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History of the Church/ Sejarah gereja 22 Feb 2008
Dalam tahun ini saya merencanakan untuk menyelesaikan buku tentang sejara Gereja Yesus Kristus dari Orang-orang Suci Zaman Akhir di Indonesia. Tolong kirim cerita dan pengalaman anda kepada saya.

As many of you know I am writing a history of the LDS Church in Indonesia. I am on research leave until August to get as much writing done as possible. I am still happily accepting stories and information for the book. Write the stories as a gift for your posterity and then send a copy on to me.

Thanks to those of you who have already submitted information and to those who have been interviewed. I am also willing to come and interview anyone within a half day's drive of Provo.

My e-mail address is:

Terima kasih

Chad Emmett
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my 3rd,Joshua Putra Samad passed away Dec. 7th,07 10 Dec 2007
Our son,Joshua (2 years and 4 months) has passed away on Dec. 7th 2007. He suffered from Leukimia Lymphoblastic Acute and was in hospital for 3 weeks. He could not survive during the treatment since the Leukimia sel atacks his brain.

He was in comma for 5 days and than he passed away and safely home to his Father in Heaven.

I would like to say thank's to all of you that supported us and help us, all the words and SMS's(short message services),efforts and etc that LDS members did for us.

Joshua now is rest in peace and in the Arms of Heavenly Father and awaiting us to see him again.

I am grateful for the gospel that give us knowledge that we will meet our son again.

I testify that Jesus is our Savior and as he live from His dead, and so do we.

I testify that Holy Spirit is here and comforting us and all who needs comfort.

I testify that Family are forever........

See you my Son.......we Love you........

Looky, Diana, Timothy,Cinta and Jared Samad
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Experience with Ambassador of Indonesia for the US 01 Dec 2007
Aloha from Hawaii,

From the time this eMail is being written I counted that I have exactly 14 days to completing my bachelor degree in Political Science at BYU-Hawaii. My testimony has always been similar that the Lord's hands are upon me to help me going through my 3 school years at BYUH.

Not long ago I had an opportunity to meet with the Ambassador of Indonesia for the United States, Mr.Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat, at the Indonesian Community Association in the US' gathering. I had a privilege to speak with him in private and addressed some internal political issues as well as the security for tourism in Bali and other tourism destinations in Indonesia. On the next day after that, Mr.Ambassador came to the Polynesian Cultural Center with his wife, consulate general and his wife, and some of the Indonesian Embassy staffs. PCC and the villages had prepared to have a welcoming ceremony for him, especially at the Maori-New Zealand village where such ceremony is specially intended to welcome a dignitary. Surprisingly, Mr.Ambassador politely refused to be recognized in such way. He told me to tell the workers at the center to proceed with the show just like normally, he did not want the guests to watch him, "I do not want my presence becoming a central attraction, let people enjoy watching the cultural presentation instead of watching me and my family" It will take too many lines for me to describe how humble this person was. He also told me he met with President Hinckley and that President Hinckley brought him to visit BYU Provo and the Great Salt Lake Temple. The conversation became more friendly and open as he asked me questions about Latter-day Saints beliefs. I took the opportunity to talk about LDSC's humanitarian works in Indonesia, I shared with him that LDS believe that we all are children of God regardless what religious background we have. At the end of his visit, Mr.Ambassador and his wife extended their personal invitation for me to visit them in their residential in Washington DC.

This experience touches my heart. I always thought only a true Latter-day Saints have such high sense of HUMILITY, in fact, I was wrong...he was not an LDS but he was so humble and friendly that makes me even think that I, being a Latter-day Saints, have learned so much from this man !!! He is an ambassador and I am only a poor student, but he made me feel like he was my good friend. from this experience I learned no matter how much experiences, money, title, and no matter how important my position is, if I am not humble, if I look down at people below me, I will never ever have that humility.

I hope this story add to many other's enriching stories you all experienced in your life. I wish to always remember this short experience that has taught me to become and remain humble and respect people whatever social status they are: rich, poor, young, old, or the same age. Mahalo from the Land of Aloha-Hawaii.

Poliman Harsono
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Indonesian events at BYU 25 Sep 2007
BYU will be hosting several events in the next few weeks that relate to Indonesia.

On Thursday September 27th at 2:00 pm in the Harold B. Lee Library Auditorium, Professor Chad Emmett will deliver a lecture on the History of the LDS Church in Indonesia. He lecture will be accompanied by many slides and will cover from 1969 to the present. Eventually (in about 6-8 months) the lecture will be broadcast on BYU-TV. The lecture is free and open to the public.

