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All registered alumni, friends, members and parents of the mission are welcome to post to the message board.

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Elder Asher 18 Jun 2017
I am Looking for my missionary who I was street contacted in the front of Osaka Station (over a Big Hodo-Kyo) in Summer of 1974 by Elder Asher.
He was a companion to Elder Ellis who was a green bean at the time of 2 weeks. I had my first discussion with them a few days later It was at the OKA-MACHI WARD. Elder Asher came from LA or ? in California. Please help me to locate him. Thank you
Kenneth Sakauchi Send Email
i need your help 13 Jun 2016
I am a LDS in Japan and looking for a missionary who baptized my father, Tatsuo Taura in April 21, 1973 at Osaka stake.
, 2nd word

What I only know from my father is that Elder Fletcher from Utah and his father was NASA Administrator.

Any information would be appreciated.

My father has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told that he has 3 month to live. But in the past few weeks, his health suddenly got worse and is battling surveyor pain, jaundice, and abdominal dropsy. in the past few days, he has fallen into very critical condition.

Your kind support would be greatly appreciated

Masami Taura
masami taura Send Email
John Burke 05 Apr 2016
I am trying to locate John Burke with whom I served in Moriguchi in 1974. A lady we baptized wants to make contact with him. He meant a great deal to her. Does anyone know how to contact him?
J. Ward Moody Send Email
Looking for Elders 07 Mar 2015
A sister in our ward would like to find and possibly get in touch with the Elders who baptized her family when she was a young girl.
Her baptism date was 24 June 1972, and was in a building in the Osaka area (I'm guessing the Abeno building, but not sure). The family name is Kuwabara; parents are Hiroshi & Sakuko. Children are Yachiyo (the one in our ward) and her older sister Yoko. She has vague memories of possible names for the Elders: Richards and Guy, or something like that. She also remembers Sumiyoshi-ken (or Sumiyoshi-Ku?) which may be where the family lived then.
If anyone has any recollection of these baptisms, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Domo Arrigato,
Mike Griffiths
Richard Michael (Mike) Griffiths Send Email
looking for 17 Feb 2014
I regret that I lost contact with a sister in Himeji ward named sister Harumi Iwasa. She was elderly back then so I fear the worst but hope for the best, she was like another mother to us while we were in Japan. If anyone has any contact information please let me know.
Brian Michael Thulin Send Email
I'm looking for missionaries 12 Oct 2012
Konnichiwa. I am looking for my missionaries who helped me to get baptized. I was baptized in 1974 in Takatsuki branch. I am looking for Elder Thompson (I don't know his first name) and Elder Sauta (?). If you have any information, please send me an email to:

Yasushi Kouzawa

Thank you.
Yasushi Kouzawa Send Email
finding friends 09 Oct 2010
I would love to get in touch with Colleen Wilson Strothers. Her profile is listed, but no contact information. I think she still lives in Japan. Also if anyone knows any thing about Sister Yaeko Maeyama, or Osaka stake missionary, Junko Kanda, I would like to hear about them.
D.Anne Robinson Send Email
Finding three members 17 Jun 2010
I was asked by a friend, Kanako Konari Ford, of South Jordan, to find three people if possible.

Person #1: A Sister Bonnie Sorensen, about age 65, is looking for her old companion, Sister Kyoto Kubo.

Sister Kubo was born in Nishinomiya on April 17th. Exact year unknown. Her mission started in December, 1968 and she was in Nakano-ku, Tokyo for six months. She has three sons. She married a Brother Tanaka.

Persons #2 & #3: Bonnie also wants to reconnect with a Japanese couple, Makoto
and Michiko Shiraishi. I think Shiraishi Kyodai and Shimai live in Tokyo still. They went to BYU and that's how Bonnie met them.

Bonnie's e-mail address is:

Bonnie was a middle school teacher. Now she volunteers at Jordan River Temple.
George Takeshi Hara Send Email
RM Information 19 Feb 2010
I need a little help.

I'm LDS and own a Recruiting and Placement agency in SC. One of my big clients ask me to help them find a bilingual (Japanese/English) Business Planner for their plant located just outside of Bowling Green KY. This company is over 100 years old and based in Japan. Job description is below.

If you know anyone that might be interested, please forward this on. Thanks for you help.

