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Tano's Needed Swift Kick 10 May 2002
Looking for those ai suru shimai and choro-tachi that always knew when to give TANO a timely swift kick of encouragement. I've kept in touch with some, but have no idea whatever happened to Tonya Barnet, James Bush, and Rie Watanabe (Taylor). In hind-sight, THANKS.
Yukari Lewellen Send Email
old doryos 23 Apr 2002
anybody heard from or know about the following: Olsen shimai. Uehara Choro, Koji Yano, David Jones. Swenson Choro. Chilton Choro, all from 75-77. Thanks for any help.
Lakey choro
Darrell F Lakey Send Email
Say Cheezu 16 Apr 2002
Ok, Ladies, who will be the first brave one to post their after-dendo pictures? Come on now, I'm sure Motherhood has done wonders for us. I must say that it's been fun seeing the guys and their cute little families.
Yukari Lewellen Send Email
From Sapporo, Japan 02 Apr 2002
Hello! I'm looking for exchange friends.
Please teach me English and I'll teach you Japanese.
I'm 28 years old female.
Please email me:

or visit
sachiko nakamura Send Email
Opportunity 22 Feb 2002
I received the following in an email requesting to be posted:
"Hello, Alumni. Currently our organization is looking for an individual who speaks fluent Japanese and English for a Senior Project/Quality Engineer position at our Sandy, UT location. This position will assume project responsibility to develop and lead quality by improvement activities pertaining to Japanese product quality initiatives. Implement manufacturing cost improvement projects and other general engineering projects, which ensure high productivity of quality manufacturing capabilities.

There will be a two month assignment in Japan. This position requires a BS Engineering Degree and 5 years project/quality experience.

If interested please contact us at (801) 565-2391 and ask for Joann Martinez."
As a side note; solicitations are generally not welcome to alumni web sites. But since I don't have a 'general/commercial' forum section yet (which some alumni sites do), then I figure this is fine here. Plus, it's not totally kankei nai.
Jim Dillon Send Email 04 Feb 2002
Do any of you remember some of the strange English you used to see on billboards, storefront windows, etc.? Anyway, there's a really funny website that has taken some pictures of some of the better "Engrish" that you'll ever see. The site is
Cade A. Walton Send Email
farewell larkins 04 Feb 2002
hey everybody that reads this!
as you may know president and sister larkins go home in just a few months so we want to say goodbye one last time. so i'm putting together a message book for them and am inviting anyone who would like to contribute to do so. leave a message share a stroy or send pictures, just send anything you feel is appropriate to show your feelings towards our wonderful dendobuchogofusai. also send current details for yourself, spouse, school, work, hometown. ect. anyone who wants to contribute please contact me. i'm in the alumni section. thanks.
Paul Martin Brown Send Email
Book Of Mormon Audio In Japanese 04 Dec 2001
Does anyone know if the latest translation of the Book of Mormon in Japanese is available for purchase on audio cassette? I was thinking that listening to the Book of Mormon, in Japanese, would be a fun way to keep up my language skills. Perhaps this is available from the PBO in Tokyo?

I called the Salt Lake distribution center and they don't have it (although they do have audio cassette versions of the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish).

Bjarnason Choro
David J. Bjarnason Send Email
Speaking Japanese 30 Nov 2001
I remember meeting people during my mission that had served a Japanese mission and then had come back after several years to live in Japan teaching or whatever and I remember the struggle these people had bringing their language back to par. It concerned me that I would spend over two years learning Japanese just to go home and forget it.
So, when I got back from my mission, I immediately enrolled in Japanese courses and basically added a minor in Japanese to my degree. At the start of my first summer break, I made a critical decision to keep up my Japanese through daily reading. The only book I had was the Book of Mormon so that's what I read. I've read a few other books, but mostly the Book of Mormon over and over again for the last 15 years. It doesn't do much to keep one's technical or every day conversational Japanese up, but I've found that it has made it very easy to get back into a Japanese conversation as well as to read most Japanese. I've done some Japanese to English translation here and there during college, and then about 8 years ago I got a job that actually uses Japanese. About 5 years ago I went independent with my own language consulting company and though it's not as much as I'd like, I still get to use my Japanese. I recommend to any return missionaries a daily regiment of a bit of Japanese reading. The Book of Mormon is perfect for two reasons - the kanji have rubi text (furigana) and the prophets have told us to read it every day anyway. You might end up with kind of an ancient overlly formal dialect, but it never hurts to be polite in Japanese:)
James S Tanne Send Email
Japanese 29 Nov 2001
Do all of you still speak Japanese(From Tsuchida era) because I can't. I dream in Japanese, but that's it. It makes me sad.
James B. Childs Send Email
OBANDESU!!!!!! 11 Nov 2001
this is the crazy australian brown choro who was of the frozen chosen feb 1999-2001. if any one out there remembers me please feel free to e-mail me. my news is i'm going to tokyo the end of this week to get married to a nihonjin from tokyo - we met after the mish!! it's all exciting. i wanted to make it up to sapporo this trip but unfortunately we can't:(
i'll be in tokyo 3 months. any way jya ne
Paul Martin Brown Send Email
Old Dode 11 Oct 2001
I am looking for Bart Chidester, If anyone knows how I can get a hold of him I would love to make cantact again. Thanks
Bore Choro
Mark Bore Send Email
Christensen Reunion 2001 11 Oct 2001
Here is an update on the 2001 reunion. I first want to thank everybody who sent in pictures. We had a memorable slide show that we want to continue to build upon for next year. If any of you want to send in pictures, please send them to .

We had about 25 missionaries come with their families, so it was a decent turn out (for how old we're getting). Fairchild, Moyer, and Brooks came from back East, and Despain Shimai came up from Arizona. The others who came were mainly local.

It was smaller but very fun, the conversation was really good. We will be having one next year, so try and come out to that one. Spending time with the President and the Shimai was enjoyable too. They each got up and talked about how much they love us. The Shimai of course shed a tear, and the President talked about obedience. They still radiate the spirit and make you feel welcome. Believe me, they haven't aged at all!

Some of us played tennis with the President, others hiked Mt. Timpanogos, and some attended Priesthood session together. Needless to say, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and wants to try and make it next year.
Matthew A. Heaps Send Email
Tsuchida Dendobucho San & Shimai 10 Oct 2001
I talk with Tsuchida Dendobucho San & Tsuchida Shimai by phone recently and they asked me to let you know there phone number for those who want to contact them. They would love to hear from you that served with him.
Currently, he is the Temple President (Shindencho) for the new Fukuoka Shinden. They are living in Fukuoka (mochiron) with their son. The phone number is 011-81-092-525-8254. The jusho is:
Fukuoka Shi
Chuo Ku Hirao Joshui Cho 46
Matsu Jitsu Seito Iesu Kirisuto Kyokai

Andrew Kay Send Email
Cory Francom 05 Oct 2001
I 'm looking for any info about Cory Francom. E-mail me if you know anything. The last I heard from him he was at BYU. But that was a while ago. Thanx Killian Shimai.
Michelle Heinz Send Email
Is Sapporo cold? 17 Aug 2001
I am sitting with a friend here who just asked me if Sapporo is cold. I replied that I wore Sorrells the whole year around....and was met with some surprise. Is Sapporo cold? :-) hee hee hee Long Live the Frozen Chosen!!!
Hilary Sue Johnson Send Email
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