl named leisle. No kids yet.
Sarmento, Eduardo 8/94 Aqui está uma foto de meu casamento. O fotografo foi o presidente saraiva. O casamento foi realizado no dia 02/ dez / 1998.
Sears, Jon 1/96 Smithfield, UT Estou estudando no U.S.U. en Logan. os Aggies Nao tenho namorada ainda........
Serna, Robert 1/94 Lubbock, TX dia 15 de janeiro de 2000 Do Elder Serna (como "perna"): Depois da missao, me-casei com Julie em agosto de 1996 (sim, a mesma que esperava) e trabalhei para que ela pudesse terminar seu estudo. Moramos em Orem (um outro nome para Provo, Utah) ate ela terminar. Mudamos de volta para ca (TEXAS!!) e agora 'tou estudando no segundo ano na universidade de Texas Tech. Ela e professora de matematica...ainda nao temos filhos, mas um dia virao. Tenho muito saudade do pessoal! Que trem CHIQUE-SO!!!!
Sheffield, Matt 8/94 Palo Alto, CA I graduated from BYU in August and then went back to Brasil for 11 days...I had a great time and went to the First ever Regional Conference in Belo Horizonte, presided over by Elder Russel M. Nelson of the Quorom of the 12...I also hung out in Belo Horizonte a little bit, was in Sete Lagoas for a day, hung out in Sao Paulo with Atandson (Elder Paes) and also took a quick trip to Rio with him and a couple of his friends. I also had a chance to see President Saraiva in Sao Paulo at his office in the Church Headquarters there. I had a blast! I came back and moved out to the San Francisco Bay area and am working for a company called AdKnowledge out there. I live in Palo Alto and go to the Stanford student Ward.
Schoenwald, Travis 11/94 Wenatchee, WA It is not my fault I didn't update sooner. I just figured out that the macintosh classic couldn't handle the internet and I just bought my first computer. I am a senior at WSU and will graduate in May of 2000. I am studying Horticulture. My wife and I are expecting on March 4, 2000. Currently I drive a 1965 Mustang but that will change when the baby is born. We are still poor but life is happier that way.
Scott, Spencer 6/94 SLC, UT
Staples, Brian 1994 N. Ogden, UT
Steele, Ann 2/96 Arlington, VA Me-formei da BYU e estou trabalhando como uma enginheira civil no Washington, DC.
Sutton, Ty 8/94 SLC, UT I have a Zuka Juice with Garff and Robby in Scarsdale while attending Columbia law. Being considered for a Rhodes scholarship in Chemistry. Living with two players from the yankees.
T. Bird, Daniel 3/96 Ogden, UT 1998 was great for hunting. In August of 1998 I went camping with elders Coleman and Patching. It is now official exploring season again. Other than that just going to school at Weber State in Ogden.
T. Tanner, (Travis) 11/94 SLC, UT
Taylor, Shea 6/95 American Fork, UT Attending BYU. Not married yet!
Thomas, Nathan 9/94 Pasadena, CA hey everybody. i'm getting married on Friday the 13th of October. it's been great being single, but i'm sure it'll be better being married. i'm still trying to graduate from BYU, but they are screwing me over for one of my minors. i'm tired of taking crap from pompus and self-important administrators at BYU. if they ever call me for donations, i'll tell them where they should go (and where i'd send them if i could).
Tibbits, Andrew 1/96 Provo, UT I am enrolled in the summer term at Brigham. I worked in a factory where I swept daily. I live at Liberty Square for this summer. I like girls and will one day kiss one apon the mouth. I will attend the next reunion. I went to Lake Powell with the Palmers! I saw Craig Lasson, Craig Mangum, Jeremy Kendrick, and what not. call me. with love andy tibbitts
West, Matt 6/94 Sandy, UT 3/00 -- My wife of 1 1/2 years (Karen) and I will be moving to New York City next month. I just accepted a job at a public relations firm based in the Manhattan area. We are both doing great and I still stay very busy playing trombone in several jazz bands throughout the Provo/Salt Lake area.
