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SIB or "site-in-a-box" is exactly what it sounds like: a complete missionary alumni site. SIB allows you to maintain your site simply and easily through database-driven, dynamic pages. All you have to do is authorize postings to your site. Even though it comes with a pleasing default look, SIB is completely customizable so you can create the look and features you desire.

You can request an SIB account on the LDS Mission Network, which has all the needed requirements to run the scripts. To request an account, simply complete the Feedback form.


The following modules are part of SIB and there are additional modules planned for the future.

  • Alumni Database
  • Member/Friend Database
  • Current Missionary Database
  • News
  • Message Board
  • Guestbook
  • Mission Info
  • Reunions
  • Links
  • Pictures
  • Stories
  • Polls
  • Presidents
  • Comments


SIB has an extensive administration section, which allows for the customization of most aspects of the site. Many settings can be changed, from what modules are available to the number of results displayed. Explore the admin section (add 'admin.php' to the url and use the username 'test' and password 'sandbox') of the demo site to see the many customization settings. Feel free to change settings and see what happens. Just don't delete data as that is part of the testing and development process.

SIB Links

Contact Information
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Dan Wilson by email:

Usage and Requirements

The scripts are available at no cost to other mission page webmasters only. They have been used in a Linux/Unix environment but should run under other environments with minor modifications. In order to be able to run the scripts, you must have PHP and PostgreSQL on your server. If you would like a copy of the scripts, please contact Dan Wilson directly. The SIB scripts are only for use within LDSMN authorized sites. Please do not request a copy of SIB for use outside of LDSMN.

The SIB Sandbox

If you think you might like SIB or if you already use SIB, but want to try things out before you implement it on your site, then the SIB sandbox is where you want to go ( This demo site is wide open. You can play with the all the custom features, add and then delete data, change the look of the site, whatever you want. Additional instructions (including the admin user name and password) are on the sandbox start page. Give it a try and see how you like it! Have fun!!

SIB Development

Continuing development of SIB is driven by the feature requests of the webmasters who use it. Although SIB is already an easy to use and robust system, many features are being added that will make it even better. A current list of the features that are under development is located on the TODO list.

If you would like to help in the development of SIB, even if you don't currently know PHP, please contact Dan Wilson or Daniel Gibby.

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