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Rex C. Reeve Response to the Call 12 Jun 2012
April 1978 General Conference

James Arthur Clemans Send Email
Tatiana Brodien 03 Sep 2011
Patten and I tried to find Brodien via the Internet and found these two notices.
We are saddened that our friend is no longer with us.

PAEA TAHITI STAKE: (LDS Church News -- Dec. 8, 2002) President — Frederic Tchan, 33, accountant for Tahiti Tours Agency; succeeding Tetuanui Marama Tarati; wife, Tatiana Brodien Tchan.

Tatiana Tchan (BYU Hawaii '98, Psychology) lost her battle with cancer on May 20, 2008, in Tahiti. She and her husband, Jeannot Tchan ('98, Accounting), gave their four children Hawaiian names.
Jenn Gee Send Email
My new novel! 02 Mar 2011
After a few delays and a lot of work, my second novel, Abish: Mother of Faith, has been released by Covenant this month. It's an exciting time and I feel really blessed. I also have a third novel accepted for 2012 which utilizes the Spanish I learned on my mission! It's about a naive girl from Utah who gets caught up in the world of the illegal drug trade in Mexico.
Kimberly Grant Send Email
Hey all! 26 Feb 2010
I just thought I would put a plug in for the my Watch for me in:

"One Good Man" Stake President on DVD now
"The Kane Files: Life of Trials" aprox. summer of 2010, Officer Dobson

"A Rootbeer Christmas" Christmas of 2010

May be in Theaters, Lifetime Channel, and DVD
I play Don Meyer.....

Don't miss them......See ya All
Kevin L. Westenskow Send Email
cole westagard 19 Jan 2010
if any of you knew cole westagard from tremonton he has died from cancer his funneral was jan 19.2010 i knew him i worked with his grandpa nephi and i talk to his dad when my kids played baseball box elder vs bear river he will be missed he was in ca only a few month when i went out in 1978
jeffrey wayne hunt Send Email
Book Signing 27 Dec 2009
Hello former friends and companions!
I'm so excited about the release of my novel "Abish: Daughter of God" (publisher Covenant). Look for it at Deseret Book and other major booksellers. I'll be doing booksignings up and down the Wasatch Front starting in January 2010:
Jan 16: Clinton Seagull Book
Jan 23: Layton Seagull Book
Jan 30: Centerville Seagull Book

Would love to see ya there!
Kimberly Grant Send Email
Hello dear former missionaries,

my name is genesis Roque and I served in Anaheim 1996-1998. after reaching out to my bishop and other leaders in my stake I'm reaching out to each and everyone of you for the following situaion.

My nephew who lives in El Salvador has waited a full year to obtain his mission call, he's has been called to serve in the Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Mission, he is to be at the MTC in Guatemala on Dec 30,2009. My nephew lives in a stage of poverty along with his parents, he has worked as much as he could to but as little as 2 white shirts and a tie for his mission, he makes 5.00 per day working 16 hrs 7 days a week. the little that he makes goes to the family for their needs as well. I have helped him out as much as I can from here by paying for his medical, dental and any other exams he needed in order to send his papers in. he called me about 2 weeks ago to let me know he's received his calling and how excited he was and couldn't wait to get there. Now my dear brothers and sisters this is where I need some help and please do not feel obligated to help but only if that desire comes from your hearts, he told me the things that he needs for his mission, I mean you all know the entire list white shirts, socks, pants etc. he was concerned how he was going to get all that in order to depart, i told him not to worry about that but worry about preparing himself spiritualy and the lord was going to provide for him. I will be visiting him on Thanksgiving weekend with the purpose of taking him to the Guatemala temple to receive his endowments. the trip will be a 5-6 hour drive, none of his parents are active in the church and support him somewhat on his mission desires, I just feel that i can not do this alone, and that's why I'm asking for any help. I remember when I had the sincere burning desire to serve a mission and how the lord provided the means and way for me to go. I know the lord will bless you for your kindness and your sincere desires to help. if you would like to help please emaill me at and i will be more then happy to respond.or get in touch with you.