White, Chad 7/94 Syracuse, UT
D. White, (David) 10/94 Murray, UT
Williams, Julie 9/95 Provo, UT
Winter, James 10/94 Salt Lake City, UT I am going to be very simple. Isabel is expecting. We'll have a new addition to the family for Christmas..a new mini- me hehe check my site for more information and novidades bem simples....Bell ta' gravida..teremos uma adicao do Pai Celestial aqui no mini me...veja meu website..para ver mais info. so when is our next reunion????
Wixom, Jackson 9/95 Salt Lake City, UT I am still hanging out here in Salt Lake and having a great time.
Woodhouse, Chris 1/95 San Gabriel, CA I am a sheriff in L.A. and should be getting engaged soon.
Woodward, Raymond 7/94 Logan, UT
Yost, Craig 5/94 Burley, ID
Young, Michael 10/94 Perry, UT Attending Utah State University, still looking for a wife, working at a machine shop.

President Arlen D. Woffinden - July of 1997 - July of 2000
Name Start Date City E-mail News
Aders, Graig 3/97 McMinnville, OR
Ahlstrom, Scott 1/97 West Valley City, UT Things are going swell. I'm working alot and going to school. Oh how I miss Brasil, and speaking portugues. If anyone's planning on going to see Pres Woffinden at his homecoming -- please let me know! Saudades!!
Aldridge, Jeremy 6/97 Roseville, CA Olha, a vida e boa demais, e a igreja e verdadeira. Eu Amo Elder Paiva, e Elder Agosto. Hey losers! Me escrevam, paz e beijos (aos elderes)
Babcock, Jeff 9/98 Walnut, MS Estou em casa faz um mes. Sinto muito saudade da missao.
Beck, Brody 5/96 Sparks, NV I've graduated from Ricks College and am now one week away from studying at Brigham Young University! My major is business management with an emphasis in information systems. I hope to do well and get back into the swing of school. I miss the mission a lot!
Beers, Jared 8/97 Sandy, UT I'm home and it has only been one week. Its good to be back in the USA, but I miss the mission a ton the Belo Horizonte. I love the M3BBH2O! Nossa missão é o melhor! I'm studying at Snow College.
Boston, Todd 1/97 Sandy, UT Estou em casa faz oito mezes, agora estou trabalhando e estudando. Gostaria de ter noticias de todos meus companheiros e conhecidos na missao. Ate mais....
Brock, David 8/97 Granite Bay, CA I came home to utter turmoil and despair within my family, but we're doing fine. I just visited my future home at BYU. It was chiquitita D+ to see so many spiritual friends from the mission there.
Burnett, Adam 1/98 Yorba Linda, CA Just got back!
Callister, Carson 9/98 Tremonton, UT Returned home in October 2000. Currently living and working in Tremonton, Utah. Attending school at Utah State University in Logan.
Cornelius, Jeff 7/97 Orem, UT Elder Cornelius has received his latest transfer, to BYU.
Crabtree, Brandon 4/97 South Ogden, UT I'm married of course, it only took me about 3 1/2 months. Just work and going to school. Hey, if anyone knows how to get a hold of President Woffinden, e-mail me.
Da Cruz, Katia Regina 9/98 Fort Lauderdale, FL Bom, ja estou em casa, ainda nao tenho namorado, na minha ala sou professora da Primaria.Estou muito feliz, tambem estou trabalhando, logo comeca meu curso de design de ambientes. Por favor escrevam para mim, queria saber noticias de todos.Um beijo azul pra quem nao usa mais plaqueta, pra os que continuam de plaqueta, um grande aperto de mao...
Da Cunha, Francisco das C.Ramos 8/96 Teresina-PI Quero notícias dos companheiros e amigos que tive na missão. Um abração para todo mundo. Ex-Elder da Cunha.
