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Mission Song 17 Aug 2006
Does anyone have a copy of the mission song? I remember most of it in Japanese, but can't think of how the English version goes. If someone has the old sheet music and could scan it into the computer, I would love to get a copy.
R. Dale Huffaker Send Email
Most Current Mission News 15 Aug 2006
I visited the Japan Sapporo Mission and its areas last week, on Aug. 7-14. I had an opportunity to talk with the current mission president, President Yokoyama. He was my stake president when I got married three years ago so he remembered me when I met him in the mission home.

He said there were 30 baptisms in the mission in July. When I was in the mission field 4-6 years ago, our highest was 15 a month as a mission. President Yokoyama also said that there have been 20 baptisms just in the Moiwa Ward this year.

Unfortunately, no missionaries are assigned in Wakkanai and Urakawa currently. There are only 70 missionaries in the mission right now.

If you want to see the pictures I took in Hokkaido, please click the URL below.

If you have any questions about the current Japan Sapporo Mission, please email me.
Yudai Ito Send Email
President Tsuchida 19 Jun 2006
I just got off the line with President Tsuchida. He is very GENKI and just when he thought he was going to go home, they asked him to extend again. This time, he will be finished around the end of August. We registered him (I was online while he dictated) and he is eager to hear from his missionaries.

Please send this great man a message when you have a moment. His address and phone number will be on his profile. Your support for him will be greatly appreciated!

We are thinking about a Tsuchida/Sapporo mission reunion next spring.

Mike Thompson

PS. You can call or email me with questions. I will be out of the country (China) for the next two weeks, but I will be checking email.
I just updated President Tsuchida's profile with this information:
"Unity- 80!!!! I love you aqll and would love to see you again. I have
been busy with Missionary work for all these years and have missed you very
much. I am sorry for the long absence of my writing!

My phone number is 078-881-2011.

We will finish our mission at the end of August and then will return to
Kyushu for a short while as we will be released by the stake president. We
will then go to Tokyo around mid-September to live with my daughter Aisa.
I will update this again at that time.


Masaru and Junko Tsuchida"
Jim Dillon, webmaster
Michael R Thompson Send Email
Horiuchi DendoBucho 01 Jun 2006
The first Sapporo DendoBuch was President Russell N. Horiuchi. He is from Hawaii and his wife is from Japan, they met in Japan when she was an interpreter in the same building he worked in. They moved to Utah and left for their tour of duty as "The Bûch" in 1970 from the same house they still live in today. It is only a few houses from where I ended up here in Utah. This is weird in that I too am from Hawaii, and my mom lived in this culdesac for a couple years and I left was set apart while she was here and still didn't know he was only a few houses away. I kept seeing this Oriental man working in his yard as I would go by the house and after reading about him in this site realized he was the original Sapporo Bûch. I finally had a chance to talk to him a couple weeks ago, but only for a few minutes because I was actually working at the time. Even after 35 years he still has that DendoBucho feel to him, the way he talked the questions he asked, etc. It only took an introduction and we talked like we knew each other for a long time. He said he talks to Paul Oman and his wife Yasuko Yamada, who was a missionary under Horiuchi DendoBucho and who also have a son in Sapporo now. It was a nice visit and when my kids get back from Taiwan with their mom I will take them over to meet him.
William B Stanton Send Email
1997-99 08 Apr 2006
Any missionaries from Hoki era here that can give me some low down on old missionaries? I have been away and have only kept in contact with Hoyal Chorou. Anyone.........? Thankyou. Kenji Nihipali
Kenji Benjamin Nihipali Send Email
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Deann Johnson Shimai? She was living in Texas the last time I talked to her.

Please email me with her phone # or other contact information.

Thank you in advance. Best Regards.

Michael R Thompson Send Email
There are serveral stake centers here in Tokyo that you could probably do a concert at. For example, Keneth Cope will be here this Sunday holding a fireside concert at a Stake Center in Kichijoji. If you need help scheduling one let me know and I will see what I can do--no guarantees of course.
Brett Humphrey Send Email
Touring to Honshu with a kids choir 21 Feb 2006
I'm touring to Japan with an all city youth choir from Olympia, WA, KIDS IN KONCERT, leaving April 21st. We'll be 3 days in Tokyo and then spend the bulk of our time in the Kobe area. We have a relationship with a the Mukogawa School there. This will be our second trip to Japan. I've been feeling very natsukashii about my mission as I make preperations to leave. I just ran across this sight, and thought that I would pop a message in. If anyone has any connections in Toykyo, we are still scheduling performance venues in that area and would love to make a contact. Nice to read your messages.
Troy Arnold Fisher Send Email
Reunion 1979-1985 02 Feb 2006
It is official. We will have a Sapporo Mission Reunion in SLC on March 31, 2006 for missionaries serving from 1979 to 1985 with President Hotta and President Hoki. They have both committed to attend.