On Monday October 8th. Five delegates from Indonesia will be participating in the Law and Religion Symposium held at BYU's Law School. At 10:15 AM in room 205 JRCB, the Indonesian delegates will participate in a panel discussion on the general topic of Religion, Identity and Stability: Legal Challenges of Religious Difference. The entire session will deal with law and religion in Indonesia. There will be plenty of time for questions.

On Monday October 8th at 1:30 pm in 303 JRCB Professor Noryamin Aini from the State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayattulah will speak about religion in Indonesia in one of the plenary sessions. The lectures are free and open to the general public
Chad Emmett Send Email
Bengkulu earthquake report by Sister Bertha 21 Sep 2007
(An LDSC’s Team Journal of Bengkulu Earthquake)

I wrote this for everyone who needs information about recent LDS Charities project in Bengkulu. Also for my own purpose to keep a recollection about the humanitarian effort that I have done with LDSC team. I have learned from my senior, Elder Tom Palmer, that it is important to keep a journal for everything that happened on our life especially when it intertwined with humanity due to limitation of our memory.

One day after Bengkulu earthquake, Elder Subandriyo assigned my husband, Hendro Suranto and I to fly to Bengkulu because Church headquarter have approved the relieve aids fund for them. We, along with Elder and Sister Walker, Bro. Totok Radianto, left Jakarta on September 14th 2007, one day after the earthquake, on Batavia Air 0551 at 09.30. It took one hour to fly from Jakarta to Bengkulu. Many reporters from public and private broadcasting were in that flight also.

This earthquake in Bengkulu occurred on Wednesday 13th September 2007 at 05.15 p.m. The magnitude of this earthquake is 7.9 R.S. It last for 8 minutes (quit a while huh…). The shocks were felt until Padang, West Sumatra, and Jakarta along with couple other areas around Java Island. By then, the National Meteorological Agency informs that the earthquake might create tsunami. But until I wrote this journal, not single tsunami was at sight. Even though there is no tsunami created, several destructive aftermaths happened. It magnitude vary from 5.4 to 6.8 R.S. Then we received information that the earthquake also occurred in Sulawesi and Mentawai (western region of Sumatra Island).

For Information, Bengkulu is a Province lays on southern part of Sumatra Island. It’s area only as big as Boyolali or Sragen city on Java Island. Consist of 8 kabupaten (small area), Bengkulu is lead by a 36 years-old Governor, Bapak Gusrin. It temperature is around 26 to 28 degree Celsius. It breezy most of the time especially on the north shore. But according to several natives, it gets lot more breezy after the earthquake.

On the year 2000, a 6, 5 R.S. earthquakes hit Bengkulu and cause lot more damage than this recent one. On 2000, the earthquake moved up and down causing serious damage while this year’s earthquake swayed. While I was wrote this, TV informs that several small earthquakes occur again in Sumatra. So I called my husband who is still in Bengkulu to ask how he is doing and he confirms that he felt 2 small earthquakes just happened.

Day one, 14th September 2007
It is definitely guidance from God that my husband takes with us a preacher, Bapak Petrus, to work together in this humanitarian effort. As soon as we arrived in Fatmawati airport, Bapak Petrus’ friends in Bengkulu, Bapak Aan and Bapak Hasan pick us up. Then they took us to look around the city that was already damage by the earthquake. After that, we look for a hotel to stay overnight. We found one decent size hotel about 300 meters from the beach, Hotel Horison (wonder if the tsunami hit the coast). But it already fully booked. Then we got recommended by Hotel Horison to go to Hotel Niaga. It was a small hotel with only 10 rooms. It located further in from the coast (around 500 meters). It cost us Rp.150, 000.00 for a night (wow that’s cheap). For hotel that cheap, Hotel Niaga was pretty clean with water heater and comfortable bed.

God really have His hand stretched forth to help us in this humanitarian effort. We meet with the hotel owner an old guy who is a Hadji. When we wanted to find a rental car, he lends us his brand new Toyota car. He even offers himself to drive for us, which we politely declined. He finally made us have his younger son, Alex, as our driver.
On the same day after lunch, we headed towards north of Bengkulu to Kabupaten Lais, where many houses broke down.