Da Silva, Sandro Arnaldo 7/01 Itajai-SC Vou servir na missao Brasil Belo Horizonte, gostaria de saber quais sao as areas. Como e la. Tudo o que possivel. Estacas. Novas, antigas. Novas capelas. Membros. Missionarios. Tudo. Estou muito animado para servir o senhor e meus irmaos.
Dickhaut, Joshua 12/97 Rexburg, ID What's up? I'm back in the house. The reunion on the 2nd of April was awesome for all you all that missed it. Let's all get together for Pres. and Sis's homecoming. Also if anyone knows anything about Sister Schurtz, drop me a line and let me know.
De Lima, Wellington Sousa 3/98 São Paulo-SP Novo Logo
Donnellon, Jimmy 9/98 Manchester, MI i'm good. working, dating, having fun. going to school, and just creating my own personal zion.
Echeberria, Paulo 1/98 Novo Hanburgo-RS Mas Bah Tché ainda estou trabalhando aqui em Belo Horizonte, mas logo estarei em casa para trabalhar e aplicar tudo que aprendi aqui na missão, então depois formar uma familia e preparar meus filhos para mais uma grande missão.
F. Nascimento, Iranildo 9/98 Sao Paulo-SP Estou casado e selado há 4 meses e minha esposa(Vania, irmã de Élder Lima "o sec. financeiro") está grávida de 2 meses estamos temporariamente morando em São Paulo mas sou de Fortaleza. E então, você vai entrar em contato comigo??
Fernandes, Álisson Décio 8/98 Campinas-SP Fui atropelado por uma motocicleta...
Ferreira, Rogério Da Silva 2/00 Manaus-AM
Fish, Amanda 1/98 Provo, UT Havera uma reuniao da missao durante a conferencia geral. Sera na casa de Rachel Richards em Orem. Provavalmente sera no Domingo a tarde. Se tiver qualquer pergunta, pode me escrever- Obrigada!
Gage, Elder Jared 9/98 Cut Bank, MT Elder Jared Gage left the MTC in Sao Paulo on December 1, 1998 for BH He is presently serving in Betim and his companion is Elder Jaggi. He loves the people and the beans and rice. Happy New Year!
Gausnell, Clinton 12/96 Provo, UT I'm here in Provo working a lot and studying a little. I'm still single, woohoo. And I think I'm in love with Brenick Kuzmic:) Love and miss you all. Aos membros e missionarios brasileros que me conhecem, por favor quero ouvir de voces e quero tambem escrevem vos. Mandem noticias.
Glutz, R. Marcus 8/97 Provo, UT I go to BYU.
Granville, Lerry 11/96 Porto Alegre-RS Bem continuo vivo , e agora já faz mais de 1 ano que voltei da missão. me casei no dia 26 de outubro de 1999 em Porto Alegre , e dia 28 de outubro de 1999 no templo de São Paulo. Tenho uma empresa de informática e trabalho como secretário da missão da estaca. Amo " quase" todo mundo que serviu comigo. Abração e me escrevam Ps quem quizer saber mais sobre esta lenda "Elder Granville" me escreve que eu respondo , não autorizo Biografias "Tercearizadas" hihihi
Griggs, Peter 1/97 Murray, UT I am 22 now and am single. lovin it
Hansen, Andrew 11/99 Idaho Falls, ID Red rover red rover I'm on my way over.
Hatch, Elder 6/97 Eaton, CO Estou na missão agora. Vou para Montes Claros amanhão. Estava em Janaúba. Gosto demais da missão. Vou ser assistente da pres. (ha ha ha) Sou nada!!! Mas amo a Missão e BRASIL! Sou de Fort Collins Colorado. Amo vocês da missão., Tchau.
Hawkins, Bryan 1996 Gresham, OR Voltei faz um ano e estou feliz sem mulher. Gostaria ouvir de voces! Tchauzinho!
