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Mongolian speaking volunteer opportunity 01 Mar 2013
I received the following via e-mail. Please feel free to contact the individual if you can help. Thanks.


Dear Carl Sticht,

I work with Senior Language Training at the Missionary Training Center
(MTC) in Provo, Utah. We are looking for some Mongolian speaking volunteers
to help a senior couple learning Mongolian right now.

Will you please contact the members of this site and ask if anyone would
like to volunteer? Our volunteers do not need to be LDS or live in Utah. We
do much of our language training over Skype.


Karen Lillywhite
Volunteer Trainer
Senior Language Training at the MTC
Carl Sticht Send Email
Senior Missionary Translator needed 20 Apr 2012
I received the following today, so I'm sharing it to spread the word. Feel free to do with this what you will. За, баярлалаа!

Carl Sticht
Mongolian Mission Website Administrator


The following comment has been submitted by Senior MTC Language
Volunteering <>.

Hello Carl,

I am the volunteer coordinator for the Senior Missionary Training Center
(SMTC) in Provo, Utah. We provide volunteers who work with senior
missionaries learning a language before their missions. Currently we have
many, many requests for Mongolian and we do not have as many volunteers as
we need to fill them. Will you please invite members of this website and
any other Mongolian speakers you know to contact us if they are interested
in volunteering? They do not need to live near Provo or even be members of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to volunteer.

Thank you,

Karen Lillywhite
SMTC Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 801-422-5963
Facebook page: LDS Language Volunteering
Carl Sticht Send Email
job opportunity 27 Jan 2012
I came across this job posting on LinkedIn:
Looking for U.S. Citizens that speak Mongolian to go to Afghanistan for 184K salary 1yr. Contract Email resumes to 909-362-3420
Garrett Wilson Send Email
Clark family's new mission call 04 Dec 2011

I received an e-mail from a former Mongolian mission president, Pres. Harlan Clark (1999-2002), and I would like to share it with all of you (with his permission of course):

Merry Christmas
From Harlan and Mary Alice Clark

Dear friends,

2011 has been a wonderful year.
Our new address as of Dec. 10 will be 16 Union Ave., Unit 2, Nutley, N.J. 07110. 801-867-7567

We completed our Manhattan Temple mission in August 2011. We loved the environment, the people we worked with, and the labor of love in this temple. We were also assigned to work in the Harlem First Ward where we taught Sunday School courses on temple preparation, family relationships, and marriage.

We put in our papers for another mission and received a call to serve in the New Jersey Morristown Mission in leadership support. That mission will start on December 5, 2011. We will be living in Nutley, New Jersey and helping in the Patterson Branch.

Since we were off for 4 months, we decided to take a two week trip back to Mongolia during the end of the summer. The first Sunday there we went to Baganuur to church. Twelve years before, Baganuur was a struggling branch with just a handful of active members. On this day when we were there, they announced that the church was going to build a chapel in Baganuur.

We checked out the church building in Zoon Harah. The church there began in a bar. Now they were meeting in a lovely building.

We were part of firesides in the new church offices in Ulaanbaatar. This property was purchased while we were there. In fact we attended the landbreaking ceremony. Now it’s a beautiful building that houses all the church offices and mission home. We were able to see many members that we knew.

It was inspiring to see the church growth in Mongolia and to meet with the members that we knew in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, and Erdenet.

After visiting Mongolia and returning to the United States, we drove East and visited some families in Kokomo, Indiana that Harlan helped to convert in 1953, when he was a young missionary serving in what was then the Great Lakes Mission.

One sister we visited said that the reason she let Harlan and his companion in the door was because Harlan looked like her brother who had been killed in World War 11. She said that no matter what he was there for, she wanted to let him in. She joined the church and has been doing lots of family history research.

