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Find my bro 24 Jan 2017
Hi this is elder Rick Davis I served from 92-94 can anybody please help me locate elder Corey Jenkins been trying to find him for years. Thanks
Rick G Davis Send Email
info... 14 Sep 2010
My Name is Sandra Dietze ie. Sis. Sandra Marble now married to Elder Derek Dietze. I served in San Diego March 1984 to Aug 1985
I am looking for Mission friends and Comps. Converts and information.
Sandra Dietze Send Email
Hello 12 Sep 2010
Just found this web-site. It is great to run across some of the names of sisters and elders I served with. Brings back so many wonderful memories. I hope to hear from someone.
Arla Maldonado-Chapa Send Email
looking for Hunter Harrison 18 Mar 2010
I am looking for Elder Hunter Harrison. One of our converts wants his contact info. If anyone has it please let me know. Thanks
William Lee Eldeen Jr. Send Email
Have you seen or heard from? 05 Oct 2009
I served in 75-76 and am still searching for Doris Tomacyck, Delores Mortensen, Ramona Lystrup, Debra Maule. If anyone has news or contact information or anyone else I served with, please email me at I would truly appreciate it.
Aloha from the Big Islalnd of Hawaii.
Althea Sanchez Nakila
Althea Pilialoha Nakila Send Email
Brandon and Andrea Venn 22 Aug 2009
I'm the home teacher to the family of Brandon and Andrea Venn. They joined the church about 10 years ago (late nineties to 2000). They have since fallen away but they still speak very highly of two elder missionaries with whom they were very close. I would like to see if those missionaries are still around to see if they can re-establish contact and perhaps help reactivate the Venn family. The family is Brandon and Andrea Venn of El Cajon and it would have been about the late nineties or 2000 time frame. Please email me at
Matthew Neal Send Email
Nick Bettes 18 Aug 2009
Did anyone else hear that Nick Bettes will be on Biggest Loser next season? He gained a lot of weight since the mission I guess. Be sure to cheer him on!
Marshall LeGrande Ward Send Email
baby 08 Apr 2009
I'm going to be a dad to a baby boy in august.
Paul Redpath Send Email
Your Prayers 25 Feb 2008
I Just wanted to thank all of you that prayed on my behalf after my accident. I thank the Lord for healing me and blessing me. I am walking now and improving day by day. May the Lord Bless you all.

Todd Corbett
Todd G. Corbett Send Email
Prayers for Todd Corbett 29 May 2007
For those of you who served in the CSDM between '94 and '96, we need to unite in prayer for Todd Corbett. A few weeks ago he fell three stories while he was working. Among other things, he broke several bones and has had at least one surgery (might be more, not sure) to put them back together. This fall comes at an especially tough time since his wife is due soon and he may be down for a while.

I spoke with him on the phone about a week ago and he is doing well, but is still in the hospital. He feels very blessed to be alive and hopes for a full recovery. I was surprised but grateful that his spirits are high and he said he feels at peace with eveything that has happened because he has felt peace from the Spirit during it all.

I know he would appreciate prayers on his and his family's behalf at this difficult time.

Fell free to contact me if you would like his phone number to call and give him encouragement.

