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Stories: 7 Deadly Tracting Doctrines

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7 Deadly Tracting Doctrines 19 Jan 2004
This is a partial manuscript for something I compiled on my mission- it was based on the Seven Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R. McConkie. These were basically things people used to tell me as an excuse to NOT hear the Gospel.

#7 "I believe in God- in my OWN way"
#6 "It doesn't matter what church you go to- it's all the same God"
#5 "Jesus was NOT a God" <---Guess who used to say THAT
#4 "I already have God- I know everything"
#3 "The rest of the world is very lost and corrupt"
#2 "It says in the Bible not to add to or take away from"
#1 "My pastor told me not to talk to you guys"

I knew some day I'd look back and laugh, and hey it only took 10 years! J
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