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Help wanted 11 Mar 2013
I am looking to hire someone, with experience in India (such as an RM or family member) that is interested in working for a US based company with an office in Coimbatore. This position would be for a trainee or manager responsible for coordinating work performed in India, overseeing the operation, and various related activities. Occasional travel is required. This person can either be stationed in the US or Coimbatore. Please contact me via email ( or at 480-374-7211.

Bill Carns, CEO
Bill Carns Send Email
I need some help 14 Jan 2009
Greetings. I am going to move with my family to India soon. Please, tell mean e-mail of the leader and the address of nearest to Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh state branch. Thanks.
Natalya K Tripathi Send Email
need email addresses of leaders there in bangalore 15 Oct 2008
i need the email addresses of stake presidents/bishops/relief society president and/or counselors- i have a huge list, but the dates are back to 2005 and none of them have email addresses. it is a list my bishop gave me, here in provo, utah. i am getting married in bangalore, and we are wanting to get married in one of the churches. i need to get in contact with one of the leaders ASAP. i do not have international long distance, and it takes a good month for a letter to get over there. so if anyone can please help, could you help find 3 or more (the more the better)email addresses of current church leaders there in bangalore, please send them to me. / thank you. relief society presidents email addresses would work too. anyone in the church, there in bangalore would work. i need to talk to someone to get information SOON. i dont have an address to give for our location in bangalore. not yet. we are still working on that. i really need help, and email addresses would be the best way. please help! thanks. jennifer mueller.
Jennifer Mueller Send Email
Reunion October 3rd in Bountiful 11 Aug 2008
Dear Fellow Return Missionaries,
I want to remind you that we will be holding a Special Reunion for those that served under President Gill and overlapped with President Twichell on October 3rd (Friday) in Bountiful. At 6 pm. Please let others know about this.

About the Reunion:

The Reunion begins at 6pm with Dinner
We will have full catered Indian meal with a nice dessert. Nominal fee to help for cost is appreciated.
Causal attire
Spouse/Children/Others are welcome to attend.
More information to follow next month.

We need volunteers to help out with various things for the reunion. Please contact me if you are willing to help. 435-760-0200

Please reply back If you have not responded to my below email. I m in the process of updating our database. email ID:

We look forward to meeting all of you.


From: Job Cyril
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:56 PM
To: Job Cyril
Subject: Special Missionary Reunion

Hi Everyone.
I just wanted to let you know that I will need to following info from you if you served under President Gill.

List of Elders that you served with or know (their email ID's if you have them)
Your Full name
Year you served
Full home address
Phone numbers (both Cell and home)
If married, Spouses name and number of kids

We will ask for more info in the next few months. because President Gill wants to make a Record out of this. hopefully on a DVD. so for now I think if you can let others know that we will be holding the Reunion for people that served under President Gill (and Missionaries that overlapped with President Twitchell) that will be great.

Especially those who live out of state can start making their travel arrangements. This will be meaningful reunion to attend, I believe we were all pioneers when the India Bangalore Mission opened, you played a key roll in the growth of the church in India.

the reunion date is: October 3rd 2008 in Sandy, Utah, we will send all the info soon.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
I m excited to meet with you and looking forward to a good turn out.

----- Original Message -----
From: Gurcharan Gill>

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 11:32 AM
Subject: Special Missionary Reunion
This year Sister Gill and I went to India and visited many friends and relatives. We did family history research. Sister Gill returned in February while I came on 12 April, after about four months. Sister Gill attended the Missionary reunion of the India Bangalore Mission and was discouraged to find that very few of our missionaries attended the event. I had a missionary reunion of all India Local Missionaries in Hyderabad on March 15 after the dedication of the Chapel in Hyderabad. More than 45 missionaries with their families attended, about a hundred plus people in all. The agenda was testimony bearing and personal experiences and information and it went on for a couple of hours. Afterwards they had a traditional Biriani dinner and socialized with each other. They organized their alumni list and chose a committee to sponsor future such events once a year. Next year it will be held in Bangalore under their supervision, and then alternate.

Elder Cyril Job has volunteered to make a data base from existing sources and others of all India Bangalore, foreign and local, missionaries who served in India in the years of 1993, 1994, and 1995. We would like to make a pictorial directory including personal profiles, current and past pictures, experiences they wish to share, and distribute it at a special missionary reunion of this group on October 3, 2008, somewhere in the Sandy Suburb area at 7-9 pm. We request your help in locating all such missionaries and collecting this data and sending this information to me and elder Cyril Job via email, if at all possible and as soon as possible. We will be meeting in Logan on 21 June to go over this information and plan the October reunion. At that reunion we can determine whether we should have a separate reunion of our own to make it more personal and meaningful. Please send your suggestions and help us locate the people we are seeking. Since, I only have a mixed and incomplete directory, I will be sending this email to everyone on my list. If you served in the India Bangalore Mission during and between 1993 and 1995, please respond to this message to me and Cyril Job at our email addresses listed herein. Thank you very much.

Gurcharan S. Gill
Former Mission President(1993-1995)
India Bangalore Mission
Job Cyril Send Email
Our Family website 27 Mar 2008
Here's our family website, we update it often:

Please email me some of the pictures you took in India while serving your mission. I don't have a good collection (especially of me and the people in the places that I served)

I would like to store it on to a website so some of the people we taught can visit and check it out as well.

I m still looking for Dave Christensen (my companion in Delhi) that served in 1995 and Fabian Singh who was from Trinidad, I think he is living in the US somewhere. If you know anything about these two guys please let me know.

I was able to track everyone that I was looking.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Job Cyril
Job Cyril Send Email
22 Feb 2008
Jesse Fisher Send Email
Can you find, hire & manage employees? 22 Feb 2008
Looking for an LDS business owner in India who can find, hire, and manage people with Excellent English grammar to represent our clients in online communities.

Currently, we are seeking an LDS mother of school-age children in India who needs 20 hours a week of part time work.

This person will represent my client's company by interacting online with other parents about topics of mutual interest while openly representing my client's products (a computer game that teaches kids to read music and play the piano).

Position requires:
- Access to a high-speed Internet connection for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
- Excellent English grammar. (a must)
- An extrovert, someone who enjoys interacting with others, even when things aren't going well.
- An interest in or willingness to develop an interest in playing the piano/keyboard, and a desire to share that joy with her children.

If you know of someone who this position would help, or, who could find and hire such a person, please call or email.
Jesse Fisher Send Email
Prayer 02 Feb 2007
HELLO Everyone r things going on......hope all the things r fine.....
Hey all please pray for me bcoz I am preparing for a very important thing in my life..................
And I need all ur blessings ...............
Take care
sandhya rani Send Email
Ravi Nalla` 07 Feb 2006
Hi Everyone,

This is to inform you that Ravi Nalla who has served his mission durning Presdent Nelson time has passed away two weeks back at Vigz. Would request you all to pray for his family and remember them in your prayers.

Praveen kumar Sumarajan
(Elder sumarajan)
praveen Kumar Sumarajan Send Email
Missed you. 14 Dec 2005
Dear Pratik,
When I was back from my hometown, you were gone. Now, when you come back home, I will be gone. What a crazy coincidencenbrother!
I miss you. Wherever you are, please write to me at A request to all in Hyderabad: If you got this message and know where Pratik is, please let him know of this message.
Ramesh Shrestha
Ramesh Shrestha Send Email
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