On the way to Kabupaten Lais, we saw many houses broke down. We even saw one house on the side of the street that demolished. A humble family that occupied that house grieved for the misfortune. So we stop and gave them one of the tarp that we took with us. From Jakarta we take with us 10 huge tarp donations from Gravity Films. We learned from our past experience how important tarp is in disastrous situation since many of the victims no longer have shelter. Also we gave them our ransom and biscuit, promising them that we will comeback with more supply. But we still haven’t seen any trucks or cars that distribute aids for earthquake victims.

On Kabupaten Lais, we found more houses broke down or even demolished. We saw some of them build small tents from small pieces of tarps or anything that they could find for a shelter. Since our purpose on this first day is to survey the condition, we don’t have anything much to give except the tarps that we took with us. We gave these tarps to couple families that badly hit by the earthquake.

We also make a stop at Jago Bayo village. Elder and Sister Walker became an amusement for these people. Many of them shake and kiss and hug Elder and Sister Walker. In this village there are many families that still don’t have a shelter. Even there was a lady that kiss Elder Walker couple times since she received a tarp from us. We promise them that we will comeback as soon as possible with aids and daily needs. At six o’clock, after surveyed the areas, we headed back to Hotel.

Don’t want to waste our time, later that night we shopped for aids and daily needs around the city. Since Bengkulu is a small city we could only bought:
• 220 sacks of rice @ 10kilograms
• 200 bottles of cooking oil @ 1litre
• 200 bottles of soy sauce
• 200 kilograms of sugar
• 200 cans of milk
• 80 boxes of instant noodle
After shopping for aids, we held a meeting with Bapak Arnop, administrator of Bengkulu Muhammadiyah Council. Elder Subandriyo advice us before that it is wise for us to work together with the Muhammadiyah on relieve aids distribution. The meeting resulted in an agreement between us.

That night, around ten o’clock, helped with couple families from Pak Hasan and Pak Aan, we started to pack the aids into several plastic bags. Inside those plastic bags are:
• 1 sacks of rice @ 10kilograms
• 1 bottles of cooking oil @ 1litre
• 1 bottles of soy sauce
• 1 kilograms of sugar
• 1 cans of milk
• 10 pieces of instant noodle
Lucky for us to acquainted with Pak Hasan since he allowed us to use his house for packing the relieve aids; he also has several of his employees to help us packing the aids. So, less than an hour later we already have 320 packages ready to distribute.
After packing those relieves aids, we spent sometimes to chat and introduce church materials to Pak Hasan and Pak Aan.

Day two, 15th September 2007
We met with Pak Abi and Ibu Umi. They are guest that stay overnight at the same hotel with us. When they know that we are from LDSC and we are here to help the earthquake victims, they volunteer themselves to help. They are the administrator of 4 Petulai or tribes in Bengkulu.
Accompanied with Ibu Umi and Pak Abi at eight o’clock we went to the biggest market to find more supply for aids. This time we get 3 tons of rice in 10 kilogram sacks and also 200 boxes of sugar, milk, cooking oil, instant noodle and sardines.
Then through Muhammadiyah we distribute 3 tons of rice, 200 kilograms of sugar, 200 sardines, 10 tarps and 50 boxes of instant noodle.

Around two o’clock we headed to Kabupaten Lais to keep our promise to several people that we have met yesterday. Oh how happy they are when they see us and received daily needs from us.

Couple minor incident happened along the way. First, we met some villagers that blocked the road with lumber and won’t let us through. Finally after some negotiation and 5 sacks of rice and 5 relieve aids packages the let us through. When we finally arrived at Jago Bayo village, villagers already wait for us at emergency station. They wanted us to straight distribute the aids to them reasoned that if we distribute the aids through it, the distribution wouldn’t be fair.

So we ask the head of the village to give us the list of the villagers and then we call them one by one and distribute the aids. Around 122 villagers received our aids. While we distributing the aids, Elder Walker entertain the kids and make them laugh.
From Jago Bayo village 1, we continue our distribution to Jago Bayo village 2. They received 85 sacks of rice and 85 packages of relieve aids.

Another incident happened when villagers from Jago Bayo village 3 demanded the aids. We explain to them that we cannot give them the aids since their village is not seriously damaged by the earthquake. This caused them to be angry and detained out truck from passing through. It was after a negotiation Ibu Umi and Bro. Totok they agree to let us through if we give them 50 sacks of rice. So we did give those 50 sacks of rice to them.