Heaton, Dallas K 3/99 Heber City, UT
Hickman, Jared 6/96 Springville, UT Eu e minha esposa estaremos no Brasil do fim de Dezembro 2001 até o fim de Março 2002 (sim, quatro mêses na terra melhor do mundo!). Ficaremos em Salvador, Bahia de Dezembro até o começo de Março, e depois disso passaremos por Minas. Gostaría muito de encontrar com tantos companheiros e amigos como possível enquanto estamos lá. Particularmente, se qualquer pessoa tiver os endereços, telefones, ou e-mails dos Élderes S. Pereira, Reis, ou Lourenço, por favor me mande. Estou animadao para voltar ao Brasil, e sería melhor ainda se pudesse ver meus amigos da missao! Me escrevam!
Johnson, Nic 5/98 estou me formando de ricks e logo vou para utah state para terminar meus estudos em business info systems. i love yous.
Keller, Jared 4/97 Pocatello, ID Well, I've finally did it. On August 4, 2000, I was married to a very special girl named Tiffany. We met in our singles ward where I was ward clerk and she was in the Relief Society Presidency. She is the best. I am still going to school at Idaho State where I am studing to by a Civil Engineer. If things go according to plan I should graduate in a little over two years. Life is great (especially married life). Ate mais.
King, Antonia (de Souza) 8/97 Provo, UT
Kuzmic, Brenik 12/96 Boise, ID I am now married to Sara-Lynn and we'll have our first baby boy (Anakin) in July. I am going to school to be a pharmacist so if you need something just send your prescription.
Lourenço, Ivan de Souza 1/97 Provo, UT
Lloyd, Evan 1997 Van Nuys, CA Eu estou morando em Los Angeles. Tenho uma banda chama-se REMOTE. Casei em Fev. de 2001. So um Productor de Musica. Amo Voces de mais!
Luz, André Otávio 6/98 Curitiba-PR Pois é... o tempo passa rápido... acabei de descobrir este site e fiquei muito feliz por encontrar velhos conhecidos. Pessoal, mandem notícias para mim.
Luke, Tyler 7/97 Richmond, VA Alo! Acabei de chegar em casa e estou muito bem. Daqui a duas semanas eu irei estudar em Rick's College e para matar saldades eu gostaria demais de ouvir de voces!
McCormick, Naomi 7/98 Lakewood, WA After serving for several months in Tres Coracoes, Sister McCormick has now been transferred back from the boonies--which she loved!--somewhat nearer the mission center and her prior areas [she has served in Campo Belo, Janauba and Tres Coracoes since her arrival in Brasil in September 1998]. Sister McCormick will return to the United States December 26/27. After a few days visit with her parents, Jim and Vika McCormick of Lakewood, Washington, she will return to BYU in early January to complete her degree. She hopes to return to Brazil in June or July next year to attend the Temple with some of the converts she helped teach!
Moulton, Rebecca 1997 Provo, UT Currently working in Provo and finishing pre-requisites for a dietetics masters program.
Morris, Jeremy 2/97 Provo, UT i'm living in provo and going to school. my dream of being able to snowboard every week has come true. stay in touch.
N.Pereira, Raimundo 1/99 São Paulo - SP A missão foi incrivel mesmo, a melhor do mundo sem duvida.Tive companheiros maravilhosos e áreas incriveis.Presidente Woffinden e Presidente Toffanelli são homens especiais mesmo. Estou trabalhando muito aqui em Sampa e tenho saudades de Minas. Terra Boa , sô !!!!!EScrevam para mim, gente .
Nickel, Adam 6/98 Tacoma, WA What's up people? I am currently living in Provo, going to UVSC. Love you guys!
Olsen, John 1/98 Meridian, ID Johnolsen716 Oi irmoes! Right now I am studying at Ricks and having a great time. Elder Duncan lives right below me and we have a lot of fun. I have a class with West and Dickhaut as well. Dickhaut's getting married over the break. Elder Abegglen works at Wendy's here in Rexburg. It's pretty funny. Tchau.
Oliver, Chris "Ollie" 1/97 Kinston, NC What up, what up! This is Ollie, I have been home a year and I love it. I am currently studying at NC State University trying to be an orthodontist. I love the mission, tenho suadades, so! Everyone email me please, I miss all you guys.
