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Stories: Gunawan goes Home Teaching

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Gunawan goes Home Teaching 29 Jun 2005
March 8, 1979 Letter from Gunawan Tjokrokusumo to Doug McGregor.

“Well, a terrible ridiculous thing has happened to me, therefore I get a sprained ankle. Let me tell you how it happened… O holy cow!! I was just back from a very pleasant speaking tour of the state of Central Java (I live in East Java) where I gave persuasive speeches at different branches. I came home with a happy mood, but it was not for long, because I soon discovered that the home teaching job in the branch is so neglected, and it was already the very end of the month February. Being an Elder’s Quorum President of course I got upset, because I really realize how important home teaching is especially for the inactive members. Even the active members feel sad if their home teachers don’t come, because they feel being neglected.

I took off with Brother Sriwijaya; the people we home teach, some of them live in the deepest villages & slums, they are just the most active members, however they remain uneducated. We then arrived at the edge of the beautiful village to home teach Brother and Sister Suparjo (a peasant family). To enter the village we have to cross a river, that river is wide enough, but very shallow, so we can see the big stones in it. To cross that silly river we have to use the bridge one by one, and he decided to go first and would wait for me at the other side of the river. But again I was too impatient to wait, so I walked together with Brother Sriwijaya on that thin wooden bridge, with my big elephant steps. Suddenly, when we were in the middle of the bridge, the bridge began to sag!! I began to realize what happened; but it was too late. With a loud cracking noise the wooden bridge broke into two and sagged. How horrible. Brother Sriwijaya and I fell down into the river, together with the broken bridge; I screamt and screamt very loudly, even when I was already plunged in that stupid river. I kept screaming hysterically because I was so mad!! Well what do you expect from such a crummy wooden bridge.

Because of my screamings, all these village people came out, they were very nice to get me out of the river, also Brother Sriwijaya helped me to get to the edge of the river because I am too fat to climb, and my right ankle was badly hurt. I wish that the river was deep so we could float, that way I would not be hurt. Brother Sriwijaya was unhurt because he fell on me. He told me that he felt like falling on a big mattress. Fortunately he was skinny. I got bruises all over my arms, chest. What a horrible experience. But nonetheless we valiantly did finish the home teaching that day.”

Gunawan was one of the first members of the Church in Malang. He passed away November 19, 1999. More information about Gunawan can be found in the News section of this web site.

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