We visited another family where Harlan and his companion were the first to knock on the door. It had snowed six to eight inches. Two people told them that they couldn’t be ministers out on a day like that. The family joined, and there are about a hundred family members now.
Carl Sticht Send Email
sad news of a former missionary's passing 27 Dec 2010
I received the following submitted as a comment:

My father and mother, Charles and Jean Hardy were in this mission when
around 1995. Elder Charles Hardy passed away on Friday December 24, 2010
at the age of 91. Please let anyone that may have known or served with him
know there will be a service for him in Tempe, AZ on Thursday December 30,
2010 at 10:00a. This service will be held at the Stake Center located on
the corner of College and Alameda.


Our condolences to the family. Elder Hardy will be missed.
Carl Sticht Send Email
Mongolian BoM Title Page 14 May 2010
I received the following message via the comments link:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The young men’s presidency of the West Jordan, Utah Welby 3rd Ward has
been actively engaged in the development of the young men to serve
honorable missions. As one of our activities, the young men’s program
will be attempting to set a world record for reading the title page of the
Book of Mormon in the most languages. The current world record set for
this type of event stands at 111 languages for a poem read last year.

Over the next few months, the young men will be experiencing what it is
like to have to speak a foreign language as they hone their skills and
working on the pronunciation of the various words that comprise the title
page of the Book of Mormon. We are asking them to prayerfully seek
assistance from the Lord so that can gain a small understanding of what it
will be like in the mission field.

However, although we have several returned missionaries that are helping
with the pronunciation; we have need of assistance in the actual phonetic
translation or Romanization of many more. As an example of what we are
looking for….the word “India” may be pronounced (In-dee-uh).

We ask that if you or anyone you know has language ability in the following
languages, please contact Brother Chris Isbell via email at We have the title page scans in a format that is
both acceptable for the Guinness World Record group and easy for the young
men to read. Your assistance will be noted and recognized during our world
record attempt.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and look forward to any support
you may be able to provide as we attempt to prepare the young men for
honorable missionary service, attempt to set a new world record, bring more
publicity to the Book of Mormon and strengthen our quorums.


Chris Isbell
Guatemala, Guatemala City North Mission ’92-‘94


Afrikaans,Albanian,Aleun Fante,
Carl Sticht Send Email
message via comments 03 Apr 2010
I received the following message via the comments link. Please contact the individual mentioned if interested. Za, bayarlalaa!

Carl Sticht
Mongolian Mission Website Administrator


(begin message)

The following comment has been submitted by bayasaa <>.

sain bnuu ene odriin mend tv9-n hamt olniixoon.
4sarin 10nd soylin towin dotor baidag huuhdiin nomiin ordnii dotor german
medelelin nomiin sand 16-18 tsagiin xoorond Debattier club gedeg germanii
mash tom clubees zoxion baiguulj metgelzeenii uraldaan bolox yum. enend
german avstri shwetsari zaluuchud orgonoor irj german hel surch bui
zaluustai hamt yria ornuulj heliig ni saijrulah uudnees hamt baga bolj
zondoo temtseen uraldaand oroltsoh yum. shaglnal ni mash ondor bogood
tuxain hamt baga bolson gadaadin irgedtei zun hamt ondor hongoltteigeer 7
honog mongloor aylah bolomjtoi helee sairuulan bas guide aylal juuchlalin
jinhene dadlga geh met mash olon tanin medehguin temtseenuuud mon adil
bolno.ta buxen tv9 xamt olon maani enexuu medeeg medegere gargaad olon
zaluuchuudig manai enexuu unegu yrianii clubt xamruulaad ogox uudnees bid
ta buxend xandsan yumaa. monglchud maani german hel surch bui hun zunduu
buguud yrih hun olddoggui yum tiim uchraas bid ted nart tuslaj yria heliin
saijruulj gadaad nz noxodtei bolj haluun uur amisgaliig bii bolgox gsimaa
ta buxen tusalj irj bichleg hine tv-r gargah bolomjtoi yu ?
gunee hundetgsen debattier clubin gishuun B.Bayasgalan holboo barix utas
Carl Sticht Send Email
e-mail I received 26 Oct 2009
I received the following e-mail via the "Comments" link. I don't know if anyone has the means to help, but please do your research before contributing if you feel compelled to. Thanks.

