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Next Book Underway 29 Mar 2011
Please see the 2nd message below this one. The new book about Church History in Southeast Asia is underway.


How was the translation of the Book of Mormon into Cambodia performed? Who did the work?

Of the Mission Presidents after President Corriveau, which ones are still alive? [I'm already connected to President Larry White and Troy Corriveau].
Reed Haslam Send Email
Fw: from Pres. and Sister Towers 12 Mar 2011
Hi all of you!

We have had some inquiries about a mission reunion this Spring. We are not planning one for our group at conference time, since we will be out of the country, but we will be planning a get-together this summer.

If those of you on Facebook or Twitter could please put this information out we might find more of our missionaries. Please ask those who don't get this message via email to email their address to and I will make sure they get on the list.

We know many of you have moved away from Utah, but President Towers and I look forward to seeing all of you who can make it to our home very soon.

Love, Sister Towers
Jacob Sorber Send Email
Church History in Cambodia 26 Apr 2010
In 2006 I wrote a book about the translation of the book of Mormon into the Thai language and about the early history of the Church in Thailand (with a minor bit about Cambodia and Laos). More recently I completed a book about the 5th native Thai (and my companion) who served a mission. Titled Monk to Missionary it details how he served for three years as a Buddhist Monk before joining the church and serving as a missionary.

I again have my sights on a future book regarding the history of the church in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Burma).

I am asking for all those former missionaries in Cambodia to share their information about historical events in that nation. I know how to contact President Winegar who was a former missionary in Thailand and I know that the current president Scott Smedley was also a former missionary in Thailand. Further I know how to contact Larry White and Troy Corriveau for their input for the earliest years of missionary work in Cambodia.
The recent KSL program on Cambodia has also given me further useful information.

These contacts are not sufficient however to complete the story of the church's history in Cambodia. So I am appealing for the input of others. A year ago this effort got off to a rocky start. I was contacted by four former missionaries who wanted to participate in this effort, but none of them followed through with information. I did get a marvelous story of a Cambodian sister who suffered mightily during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, found a way to Thailand and then to US and joined the church here. Her story is typical of many stories I am sure.

I would also like any information I can get about the translation of the Book of Mormon into Cambodian.

I never intended to be an author (I'm a computer scientist by trade), but I can't seem to stop writing about the church in Southeast Asia. All I can say is that I find it fascinating and enjoyable.

So please contact me if you have historical information on the Church in Cambodia.

Send e-mail to or

Thanks for your consideration of helping in this project.

-Reed B. Haslam-
Reed Haslam Send Email
missed again 02 Apr 2010
Well looks like I missed another mission reunion but friends keep conspiring to get me down to Utah for conference. So maybe at some future point I'll make it. Hope you all had a great time!
Jacob Paul Fortin Send Email
Address 16 Dec 2009
If I want to write a letter, what is the current address for missionaries?

Does anyone have email addresses of Vietnamese members in Cambodia that you could give to me?
Garrett Colton Send Email
Church History in Southeast Asia 05 May 2009
To: Cambodia Phnom Pehn Alumni,

My name is Reed Haslam and I served in Thailand (1973-1975). I am considering writing a book on the history of the Church in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma (Myanmar)).

I am looking for alumni who would contribute stroes of a historical nature regarding Cambodia to this effort. Among items of iterest (that I am aware of) are:

1) Experiences of the 1st missionaries
2) Dedication of Cambodia (1996)
3) Translation of the Book of Mormon into the Cambodian language
4) Construction of the Church's multi-use building in Phnom Penh

Any events of a historical nature would be welcome.

I have previously written a book Translating Scripture: The Thai Book of Mormon in which a small part of the early history of the Church in Cambodia was included. That information come from Presidents White and Corriveau of the Thailand Bangkok Mission.

Former Mission Presidents in Cambodia are certainly welcome to contribute as well.

If you are interested in participating please contact
Reed Haslam Send Email
Facebook 12 Feb 2009
Look me up on Facebook! I would love to chat with you guys.
Vinney Todd Tolman
Vinney Todd Tolman Send Email
President White 07 Oct 2007
Does anyone know how to get in touch with President Leland D. White? His email address on this site is no longer valid. Thanks! Mike McCormick ('97-'99)
Mike Andrew McCormick Send Email
Interpreters in DC 21 Aug 2007
Hi all,

I'm currently working for the Cambodian Association of America in Long Beach, and I've recently received a request for interpreters in the Washington DC area. This would be primarily medical translation on a time to time basis. If you are interested, or know someone bilingual in Khmer/English in the DC area who's interested, please have them contact Kelly at 310-654-2890 or email at
Kirsten (the former Sister Downing)
Kirsten Sariah Trefflich Send Email
going back! 03 Mar 2007
The Coltons and Le Fevres are going back to Cambodia (and Vietnam and Laos) in March. We wish we could take all of you with us. We leave on March 11th and return on March 28th, in time to be to our mission reunion, which location and date are not yet set. We will have a mission reunion in Cambodia and take pictures of all the missionaries there who served with us - and their wives and children. We will show these at our mission reunion in SL a day or two after we get back.
We will be in Cambodia on March 24th, when the North and South Districts are having a combined program/talent show, so will be able to see many people at that time. On the following day we will have a fireside for the Vietnamese District. If you're in touch with people in Cambodia, please write to them and ask them to come to see us at any of the events where we will be. If you get this in time, write to us and remind us of the names of people you taught (make sure you give us enough details that we would recognize who you mean), especially ones whom President Colton baptized or to whose houses we went to help teach. Also remind us of men who were in branch presidencies and women who served as RS presidents. We find that we still have a memory for faces, facts about the people (where they worked or what they did) but we can't come up with the names.
We'll send this message out to the email addresses we have also, and if you get this, forward it to others who could send information to us.
Love, Coltons
John Phillip Colton Send Email
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