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Hello 20 May 2014
To all my old friends from 25 years ago, thanks for all the wonderful memories. And I am so glad I had the opportunity to serve The Lord then, and today. And as I watch this world crumble underneath us, I am grateful for the memories I have that keep me strong and moving upward so I can one day see you all again with our Loving Father in Heaven.
Darrin Lee Van Valkenburg Send Email
How is everyone? 19 Apr 2013
Hi guys it has been a while since I have been on this site.

My wife and I are in our Sixteenthteenth year of marraige. We have two kids. Logan is nine years old and Liam is four.

We live in Southern California (occupied america) and I love my job being a Border Patrol Agent.

We do hope to leave and move to Free America in Idaho or Montana.

We are active in Church and enjoy the blessings of the gosple.

Take care.

Mike J. Flanders Send Email
Elder Byrd - Ukiah 1987 13 Jul 2011
I am looking for the missionary that baptized me in Ukiah, California on August 8, 1987. I only knew him by Elder Byrd. I just wanted him to know that my oldest son is about to submit his paperwork for his mission! I just wanted to thank him for serving and let him know that I am so grateful for his testimony that he shared so many years ago.
Kristen (Marley) McCallum
Kristen (Marley) McCallum Send Email
Mission Reunion for President Ogden Missionaries! 08 Sep 2009
Hi everyone,
I am planning a mission reunion for those who served under Pres. Ogden from 1988-1991. You can contact me at 801-671-8395. Friday, Oct. 2nd from 7-9pm. It will be a casual, potluck dinner held at my new stake center in West Jordan located at 6700 West and about 8000 South. Directions: Drive west on 7800 South until you reach 6700 West, turn left onto 6700 W. (if you get to Bacchus Hwy, you have gone too far). The stake center is down the hill and on the left. You can't miss it as the land around it is undeveloped. Don't let the 6700 West scare you. Once you reach Bangeter Hwy and 7800 S. at Jordan Landing, the street is only 5 minutes away due to open country and a high speed limit. Call me if you have any questions or you can reach me at If anyone has President Ogden's new phone number, I would love to get it from you. Thanks! :)
Julie Weiss Send Email
hello 02 Mar 2009
any info about bro.benjamin harris?he was my D.L. at fairfield(my first area)....if you read this,bro harris, email address is!!
emmanuelle callera galvez Send Email
Trying to help locate a Missionary 28 Dec 2008
Hello all,
My name is David Raymond, and I served in the California Fresno mission from 2001-2003. I am trying to help a soldier I know in my YSA branch locate the missionaries who baptized him. His name is Jonathan Kitchen, and he was baptized December 2004. Elder Daniel Mecham was one of the missionaries. Jonathan had contact with him while he was deployed in 2006, at which time Elder Mecham said he was living and working in Fresno. I did a search of your database, and didn't find him yet. If anyone has contact information for him, I would very much like to be able to help these two keep in touch. We believe Elder Mecham served in 2003-2005 or so. Thanks in advance.
David Raymond Send Email
sister gena ponder 20 Jun 2008
I serverd with her in 1991 in Napa which was
my first area. If anyone out knows her
e-mail me @
Camille Y Cummings Send Email
Looking for Elders Cook and Bergen 01 May 2008

I'm looking for the Elders that baptized me in Ukiah in November 1987, Elder Cook and Elder Shane Bergen. If you know how to contact them, please either let me know or let them know that I'm trying to find them.


Dave Johnston Send Email
p.s. 16 Apr 2008
Hermana Howell served with Hermana's Epling and Hatch at one point.
David Adam Fackrell Send Email
Looking for Herman Howell 16 Apr 2008
Hey this is David Fackrell, I served from 97-99. I am looking for Angela Howell. She was a spanish speaking sister that served from 97-98 I believe. She is married and live in Lehi, UT and I don't recall her married name. I have seen her a number of times, but I lost her phone number. I just need to get in contact with her, so if anyone knows how I can get a hold of her please email me at


David Fackrell
David Adam Fackrell Send Email
Sister Nelson 20 Mar 2008
Here is the info I have. (801) 226-1430. 1132 E 1100 W Orem, UT 84057
Christopher B Carn Send Email
Reunion 20 Mar 2008
Pres. Nelson - I am working with Sis. Nelson to try to get a reunion together, hopefully for Oct. I am currently working on a master list of all missionaries that served under Pres. Nelson. If you have any information (past or present) on any missionary, please call or email the information to me. I am also looking for a recent family picture along with 1 - 2 paragraphs about what you have been doing and the names of your spouse/other and your children if you have some. I have compiled a list of approximately 300+ names so far, I have current information on about 40. Please let me know ASAP, so that we can make this happen !!
Michael Robbins - 11349 S Bell Ridge Dr., Sandy, UT 84094 (801) 509 - 0592
Michael J Robbins Send Email
Missing Missionaries 19 Mar 2008
We have lost track of some of our missionaries. If you have any information (i.e. address, phone number, or e-mail) for any of the following, please let us know.
Andrew Watkins
Phillip White
Steven Thurston
Paul Sanford
Jonathan Long
Gina Layton
David Judd
David Byrd
Michael Anderson
Matthew Avery
Amanda Armstrong
Aubrey Shiffler
Justin Waddell
Thanks for your help.
Love, Pres. & Sister Knudson
Steven Kent Knudson Send Email
The GOV 19 Mar 2008
Hello ALL,

