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April Reunion

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Dear Beloved Returned Missionaries,

    At our reunion in October, some suggested that we have a variety of 
formats for reunions.  Therefore, we are planning to have a summer gathering 
in a park in SLC.  It, of course, will be casual, and a fun place to bring 
little ones and a picnic.
   However, we do love seeing you and catching up on your latest achievments.  
So, we are also having an open house in connection with the April General 
Conference.  It will not be on the Friday or Saturday preceding conference, 
but instead will be on Sunday evening (after the final session of conference), 
6:30 to 9:00.  It will be at our home, 2317 East Makenna Court (4595 South) in 
the Holladay area of Salt Lake City.  It will be Sunday dress.  We'll have 
lots of cookies and other goodies, so hold off on your dessert after you eat 
your dinner that day.  If you are going to be in town, but can't come during 
that time, please do call us and we'll try to arrange to meet you, even 
briefly, at a different time.  Otherwise, we very much look forward to seeing 
as many of you as can come. Bring your spouses or "special friends".  Children 
are welcome too (it is during a family time!) Call if you need directions: 
(801) 274-8274. See you then.  Love, "President" and Sister Robertson

P.S. If you have a strong suggestion about when to have our summer picnic in 
the park, please send your suggestion back to us so we can accomodate as many 
schedules as possible.

Robertson Jidai RM E-mail Newsletter
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