Justin Strunk
Justin David Strunk Send Email
Sisters Pretlow, Luker, Wiser, Sampson, and Kilabr 27 Apr 2007
Hello, can anyone help me to get ahold of these sisters? I just got back from my mission in Michigan Detroit and they encouraged me and helped me to go on my mission. My mission was the best experience of my life and I wanted to thank them. please email me at
Clara Wilson Send Email
looking for missionaries 15 Apr 2007
I am looking for missionaries who served in this mission from 1992-1993. I have not heard from many of you. My name at the time was Billie Jean Burd. I served in Yuma, Az. and in the Family History Center.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Love and prayers, Billie Jean Rossmiller(A.K.A.) Billie Jean Burd
Billie Jean Rossmiller Send Email
Elder Jon Sperry 12 Jan 2007
Elder Sperry is in the U. S. Army. His new address is:
Pvt. Sperry Richard Jon H.H.C. 20TH Engineer Brigade
5834 Essayons St.
Stop A Box 44
Ft. Bragg., N. Carolina 28310
P. S. Send letters or cards & give Jon a lot of support. He may be leaving to go to Iraq in July. He sends his love & each of you are in his daily prayers.
Leslie Omans Send Email
Lost contact 15 Nov 2006
It has basically been forever since I have talked to anyone missionary or member from San Diego. All of my stuff is boxed up in storage, I am in between moves right now and would like to hear from folks from the good old days. Cut me an email sometime, Rachel and I hope to actually finally visit the area sometime next year.
Josh Schulmire Send Email
looking for Matt and Elsa Bear 18 Sep 2006
I used to live in the San Diego 1st Ward of the North Stake between the time I was baptized in 1999 to 2004 when I returned home from my mission to Colorado Springs and then was married and have moved a couple of times since.
There was a wonderful family of 4 (now 5, I think) living in that ward at the time. There names are Matt and Elsa Bear. They have a son that would be 10 now (Scott), and a handicapped daughter who is just so sweet. If I remeber correctly they have also have another son.
This family was the greatest, and I lost them once, but was able to find them again when I got married. Now, 2 yrs later, I have just moved and lost their information again.
They were last living in Mira Mesa. He works in Carlsbad and she's in the military. (Last I heard anyway)
If anyone knows them and can give me their phone number and/or address that would be great. Or you can give them my information as well:

Jeri Kay Eldeen
241 Shawnee Run #B
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449

home: (937)859-3127

I used to be Jeri Kay Norquist and they know my husband as well William Lee Eldeen, Jr

If anyone can help me it will be VERY much appreciated.
Thank you,
JeriKay Eldeen
Jeri Kay Eldeen (Norquist) Send Email
Bradley Paul Omans 19 Jul 2006
Hi! everyone! Our San Diego 4th Ward has underwent some amazing changes. Stanley Crescioni is our wonderful ward mission leader. Brad, my husband, is in the hospital again. Please, elders & others reading this message, keep track of your blood pressure, blood sugar & all health issues. Be careful what you allow your children to eat. Diabetes & High Blood Pressure isn't just for overweight people. Children are not fallible to these problems. We are happy & very contented with our wonderful life together. Prayer is our essential dominance & gives us continual good news. Our faith is at all time high. Thank all of you for the times you spent in our home, & for having Brad go with you. He had a Mini Stroke Feb. 28th, 2006. It affected his left side. He is walking with a walker, but his Faith shines within his mind, eyes, face & in the words he speaks, the way he lives his life & every minute is quite a learning lesson for us. May our Heavenly Father guide, protect & grant you with what you need as you walk in his path & ways.
Sis. & Bro. Brad Omans
3375 Elm St. (Apt. B)
San Diego, Ca. 92102
(619) 696-8182
Leslie Omans Send Email
wabt to thank the missionaries i met in jan '03 19 May 2006
I met briefly with two missionaries in Spring Valley in January '02 right before i moved to florida with my husband. I want to say that their names where elders murray and white... but I could be wrong. Anyhow I wanted to let them know that my husband and i are finally going to be baptized here in maryland in a couple of weeks. We also have 2 year old twins. I wanted to thank them because their kindness and conviction never left my mind, and is why after a few years I still wanted to investigate this church.
Kelly Hull Send Email
Montero 15 May 2006
I'd like to catch up with a companion, Montero, who served 99-01. Anyone has any info on him, let me know.
Joseph Edward Lowry Send Email
just wondering 25 Apr 2006
hi i served in CSDM 87-89 i remember a family by the name of Yager living i needles Ca at the time i met them they were a family of 3 we baptised them and i was just courious if anyone serving in needles knows how the family was doing?
Erik Nielson Lohne Send Email
Elder Orth, Bloomfield, Allen 11 Apr 2006
Anybody know where Elders Kim Orth, Doug Bloomfield, or James Allen are these days? They served with me in '75 and '76. Miss those guys!
Rick D Johnson Send Email
Miller Family 22 Mar 2006
I was wondering if anyone new the whereabouts of the Ken and Mary Jane Miller. They joined the church in Grossmont Ward in Santee back in May of 1996 but moved out of that ward since then. They had two sons who would be teen-aged by now and they had a nephew and niece (Asten and Shauna) who were batptized shortly after they were. I would really love to touch base with them as they were a great family. If anyone know anything email me through the website here. Thanks.
Daniel George Fraser Send Email
Carpool to Pitcher Reunion 22 Mar 2006
If anyone from near the Logan area is planning on going to the Pitcher reunion on the 31st, I would like to carpool. I'm planning on driving but I'm just looking for someone to share gas expenses and drive up with. Either e-mail me at or call me at (435) 770-0977
R. Aaron Chadwick Send Email
Looking for Elder Adams 18 Jan 2006
I would love to get in contact with Elder Adams that served in here '01-'03. He's from Blackfoot, Idaho, and started his mission in the Lakeside 1st Ward. I don't think he knows it, but he changed my life. When he met me I was an inactive member of the Church with a lot of problems. After working with me and my non-member stepfather for several months, he convinced me to return to the Church and even read the Book of Mormon (I had never read it before). I became truly converted to the Gospel, and have since gone on to serve a mission in Ukraine and get married in the San Diego Temple. I don't think he knows the role that he played in my conversion, and I've never had the opportunity to thank him. If anyone has any information about hopw to contact him (i.e.- e-mail address, phone number, etc.) I would be very grateful.
Scott Hodson Send Email
HELP! 14 Jan 2006
What's going on everyone? This is Kevin Clark from 01-03. I was wondering if anyone could help me locate Elder Landon Hanna? Email me any info that you have please.