I am trying to re-connect with those of you whom I associated with in the Santa Rosa mission from the years of 1992-1994. If you remember who I am email me. I will be glad to hear from you.
Angelo R. Governale III Send Email
Sister Nelson 22 Feb 2008
Does anybody have any info on Sister Nelson? A phone number, or address or any thing to be able to contact her. Thanks
Steve M. McCauley Send Email
Dr. Bill Sullivan passes away 25 Oct 2007
Dear Sant Rosa Missionaries,
We were saddened to hear the news that Dr. Bill Sullivan passed away on Saturday, October 20th at the age of 70. He unexpectedly died after complications from recent surgery. He lived in the Brush Creek Ward in Santa Rosa and took care of the healthcare and emotional needs of countless missionaries for many years. He often saw missionaries during his lunch hour and after work, and never charged for his services. His council and advice to us and other mission presidents was so valuable and helpful. He was like our very own personal "missionary medical department" right in Santa Rosa.
Sister Scribner wrote a beautiful letter about his life and the days before he died. If you would like me to send you a copy, please e-mail me. ( If you would like to write to Dr. Sullivan's wife, Mary Lou, her e-mail is:
Life is so fragile, we must live each day to the fullest. How blessed we are to have the knowledge of the gospel.
Love, Sister Knudson
Steven Kent Knudson Send Email
Mission picnic June 30 28 Jun 2007
Calling all missionaries who served with President Nelson. A mission Picnic is happening in America Fork, June 30,2007 @ 5:00 pm. Bring your families, a main dish and drinks, and a potluck salad if your last name is A-K or a dessert if L-Z. The address for the Rotary Park in American Fork is 400 S. 200 E. Contact Karen Schultz (Sheen) at 801-489-1125 or with any questions. Hope to see you there!!!!!
Karen L. Schultz Send Email
Hello 21 Jun 2007
Hello all. Nice to see some familiar names, TerHorst, Carn, Arscott. Things are good here. Married and have 3 daughters, one more daughter on the way. It's okay, I own a shotgun for each one. haha Anyway, does anyone have an email address for Nefi Garza? I've been trying like heck to find it. Thanks, and good to hear a little from each of you.
Corey Brent Crowther Send Email
Getting Married 12 Apr 2007
Hey everyone that I served with. I am getting married (finally) on August 10th 2007, and would love to invite any of you to the reception, if I served with you. If you could send me your addresses to, (if you want an invitation) I will be sure to send the invitation to you.
Lee Sanders Averett Send Email
Pres Swensen 29 Mar 2007
Thank you Alice.
Logan V Miller Send Email
Pres. Swensen info 29 Mar 2007
I have an address and phone number. They still don't have email last I heard.
Pres. & Sis. Swensen
1101 Framewood Ln.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84123-4715
(801) 281-8746
Alice Shelley Send Email
Pres Swensen 28 Mar 2007
Anyone have contact info for Gary Swensen?
Logan V Miller Send Email
Reunión Misional - Abril de 2007 24 Feb 2007
Oyen, compas: si es que me conozcan y quieran venir a esta próxima reunión misional, ¡que me manden un e-mail! Existe la posibilidad que puedan quedarte conmigo y mi familia en Provo ese fin de semana.

¡Espero ver muchos de ustedes allí así que no vacilan!
Isaac Benson Send Email
I'm going to Utah (and California)! 01 Feb 2007
Dear people!!!

I'm going to visit the United States in March 2007. YEAH I've got my visa and also bought the airplane tickets! I'm way excited! : ) So I'll arrive SLC airport on March 12 and will be there until March 17... THen I'm heading to California for a couple days. I've sent out a bunch e-mails to many of you... If you didn't get one it's probably because I don't have your e-mail address. : ) Then please find me through MY e-mail address (which is on my profile) then we will have a mini reunion for Cho, who doesn't show up in the States every single day.

I love you! Can't wait to see you AGAIN!

Take care!
sister Cho (Chiu)
Hsin-Yao Chiu (Cho) Send Email
Missing Missionaries 13 Nov 2006
Dear Santa Rosa Missionaries,
President & Sister Knudson (2000-2003) Have lost track of some of their missionaries. If you have any information about any of these misson alumni, please contact us. We would like their address, phone, and/or e-mail address.
James Allison, Matthew Avery, David Byrd, Jose Cardona, Zae Dimaya, Sosiua Fakahau, J.C. Holt, Jeffrey Langston, Juan Lara, Gina Layton, Miguel & Yessica (Garcia) Meza, Rebecca (Kent) Miller, Camila Nagata, Bradley Price, Justin Richardson, Andrew Spring, Jaqueline (Allen) Tateishi, Steven Thurston, Dash-tseren Tsolmon, Kevin Tutton, Andrew Watkins.
Steven Kent Knudson Send Email
Mongolia 09 Oct 2006
Hi. Every one
I just wanna say hello. I'm still in Mongolia.

If you come visit here in Mongolia, just come to my house. I will make good Mongolian food for you.

Ganbold Tungalag Send Email
Griffin 05 Oct 2006
Hey, anyone from 01-03 era let me know something. Im still being myself, tightning that bible belt up here in mississippi
Ezekiel Paul Griffin Send Email
Griffin 05 Oct 2006
Hey, anyone from 01-03 era let me know something. Im still being myself, tightning that bible belt up here in mississippi
Ezekiel Paul Griffin Send Email
utah and homeless 17 Sep 2006
hello fellow mission chums. its sister heather rollingson here. i am going to be at the renunion this time around. i am looking for a place to crash for a few days, so if you wanna open your home to this little canuck for a day or so, let me know. im going to be flying , so i wont have a car.....ahh, i hate to be a burden. please help, anyone?
it will be good to see you all again.
heather rollingson Send Email
update 17 Sep 2006
Hey everyone.

Just a little update. I am married now, last name is Laird. I have two kids, a little girl named Carianne, she's two; and a little boy named Jacob, he's Seven months. My husband just recently joined the Army and will be heading off for basic training and officer Candidate school soon. So we're excited. I'm busy being a mother and wife and loving every minute of it.
heidi patricia Laird Send Email
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