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Elder Ralph Brown 02 Jan 2014
Ralph Brown, who served a mission in Indonesia in the late 1970s, has recently been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. He recently gave a "last lecture" at BYU--where he is a professor of sociology. He asked that I post a link to his lecture. If you want to send him a message, here is his e-mail address:
Chad Emmett Send Email
Data Entry Employment 27 Jun 2012
Wanted, Data Entry Job for Indonesian Stay-at-Home Mom(s).
Currently one Indonesian sister is doing data entry for a US based Doctor. Her friend (LDS returned missionary, stay-at-home mother) is seeking similar employment. She has a home computer with internet access and Skype capabilities. She has an accounting degree and five years’ work experience as an accountant. She also has basic English language abilities. If you know of someone who would be willing to offer her employment please contact Brother Tatok Brahmantyo at If needed, there are several other woman who are also able and willing to do data entry work.
Chad Emmett Send Email
Please send your stories 08 Feb 2012
Last summer I finished writing three chapters for my book about the history of the LDS Church in Indonesia. This summer I hope to complete the final four chapters. That means there is still time for you to send me your stories about the LDS Church in Indonesia. Look through your journals or letters home and see what stories you think would be good to share. Write them up as a gift to your family members and then send a copy to me. I am intersted in conversion stories, visa problem stories, the opeing of new cities, experiences with church callings, trials, joys etc. etc. Photos are also welcome. I plan to use the creation of the first stake as the end point so stories from the 1960s to 2011 are welcome. Send them via e-mail to or via regular mail to Chad Emmett, 674 SWKT, Department of Geography, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602. Thanks to many of you who have already helped.
Chad Emmett Send Email
Open house for the Lee family from Bogor 08 Feb 2012
Sister Sara Lee will complete her service in the Provo Utah mission on the 16th of February. Her parents, Bishop Lee and Sister Lily Kho from the Bogor Ward, are coming from Indonesia to pick her up. They would like to be able to meet friends of Indonesia and Bogor that evening (Thursday Feb 16th). Come any time between 7:30-9:30 pm at the home of Chad and Marie Emmett. 371 E 1075 N Springville, Utah. Refreshments will be served. Call 801-491-0413 for details or directions. Spread the word.
Chad Emmett Send Email
MTC Help 09 Sep 2011
Of late there have been pretty good numbers of both Bahasa Indonesia and Malayu missionaries at the MTC. There is a huge need to go in on Saturday afternoons to practice with them. The program has changed. You only speak Bahasa and don't role play. You are yourself. You will need a current temple recommend. Recently they start at 2:50 pm but you should call first to make sure. Once you are on the list they will call or email you. I you live within distance to the MTC please help if you can.
Chuck Lambson Send Email
Kitab Mormon E-book 30 Aug 2011
I've been using the Gospel Library app on iPod for a while now for scriptures. I've been wanting to read my scriptures in indonesian for a while, and was hoping that the church would release the indonesian language for the gospel library app.

I became impatient though, and I've discovered that I can use the to create an E-book of Kitab Mormon. It will be an E-book, so it won't have all the foot notes and annotations and things like that, but it should work for personal reading.

If anyone is interested in having the file once I'm finished, send me a message. I should be finished with it by this weekend. I just started last night (couldn't sleep) and I got through Mosiah, so I don't think it will take too much longer.
Blake Kimball Longmore Send Email
Merapi service opportunity 15 Nov 2010
There is much rebuilding to be done in the villages surrounding Mt. Merapi. If you would like to volunteer to help LDS teams in that rebuilding please e-mail Elder Subandriyo at [] or Elder and Sister Grover (the Sr. couple in Solo) at []. The project will start in about three weeks (December 6th). All expenses will be paid by you.
Chad Emmett Send Email
Visit to Jawa Tengah 22 Jun 2010
My wife and I have just returned from a great visit to Semarang, Solo, and Jogya. It was great to attend church in Solo and see the new buildings in all three cities. The language came back much better than I expected after not speaking it in almost 35 years. Orang2 Jawa mengatakan bahwa mereka dapat mengerti saya dan saya dapat mengerti mereka juga!

Photos are posted on my Smugmug account:
Sanford Dee Porter Send Email
kamus apps 16 Jun 2010
For those of you with i-phones, i-pod touch, or i-pad. In the apps store you can find Kamus Lenkap or Kamusku both are Indonesia-English and English-Indonesia. I got Kamusku because it works with i-touch. So far it seems to be a great app. Much better and more complete than the web kamus I was using.
Chuck Lambson Send Email
video from reunion 08 Apr 2010
The "40 years of the the Church in Indonesia" video that was shown at the reunion (without sound) is now posted on the website WITH SOUND. Here is the link -
We downgraded the resolution to conserve space. If you would like to have a copy of the DVD please email Chuck Lambson with your mailing address. If you feel inclined to help with the cost I would prefer that you make a donation to the Jaredita Educational Assistance Fund, see details on the website.
Note: Subandriyo also gave me a very nice video of children, and parents of children, that have been helped by JEAP. I have asked them to re-send in a different format because I could not get the sound converted. I will post it on the site when I get the new version and send another message to notify you.
Chuck Lambson Send Email

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