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Expats in Jakarta 14 Mar 2002
I've been out of touch for a couple of years, but it seems I heard a rumor about a small group of US missionaries who were sent to Indonesia a year or so ago. Is the rumor true? If so, any details?
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Sun Valley Group ... 12 Mar 2002
Hi everyone,

I glad that we have fabulous new Indonesia site, thanks to Bro. Brewer for your hard work to make this site possible for us. I believe it will make it a lot easier for us keep in touch.

I’m currently planning to pick a group from Sun Valley next month, they will finish their contract with Sun Valley (Ski Resort) by April 12, 2002. I found out that we’re sort one driver to bring them down from Sun Valley to Salt Lake City. Everything it seems to be set up already including their heading to LAX. I found out that I have one buddy pass left from SLC to Sun Valley so we can fly to there and drive back home with them. (unfortunately it’s cost the buddy pass $25.00/one way) They might some of them will stay with us till Sunday morning when they’re heading to LAX. If any one is interested in buying a buddy pass and helping me drive please let me know at leas one week in advance, thank's

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Welcome 10 Mar 2002
Welcome everyone to the Indonesia Jakarta site of This site replaces the site, and has much more functionality. Please register so that you can leave messages, news, stories, photos, and more. Just click on the Alumni (for returned missionaries) or Friends/Members (for anyone else associated with the Jakarta Indonesia Mission) links, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Add Profile link to register yourself with the system. Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to leave messages and add to this site with your own important information and comments.

Best Regards,

Dave Brewer
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