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looking for a former missionary 18 Aug 2010
I am looking for a former missionary who served in the GA Atlanta Mission in Macon, GA in ?1982/1983. His name is Elder Roy E. Snyder. If any info please contact me at my email address:
Denise Jacobs (Cubas) Send Email
information 13 Nov 2009
My nephiew will be serving in this mission and I wanted to gather some information for our family before he left. We want to send him care packages and need to know what elders in the area use or would want to use. I'm thinking of purchasing gift cards to merchants in the area. If there are any missionaries out there in the know ~ please help us out!


send info to lizdavis (dot) 32 (at) gmail (dot) com
Liz Davis Send Email
La familia Lozano 19 May 2009
I am looking for any elders or sisters that knew la familia Lozano. Jose Lozano will be going into the MTC on August 26th and he and his brother are flying to Utah three days before to sight-see and such. They need a place to stay, somebody to pick them up from the airport and if possible a ride to go see the temple. Does anybody know them or can anybody help out? Let me know. I am just an acquaintance of theirs.
Alyssa Hansen Send Email
Elder Josh Kelley 18 Dec 2008
I am looking to find anyone who has served with or knows or has heard stories about my brother Josh Kelley. He entered the Provo MTC on December 8, 1999 and He entered the Mission field 2 months after that. He went to the Atlanta Georgia Spanish speaking mission. He passed away during his mission on June 21, 2000.

I was only 9 years old at the time and I would like to know more about my brother. I am about the report to the Provo MTC on January 21, 2009 to serve in the Mexico City East Mission.

If anyone can help me find out more about my brother and really just anything about him, it would be greatly appreciated.
Jesse Kelley Send Email
prayer request 24 Nov 2008
This is my web page-
Yatham Jeevaratnam Send Email
Elders Kim and Poole 30 Jul 2008
I am trying to locate Elder Gerald Kim (Hawaii) and Elder Mark Poole (Idaho) who served in Atlanta around 1975. They taught and baptized me at that time. Just want them to know all is well in Zion! I'm still active, and serving as Stake YW president and my husband is currently a bishop. We have 3 children. My son served a mission and has married in the temple and my daughters are enjoying the spirit of BYU (the traitors!!). I'm thankful everyday for your service!!
Debbie Bayles Johnson Send Email
Elders Kim and Poole 29 Jul 2008
I am trying to locate Elder Gerald Kim of Hawaii and Mark(?) Poole of Idaho. I was taught and baptized by them in Feb 1975. I just want them to know I am still active. I am the stake YW president and my husband is a bishop here in Athens. Our children are strong and active. My son has returned from his mission and married in the temple and my girls are enjoying the spirit of BYU. Your service has yielded much fruit---thanks!!!
Debbie Bayles Johnson Send Email
Looking Elders Swenson and Payne 04 Jun 2008
My name is Sandra Dixon Payne and my husband is Eddie Kent Payne. We were baptized in Huntsville, Alabama 1st Ward. I was baptized by Elder David Max Payne and my husband was baptized by Elder Keith George Swenson on May 7th, 1978. (There was another missionary that visited us. His name was Elder MacLean. I remember that his father died while on his mission.) My husband was in the US Army during that time. After we were baptized we were stationed in Germany. We were sealed in the temple in Switzerland on May 8th, 1979. We have three children. Jonathon was born in Germany in 1980. Samantha (1983) and Brian (1985) were born in North Carolina. We have no marriages or grandchildren yet. Our son, Brian Edward Payne, is now serving a mission in the Phoenix, Arizona Mission since May 8th, 2008. I would like to contact these missionaries to let them know their mission was a success. We now have a new missionary who is on the Lord's errand. P.S. You may remember that we lived in your neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama and drove you to church on Sundays! Boy, were we a "Golden Couple"!
sandra dixon payne Send Email
Baptized by Elder Ted Stock 12 May 2008
I was baptized June 13,1978 in the Indian Spring Branch, Alabaster, Alabama. To ElderStock I have remained active all this time. Your companion was Elder Savage. Donna Blankenship & Marilyn Eddings were a big help in my baptism. I stayed with Donna in Montevallo, After the lessons we would give you a ride home to Alabaster. Believe itor not I am in the same area. I married Grant Nichols. If you see this Elder Stock I would like you to email me.
Kathy C (Dacke) Nichols Send Email
Sister Smith from Calgary , Alberta 16 Jan 2008
Hello everyone in Georgia
I am writing from Calgary Alberta Canada to let you know that you have a new sister missionary serving there from Calgary . Sister Irena Smith was instrumental as a member in my conversion 4 years ago . I know she will have success in your area . Please support her and her companions in the field . I have treasured my experience of conversion and am grateful to become a member . All the best to you as you work together with Sister Smith . Sincerely Jerry Chong
jerry chong Send Email
Looking for my missiionaries 15 Jan 2008
Hi, I am looking for Elder Randy Lines and Elder Leo Berejkoff who taught and baptized me (and my sister) in Empire/Cochran Georgia on April 9, 1977. I would like to tell them both how eternally grateful I am for their service. The gospel has brought such joy to me and to my family. If anyone has any information about these former missionaries, please let me know.
Janice (Brown) Case Send Email
looking for Tharon Alford 02 Oct 2007
Hi - I saw that you have a Tharon Alford in this mission. I have been looking for Bobbie and Tharon Alford (sister and brother) for years (since after Maxwell Air Base), and I wonder if he is her brother and remembers me, might he get in touch with me at
Diane Kim Email Not Available
found a Sony memory stick 05 Aug 2007

I found a 32 MB memory stick, as well as the camera case which housed it on a golf course in Provo, UT. I believe it may have come with some dirt which was dumped at the course - the dirt came from either BYU property or a development in the Riverwoods.

