Maryland Baltimore Mission Alumni

  Baltimore Slang

We all love Maryland and the people there. We especially love to reminisce on all the good times we had there. Here are a few expressions commonly heard on the Baltimore City streets.
When you hear... They mean...

Accent When 2 cars collide
Acts To request
Ball Mer The name of our city
Balled Ham Boiled ham
Balmorese What we're speaking
Beero Bureau (as in FBI)
Bulled Egg An egg cooked in water
Chest Peak A large body of water
Chimley Where Santa comes down
donobodylidea Don't nobody live here
Downey Owe Shin Summertime destination
Droodle Pork Druid Hill Park
Dug It bit the cat
Elfin Large pachyderm at zoo
Farn Gins Red trucks that put out fires
Five Oh Cop
Hollandtown Highland Town
Jayf X Route 83 or the Jones Falls Expressway
John Smith Joseph Smith
Looney Yum Fool Aluminum foil
Merlin Our state
Moral Stadium Memorial Stadium
Nap Lis State of Merlin capital
Old Bay What our crabs taste like
The Oreos Not a cookie, but our baseball team
Pockeybook Purse
Poh Lease Police
Poison Ivory Plant that gives you itchy skin
Ravens Cleveland Browns
Share Hot water that cleans you in the morning
Simonize Hospital Sinai hospital
Star Phone Styrofoam
Swan Road Shawan Road
Syringe Red light on top of ambulance
Tawlet Toilet
West Minister Nearby city of Westminster

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