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Sad News

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Dear Beloved Missionaries,
   Elder Adair (and others) called and wrote to let us know that on Monday 
evening, November 4th, Matsushita Dendobucho passed away.  What a great loss 
to all of us in mortality and a wonderful addition to the missionary forces on 
the other side.  Gene Kitamura, of the Asia North Area Office, helped us send 
appropriate condolences to Matsushita Shimai and family.  He was kind enough 
to then send us some notes re: the funeral services that were held on 
Wednesday, the 6th.  
   We knew that those of you who knew and loved the Matsushitas would be 
interested to hear that his service was held in the Kichijoji Chapel (right 
next to the Tokyo South Mission Home).  About 650 people attended the 
funeral.  President Kikuchi of the Area Presidency presided.  The four 
Matsushita daughters sang a medley of hymns that were Pres. Matsushita's 
favorites.  Matsushita Shimai gave a very powerful talk about their marriage.
   November 2nd was their 42nd anniversary and all the family got together and 
went to church on the 3rd.  Matsushita Dendobucho bore his testimony that 
day.  Then the family got together again on the 4th and had a great time, 
children and grandchildren.  After they left, when he was preparing for bed, 
he felt uncomfortable and lost consciousness.  He was taken to the hospital by 
ambulance and passed away about 10 p.m..
   Brother Kitamura commented that the way he passed away left him with the 
impression that he'd done what we wanted to do with his family and then was 
able to go.  It happened suddenly.  President Robertson and I (Sister R) 
decided that there must have been a need for him on the Big transfer board.  
He was a wonderful servant of the Lord and we hope you'll all take time to 
think about his great characteristics and ways to incorporate some of those 
qualities in your lives too.  We are doing that as well.
   We love you all.  Hope you are all doing well.  Don't forget your prayer 
and scripture study!    Love, Sis (& Pres/Bishop) R.

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