Thanks so much,

Genesis Roque
genesis roque Send Email
Looking for Photos & memories 01 Sep 2009
Looking for good mission pictures or stories from those I served with. I have to prepare a mission fireside for my ward, and am short on some good pictures/stories.
Elder Erik Lewis
Erik Alan Lewis Send Email
Elder Spencer Whipple. 29 Jul 2008
I was companions with Spencer for a brief period while I waited for a visa to go on to France.

I was just looking for people that I knew from then & found out that he has passed.

If anybody has any information or knows were I can send my condolences please contact me at:

I am shocked by this!
d korver Send Email
Going Back !!! 03 May 2008

I am going back to the Mission after 23 years.... I am thrilled. We leave May 7th for a 17 day trip and so will be visiting the Wards I served in and looking up some names from the past. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, because I live in the U.K I never thought I would go back.....

I am so excited I just wanted to let everyone know !
Janet Smart Send Email
Passing of Val Livingston 28 Apr 2008
I just heard that Elder Val Livingston (of the Houston/Coleman era) passed away in March. I spoke to his daughter, Marti, and she said it was incident to Parkinson's desease. Val was a great missionary, friend, and pretty good guitar player too. We will miss him.
Douglas C Gardine Send Email
Debut Novel 07 Mar 2008
Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that the young adult novel that I wrote last fall is finished. Right now I'm in the process of finding a literary agent to represent me to the major publishing houses in the U.S. Anyway - for those of you interested, my first chapter to the book, entitled Quarterblood, is posted on my website at
Deseret Baker Send Email
Memories of James Fleugel 20 Dec 2007
Dear Friends,

Like Daniel Goodrich's wife, I too am looking for memories about my wonderful husband. He passed away on August 26th, 2007, having been diagnosed with cancer two months previous. We have one daughter born in January of the same year 2007, and I would love any stories or simple memories anyone would have of James. Our daughter Emily obviously will love to know all about her daddy, so we would appreciate if you would send them to us at:

Thank you so much.
Best wishes,
Allyson J. Fleugel
James Harold Fleugel Send Email
Concert 14 Nov 2007
Hey this is Jenny Knudsen---served under Hudson 93-95
Me and my 7 sisters just finished our first CD (Christmas). We will be performing at the Tahitian Noni Aud. Nov. 24th 2007 @ 7:00 Pm. It is a Benefit concert for a BYU student with some serious medical bills.
You can order a CD from our website
Would love to see some Alum!
Merry Christmas!
Jenny Knudsen Packard Send Email
President Van Alfen 23 Aug 2007
Aloha Guys,
Anyone know How the Van Alfens Are 84-87?
Beau Amarasekara Send Email
Memories of Daniel Goodrich 18 Jun 2007
Dear Friends,

I am looking for stories that anyone has about my dear beloved husband, Daniel Goodrich. Daniel passed away 10 months ago, we have two boys together. I am trying to round up any stories that people might have of him, either serving with him or near him. I would greatly appreciate it as well as will my boys.

I pray all is well with everyone and again appreciate anything anyone can send me. You can email me through the mission website.

Sisalee Goodrich
Sisalee Jo Goodrich Send Email
Looking for Bryce & Rotciv Harris 27 Apr 2007
Hello all, I am looking for Bryce & Rotciv Harris. The last time I spoke with him he was working at Hill AFB near Ogden, UT. If any of you know how to contact them or have seen either of them recently, please let them know that I'm trying to contact them. I can be reached at 786-205-3130 or via email at Thanks for your time and assistance in this.


Charles (Chuck) Day
Charles Day Send Email
Looking for former companions 25 Feb 2007
Anyone know how to contact Godfrey Kerr in Melbourne Austrialia.
Thanks for the Help.

Dennis Minzghor
Dennis G Minzghor Send Email
Elder Daniel Goodrich on behalf of Kason Goodrich 19 Nov 2006
Please let the missionaries know who served with President Neil Rasmussen
and President Gene Moffit that "Elder" Daniel Goodrich passed away friday
November 17, 2006 in California. Daniel was scuba diving and ran out of
oxygen. Funeral services will be held this week in West Jordan Utah.