**message follows**

The following comment has been submitted by Tuyasaikhan Jamyansuren

DEAR Sisters and Brothers
Good afternoon?
I,m Tuyasaikhan. I write from Mongolia.I have a son. He was born in 2005
and his name is Khuslen.
We have passed really difficult time due to my son,s
incurable disease. He infected hepatitis after a nmonth when he was born
and he was treated at hospital for long time.But his disease not cured
well. Then, suddenly his health condition was fall ill when he was 1 year 9
months lod and we went to the hospital for diagnosing his
disease.Unfortunately8 the disease cannot be healed in Mongolia.Thus, We
went to Ling Tuy Hospital, China.They diagnosed that liver B virus
infection increased and my son has a liver disorder and it spread over his
body when he was ill.Since that time,we have been asked help for a long
time from television,radios and international Organizations operating in
Mongolia.But, those were effortless and we wasted much time on that.Soon
after that, my son's health condition was more weakened and 70% of his skin
color became yellowish green on 16 july 2009. So, we went to Ling Tuy
Hospitals, China.Their doctor's said: that the liver transplaning operation
total cost will be 68, 000 USD. According to my son's bad health condition,
the hospitals administration agreed to begin operation after receiving the
advance payment of 10% or 6,800 USD and we concluded the Guarantee
contract.Then , I return to Mongolia on 15 July 2009. My son stayed in
China with his father for operation..Although I tried finding a helping
organization on the internet, I cannot find any organization that helping
with the amount of 6,800usd.Doctors told me that B virus infection is
hereditary disease and do not waste time.If transplaning new liver, he will
be healthy.Although I am not able to pay remaining payment, if my son
becomes healthy, i am glad than i definitely will have an opportunity to
pay the total amount in the future. The Doctor tole me that after my son's
liver transplanting operation, he have to stay in bed motionless for over 4
months.Therefore, we kindly requested help from all kind people.Please help
us to keep our lovely son alive. He has been suffering with fatigue
disease for three years and is eagerly waiting for your help. Thank you to
everyone and wishing success to all of you.I have not time Dont forget me
i waiting you please
Today morning I called his father .He said ; My son loose too much blood
everyday.You must hurry come back.
I hope will send me a reply soon because, time is so precious for us.

Thank you
Your faithfully,

Mother of Khuslen, J. Tuyasaikhan

Contact number: 976+99941153
Fax number; 976+11327899

Bank account: Khaan Bank (hidden for her protection)./ Mongolia KHAAN BANK /
Carl Sticht Send Email
June 14: Mongolian Conference - Washington DC 06 Jun 2009

Эрхэм Хүндэт Таныг,

Вашингтон хот орчмын Исүс Христын Хожмын Үеийн Гэгээнтнүүдийн Сүмийн Монголчуудын Анхдугаар Чуулганд хүрэлцэн ирэхийг урьж байна.

Исүс Христийн Хожмын Үеийн Гэгээнтнүүдийн сүм нь 1993 онд анх Монголд орж ирж сургаалийг түгээж эхэлсэн. Түүнээс хойш Монголд болон
хилийн чанадад байгаа маш олон Монгол ах дүүс маань сургаальд орсноор Бурханаас гайхамшигтай сайхан адислалуудыг хүлээн авч амьдралаа
өөрчилсөөр байгаа билээ. Та бүхнийг хүрэлцэн ирж бид нартай хамт монгол гишүүдийн чин сэтгэлийн гэрчлэлээс сонсоно уу гэж урьж байна.