It has some pics of an Elder Wilcox, Elder Crane, Elder Jones, and Elder Landon. The pictures were dated from AUG to DEC 2004.

Does this lost item sound familiar to anyone?

Please let me know:
Brent Roberts
Brent Roberts Send Email
Farewell 24 Jun 2007
My daughter Sister Reiljan-Dillon will leave the Georgia Atlanta Mission on June 27th to return to the Temple Square Mission. She has served 18 weeks in the field and has loved every minute. Like every Temple Square Missionary she wishes she could stay in the field. And she had at least one baptism! I will hear this week if the second one went ahead, & there will be two more the Saturday after she leaves.

Sister Piret Reiljan
Piret Reiljan Send Email
Greeting! 16 Mar 2007
"Know that the Lord is God.It is he who made us,and we are his; we are his people the sheep of his pasture."Joy and joy for our Shepherd will give us new green pastures and new living waters well still today too,his love endures forever.Let us tell his beautiful love and salvation to men,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
keijo Send Email
Trying to find a missionary 27 Sep 2006
My name is Ryan Faggard. I am trying to find a missionary that served in
Warner Robins from February to at least August 1970. His name is Frank
Culler. He was from Utah at the time. He baptized my parents on the 15th of
August 1970, but they have lost contact with him. My parents were not sure
if this was the correct mission, but if it is, and someone knows Frank
Culler, could you please email me back with his information. It would be
great to thank him for bring the gospel to my parents (and their kids0


Ryan Faggard
Ryan Faggard Send Email
temple 02 Sep 2006
Mama Jean went throught the Atlanta Temple today, Oct. 2, 2006. She was glowing with joy. Thanks all you Elders, wish you could have been there with us.
Becky Paget Send Email
FYI - Baptism of Dick Cook 17 Mar 2006
FYIJust to let all of you returned missionaries that taught Dick Cook in Auburn, he was baptised on March 11, 2006 in the Auburn Ward.
Mark Waite Send Email
Work cool 11 Mar 2006
This is great Been there done that, wonderful place good web site. I am so excited for you sis, Congrats on the website. I like it!
DickandJane Send Email
Kyle Johnson 26 Jan 2006
I'm trying to get into contact with Kyle/Elder Johnson. I don't know if he'll answer me cause he remembers me as a high school senior who gave him a really hard time. I just wanted to apologize to you for my actions and tell you the great news of me Being Baptized on Nov. 27, 2005. If anybody knows where i can contact him i would be more the happy. Thanx.
Daniel Cordova Send Email
Cleon Skousen's Message 16 Jan 2006

I am trying to confirm the source of a talk I just received. This talk is by Cleon Skousen entitled "Gospel Trilogy," purportedly given November 2 & 3 of 2000 to the Atlanta Mission. Could somebody please drop me a line and tell me if Brother Skousen really gave this talk, or is it just another made up Mormon myth? Thanks so much.
Scott Sellers Send Email
Looking For Friends 04 Dec 2005
I was baptized on September 22, 1997 in the Sharpsburg Ward of the church and am looking to get in contact with friends from the ward as well as the sister missionaries who were so helpful to me. Their names are Sister Gausnell, Sister Laberdee, and Sister Shultz.
Courtney Del Bailey-Evans Email Not Available
Welcome new Webmaster 15 May 2005

On behalf of the LDS Mission Network, we are pleased to announce that Joe Caufield has been appointed as the permanent administrator for the Georgia Atlanta Mission Alumni site! We would also like to thank him for his commitment and willingness to serve.

I encourage you to contribute to your alumni site, and look forward to watching as it continues to grow.

Best Regards,

David van der Leek
LDS Mission Network | http:/
David van der Leek Send Email
Finding Elders 28 Dec 2004
I was baptized by Curtis Boyd Sorenson and Elder Ratliff on August 25, 1996. I haven't been able to ever find information on how to contact Elder Ratliff (or get his first name). If anyone has any information on how to contact him, I would like to have that info. I also was taught by Elder Brett Johnson, and an Elder from Canada that was brand new at that time. I have served an honorable mission in Los Angeles, been home for 4 years and am finishing my degree at Utah State University. I appreciate the love and dedication that they gave to me and the people in my state.
Jill Prichard Send Email
Elder Chris Norton's Companions 21 Sep 2004
I'm working on a SURPRISE for my husband. I'm looking for Elder Travis Porter, Elder Andrew Peterson, Elder James Nielsen, Elder Jason Hines, and Elder Doug Dudley who served in the Georgia Atlanta mission 1996-1998. Please contact me ASAP if you are or know one of these Elders. THANK YOU!
Paige Norton Send Email
I recieved my mission call today 08 Apr 2004
I recieved my mission call today and I am very excited about serving in the Georgia Atlanta mission. If anybody has any helpful information about what to expect and what I should bring (things not listed in the mission packet) or just any helpful tip, feel free to email me at either or Please put something about missions in the subject line if you do e-mail me. Thank you a lot.
Michael Send Email

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