Oyler, Julie 5/99 Sandy, UT
Paiva, Elder 1/98 15/11/99 I'm pretty sick but I'm alive. Estou voltando para casa esta semana. Sou gay agora. Mais do que nunca. Amo Elder Aldridge--nunca esqueci do tempo nós ficamos juntos. Me escreva, se quiser. Principalmente os élderes. Mmmmmm. Just kidding.
Pettibone, Devin 6/98 Provo, UT Estou estudando na byu e aindo sou mais bonito do que raimundo periera, wagner paiva pinto, e jeff cornelius.
Peterson, Sarah 6/97 Provo, UT Currently studying at BYU going into premed.
Pond, Preston 2/98 Lakepoint, UT Preston is currently serving in Sete Lagoas.
Reis, Ailson 1997 vou casar com a sister conceicao
Richards, Rachel 2/98 Orem, UT WOW, estou usando um computador. Estou em Janauba, é um pouco quente aqui!!! Eu não estou "trunky" mas eu vou embora mês que vem. TCHAU...
Richardson, Jennifer 8/97 Orem, UT Chegou da missão faz pouco tempo. Eu AMO Missão Brasil Belo Horizonte Oeste!
Santiano, Roderick 5/98
Sandall, Holly Anderson 9/95 Ogden, UT
Seivert, Greg 1998 Jax, Florida Hows it going guys? Just got home a month ago. Life is good. Im starting school at byuh this fall. Let me know whats up!
Siqueira, Karla 18 Fevereiro Joao Pessoa-PB Oi Gente Boa, Ja estou em casa, minhas aulas irao comecar em duas semanas e daqui a 4 meses estarei indo para Alemanha estudar por la. Mandem me noticias.Love yuor guts
Shetter, Christopher 7/96 Provo, UT I am now married as of July 2000. My wife Amy and I were married in the Logan UT. Temple on July 29th. We are awaiting our first child, which we are expecting on October 7th. I will be graduating from BYU in December of this year and have been accepted into the Navy OCS(Officer Candidate School) to which I will report at the beginning of next year. I hope things are going well for everyone, and I hope to here from many of you. Bom de Mais!!!
Selander, Matthew 1/97 SLC, UT Estou em casa faz mais ou menos seis meses, e estou gostando. Por enquanto, estou morando em Nova York e trabalhando. Vou voltar para BYU no final de agosto. Por favor escreva!
Stewart, Rob 9/97 High-Land, UT Gente, nao sei porque demorou tanto tempo para descobrir este site. Faz 6 meses que voltei. Agora estou trabalhando por Microsoft e o novo Winodws 2000. Planejo ir para BYU Hawaii em Agosto. Eu amei a missao. Mande um e-mail para mim. Nao tenho namorada ainda. Que bom ne? COLE WARD IS GETTING MARRIED. GO COLE. YOU ROCK!!! Companheiros meus, mande um e-mail ta!!
Stirling, Etinha 1999 Jaboatão dos Guararapes-PE
Turner, Nathan 6/98 Camano Island, WA No Email Arrived in Brazil on August 4, 1998. Ate his first bug on September 23, 1998
Ward, Cole 4/97 Twin Falls, ID Hey everyone, I've been home since April '99. I sure miss the mission and everyone there. I am currently working 2 jobs and have no spare time, but hey "Life is great" 200 ^@
Wells, Elder 7/98 Wilton, CT Elder Wells after Being sent home from his beloved mission in B.H. for Lyme disease will be leaving for Tacoma WA to finish his mission on Jan 04,1999. Wish me luck
Wiberg, Dustin 12/96 Littleton, CO
Wilks, Brock 7/99 Chubbuck, ID Ola, cheguei em casa faz duas semanas. Tenho muitas saudades da missao. Eu passei nas areas de Sete Lagoas, Lavras, Contagem (Riacho), Sao Lourenco, e Varginha. Se tiver qualquer novidades pode me mandar um email. Cheers!