Done with Jago Bayo village, we continue our distribution to Arga Makmur, another small town badly damage by the earthquake. As soon as we arrived in Arga Makmur we report to Satkorlak (some kind of FEMA in Indonesia).
With the help from 2 officers of Satkorlak we distribute the aids to the needed families. Many who received our aids cry and wonder how come the aids come that quick (since usually it takes three to four days to distribute the aids). We felt so proud and touched at the moment.

Around 08.30 p.m. after done distributing the relieve aids, we met with several village officers and viceroys. They gave us information and inputs of the earthquake and stuff that they need to help earthquake victims. It becomes apparent the most important thing that they are need is Platoon Tent. Afterward we visited the damaged hospital. It cracks everywhere on the wall. They also raised several small tents on the yard for their patients since they are not taking risks taking their patients inside the building.
At 11.30 p.m. we arrived in our hotel. Tired

Day three, 16th September 2007
Ibu Umi and her husband back to Jakarta. We appreciate what they have done to help us distributing the aids.
To honor Pak Hasan family, we fulfill their invitation to attend their church service. Their church conductor introduces our team among the congregation and our efforts in helping the earthquake victims. After the service, the congregations shake our hands. The church choir member, provide by local theological school, ask fro their picture to be taken with Elder and Sister Walker.
After lunch we, minus my husband, fly back to Jakarta. My husband stays in Bengkulu to supervise the distribution of aids.

This is the journal of LDSC team in helping the victim of Bengkulu earthquake. I hope this short journal could help you with information that you need.

Bertha Suranto
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Memorial service/letters of condolence for Dita 10 Sep 2007
On Sunday September 2, 2007 a memorial service was held for Dita at BYU-Hawaii. Elder Subandriyo has submitted this letter and talk by Dita's bishop. Also included is a letter of condolence from Janine Tueller Clarke:

Elder Subandriyo and Sister Steffi,

I thought you should know about the Memorial Service we had last Sunday for your daughter. No doubt Poliman and others have told you something about it, too. Several students, mainly Poliman, Dan Kettle, and Ryan Martz, got it organized. I conducted the service, although most of the people there were not from the BYUH 3rd Ward (my ward--your daughter's ward). Bishop Crowell of the 8th Ward uses the Ballroom (half of it) for Sacrament Meeting, and so he left the chairs set up--almost 150 of them--for us that evening. When we began, the seats were mostly full, and I was surprised to see so many people there. Before the service had proceeded very far, more people came in, and were getting chairs from another room, and soon had doubled the number of chairs, setting them up on the sides, overflowing the room. There were then many people sitting on the floor, wall to wall. I have never seen such an outpouring of love at a funeral like this. So many people had been touched by your daughter's love. We had over 300 students (maybe more) stuffed into that large room, which had become suddenly very cramped. It seemed as though half of all the students were there. The Spirit was very strong. The musical numbers were beautiful. There were "O My Father" and "Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide" from the hymnbook. Joseph Moore sang "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need," a beautiful song, whose lyrics I have attached to this email. I wish you could have heard it. Poliman spoke, as did a close friend of Jaredita's, Briana Strawn. Miranti Meyer also made some lovely, brief remarks. As Poliman showed a slide show of pictures of Jaredita with music, it was clear that she loved to take pictures of being with her friends. And there were so many! Many pictures of her smiling, cheek-to-cheek to with a best friend--dozens and dozens of them. After the slide show, I said, "What do you say about a girl who takes best-friend pictures with 500 people?" In my later remarks, I told them that they only had to look around to see how important is the influence of one, single life. She brought so much light into so many lives. I told them all to remember that each one of them may have great influence on more lives than they may know of. I told them that love is eternal, and that Joseph Smith taught that in addition to families being eternal, even friendships can be eternal. I read them the wonderful e-letter you sent me, and it was very good for everyone. Your courage and joy in the Gospel were very inspirational for everyone, including me. It was a healing moment, and all were edified. Thank you for that.