Хаана: Арлингтон хотын Исүс
Христийн Хожмын Үеийн
Гэгээнтнүүдийн Сүмийн байранд

Хаяг: 1600 North Inglewood St
Arlington, VA 22205

Хэзээ: 2009 оны 6-р сарын 14-ийн Ням Гаригт,
оройн 6 цагт
Joseph R Brubaker Send Email
June 13: DC Temple - Mongolian Celebration 06 Jun 2009
Монгол Тоглолт
2009 Оны 6 Сарын 13-Ны Оройн 19 Цагт
Вашингтоны Ариун Сүмийн
Дэргэдэх Айлчлах Төв

Mongolian Celebration
Saturday, June 13, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
Washington D.C. Temple Visitors’ Center

9900 Stoneybrook Drive, Kensington, MD
I-495 Exit 33 North
Joseph R Brubaker Send Email
New Pronunciation Tool 07 May 2009
Mission friends and Mongolians:

Hey everybody. I found a new site with a pronunciation tool for Mongolian (among 216 other languages currently on the site). A pronunciation tool like this is a wonderful resource for learning new languages. Use of the site is free for non-commercial purposes and contributions are licensed under the creative commons license which means its non-commercial use will forever be free to use (similar to Wikipedia).

I know I'm definitely not the greatest native sounding Mongolian speaker so I'm probably not going to contribute for Mongolian. But, it would be great to have Mongolian friends contribute to the pronunciation library. The site is pretty new, started in 2007, so there are a lot of opportunities to contribute.

Pass the word along. The web site is
Eric Sampson Send Email
We need your support! 29 Apr 2009
Hello all. I would like to invite everyone here to join the Facebook cause to support the Mongolian National Archives Digitization Project. The entire Mongolian Archives collection will be digitized and indexed in a searchable internet database accessible around the world. This project will make Mongolian genealogical research possible. It will also preserve Mongolian historical documents for future generations. We need the support of everyone. If you can donate, even just a few dollars to the cause, great. If you can't donate right now, at least join the cause and show your support in that way. This is a very important project and we need your support. For those of you on Facebook, the link to the cause is below:

If you would like to donate, but do not have a Facebook account, the link to donate is:
Ben Torgerson Send Email
Mongolian Fireside 24 Jun 2008

Mission President of the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission, 1994-1996
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Invite Your Friends & Family to Come

JUNE 28th, 7:00 pm
1600 North Inglewood • Arlington, Virginia
Mongolian and English Program

Elder Cook is currently the Managing Director of the Perpetual Education Fund
Sister Cook is the First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency
Joseph R Brubaker Send Email
need someone that speaks mongolian 22 May 2008
Got this message in my e-mail:

i need someone that speaks mongolian.

there is a new convert named deej. i knew him briefly in indianapolis.
is living in springfield illinois.
could you send this on to everyone connected to this site. they can
him directly 425-280-2925
thanks, steve
Carl Sticht Send Email
internship program in Mongolia 09 Oct 2007
Got this message in my e-mail:

Hi Carl, my name is Jodie Jensen. I work with LDS Employment Services and BYU-Provo as a facilitator for the internship program throughout the world.
We're looking for people (especially BYU students) who speak Mongolian to
go to Ulaanbaatar for winter semester 2008 to teach members of the Church
principles of self-reliance. We have an incredible scholarship to offer
anyone who is selected to go. Please contact me if you're interested (or
know anyone who is) in spending three months among the people you love in
Mongolia! Interns will need to be in Salt Lake for training the second week of January.
The application deadline is October 15, so contact me fast!

Best regards,
Jodie Jensen
Internship Facilitator
280 HRCB
Carl Sticht Send Email
Mongolian Temple night! 21 Sep 2007
September 25th Tuesday at 6pm session at the Mt Timpanogos Temple.
We are inviting everyone to go to the Mt Timpanogos Utah Temple together as a mongolian group. Let us meet outside between 5 and 5:30 and go to 6pm session. Please spread the word. I think it will be great preparation for the General Conference. Hope to see you there. Chimka Hansen
A David Hansen Send Email
I ended up with a copy of this message, thought I would pass it along for those living in the Virginia/DC area.