Williams, Ferrin 3/99 Joseph City, AZ

President Toffanelli - July of 2000 -
Name Start Date City E-mail News
Bowerbank, Michael 6/00
Broberg, Eliza 11/99 Clarks Summit, PA Estou trabalhando e vou para BYU em Aug.
Burt, Benjamin R. 1/01 Bear River City, UT I received my call on September 28, 2000 to Brazil Belo Horizonte mission. I will enter the MTC on January 24, 2001. I was wondering if I should write the mission president or how to do that. It may be too late.
de Oliveira, Diego Agra 7/01 Recife, RE
Fawson, Josh 6/99 Leeds, UT Just got back. I am going to college at Dixie State.
Martins, Henrique 8/01 Limeira-SP estou animado com essa missao A IGREJA E VERDADEIRA!
Mortensen, Martin 7/99 Tempe, AZ Hey Everyone... How is it going? I'll be studying in the Valley this summer and working. It was cool to log on and read about all of the old gang. Do not fortget to pass all of the reunion information to me. (I'm all up for a Utah snowboarding trip this winter.) Passem bem Bros!
Pace, Aaron Jay 1/00 North Salt Lake, UT Bem, estou em Janaúba, então, não terminei ainda, mas a missão Brazil Belo Horizonte Oeste é a melhor missão nas criações de nosso Pai (porque deve ter missões nos outros mundos também.) Para aqueles que já passaram por Janaúba, pode ter inveja porque estou com mãe. Oh, só pra informar o mundo, ela vai embora logo . . . Tchau gente
Patterson, Andrew 9/99 Roseville, CA Cheguei!
Patterson, E. Daniel 7/99 Orem, UT frequentarei BYU fall semester 2001.
Portela Jr, Geraldo de Assis 5/01 Imbuia-PR Bem, eu futuramente estarei fazendo parte desta missão, recebi meu chamado recentemente e estou pesquisando sobre minha futura área, devo estar entrando no CTM no dia 19 de Abril de 2001, Serei o Elder PORTELA, estou ancioso para encontrar as pessoas especiais que formam os santos dos ultimos dias desta regiao, talves algum dos que lerem esta mensagem, já tenham conhecido o meu primo, ele é o elder de assis, recentemente ele estava em Januba, ele é muito legal e eu espero encontrar com ele em Breve, bem vejo voces logo, um abraco.
Rieman, Brian 12/00 Kissimmee, FL I just recieved my call and am very exited to learn all I can about the mission.
Smith, Brad 3/00 I am presently serving as Mission Executive Secretary, under Presidente Toffanelli. I served for a short time under Presidente Woffinden. The work continues to move onward and upward here in Minas Gerais. Presidente Toffanelli recently set the goal to make Montes Claros a stake within a year. Cool eh? We don`t have e-mail access in the office anymore, but I will just say that everything is going well! Batizar, Integrar, Ativar (a slight change that Pres. Toffanelli made to the Mission Hymn)
Toffanelli, Luiza 7/00 Belo Horizonte-MG Olá gente... Sou Luiza filha do presidente Toffanelli. A missão está super bem. Agora está tendo uma apresentação musical que se chama O Plano do Pai Celestial é muito chique, foi o presidente mesmo quem teve a idéia de fazê-lo e traduziu algumas musicas. Qualquer coisa que queiram saber, pode me escrevam..
Vendshus, Ryan W. 8/01 Tigard, OR

Membros da igreja em Minas Gerais
Nome Cidade Unidade que frequenta E-mail Notícias
Gilda Lopes Fagundes
[Levy, Ana, Tatiana, e Juliana] Cardoso de Oliveira e Silva Alpharetta, GA Ramo Janaúba Somos Mórmons e somos felizes!!! Outro e-mail:
Telefone: (038) 821-3993, (038) 821-2626, (038)9988-0927
Marcos Gilmar de Oliveira (nickname: Pio) Janaúba Ramo Janaúba A vida não determina vencedores, os vencedores determinam a vida.
