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We hope that everyone will take the time to post any stories from their mission to this page. We would all love to hear any encouraging stories from your mission.

Due to received requests we will provide some HTML coding techniques that you can use in formating your stories so that they look the way that you would like them to. If you have any additional questions regarding coding please send an email via the Comments link or visit which is an excelent site to learn basic HTML coding. Enjoy!

Every set of coding must be in brackets like this: < >, and must end with brackets like this: . You will insert the letter below where the space is in the brackets. Insert your text inbetween the two sets of bracketed code:
Bold: b
Underline: u
Italicize: i
To skip to the next line: br
To leave a space between paragraphs: p
To add color to your text: font color=______ then /font
To find a specific color code go to: HTML Goodies Color Code Page
To make an internet link (like the one above): a href="http://______" then /a

I hope that helps! Again if you have any HTML questions please visit: Enjoy!

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Francisco Edmar Carlos A mensagem mais importante 16 Oct 2009
Chad Richards Attitude (English) 18 Mar 2006
Edson José Martins Lopes Um anjo sobre o São Francisco - English 29 Feb 2004
Edson José Martins Lopes An Angel over the São Francisco River 29 Feb 2004
Odair José Ferreira Viana Mensagem Vinda dos Céus 03 Dec 2002

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