Once again I need your help! This time I need your help in finding a Bilingual who understands and speaks Mongolian.

I have a upcoming Court assignment in Hanover, Virginia where I need a Mongolian/English Interpreter on October 17th at 9:30 a.m. It doesn't matter if this person has experience Interpreting in Court or not. We will provide sufficient training prior to the court date.

We will pay this person $30.00 per hour for their efforts. We will also compensate this person for their travel depending upon the distance.

Can you help us find such a person? I have exhausted all my leads and you are my last hope! If you do not know of anyone who can help us, do you know of someone whom I might contact that can?

As always, I appreciate your help in the past and appreciate what you might do for us now and in the future. Without your periodic assistance, we could not do what we do!

Please let me hear from you as soon as possible.

Ralph Bosen
TNB Language Service

TNB Language Service
7180 Buckeye Rd., SW
Roanoke, VA 24018
Chad Nicol Send Email
Looking for "Elder" David James BUCK 13 Sep 2007
Hello fiends,

I'm looking for "Elder" David James Buck. If you have his contact info or some one who might know pls let me know ASAP.


Nadmid Namgur Send Email
Looking for "Elder" David James BUCK 13 Sep 2007
Hello friends,

I'm looking for my friend "Elder" David James Buck who served in Mongolia from 98-00. Pls let me know if you have any contact info of him.

Nadmid Namgur Send Email
looking for Mash-Undral's address 03 Jul 2007
Hi everybody
I am as a missionary and serving in Kiev,Ukraine mission. I need to
out Mash-Undral's address who served in Donetsk,Ukraine mission around
years ago. His mission president Manjos want to know his address so i
writing. If anyone knows Mash-Undral please tell him that his mission
president wants to communicate with him or write to him or to me
Elder Dorjsuren
Carl Sticht Send Email
help needed!!! 31 May 2007
I am connected with the Rotary Club, which is having their international convention here in Salt Lake June 15th-20th. Several representatives from Mongolia will be visiting and need host families while they stay here. I am hosting 4 of them, but there are still a few more who need a place to stay for a few days. The host family would need to reside within a reasonable commute to downtown because their convention is in the Salt Palace. Doka and I were specifically sought out because we can somewhat speak the language. Ideally, we need a host family with someone who can interpret for those Mongolians who don't speak English very well. I look at this as a wonderful opportunity to expose non-LDS Mongolians to our hospitality, lifestyle, and religion, especially since they were so grateful as a whole to share theirs while we stayed in their country. Please let me know ASAP if you can help. I need to solidify arrangements for these visitors in the next week and a half.
Garrett Wilson Send Email
Cox Era missionaries 20 May 2007
Hey All!!!! Melissa Boothe and I are getting married, and we want to make sure that we haven't forgotten to send an invitation to all the Cox era missionaries. We are hoping that all you missionaries out there who served with us will get this message and send us your addresses, or update your profiles on this website. And we would also appreciate it if you have anyone's address who served under President Cox but who isn't on this website.

Now that I'm moved up here to Utah, I hope to hang out with more of you guys, even after the wedding. :-)

Hope to hear from you!


Urt Uvc (Long Grass) :-)
John Chansathit Luangrath Send Email
Mongolian Dance Performance this Thursday night 16 Aug 2006
The Mongolian Dance Company that has been touring Utah for the past week has put together an additional performance and would like to invite all of us... such a great opportunity for us to get together! One of the host families (they’ve had 10 of the 22 members of the company staying with them) has had a great deal of help from the relief society in their ward and will be putting on this show in their ward building. It will be held in Sandy at 11755 Highland Drive at 6 p.m. Thursday, August 17. I know this is short notice, but we all know what a great time it will be. Bring drinks or your favorite Mongolian dish if you would like. Come for great food, great musicians & great dancing!

See you there!

