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Mike Jr. 22 Feb 2015
I thought that I might be able to locate Michael Kummerman Jr. on the Nebraska Omaha Mission site, however, since the site appears to be primarily for Alumni, I can only hope that he will still receive this communication through others...We do communicate via email each week. I tried to send Mike an invite to join here but there was a server or email failure. Just trying to reach out in another fashion. Looking for photos etc. God Bless!
Michael Kummerman Sr. Send Email
long lost missionaries 07 Dec 2013
I am looking for Kent Transshipment who was a missionary in Omaha about 1962. I was 3 at the time. He was very good to my family. Also looking for David Tagged who was a missionary in Omaha I think in the late sixties. He was my buddy when I was a little girl.
Susan Ross (Pamp) Send Email
We lost a great Elder. 10 Nov 2011
I have permission from a family member to announce that Elder Marcus Cockerham passed away this October of 2011. He left behind a beautiful wife and a little girl of 10 months. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Cockerham, whom you served with in the mission, passed away on Sunday. His funeral is this Friday - more information about that can be found here:
Jessica Killian Send Email
finding missionaries 02 Jul 2011
I am trying to locate our 1st missionaries at West Maple Ward in 2003. They were Elders Tafua and Anderson. Also Sister Tera(?) Smith she was at the Visiters Center. Miss them very much. We were all so close. I can be contacted at Thanks.
Miriam Mount Send Email
Sad news 02 Aug 2008
I am very sorry to report that President Jack Bangerter has passed away. Here is a link to the Deseret News obituary.

The viewing is August 3, 2008, and the funeral is August 4, 2008.
Vanner Johnson Send Email
I am getting married 17 Sep 2007
Hello Everyone,

Great news, I wanted to let you know that I am getting married to a fabulous guy named Brad Olsen. We met through a friend at work and he and I have been dating for the last 6 months. Bradley James Olsen is a student at the Univ. of Utah and will be graduating this winter in Biology and Chemistry. We are applying for Pharmacy school this next fall and are excited for the new changes that marriage brings.

Brad handled the proposing really great. He drove down to Arizona to ask my father for my hand in marriage. Then on our way home though Vegas he took me to the top of the Eiffel tower at the hotel Paris and asked me on one knee. It was so romantic, the Balagio fountains were going off and a huge lightening storm was above us. He was so nervous I thought he would be sick. I have a beautiful ring and was had a lot of fun.

The plan is to have a reception in both AZ and in Provo. The date is set for January 5th after he graduates and then we will have a open house here in Provo on the 12th of January at the Provo library ball room. I would love all who are around to attend. So let me know your address and if there are any address changes.

I hope that this letter finds all in good health loving life, and enjoying the beautiful fall that is coming. Have a great day Jess Killian.
Jessica Killian Send Email
hello....echo...echo ...echo 30 May 2007
where is every one? it used to be that everyone was on here .......well if anyone gets this hit me back
carl robert seggie Send Email
Mission Reunion 08 Sep 2006
We are having a NOM reunion at the Gallands for all those who served under them. We will be having a Talent Show as well so be thinking about what you can show off!We need as many of you there as possible. Respond if you are interested to Tami Hodges, Jason Sanders, or myslef. It will be the friday before conference. Mark it on your calendars!
Makana Limary Send Email
hello 29 Aug 2006
well i have been home for a year, and been married for 8 months well how is everyone else doing?
carl robert seggie Send Email
Bday Party 05 Aug 2006
Hey, we are having a birthday party for Makana Limary! It will at my house on Saturday August 12th at 5:00 P.M. BYOM.
Email me at if you are coming or for directions.
Stefanie S Stephenson Send Email
July 8, 2006 01 Jul 2006
The Gallands’ homecoming is July 9th. On Saturday July 8 we are going to be having a get together. Let me know if you would like to come to it.
Makana Limary Send Email
Trip to Omaha 04 Jun 2006
I got a call from someone who I had taught(R.B. Morton). He told me he's getting baptized, and wants me to come. So, I'm wondering if anyone out West would like to make a trip to Omaha either the weekend of June 17th or June 24th. If so, email me at
Elizabeth Dastrup Send Email
Sister Search 13 Apr 2006
Aloha all! I was wanting to get intouch with Heather Parshall and Andrea Mandile and Deb. Whitney and Glena Winkler.. where are you at? Well if anyine has any current information please let me know.. Mahalo.
PS-BYUH has a Return Missionary Scholorahip. You get half-off tution... its paradise here!
Makana Limary Send Email
ELDER SEARCH 08 Mar 2006
Looking for good old elder Paul Christopherson. If you can help let me know. My email is
Matthew Perry Byrne Send Email
contact info for... 28 Feb 2006
I am trying to get the contact info for Elder Weaver who served under Pres Pocock. Any help? Please e-mail
Christopher Swank Jones Send Email
pictures 23 Feb 2006
I have a great bunch of pics of the VC and Cemetary and Temple, and I am working on getting them downloaded, but if you would like to see them NOW, just email me and I will send you the file!
Sister Gina Pack
now Gina Larsen
Gina Lynn Larsen Send Email
ENGAGED!!!!! 16 Sep 2005
Hey ya'll I am getting married, I need everyones addresses so please send it to me at
Getting Married 05 Sep 2005
Yup... some poor sap wants to spend time and all eternity with me.... who feels sorry for him??? hehehe December 10th in the Oakland Temple!! Wahoo!
Autumn Marie Moses Send Email
I'm engaged! 23 Jun 2005
Just kidding. I'm not even dating anyone. But I am in New York for the summer, so anyone back east that knows who I is should let me know and maybe we'll do something sometime with some people.
Spencer Myron Burgess Send Email
elder ryan watson 27 Jul 2004
Does anybody know where Elder Ryan Watson is? He served in 93-94? Or Sister Jana Winkle? Same time frame.
Benjamin E. Snell Send Email
Sister Maw 07 Jul 2004
Does anyone know Sister Maw's address? If you do, please email it to me at

