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Hello, one and all, and welcome to the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Mission Website.

Ft Lauderdale to get a Temple! You can read more information and current status of the temple construction here (opens in a new window). If you have any additional information on the temple, you can send them to me and I'll get them posted to the website!

What an wonderful announcement and huge blessing to all the saints who live in South Florida!

The Mission created this logo as a Zipper Clipper. For more information on the Zipper Clipper, please contact the mission office. Click here for contact information. To view the Mission Logo at full size, Click here. I would like to send a special thanks to Matt D. George for providing the logo for the Mission website. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Also, if you know of any missionaries from the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Mission, who are not currently in our database, please encourage them to join.

Remember, is the largest and most extensive location to network with former missionaries from around the world.

Mission Website Content:

If you have any stories or links relating to or about your mission in Florida, they can be submitted in the Link/Stories sections to share with other RMs and Friends from South Florida. The Stories section is currently empty. I am looking for stories to send in. All my stories are pretty stupid, but I am considering sending them in. Remember to keep your posts clean. If any material is submitted and I deem it inappropriate, it will not be posted. Thanks!

If you have any information, Content, or ideas for the Mission web site, Feel free to submit them in the comments section. I want this to be our website. I do have some people who have suggested changes. Let me know your comments so I can make this web site a little more "Ours." Thanks!

This site is dedicated to all the missionaries who served in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please feel free to browse the Alumni Database, check out the Recent News or post to the Message Board. If you are not a returned missionary (from this mission) but still would like to contribute, post a message to the Guest Book.

Be sure to let us know if we need to correct or add something. Suggestions and Comments are always welcome.
If you know of any Returned Missionaries who served in the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale mission and are not currently listed amongst the alumni, please invite them to join the database.
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