(Sister Boothe)
Melissa Luangrath Send Email
Mongoloor Yaridag Gadaaduud (MYaG Club) 08 Mar 2006
An article in the UB Post reported on a new club started to promote the Mongolian language study among none-native speakers. According to an email I received from one of its founders, The Mongoloor Yaridag Gadaaduud (Mongolian Speaking Foreigners) "would love to create more MYaG clubs in different parts of Mongolia and the United States." They also encourage all interested to join their yahoo group under the name "myagshuu".

Feel free to check out the article:

Or the yahoo group:
Garrett Wilson Send Email
correction 27 Jan 2006
Hello everyone!
We are going to have a Tsagaan sar or Mongolian New Year Celebration on 30 January, 2006 at 6 PM. Hopefully everyone can get this message and let the others know about it. Bring some buuz, salad and drinks.
Don't forget to wear your Mongolian dresses and bring some shagai (bone games).
This is the address to the Celebration:

Pioneer Chapel
940 West, 100 North

Please be on time.
If you have any questions call me.
Zaya 801-836-5792
Batzaya Khayankhuu Send Email
Tsagaan Sar 23 Jan 2006
Hello everyone!
We are going to have a Tsagaan sar or Mongolian New Year Celebration on 30 January, 2006 at 6 PM. Hopefully everyone can get this message and let the others know about it. Bring some buuz, salad and drinks.
Don't forget to wear your Mongolian dresses and bring some shagai (bone games).
This is the address to the Celebration:

Pioneer Chapel
940 West, 100 North

Sorry, it is not on 31, it is on 30. Monday
Please be on time.
If you have any questions call me.
Zaya 801-836-5792
Batzaya Khayankhuu Send Email
please protect privacy 24 Dec 2005
Sain baitsgaana uu! Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I wanted to express my thanks to all of you who actively participate with information sharing on this website. With all the advances technology has brought, it has helped people from all over the world reunite and communicate in ways that just 10 years ago were not possible. However, there are many people that will take advantage of every opportunity they can to try to steal any individual's personal information. Therefore, we have an obligation to protect the information that we have from falling into the wrong hands. I know that many times we get postings of people trying to find other individuals through this website. When that happens, if you want to help out, I ask that you pass the message on to the person that they are seeking out, instead of passing that individual's contact information back, especially without their consent. Please treat these requests like messages you might leave on an answering machine, and forward them on. If we post someone's address, phone number, e-mail address, or any other piece of contact information online without that person's consent, we are putting them in jeopardy. I don't want any harm to come to anyone because of that. There are many people that just browse through this web site without anyone else's knowledge, so I ask to keep that in mind when responding to other people's requests for contacting individuals. Once again, I appreciate all that everyone does to try to reunite people. I only ask that we protect that information as we would our own. Thanks for your understanding, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Carl Sticht
Mongolian Mission Website Administrator
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Mapping Mongolian Speakers 19 Dec 2005
Sain baitsgaana uu,

I've set up a Frappr map to try and map where Mongolian speaking populations are concentrated. It is open for both native and non-native speakers. Just browse to
and click "Add yourself."

Please forward the URL on to other speakers that who aren't on this list.


Duane Lee Blanchard Send Email
visiting Mongolia in April 2006 17 Dec 2005
Hey all! My husband and I will visit Mongolia sometime in April 2006, and I would like to meet some members while we're there. Is speaking Russian helpful? I can read and write it pretty well, and understand about 80%, but speaking is tough. Any other language (other than Mongolian) that is handy? Between the 2 of us we speak several useless languages, but not Mongolian, sadly.
We'll be doing the trans-siberian train extravaganza! But only from Russia to UB.
if there is anything you think we should know, please contact me. thanks! MJ
MJ Bliss-Ikeda Send Email
cool story 04 Nov 2005
Hey ya'll, thought you might like this. I just stumbled across it doing a search on Mongolians. If anybody knows who the sister missionary is, that would be cool too! Paka!
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
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