Please let us know of your availability. There will be a dinner at 6pm and program at 7pm. Registration will be $10 and Dinner with registration will be $25. Pre-registration for dinner and any hotel rooms are required.

Please contact as many people as possible and have them request a registration packet

Hope to see everyone there.
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
Jan. ENSIGN 2006 28 Jan 2006
Mig Choro is currently serving in Kitami and had his first Zone Conference in Obihiro. He wrote that the speaker was this very same author of the ENSIGN article! He really enjoyed it.
--Lucy Jernigan (mom)
MiG Jernigan Send Email
January Ensign 2006 23 Jan 2006
I am not sure if you had noticed the Ensign article in the January 2006 edition. The second article entitled "Using Agency Wisely" is a focus on Toshio Kawada who was branch president in Obihiro while I was serving there in '88-'89. The photo of his home was the scene of a ward meeting once--I believe it was a Ward Home Evening. The article is great and could be used as a Home Evening Article for your families. It begins on page 9 and ends on page 11.
Mark Alyn Montgomery Send Email
Google Earth -Shibu 20 Jan 2006
Ok, I tried posting a picture - have to see if it turns out. I think I found the Sapporo Dai Ichi Ward Building - or "Shibu" as it was known when I served there.
Google Earth coordinates are:
141'20'05.90 E
John R. Schlechty Send Email
Something weird I just found out:
the first Sapporo Dendo Bucho when Japan was split East/West was President Russell N. Horiuchi (1970 - 1973), who, according to his profile, has lived at 1167 S. Main St., Orem, Utah since before I was born in 1971 (and still there today). I am from Hawaii, and so is he, neither of us are from Utah. My mom lived in this same apartment complex that I live now while I was on my mission 92-94 while finishing her Masters at BYU. He is only a few houses away from me and I have lived here 8 years. I have seen him before, and because he is Japanese I had the urge to talk to him a few times but never got the nerve. Now that I know who he is, I will go talk to him. It is totally a small world!
William B Stanton Send Email
Google Earth Geeks? 17 Jan 2006
Anyone here try to find your old apatos using Google Earth?
I had a hard enough time trying to just find the towns much less any of the landmarks I used finding home (I know I can still find the apatos from the eki now, 12 years later, but I didn't need to know N-S-E-W then so, a map does nothing)

There is afeature that allows you to get lat. and long. coordinances with your pointer. If you know of any email me and I will post them here (if I can edit this, or maybe Dillon Choro will find a place for them.)

PS, Ron Schindler Choro
I have a friend who lays carpet in SLC and I helped him a few times, and I will say this:
There is a reason why there are not many other carpet layers around. Gambare!
William B Stanton Send Email
Going to Tokyo! 12 Jan 2006
It has been almost 24 years since I left Japan. 25 years since I attended the Tokyo temple dedication. As missionaries we were not able to enter the temple due to the amount of locals that had not had an opportunity to enter any temple before. I am returning to Japan at the end of January to help my friend who carpets temples all over the world. We will be replacing some carpeting in the temple in Tokyo. I have never worked with carpet before but I am excited to go back amongst the people of Japan. We will get a chance to stay at the temple workers quarters.
Ron Schindler Send Email
Tohru Hotta Reunion 23 Dec 2005
I received a letter from President Hotta today regarding the reunion this Spring during conference. He asked me to have any missionaries who served with him to send or email their names, current addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses to him or to Kenji Takahashi so they can contact them regarding the reunion details. Here is the contact information:

Tohru Hotta
1-7-1 Yukimi cho, Showa ku
Nagoya shi, 466-0005 Japan
Telephone: 052-731-3086
Fax: 052-741-3979

Kenji Takahashi
2-16-3 Nishibori
Sakura ku, Saitama shi, Saitama ken
338-0832 Japan
Telephone and fax: 048-839-7155

Marlon Bates
Marlon Lee Bates Send Email
osirase 19 Dec 2005
Christmas hymn response 18 Dec 2005
mu ka shi yu da ya no no be ni, u ta ki ke ri hi
tsu -- ji -- ka i, ka mi ni wa, mi sa ka e
ta ka ki ka mi wa e a re, sa ni ha e
i wa o, hi to ni, shi ta shi mi.

Those are the exact kana from the nihongo hymn book pg 126 and in their exact places on the page. So take a regular hymn book and you can see where the words would start and stop based on the stanzas and measures. I hope this helps.

Ganbare :-)
spanish fork UT
Jim Dillon Send Email
Christmas hymns 18 Dec 2005
I really need the word to the first verse of Far Far Away on Judea's Plains ( in japanese of course). Each member of the bishgopric has to sing it in their mission language. ... wazawaza
Kenneth J Smith Send Email
Sapporo Reunion 17 Dec 2005
I have received confirmation that both President Hotta and President Hoki are planning on coming to Salt Lake City for a mission reunion during April 2006 General Conference.

We may combine for some of the festivities and have separate rooms for the rest.

Please send questions, suggestions, and attendance RSVP's

Sumisu Choro
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
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