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Another Utahn... 22 Apr 2008
I also recently moved up to the Salt Lake City area. I have a new job right downtown and currently staying with my wife's grandma in Riverton while we find a house. It would be nice to get in touch with old companions and friends from the Michigan Mission.
Larry Shatzer Jr. Send Email
Utahn 22 Apr 2008
well...I am officially an Utahn. Moved to Sandy in March of '08 with my family. Any of my old companions who still live here send me an email - nathan.beutler at
I would love to hear from you and have you over to the house.
Do they have any good Mexican food here?

Elder Garner - I hope you recover quickly and you and your new liver can get along.
Nathan Beutler Send Email
hello 22 Jul 2007
yeah I know last time I posted on here it was with hello from a lost soul well..I have recently decided I am not such a lost soul and have started going to church on occasion..its still hard as hell to go do to changes I have done to my appearance but it is how I am..anybody I served with and around I would love to hear from you.Elder Critchlow I wanna thank you for putting up with me on trade offs while we served around each other..I love you bro and appreciate your strength now while I didnt back than...sister Vagana your words on facebook have helped also
Gary D. Shatto Send Email
Looking for elders from 1976 11 Apr 2007
I'm looking for elders that served during 1976. I was baptized by Michael Stephens and confirmed by Randy Roth. My name then was Sager. I lived in Northville, Michigan and attended the Plymouth Ward. If there are any other Elders who remember my family (Gerald, Margaret, and Dennis Sager), I would love to hear from who. I can't remember the other Elder's names that taught my family. I'm married with 4 children. My oldest son will by going on his mission this summer. I just want to thank the missionaries who taught me when I was a teenager.
Susan Moore Send Email
just found this site 02 Apr 2007
I just found this site. I served under President Poll and Livingstone from 1994-1996. I served most of my time with the Hmong. Anyone with the information about the Hmong branch there. I'm trying to get a hold of them.

Information about myself...Married and have one kid. She's about 6 month old.
Sheeyee Moua Send Email
Looking for Joshua Routt and Scott Wayne Smith 06 Mar 2007
I am looking for these two companions. They served under President Baron and President Poll, in about 1990-1992. If anyone has any additional information for either of them I would really appreciate the help! Ryan
Ryan King Griffiths Send Email
old companions 06 Mar 2007
I served with a lot of great Elders back in '93 - '95 under President Poll. I would love to have contact with anyone I served with or around. Here are some of the Elders I remember: Elders Bert Benson, Craig Bingham, Beers, Bott, Wilkins, Peery, Huffaker, Gadson, Vagvarey, Slade Watts, Dean Waite, Garner, Parkinson, Farnsworth, Adam Davis, Lavender, Mosier. Please contact me at .
Nathan Beutler Send Email
It's been 20 years!! 09 Jan 2007
This message is for anyone who served from'86-88'. I'm trying to get in contact with alot of y'all. I was thinking of those of you who influenced my life back then and those impressions remain with me to this day. Are there any reunions planned? I would love to hear from anyone.
Cynthia Whitaker Send Email
Mini Mish 1980-84 Reunion, Orem Ut. Nov 27th 21 Nov 2006
I've thought of a few more fellow missionaries that I would like to add who I remember:

David Rutter
Elder Eves
Elder Bice
Brian Christensen
Elder Sears

that's all for now, the reunion in Orem is in a few days everybody.
David B Schroeder Send Email
The missionaries I remember who served 80-84: 30 Oct 2006
David Evans
and the rest of my companions..
Brook Gardner
Kevin Cook
David Lee
Elder Plumbo
Elder Gahley
Elder Sears
Elder Close
Elder Pettycrew
Sister Rose
Sister Willis
Elder Downing
Ferris Bueller
Elder Sweeten
Elder Skinner
Elder Oseen
Elder Tom Mower
Elder Padgent
Elder Lamb
Elder Moosman
Elder Barney
Elder Stroot
Elder Anderson
Elder Warnick
Elder Hardy
Elder McGuire
Elder Furner
Elder Randy Lee
Elder Rushton
Elder Dexter
Elder Boldt
That's it for right now..I remember faces that I couldn't attach a name to, sorry.

If any of you know of these Elders and Sisters listed and think that might be interested and available for the Thanksgiving reunion we're planning in Orem, please email them or have them email me at:

Note my contact info below:

Thank you,

Dave Schroeder
David B Schroeder Send Email
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