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Fallecimiento de Salomón Rodriguez 22 Jul 2001
En el dia de ayer recibí varias llamadas informandome del fallecimiento de Edward Medina en Santo Domingo, para mi sorpresa en horas de la tarde, al regresar de San Francisco, me encontré con la triste noticia del fallecimiento del hermanito Salomón Rodriguez, hijo del hermano Antolín Rodriguez de Villa Olga, en Santiago, ellos viven a solo cuatro cuadras de mi casa y ví la pena de esta familia tan amada. El hermanito Salomón solo tenia 16 años, habia terminado su tercer año en seminario y estaba en un rio en una actividad scout, en el cual se ahogó.
Hoy en la tarde fué enterrado y solo en conferencias de estacas he podido ver tantas personas como las ví hoy.
Oscar David Amparo Mandar Mensaje
Anuncio de la muerte del Hermano Edward Medina 22 Jul 2001
El Hermano Edward Medina Falleció hoy a causa de una caída sufrida en una bicicleta.
Edward sirvió en la misión Santiago 1998-2000 ó 1997-1999 fué conocido como el elder Medina; es Hermano de las Hermanas Medina que sirvierón también en Santiago 89-91 y una de ellas esta casada con Emilio Chaz (Elder Chaz).

Me lo dijo Jerónimo Meléndez
Jerry Newitt Mandar Mensaje
Request for specific items 13 Jun 2001
I am making a CD of everything I can find from my mission in the DR. I am scanning photos and most anything. I am almost done, but I do need a few things.

The missionary newsletter "El Inspirador" for the following dates:

  • 10/96

  • 11/96

  • 12/96

  • 1/97

  • 2/97

  • 3/97

  • 4/97

  • 5/97

  • 4/98

  • 6/98

  • I'm looking for scans that are fairly large (750 x 1100), or the actual *.doc files. If anyone can get a good compression on *.pdf files, send those and tell me how to reduce the size.

    I also need some pictures of very dominican things like rigged lightpoles leperous dogs and the like.

    I can give a copy of the CD to anyone that wants one, but a good portion will be my mission photos.
    John Benjamin Tilley Mandar Mensaje
    Going Back 13 May 2001
    I am going back to visit and wanted to know if anybody knows where to stay and still be able to travel freely. We want to visit all of the Cibao and are looking for maybe a hotel in Santiago to base out of. If anybody has been to one and can say that it was pretty good, drop me a line.

    Casey Tolley
    Casey I Tolley Mandar Mensaje
    Christy Romney is getting married plus an update f 21 Apr 2001
    From President Romney:

    Dear DR Santiago missionaries,

    We have exciting news in our family that I wanted to share with you. First, Christy is getting married on May 8 in the SLC temple. Attached to the email is a wedding announcement. The reception will be held in our back yard in Springville that evening and we would love to see any of you that can make it. See the announcement for details.

    Second, we are leaving to go pick up Miles this coming Sunday. He is in the Porto Alegre North Mission and is being released next Tuesday. We will spend a few days going with him to his old areas and then spend 2 days in Rio de Janeiro (we will try to avoid getting shot like the father and son did a few months ago). Miles is not much of a letter writer, but he did send us what he called his "last letter." We got it today and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the spiritual growth he has undergone this past 2 years. I have attached the letter to the email. I know that many of you will not be interested in the letter, but for you that are be forewarned that it is 3 pages long so you will need a few moments to read it.

    Now a bit of news about the rest of the family. Our oldest Elann is married to David Barlow and he is a student at Snow College. Elann has her hands full taking care of their almost 2 year old daughter. They are expecting another child this summer. Alex, her daughter, will go to everyone in the family but me. I guess she must be afraid of me because she turns and runs every time I go near her. It has turned into a family game. Everyone tries to get her to go to me and then they all burst out laughing at her reaction.

    Christy has her associates degree from UVSC and wants to apply to BYU. For now, she is going to "put hubby through school". Her husband to be wants to get a PhD so it may be a while before she gets back to school. She is the assistant manager at the Springville Cracker Barrel gift shop. She has been living in Provo for the last few years while working and going to school. She moved back home at Christmas time and it has been fun having her back home these last few months as she has prepared for her marriage.

    Miles has had a fantastic mission and is shortly going to be going through the same RM adjustments that all of you went through. He has a girl waiting so we may be hearing wedding bells in another year or two.

    Ashton married his high school sweetheart earlier this year and they live in Provo and are both working full time. He hopes to be able to save enough money to go to school one of these days. He missed by one point getting a full ride scholarship to UVSC.

    Marshall Jr just turned 16 in March and is an absolutely adorable young man. He is a great tease (which drives his Mom and Dad nuts) and can be a real charmer. We would not let him get his drivers license until he got his Eagle Scout award and he passed his Eagle Board of Review a few weeks ago and insisted on getting his license the very next day. So, if you are every anywhere near Springville, be sure to drive carefully because he may be on the road driving somewhere (and he makes up a million reasons to be out driving).

    Kim is almost 15 and has turned into a beautiful young lady. She plays the violin and made the Nebo Youth Symphony as first chair second violin. She played in Abravenal Hall in SLC earlier in the year and just got back from a trip to a competition in Colorado where her Orchestra received the highest marks possible. She is the president of her YW group and is a lot of fun to be around. She has read Harry Potter so many times she almost has the books memorized. She knows everything there is to know about NSYNC and has all the dances to their songs down almost as well as they do.

    Scott, our missionary baby, is quite the athlete. He is CONSTANTLY asking me to go throw the football to him or to shoot hoops with him. He does very well in school and loves to remind me that I promised to buy him a motorized scooter if he got on the honor roll all 4 times this year. He reminds me frequently that he has only one more term to go. He loves the movie Christmas Mission about two missionaries at Christmas time and falls asleep many nights watching it. He and Marshall can not wait to follow in Miles’ footsteps and serve a mission.

    Sister Romney and I are doing well. I still teach at BYU and Sister Romney keeps things running at home. We often talk about our days in the DR and I just finished reading my journal from those 3 years. It brought back a lot of memories of the days we shared together in the Lord’s service. We hope all is well in your lives. We love all of you and would love to hear from you. If you are ever in Springville, please feel free to stop by and see us. Our home is always open.

    We do not have all that many of the missionaries’ addresses, so feel free to forward this email and its attachments to anyone else you keep in contact with.

    Love, the Romneys
    Jerry Newitt Mandar Mensaje
    Quiero saber de Bonao y Esperanza 26 Mar 2001
    Soy Brian Gilliland y servia en Santiago en '95-'97. Quiero saber de un miembro llamada Mirelli y su familia y del progreso del barrio de Bonao y de la rama de Esperanza. Si es possible me gustaria comunicarme con ellos antes que me vaya para alla entonces cualquier tipo de informacion seria agradable.
    Brian Quasimoto Gilliland Mandar Mensaje
    Companeros 17 Jan 2001
    Quiero saber de:

    Juan Pablo de la Cruz Bueno (89-91)
    Jorge Cuevas (89-91)
    Emanuel Dickson (90-92)
    Diaz (91-93)
    Kenneth John Bowlby Mandar Mensaje
    Leaving messages 09 Jan 2001
    Feel free (please) to leave messages for anyone regarding Santiago on this forum.
    If you have something for all the missions of the country, use:

    Jerry Newitt Mandar Mensaje
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