Wadson Correa Belo Horizonte Ala Barroca
Marcelo Henrique Martins Teixeira Curvelo Ramo Curvelo
Rogério Lopes Fagundes Montes Claros Eu amo a Missão e seus Missionários
Carlos Roberto de Souza Marques Belo Horizonte Ala Gutierrez A Ane estará em Salt Lake City no próximo mes. Se tudo der certo, no dia 12 de maio de 1999. Espera rever os ex-missionários. Entre em contato com o Brian Morris em SLC, UT.
Jayson Adriani Teixeira Salt Lake City, UT Winder 17 Minha espousa e os nosso filhos chegaram e a gente mudou para os aptos. de Sky Harbour teremos nosso telefone chegando ja ja...para encontrar com a gente chegue a ala 17 la em holladay ou visite a gente aqui em casa!
Leandro Nascimento Belo Horizonte Ala Pampulha Bem eu fui batizado em 96 por E. Winter e estou guardando dinheiro para chegar em Salt Lake City aqui em Janeiro ou fevereiro como a espousa dele demorar entao vou ficar com ele ate que ela vou ver aonde posso morar...estou procurando um coro que e mais profissional entao se alguem souber de algo dai...escreve-me...Hoover! escreve viu?? E Young..pode me escrever tambem...!!
Andrea Ramos São Paulo Sou membro da igreja aqui em SP, e tive a oportunidade de conhcer esta maravilhosa missão e seus missionários quando estive aí a passeio, e fiquei na casa do bispo da ala Aeroporto (ou seria Pampulha???). Conheci Elder Candido, um mineirinho que vem fazendo "milagres" aqui em Sampa... Amo Bh. Me escreva, todos os membros e amigos da igreja!!
Tânia,Nei e Isadora gostaríamos de nos correspondermos com todos os membros da igreja que estejam lendo esta mensagem. ser mórmom é ser muito feliz
Victor Patrick Silva Teixeira Arequipa-Peru (Montes Claros) Ola turma da Missao Brasil BH Oeste, Agora estou em Arequipa Peru, aqui e lindo e estou na Igreja fielmente. Tenho muita saudade de todos ai. Um grande abraco especial ao Presidente Woffinden e a Sister Woffinden e familia, amo voces!! Aos qu se se interessarem me escrever me escrevam por favor. Vou ficar um tempo mais por aqui, mas, no proximo ano vou para USA. Um abraco a todos, amo voces!! Patrick
Gizella Guerreiro da Silva Faro-Portugal Sou membro da Igreja. Estive com o Presidente e com a Sister Burgess,na cidade de Nanuque M.G. Agora estou a residir em Portugal.Mas gosto muito de BH. Sou Grata ao Pai Celestial por estar aqui. Meu nome é Gizella,tenho 18 anos e tenho 4 anos de Membro. Sou Grata por pertencer a este Evangelho o qual eu sei que é Verdadeiro. Sei também que Jesus Cristo Vive e Ama a cada um de Nós. Que o Pai Celestial Continue a abençoar-nos. Muitos Abraços. Da Irmã e Amiga:) Gizella Guerreiro da Silva.
Juliana eu nasci na ala pampulha..ou melhor fui aí abençoada..sou juliana e tenho 16 anos meus pais sao rosi e neves...alguém lembra?? quem lembra escreva p/ mim um beijo
Flavio Maia Pereira Belo Horizonte-MG Servi na Missão Maceió
Brindi Burt Bear River City, Utah My brother (Elder Benjamin Richards Burt) is in the Belo Horizote mission, he already signed in, he has been out since January and is doing very well. I just wanted to check things out. brindi
Herman Baker I did not serve in the mission but I have a friend from Belo Horizonte and Brasilia with whom I have lost contact. I have been desperately trying to find some way of searching the internet for Giselda Silveira Jibran. Her family had a large ranch in Belo Horizonte and her husband had a hotel in Brasilia - Torre Palace. If you could suggest a way for me to locate her via the web I would appreciate it very much. Thank you, Dr. Herman Baker and Barbara DeAngelis

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