Bi-lingual Business Planner
(Japanese / English)
Salary position
Bowling Green, KY area
Relocation package available
Company information
10 plus billion dollar International, 80 year old manufacturing company. Manufacturing parts for the Aerospace, Electronic, Heavy Equipment, Automotive industry and others.
Excellent benefits.

• Assist financial analysis, project costs and margin estimates.
• Prepares spreadsheets financial reports and analysis for top management.
• Prepares a business plan for cost and assist in preparation of material for Business Planning
• Develop market strategies and implementation schedules for business quotations and product launches.
• Works with Engineering, Purchasing and manufacturing to cost out Bills of Material, Labor and other costs.
• Analyze costs within the organization, make suggestions for cost reductions and to enable the organization to meet or exceed the targets of the company and the customers.
• Analyze market conditions and competitive situations and assist top management with strategies for new business development, resource planning and new technology investment.
• Assist the manufacturing department with cost reductions, business analysis and budget preparations.
• Achieve expert knowledge of internal business and product flow, manufacturing processes, product distribution and materials costs.
• All other duties as assigned through the MBO process or as requested form management.

• BS or higher degree in accounting or related field
• Fluent in English and Japanese with strong written and verbal communication skills to facilitate effective communications with all local staff as necessary.
• Must have above average computer skills and demonstrate an understandin of planning systems.
• Prior experience in Planning preferred.
Mark Moore Send Email
Kamo shimai 02 Oct 2009
Can any one give me contact information for Kiyoko (Kamo) Watanabe. I have not spoken with her since her wedding many years ago. I am looking for phone, email, mail, anyway to contact her. I believe she is still in the Tokyo area.
Curtis Schryver Send Email
Sakai member 10 Sep 2009
Does anyone have contact info for the Sugimoto family in the Sakai ward in Osaka? If you do, I would greatly appreciate you emailing it to me at Thanks.
Conor Paul Robbins Send Email
We have created a group on facebook called "Sterrett-Era Kobe Japan Missionaries"

If this is you, please join. We would like to gather in October to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the end of that era.

Let all of your companions and apartment-mates know as well!
D. Christopher VanCampen Send Email
Sterrett Era Reunion 01 Apr 2009
Kobe Mission Reunion - President Morris Sterrett 1986-89. April 10th at 6:30 pmp. Location: Northpoint Townhouse complex, 804 Juniper Point Drive, Salt Lake City. The complexis located at the top of F street in the Avenues directly behind the old Primary Children's Hospital. The complex is a gated community so please call 801 668-1299 to gain entry. LIght refreshments and conversation. Bring your pictures. Please RSVP to 801 392-5393 if you are able to attend.
D. Christopher VanCampen Send Email
Kobe Sisters Reunion 05 Mar 2009
All those sisters who served under President Porter, or any under President Stout - we're having a reunion Oct. 3, 2009 in Sandy, UT. Please contact me, Barlow Shimai. If you have names and addresses of any sisters, send those to me too! There are too many we've lost track of.
Lesley Walker Send Email
Packer JK Missionaries 07 Jan 2009
A new website for the missionaries who served under President Barlow Packer has been established. If you did not receive any information about this website and would like some, please email me.

Thanks, Cynthia
Cynthia Dye Send Email
Kitamura Takuya san 04 Apr 2008
I lost contact with Kitamura Kyodai shortly after I returned from my mission. He was living in Nara at the time of his baptism (Sept 81) and was baptized while I was serving near the Saiin eki in Kyoto. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, or has info as to how his life is going, I would love to hear about it. I have thought about him many times over the past 25 years.
Wayne Pratt Send Email
actuary 17 Jul 2007
My company is looking for a Japanese-speaking actuary for our Tokyo office. Fluency not required, but experience is necessary, preferably in non-life insurance or reinsurance industry. Please contact me with any leads / questions: Finders' fee possible.
Mark R Shumway Send Email
Japanese job openings at NetApp 16 Apr 2007
Hello all-
Just wanted to send a quick message in case anyone was still speaking Japanese and has some experience doing technical support or storage administration work.

NetApp is looking for a number of Japanese speaking (and reading and writing) technical support engineers to be based in our support center here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our job description says "fluent", but we are looking for someone who has strong enough Japanese to work with customers on technical issues, and strong enough technical skills to learn our products and help support customers in English and Japanese (just to clarify, this is not a 100% Japanese support job). I am not in HR or anything- just a guy that enjoys working at NetApp, who happens to also speak some Japanese, so I've been asked to help with our search. I have been with NetApp for about one and a half years, and the company is continuing to steadily grow, especially here in RTP, where we have our 24x7 global support center, along with various engineering, quality assurance, and other departments.