Kason Goodrich
James McDonald Send Email
Captain Lawerence Apo US Army 05 Oct 2006
Aloha Folks,
I have a mesage from Captain Lawrence Apo US Army, on station at Bilad Air base ,Iraq with Operation Iraqi Freedom. Here's been on theatre since July !It's his 2nd Tour of Duty. He's says he iz Ok ! Wants to say Hi all from 84-85 ! Keep our bro in ya prayers Ok ! Things really dicey this month in Iraq. His boy just started college at BYUH !
Beau Amarasekara Send Email
Update on President McDonald from Elder Andrews 04 Aug 2006
I got this update from Elder Andrews on President McDonald. He is making amazing progress. Let's keep him in our prayers:

"I am pleased to report that Pres McDonald continues to make small improvements each week. He can now type and spends some time at the computer daily. He can walk (shuffle) with a walker for about 10 feet or so. He still has no feelings or response from the knees down but his upper body strength allows him to sit up by himself and move into a wheel chair unassisted. He has an incredible drive to improve and pushes
himself to the limit during twice daily therapy. I see him each Wednesday..."

Don Andrews
James McDonald Send Email
Capt. Lawrence Apo 01 Jun 2006
Aloha Folks,
2 Days ago On my way home from Work
I literally ran into Capt. Lawrence Apo 84-85' US Army Infantry, back from Iraq in February I believe and he heads back down range in July for Bilad , Iraq. If ya need to contact him let me know ! He looks great ! He came here to get his Boys to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Elder "A" Beau Amarasekara 84-86'.
Beau Amarasekara Send Email
Any old companions from Chambers/Hudson era 23 May 2006
Looking for old companions or any info on them

Elder Justin Kay
Elder Lance Hone
Elder Menndenhall
Elder Heiner
Daniel L. Dunford Send Email
Pres. Hudson era reunion? 12 Apr 2006
Any chance of a Hudson Era (1993-1996)reunion any time soon? I haven't heard of one in years.
Joseph Whitfield Send Email
Guillane- Barre Syndrome 12 Mar 2006
My sister had Guillane- Barre Syndrome and made a full recovery.
Matt Frederiksen Send Email
Up Comming Reuion 14 Feb 2006
Hey Everybody from the era of 1977 to 1981 ish, I am hosting a reunion on 3-31-06 in Murray Utah. I am seeking information on as many people as possible from this time frame. If you have info and/or want info on the activity, Please contact me here or by email at Thanks everyone, Looking forward to seeing you all.

Kevin L. Westenskow Send Email
Looking for Pres Moffit 21 Jan 2006
Does anyone have Pres. Moffit's email address?
George C Bailey Send Email
Looking for addresses, Santa Ana 11 13 Nov 2005
If anyone has any addresses for the Rivera family or the Barajas family in the Santa Ana 11 ward (or knows if they even still live there), I would be very grateful. The address for Hermana Olloque would be great, too. Please email me if you have this info (or possibly info on other families in this ward).

Steven Morrison Send Email
BYU Hawaii Golden Jubilee 24 Oct 2005
Aloha Folks,
During the BYU Hawaii Golden Jubilee celebration in Laie,Hawaii, I recieved a pleasant suprise ! Elder Pham 84-86' who served in the Cambodian and Vietnamese Branch's in Sant Ana And Garden grove in all 5'2 ! He had no clue about the website and I hope he logs on ! Also Tomasi Brown 87-88' who happens to live here refuses log on ! Can someone come over here and knock some sense to him ! But, It was so awesome to hear President Monson at the CAC regional conference yesterday alng with Elder Hales !
Aloha to All !
Beau Amarasekara Send Email
Tamara Meza (Smith) 21 Sep 2005
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
I hope all of you are doing well. I think it is wonderful that we can keep in touch through this well-designed website. I am writing to inform you that our good friend in the Gospel, Sister Tamara Smith Meza, had a stroke on Sunday. The stroke was caused by a new tumor growing in her brain. As many of you know, Tamara was able to overcome a first tumor more than two years ago. She is in very delicate condition right now, and in need of much prayer and fasting. All of you who know her and served with her, please keep her and her family in your prayers and fasting.
Lourdes Abigail Rasmusson Send Email
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