I met Jaredita for our getting-to-know-you interview last summer when she first arrived on the island, and I knew from her name that she had been born and raised in the Church. She was from Indonesia, and I knew that the Church had not been there very long. She told me about her parents who joined as converts. As I talked with her in that first interview, I thought, This girl is very mature and intelligent for being only 18 years old. I also felt that she was strong in the Spirit. I put it to the test by asking her to speak one of the first Sundays she was here, in Sacrament Meeting. All three speakers were from countries where the Church was new, and they told about being pioneers of the Gospel in their countries. Jaredita gave an excellent and moving talk. She bore pure testimony and talked about her parents and other early members in Indonesia, and the miracles that happened. She told about wanting to go to seminary: there was no seminary where she lived, so she asked permission from you to move in with an LDS family in a distant place, where she could attend seminary. She had a strong knowledge of the Gospel. We had a number of unexpected guests that Sunday in Sacrament Meeting, who heard those talks--over a hundred LDS women from the mainland U.S. who were at BYUH for the New You conference. After the meeting, many of them were in tears, and they all said, "What a wonderful, powerful meeting," and "This meeting has changed my life--I had no idea of such wonderful things happening out in the worldwide Church!" They thought I had organized the program just for them--but I had organized it only because of Pioneer Day, and wanted to hear about other kinds of pioneers. But Jaredita's testimony was powerful. She was always ready to speak in Church--and did, several times. She had no fear of sharing the Gospel. I thought, at the time--Wow, this girl will make a great missionary some day. And I believe that is what she is doing now. She just received her mission call sooner than we all thought.

You probably know that she was very ambivalent, unsure, about the transfer to Provo. Perhaps she had some premonition of an unclear future there. She had counseled with me several times about it, and I had given her a blessing that she would know the right thing to do. She told me that she wanted to stay at BYU Hawaii, because she loved it so much, and all of the people here. But the major she wanted was at Provo. She felt that she ought to go to Provo after all. On her last Sunday here, I saw her in the foyer and said, "Well? Are you all ready for the big move?" And she said, "Oh, Bishop!" and threw her arms around my neck, and her head on my shoulder. She was not sobbing, really--but clearly overwhelmed with feelings and grief at leaving our little paradise here at BYU Hawaii. I was a little surprised at this show of much emotion, so I just stood there and patted her gently on the back, waiting until she was done. I didn't know what else to do. I told her she would be all right, and that she should go with no fear. When Jordan Flake called me with the news of her passing, within an hour after it had happened, my first thought was of that experience there, and I was very humbled to know that the Lord knows all things, and cares for us to make sure we can be prepared for all things in our lives. I do hope that her Aunt Josephine does not feel too badly, or that she had somehow not done enough to prevent Jaredita's death. I am sure she must realize that it was all out of her hands--indeed, out of all of our hands.

I am grateful for the privilege of having known your daughter. There were many things we wanted her to do in the ward. I was considering her for the Relief Society presidency, but she was moving to the mainland, having decided to go to BYU all the same. She is a precious jewel, and we are all the richer for having known her. I have never met a young lady who was better prepared for this great journey she has taken. You must be so proud and happy to have been her parents and to have had the privilege to raise her to be the princess of our Heavenly Father that she is. You made the world a better place with such a daughter. Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you. May the Lord bless you and your family in all things.

Bishop Randal Allred
BYU Hawaii 3rd Ward


Lyrics to a hymn sung at the service:

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
by Isaac Watts

1. My Shepherd will supply my need:
Jehovah is His Name;
In pastures fresh He makes me feed,
Beside the living stream.
He brings my wandering spirit back
When I forsake His ways,
And leads me, for His mercy's sake,
In paths of truth and grace.

2. When I walk through the shades of death,
Thy presence is my stay;
A word of Thy supporting breath
Drives all my fears away.
Thy hand, in sight of all my foes,
Doth still my table spread;
My cup with blessings overflows,
Thine oil anoints my head.

3. The sure provisions of my God
Attend me all my days;
O may Thy house be my abode,
And all my work be praise!
There would I find a settled rest,
While others go and come;
No more a stranger, nor a guest,
But like a child at home.

Dear Subandriyo,

I am Vern and Carol Tueller's daughter, Janine. I am married to Matthew Clarke and our family resides in Sandy, Utah. We are close friends with Josephine. It was our pleasure to have Josephine, Dita, and Josephine's friend named Ruth over for dinner on Sunday, August 12th. It was the first time that Dita had been in our home and that we had met her, although we have seen pictures of her over the years and heard a lot about her. She was beautiful and delightful! She told us about living in Hawaii and going to school and working there. She was very excited to start BYU and asked the children many questions about it. Our son Jordan will be at BYU in the fall and they planned to get together and keep in touch. She asked about the snow and how it would be living around snow. We visited about many things. Her face shone--what a beautiful young lady! She was warm and friendly and we all loved being with her.

Imagine our shock just a few days later, to hear that she was ill, and then to get the call that she had passed away. It couldn't be! She was just at our table for Sunday dinner! We mourned her passing, and still do. We are so sorry for you and your family. We want to extend our sympathy and love to you at this time. We will continue to pray for you.