NetApp has received a couple of great honors over the past year:
- #6 in the Fortune Magazines 100 Best Places to Work survey (
- #1 large company in the Triangle Business Journal's Best Places to Work rankings (

A full job description is shown below. If you are at all interested, or just want some additional information, please feel free to send me an e-mail with an English resume attached, and I'll make sure it gets submitted directly to the hiring managers for these positions.

Todd Goetsch


This 3rd shift position provides multi level technical support for diagnosing, reproducing, and fixing software and hardware issues such as NFS, the UNIX remote file sharing protocol; CIFS, the Windows NT remote file sharing protocol; Network Appliance's dedicated multi protocol network file servers which feature an innovative architecture, optimized file system including Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) and powerful proprietary micro kernel based operating system Data ONTAP, which features an integrated RAID protection for data security.

Essential Functions

Candidate will resolve customer problems via the telephone, WEB, E-mail, Chat or Auto-support (Automated E-mail response system) and be responsible for addressing customer technical issues through the use of technical expertise, knowledge base, and any tools which provide for the customer's success. Will initiate, track, and resolve customer's technical issues and address them immediately or escalate the case to the appropriate level of support. Will partner with other technical staff members in support of various processes of the case management cycle and other functions that may be assigned. Will create content solutions accessible to customers, partners and field support persons via NOW.NETAPP.COM.


Candidate must be fluent (both written & verbally) in Japanese.

Candidate will be required to work 4 -10 hour days rotating between Sun-Wed & Wed-Sat every 6 weeks on the 3rd shift. Work hours are between (10:00 PM – 9:00 AM EST). Candidate must be a good listener, creative, intuitive, a problem solver, and able to generalize and handle ambiguity. Candidate's interpersonal skills include independence, team player, adaptive, personable, self confidence and the ability to manage stress. Candidate should be self-motivated, a self-learner, customer oriented, resourceful, enthusiastic and welcomes a challenge.


Candidate should possess a BS degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field with 3 plus years experience in UNIX or Windows networking administration or technical support.
Travel 10 - 20 %
Professional / College Professional Site
Expertise Global Services
Job Type Full Time
Location US-NC-Raleigh
Years of Experience 3-5 Years
Todd Goetsch Send Email
Looking for Steve` 22 Mar 2007
Does anyone have contact info for Steve Crandall? He was in the mission 79-81, and was from fairbanks, AK. He doesnt have contact info listed in his profile...
David Dale Ross Send Email
Welcome Back KOBE!!! 13 Feb 2007
I am so glad to hear that Kobe is reopening. Also, I was wondering if anyone out there has the contact information for Elder Justin Taylor? I lost contact awhile back and have been unable to locate him. Please send it to me if you have it. Thanks
Bradley David Bulloch Send Email
Return to Kobe 31 Jan 2007
I was so excited to hear of the return of a mission to Kobe.
Van R. Reese Send Email
woah... 16 Jan 2007
There's a lot of names on this site I haven't heard in a long time....I didn't know we had a site until last week. Nice huss team, way to keep the love alive. Now when is one of you gonna open up a dang Oosho round my neighborhood??

By the way, I'm looking for a pro golf instructor that wants to work for Jack Nicklaus in Japan. Anyone??

One love baby....
Conor Paul Robbins Send Email
Looking for an Old Friend 23 Oct 2006
If anyone knows anything regarding Yamamoto Nachiko Shimai please let me know. She was baptized in the Takatsuki branch or Ibaragi ward in 1979. She was like a second mother to me during my mission and I regret losing contact with her shortly after returning home in 1981.
Ray David Pell Send Email
Looking for a missionary 13 Jul 2006
Many of you will think I am crazy, but I am looking for Elder Justin Taylor. We lost track of each other, and I want to meet up again. If any of you alumni know his email, Telephone #, or anyway to contact him please let me know thanks.
Bradley David Bulloch Send Email
Okinawa 09 Jun 2006
Hey former Okinawa missionaries! I am looking for my fellow Okinawa missionaries who served from 1991 through 1993. Marnie Iwasaki and I (Julie Dana) want to plan a get together!
Julie Young Send Email
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