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Hunting down former missionaries 08 Oct 2016
This is a long shot, but I'm trying to locate missionaries who served on the south side of Chicago near 510 E 61st St (Sunshine Gospel Ministries) or 5001 South Ellis Avenue (Ellis Avenue Church) in March 2008.

Or if someone has contact information for the mission president at that time, Richard B. Roach?
Tania Van Orden Send Email
Type of clothes to pack. 09 Oct 2010
Question? My daughter has gotten her call and she is wondering what types of fabrics are good to wear during the winter, spring and summer. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.
Louise Stewart Send Email
Just for fun 03 Oct 2010
I signed up here when my son first went into the MTC (7/1/09)...but the site has been pretty quiet. I don't know how I got here tonight, but I noticed some upcoming new missionaries going to the MTC this month. I remember I had so many questions when my son entered the MTC. He has been in the field for 15 months now. I might have something someone might want to hear? My son was called to the South Mission before they combined the two missions, and he is Spanish Speaking. He loves it and if very happy! He has had some interesting adventures. Good luck to the new missionaries!
Rebecka Rapier Send Email
Where are you!!! 14 Oct 2009
Would love to hear from some of the missionaries that served in the chicago area 1990-1993, Orland Park ward, Chicago Heights stake. TOO many to list. Think about you Elders and Sisters often. Anyone know the whereabouts of Kim Gilbertsen (he's somewhere in Utah)?
Fiorita Malfeo-Wilson Send Email
Hello all 91-93 missionaries 15 Mar 2009
Hey to any and all who served under President Neeley and President Maddux. I wanted to touch bases with my comps and anyone with whom I served near. Also if any of you out there know of Michelene Harrigan in the Foster area or Denise Rowe whom I baptised and lives in the southside I wanted to know if anyone knows how they are doing. Well God Bless all of you and the Great Illinois Chicago Mission.
Michael L Adams Send Email
finding missionaries 24 Sep 2007
Does anyone know how I might get a hold of Lorin Morse or Michael King. They are the elders that taught me in 1982 in the Chicago South Mission. I would love to contact them and thank them again.
Lisa Marlene Goins Mahooty Send Email
family moving to whiting 24 Sep 2007
I am a convert to the church and had come to this web site to find the elders who taught me and thank them. I saw your question and thought I might answer. I was raised in Illinois (3 miles from the Indiana border). Whiting is an ok town. They might like Munster, Crown Point, Cedar Lake, St. John area better. They need to probably stay away from Schereville, Merrillville, Hobart and definetly Hammond area. The area has really changed over the past few years. I have lived in Tennessee for the past 6 years and the communities I listed above were really going through some changes. I have friends who still live there and they seem to agree with what I have said. Good Luck and I wish them the best.
Lisa Marlene Goins Mahooty Send Email
Help: Whiting 11 Sep 2007
Hey everyone, i spent my whole mission in the west side of the mission and didn't really get close to Indiana at all and don't know the areas there, and now my little brother is going to be working in Whiting for a couple a years starting in January, he and his wife are a brand new married couple, so my question is: What is a nice safe city or area to live for a young married couple?
Carter Lee Grant Send Email
Eric & Gloria Hunt 19 Jul 2007
I am looking for Chicago frienda Eric and Gloria Hunt (Sis Castro) they moved a couple of years ago to Las Vegas.If anyone has an email or number or pass on this message. Imiss them.
Lissette Moreno-Kuri Send Email
82-83 IL Chicago S 27 Jun 2007
I recently heard about as a possible way to locate prior companions and friends from the field. I was in a 4-some with Betty Callahan in Glen Ellyn. Her companion was Ingrid Malik and mine was Catherine Hiden (married Doug Virgin). My other companions were Celeste Jones (married Ross Howard and lives in LaBarge WY), Cheryl DeSpain, Ingrid Malik, Melva A Shoell, Tamela Ashlock, Nancy Norton (married Elder Stallings), and Tawna Martin. I'd like to track down my companions and Elders I knew, as well as find out what happened with some of the people we knew or taught.
Carolyn C Hardy Send Email
Deafies! 11 Jun 2007
Where did all the deafies go?
Cameron Adam White Send Email
Richard Burton - Alive and well 06 May 2007
An old companion just contacted me to ask if I am still alive. Yes I am. It seems there is a Richard Boyd Burton matching my age and basic description, who recently committed two murders and then suicide. I am Richard Charles Burton.

I am alive, well and happy.

I'd also love to hear from you.
Richard Charles Burton Send Email
Elder Liufau 16 Apr 2007
Hi Everyone--

For those that may remember me, I was the Elder Lewis from Alaska, and yes, I'm still in Alaska.

Anyhow, I just got home from a youth fireside where we watched The Testamants (of one fold and one shepherd. I told our youth that I was 99.9% that the actor who played one of the bad guys that helped kill Amaron was a mission that had served in my mission, Elder Liufau. Can anyone confirm that for me? I found the movie at and it listed a Sidney Liufau as the Judge Hunter #1. There are no credits on the DVD itself.
Robert N Lewis, Jr. Send Email
new call 28 Dec 2006
My daughter has just received a call to the Illinois Chicago South Mission/Spanish speaking. We are looking for information about the mission, things to expect, etc. Any information would be much appreciated.
Natasha Kristen Bell Send Email
Apartment 03 Sep 2006
Hi everyone. Does anyone know of someone, single/family doesn't matter, who is coming out to Chicago for work or school who needs a great apartment? There is on in Forest Park that is renting for 670 a month (2 bed/1 bath). Those of you who have served here, know the area. Email me if you want more information. Hope everyone is well.
Thomas Clements Send Email
Sister Gunn 25 Jun 2006
I am a Temple Square sister who served in this mission from Oct '03 - Feb '04. Sister Gunn was my companion in Hyde Park, and I was wondering if anyone has her contact information? Thank you kindly, Laura
Laura Anne Samaroo Send Email
John & Kendra Clark 19 May 2006
Looking for any information in reference to the current location of John and Kendra Clark. They resided in Chesterton, Indiana during 1984-1985 in the Valparaiso Ward. Anyone with current information can e-mail it to me from the alumni page.
Ronald Frederick Walker Send Email
New missionary 20 Nov 2005
Hi y'all!

My name is Cynthia and I' currently a student at BYU and I just got my call to serve in the Chicago South mission spanish speaking. I'm trying to find return missionaries from this mission that may be here at the Y or that may just like to contact me and talk to me about the mission. I'm way excited and I'd love to talk to any of you that'd like to share stories, facts about the mission I should know etc... Hope to hear from you soon! My e-mail is
Cynthia Penaflor Send Email
Thanks-see ya in 2007 14 Sep 2005
Hey Gang! Thanks to all who came to the Simmons Surprise reunion! Small but FUN!!!! We organized to have a reunion every other year..the next one is in 2007! Keep in touch, find those who are lost and see ya in 2 years!
Peace, Love and Yogurt!
"Sis Phillips"
Mary-Ione Smith Send Email
October Conference! 13 Sep 2005
What up Chitlins!?! This is Kalama- Can you believe I have nothing better to do at work than play on my computer?!? I love WORK! So, how is everyone? We should totally meet up in Oct-except for Nasio, she doesn't reurn her calls, but the rest of you are invited!
Lukela LeGrand Kalama Send Email
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