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Elder Frank Magalei Dela Rosa

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George T. Frost (1973 - 1976)
Served: 1974 - 1976
Areas Served:
Lame Deer, Mont.
Billings (Mission Home)
Wolf Pt, Mont.
Rock Springs, Wyo.
Paul L. Barrett | Brownie Komene | Layne S. Pace
Your Occupation: Retired Feb 2010
Served following Areas with following companions:
Lame Deer, Mt: Elders Komene, Gray, Barrett, Hart, & Volmer
Mission Home, Billings, Mt: Elders Tanner, & Pace
Wolf Point, Mt: Elders Kimball & Knight
Rock Springs, Wy: Elders C. Spurgen, & S. Thomas

Labored on the Reservations most of my Mission. Was the Mission Secretary to President Frost & Loren C. Dunn--due to President Frost's short time away from the Mission because of serious health problems. Time spent with the Native Americans will never be forgotten...events with city folks (Billings & Rock Springs) just as memorable...a time considered to be the "Greatest Time of My Life" spent in the Great - Montana Billings Mission.

Update: 11-24-08 Still with the State of Hawaii, and contemplating retirement...not too seriously though. Enjoying life, the kids, and grand kids, and most especially the tropics. How time flies. Have been in touch with Elders Komene, Pace, and Barrett. Some of you who had the pleasure of meeting Elder Barrett might want to drop him a line...he is as true to the gospel as ever, and doing well spiritually. He would certainly welcome your emails.


03/2009: Have recently returned to Temple worthy, and attended first session in over 20 years, Denver-Colorado Temple, March 2009. Also been appointed Sheriff, State of Hawaii...retirement subsequently on hold.

03/2010: I am officially retired with 33 years of service behind me. It was a good career, and many great memories.

04/14/2011: Since 05/2010, have been traveling the Western States, & home based in Boulder, CO. Enjoying 'Retirement', and the meeting of firends and family throughout U.S.
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