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Mission Friends 06 Jun 2014
My name is Shelly (Mendelssohn) Russ. I was never good with letter writing and Facebook wasn't around yet, so when I returned home from my mission in 1985 I eventually lost touch with everyone I served with and friends I made in England. If you recognize my name I would love to hear from you!
Sister Mendelssohn Russ
Shelly Russ Send Email
Laurence Lee 26 Mar 2012
Does anyone know what happened to President Lee can I contact him email address is
Michael Nesom Send Email
Elder Housman 12 Jan 2012
Forgot to say that the Main's got married in Halifax not York.
Lorna Richardson Send Email
Looking for some Elders! 12 Jan 2012
Looking for Elder Wengreen, Elder Bleak, Elder Smith & Elder Becker who served in York in the 1990's. Someone they knew has passed away and the family wanted you to get in contact. The lady's name is Patricia Main and the family have fond memories of you all.
Also, looking for Elder Housman (sp) who paid for Richard & Patricia to get married on 27 August 1981. Their daughter, Lorna, tells me that it is thanks to Elder Housman that she and her brother were brought into the world - I guess was due to the teachings about the importance of family.
Anyway, if any of you get this message please could you let me know.
Thank you!
Lorna Richardson Send Email
Selby 23 Sep 2011
I got some good news. I worked the Selby area in 77-78. When we left the area no missionaries were left behind. 3 years later a Selby branch/ward was formed and now there is a chapel there! How cool is that?
Kyle Vanderstel Send Email
WIA 23 Sep 2011
"When in Area" who would have thought that? Thanks Elder Hamstead!
Kyle Vanderstel Send Email
WIA 16 Sep 2011
WIA = When in area, ie people who said not now, but didn't seem too promising
Mark Andrew Hamstead Send Email
WIA 06 Sep 2011
I served under Pres Roberts & Smart. I have recorded in my journal going to see WIA's. What are WIA's?
Kyle Vanderstel Send Email
Does anyone know... 03 Jan 2011
the address, phone or location of a memeber, Judy Smith? She was a single mother when I was serving in '91-'93. Elder Bachelor and I baptized her and her daughters Lucy and Laura. They lived in North Shields. I would love to get in contact with them again.

Thank you,
Brian Rowe Send Email
Missionaries of President Payne 02 Dec 2010
Looking for Missionaries who served in Blackpool, or Southport, England 1965-1966.
Freda Bell Beal Send Email
Elders Ryan Peterson & Jason Scott Earl 06 Aug 2010
These are the Elders who taught me & baptized me(Surname formly Schofield) Looking to getting in contact w/them again! any info please contact me!
Tracey Brown Send Email
Elders Bendt & Harris 06 Aug 2010
Looking to get incontact w/ Elders Bendt & Harris who served in Dudley Hill Branch/ward @ June/July 1999
Tracey Brown Send Email
melody jones - looking for Martin Holy 22 Feb 2010
Hi! I am from the Czech Republic and I've been called to the England Leeds Mission where served Martin Holy. We talked about mission and he asked me to give his e-mail address to everyone who knows him, because he has lost a lot of contacts. He would surely love to hear from you. I don't have his e-mail address right know but I can send it to you soon.

My personal email is:

Tomas Habarta
Tomas Habarta Send Email
looking for 25 Jan 2010
hia i am hoping to find the missionary that taught and baptised me martin holy he was in ELM in 1997 .if you know or remember him please let me know i would love to get back in touch with him my maiden name was KEYWOOD and i was in worksop branch then and baptised nov 97 thankyou
melody jones Send Email
Tony Bunch 29 Dec 2009
I remember Tony, but I haven't seen or heard from him since 1980 when I left Leeds. I would like to know what you find out about him!
Robert Burton Wood Send Email
Looking for Tony Bunch 21 Dec 2009
I am loking for somoone who Changed my life. Anyone who has any information about Tony Bunch, a very special member who lived in Leeds and no doubt has been a part of many missionaries lifes. I would appreciate any information concerning Tony Bunch. I have'nt had contact with him since returning home from the mission in 1982. Thank you in advance for any assistance in getting information about Bro. Bunch

Shawn W. Hurst
Shawn William Hurst Send Email
Finding a member 13 Dec 2008
Hello everyone, I am trying to locate a member that lived in Dewsbury in 1985 while I was serving there. Her name at the time was Sarah Gregory, I am sure that she has since married, but we became good friends, and I would like to know how she is doing. Please email me with any information that you might have. Thanks a lot.

Lomand Phillips
Lomand Phillips Send Email
Elder Grant Taylor 03 Nov 2008
I'm looking for Elder Grant Taylor who served in this mission in '88 - '00. I served in the England Bristol Mission when I met him while I was serving in the Newton Abbot Ward. During that time he received his calling to this mission. He was originally from Birmingham and still had the "brummie" accent. Please let me know if there is a way I can contact the "Yummie Brummie." Thank you.
Chip Wilson Send Email
finding ex missionaries 11 Aug 2008
I was baptised aged 16 whilst living in Rotherham in 1976, and would love to find the missionaries who taught and baptised me. They were Elder Michael Edward Huish, from Arizona, and Elder Nathan Lyon, from Texas. Also, my first contact missionary, Elder Wynkoop, who was from Illinois. I have remained active for all these years, marrying in the Temple in 1979, now living in Manchester. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these ex missionaries, I'd love to hear from them. My maiden name was Ramsay.
Elaine Lynch Send Email
Emma Counsell 12 May 2008
For those of us who know and loved Emma, I thought you would like to be notified that she passed away from heart failure on Sunday, May 11, 2008. Anyone who would like to contact her family can reach her sister Marcia at 01536502617.
Thank you,
Christinna O. Jarvis Send Email
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