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Missouri Independence Mission

Thu 20 June 1974 - Present


Kansas-Missouri Mission

Wed 10 June 1970 - Thu 20 June 1974


Central States Mission

Monday 4 April 1904 - Wednesday 10 June 1970



Welcome to the Land of Zion



Welcome to the Missouri Independence Mission Alumni Page. This page serves as a gathering place to Zion. This page is for all missionaries who served in the Missouri Independence Mission, Kansas-Missouri Mission and the Central States Mission.




This is a quote worth putting here on the main page. President Flake (Mission President 1979-1982) was able to put into words how many of us feel about this great mission. The quote below is from a recent letter for the Alumni Page. I could not have stated it any better:


...Like you, we consider it a monumental blessing in our life to have been called to labor in the Land of Zion. When we reflect on the three levels of history associated with our great mission area, our hearts are lifted and inspired—first, the time of Father Adam and his early descendants; second, the time of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the noble Saints who lived there; and third, the years we served with you in that sacred land. Let us never take for granted that great privilege and honor. We hope you will take advantage of this web site to let us and your fellow missionaries know about your life. It is a joy to hear from many of you at Christmastime and to see others of you as we travel around. May you receive the rich blessings of the Lord as you raise your valiant families and pursue a celestial course in your life.  We have great love for you.


Very sincerely,


“President” and Sister Flake


See President Flake’s complete letter by clicking here




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The Missouri Independence Alumni Page – Notes to all alumni and visitors.


·        The Mission Pictures Page has undergone a total re-work. If there are links that do not work, let me know so I can fix the bugs.

·        Again thanks to all that have sent me things to add to the page.






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