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Stories: Um anjo sobre o São Francisco - English

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Um anjo sobre o São Francisco - English 29 Feb 2004
AN ANGEL OVER THE SÃO FRANCISCO RIVER We were on our way to the city of Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil, for a Mission Conference and we decided to cut our way through Penedo, a beautiful historic town on the bank of the São Francisco River, so that we could see the missionaries there and leave some correspondence and proselyting material with them. The choice of the route made it necessary to cross the river on a ferryboat. After visiting with the missionaries, we headed toward the river and parked alongside other cars that were also waiting for the ferry. A young man approached us and started talking to us. We already knew him from previous trips. He scraped some money cleaning cars’ windshields, and he loved to talk. This time, he told us that the missionaries had visited his family and that he had enjoyed the message. He soon said good-bye, wished us a good trip and turned to talk to a passenger in the next car, a new white sedan. The man had opened the car door and had stretched his legs outside. We paid little attention to what was going on, until we heard the man say in a loud voice, no doubt to have us hear him, “I do not believe in God, because God does not exist.” But the poor young man replied, “God exists and is good to us and loves us. The man then said, “If God existed and if He were good, you wouldn’t be here washing cars. You would be rich and would be driving an imported car!” Obviously, he had noticed our missionary plaques and was referring to the mission car. I was so shocked by what I heard, that I asked my husband to park the car somewhere else where we would not feel obliged to listen to such blasphemies. My husband told me not to pay attention to what was being said,.rolled up the windows, and switched on the stereo with a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD. In spite of being now away from that evil influence, I was bitter and cross, and really hated that man for what he had said. I wished in my heart that God would send an angel to “reprehend” him e show him how wrong he was. Minutes later, the ferryboat arrived and the cars took their positions as indicated on board. I prayed that we would be placed far from that white sedan. In my heart, I felt no love or compassion, but only a bitter wish of revenge. Although I had not offered a prayer, the Lord did send an angel to do what was necessary, and to teach us a lesson. The man had left the car and was standing under a platform on the boat, in the shade, talking to his companion. That is when we saw the angel approaching him. The angel approached him, stretched his arm in a handshake, and said, “How are you? My name is Elder Garner. What’s yours?” We could not hear those words nor the ones that followed, but Elder Queiroz, Elder Garner’s companion, told us what had happened. After a short dialogue, the man was friendly talking to the missionaries about the Church and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Other people joined the group and several people had the privilege of hearing the message. The two young assistants to the president that traveled with us had transformed a clearly unfavorable situation into an opportunity to bear their valiant testimony. A few kilometers after the river, the white sedan passed us and the man waved at us friendly. He had with them some of the missionary folders and now we prayed that he might read them and thought about the message. I still don’t know if that experience will make any difference to that gentleman, but for my husband and I it was a great lesson. We learned so much from that small interaction that it would be difficult to sum everything up in a few words. The Lord did send an angel to help one of his children, and actually others were equally blessed! And we learned how to be better missionaries! Sent by Sister Maria Luiza Carvalho Lopes - Missão Brasil Maceió Telefones: (82) 336 4939 / 336 5558 / 358 5048 Email:
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