Brian Darnall Bishop Send Email
Surprise for Sister Mackley 15 Jun 2004
I am the son of Sister Amy Mackley, who served in the Mission Home from February 2002 to October 2003. The family is celebrating her 70th birthday. We would love to receive any memories you might have of her, which will will compile. Also, if you know the names and contact information of any of the members and non-members with whom she worked closely, we would appreciate it. You can contact me directly at 757-408-0710 or at
Aaron Mackley Send Email
Wedding Reception 24 May 2004
you are all invited to come to the wedding receptions

Friday, June 18th
6:30-8:30 PM
Old Rock Church
10 South Main
Providence, Utah

Saturday , June 26
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Elk Grove LDS Ward Building
8679 Elk Grove Boulevard
Elk Grove , California
Adam Michael Peterson Send Email
reunion 29 Mar 2004
what's up guyz? it's a no-go on the reunion this time around. I would be there with my new wife (my first wife in case any of you were wondering), but i play in a local band ( that is getting pretty well known and we have a show at the hard rock cafe on saturday night. don't worry, i'm not going to miss priesthood session-i still have a few remaining priorities. other than that i am just crammin for a chem test right now. don't forget about me and hopefully i'll catch everyone on the flip flop. (you all just need to save everyone alot of hassle and move to beautiful AZ.)
John Fairbanks Miller Send Email
reunion 18 Mar 2004
I was just wondering the same thing that Cindy was. I am going to be in town for conference and I thought it would be fun to see some of you while I was there. Let me know if there is anything going on.
Justin Allen Bishop Send Email
Reunion Info 18 Mar 2004
Yeah they mentioned that in October that it was only once a year. I think Pres Pocock said it, plus that one (10-03) was a combo of 3(three) mission pres's. If it's any different, let me know and I'lldo the same.
Bradley Frank Send Email
Reunion 18 Mar 2004
I was under the assumption that it was only once a year. But if there will be a get together I'll show up.
Matt Shelley Send Email
Reunion 18 Mar 2004
Hi all. I hope everyone out there is doing well. Had a quick question for who- (whom-?)ever would like to answer it. Has anyone heard if there would be reunion this go around or if it's just a yearly thing? If we are having a reunion in April, would you let me know when? Please email me but also post the answer here cause it appears a lot of us are checking it. Thanks! ~Cindy Newman
Cindy Davis Send Email
Merry Christmas 12 Dec 2003
Hello, friends of Nebraska. I wanted to wish a Happy Holidays to you and to let you know that I am always wanting to talk about the mission. Please have a safe and happy holiday season, remembering why we even celebrate this time of year, and e mail me so we can talk about Nebraska.
Gina Lynn Larsen Send Email
In Responce To Elder Morris 15 Oct 2003
Hey, I get to stay in the U.S.
Christopher Arthur Conatti Send Email
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