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Dan Wilson
  Senior Web Developer
  Spouse: Emily
  Children: Halie (2003), Raegan (2006), Jaxon (2007), Alex (2011)
  Saratoga Springs, UT
Mission Served
  California Oakland (1994-1996)
  English, just barely
Formal Education
  Some college
Current Church Calling
  Elder's Quorum Instructor

Beginning his affiliation with LDSMN in 1996, Dan Wilson has become one of the many key contributors to the programming development. As the author of a web site package (Site-In-A-Box) which allows for an alumni site to exist even without a maintainer, Bro. Wilson has contributed many volunteer hours to the LDSMN cause.

Wilson enjoys sports of any kind and has recently become addicted to golf. He has had no formal training in web development but currently works as a web developer due to the experience gained working on related projects. Wilson is part of the LDSMN development committee and the backup technical contact for

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