We know that Heavenly Father lives and that He loves us. Though we do not understand why Dita was taken now, we trust Heavenly Father and know that He is a God of love and mercy, and that His promises are sure. We look forward to the day when we will see Dita again.

We pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen you. We know that you work hard in building the kingdom and we admire you.

Your friends,
Janine Clarke and family
Chad Emmett Send Email
Corn Maze to help Indonesia 05 Sep 2007
This project is the work of recently returned missionary Blaine Farr:

N. Ogden corn maze plans humanitarian fund-raiser

Deseret News, September 4, 2007

Fall will usher in another season of corn-mazing and the Castle Confusion Corn Maze in North Ogden has announced that it is planning the first "Race the Maize," a humanitarian fund-raiser, on Sept. 29 at 10 a.m. to kick off a new season.
All proceeds from the event will be donated to Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat (the Center for Community Learning Activities), a school for those too poor to attend or graduate from high school in Semarang, Indonesia.

The maze is located at 430 E. 2550 North, North Ogden. Contestants will enter the maze at one-minute intervals. Participants will sprint, walk or shuffle through approximately seven acres of corn corridors (1.75 miles of trails) as they search for the exit. The maze incorporates plenty of diversions, dead-ends and detours.

In addition, a raffle for goods donated by local businesses and prizes will be awarded to winners of each age division.

The maze will be staffed by volunteers that day, and all revenue, including admissions ($10 for pre-registration and $15 at the gate), will be donated to the humanitarian project.

For information, or to register "Race the Maize," visit

© 2007 Deseret News Publishing Company | All rights reserved
Chad Emmett Send Email
buat Looky Samad 03 Sep 2007
Hi... Itu foto koq yang dikasih yang menghadap kesana sih... yang betul aja. Anak elo sudah berapa Ky dan kapan elo mau main kesini.

Buat semuanya sehat sejatera saja ya... God Bless You All
Hartanto Tjioe Send Email
Looking for Simon Petrus Metelmeti 03 Sep 2007
Does any body know Simon Petrus Metelmety whereabouts? If so, please let me know. I really want to know how is he doing. Thanks and may God always be with you.
Hendra Wijaya Send Email
Message from Subandriyo 28 Aug 2007
Saudara-saudari saya terkasih,

The long week of sadness for our family has passed. Jaredita is resting in peace... We would like to thank you for your kind words, support and pray. We were strong because of your pray and supports.

The plane landed at 8.20 PM at the Jakarta Airport. DR. Alwi Shihab and his wife was at the cargo terminal to make sure that Jaredita would be released quickly. We thank him for his kind attention. President Packer personally called DR. SHihab to let him know the passing of Jaredita and asked his help on her arrival with customs and immigration matters. Many of our closed friends were also there: Bertha, Hendro, Hendra, Soewignyo, Agus Margono, Pres/Sister Marchant, Missionaries, our relatives, our neighbors and some others.

On Saturday afternoon at about 4 PM, we received sad news that Brother Donald Hasibuan (President Bob Hasibuan younger brother) passed away. Steffi and I decided to asked Pres Bob to bring Bro Donald to the Jakarta Selatan chapel and be with Jaredita at the chapel. So that evening we had Jaredita and Donald side by side. She arrived at the Jakarta Selatan chapel by 10 PM. Her arrival on Friday evening was waited by hundreds of people she loved. and viewing started at 10.30 PM. President Bob Hasibuan spoke for 15 minutes to welcome the people and thank every one for their prayer and concern and love. He ended the meeting at 11 PM but no one moved from their seats, so I have to stand and spoke to the people about her illness and passing. I spoke about Bro Donald passing, too. Her friends came to see her up until about 2 AM, they all sad for her early departure. On Saturday at about 7.30 AM, one full load of Bus of members from Central Java arrived at the chapel. Several members from Surabaya and Manado came also. We scheduled the funeral service at 11 AM. By 9 AM, the chapel and cultural hall already filled, others seated at the overflow at the lawn and parking lot. While waiting till 11AM, we show several pictures of Jaredita from her childhood to adulthood. We cherish of her friendliness and faithfullness.

We all miss her. Nevertheless, we know that Heavenly Father called her for more important work in bringing people unto Him. Thank you so much for your love and prayers.

Hormat kami,
Keluarga Subandriyo
Chad Emmett Send Email

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