Also, congrats to Jared Lee on his recent marraige. Sorry I couldn't be there Lee, we'll catch up in the future!

Kevin Prescott Clark Send Email
Restaurants 06 Dec 2005
After nearly 15 years, I am headed back to SD for the first time since serving 89-91. Just wondering if any current, recent, or past missionaries have a favorite restaurant or two they recommend my family stop and eat at.

I always loved the little hole-in-the-wall places like Albertos (plus that's all we could afford), but we have them in Utah now so I'm looking for something unique to SD. We'll be there about 4-5 days in June 2006--any ideas?
Douglas Wayne Perry Send Email
Tongan Missionary 21 Jul 2005
If anyone knows anything about an Elder Paeahelotu (spelling??), Please let me know. He was still serving when I left in December of '99. Haven't been able to contact him since being home and am interested in seeing how he's doing! Please email me if you know:
Nicholas Bettes Send Email
Trying to find Jeff Bentley 19 May 2005
Elder Bentley was my trainer in Calexico in 1975. Does anyone have any contact information for him?
David V. Stuart Send Email
Fiesta! 23 Feb 2005
FYI--Elizabeth Feil and Shelby Bautista would like to have a party for those spanish missionaries who served under the Boyden/Pitcher era. Please contact Elizabeth at or Shelby at for the coming information!
Jennifer Sue Sykes Send Email
Looking for Elders 13 Nov 2004
Hi there.

My name is Oscar Vasquez and I am looking for all the missionaries I have come to know over the years. Maybe y'all also know my mom, Rosa (also known as Mamacita). Shes a wonderful, tiny Mexican lady who always cooked awesome Mexican for y'all (mainly carne asada, rice and some cool beans), which y'all always loved! For those of you that might not know me, I am a convert to this wonderful gospel, and I am forever grateful to all those missionaries that were there to help me grow so much. Plus I wanted to thank them for serving the LORD and helping me to come to know the LORD even more. Their efforts encouraged me to serve a mission. I just returned 2 years ago, and I am grateful I was able to do serve just like all of you. I am also glad to annouce that soon I will be married and sealed to my beloved fiancee, Michelle, in the San Diego Temple on December 30, 2004. Hopefully if you remember me, please contact me. I would really want to get a hold of y'all and hopefully you can come to my wedding. Take care all and GOD bless.
Oscar Vasquez Send Email
Please help me find Elder Hatch 08 Oct 2004
Does anyone know how I can find Elder Hatch ..he served in the El Cajon area of the San Diego Mission. This was around 1974-1976. I am not sure of exact dates. Could have been a little earlier but I don't think so. Please if you know how to get ahold of him let me know. I think his first name was Donald, and that he was from Canada. I really would love to get into contact with him. I think he would really get a kick out of knowing what happened after he baptized me. Like the fact that our son just this last May returned from serving his mission in the South Salt Lake Mission.

Donna Littlefield
PS he would know me as Donna Denton, with a 5 year old that was named Dianne
Donna Littlefield (formerly Denton) Send Email
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