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Need NYUM logo 18 May 2013

I carve pumpkins for a hobby. My daughter is currently serving in the NYUM, and I am looking for a high resolution file of the NYUM logo on the home page of this site. If anyone has one, would you consider sending me a copy at I need one I can blow up to pumpkin size for a pattern. You can see some of my pumpkins, if interested, on facebook. Search for kens pumpkin patch. Thanks for your help.
Ken Klinker Send Email
Sister gail mccooey-alenikov ( herkimer branch 1998 to present, Albany ward 1982 to 1998 is in town ( slc) this week feel free to email me if you want to catch up
nick and gail alenikov Send Email
Elder Michael Benson 17 Mar 2010
Michael Benson was in a series motorcycle accident this past week. He is currently in a coma at the hospital. He needs all of our prayers. If you have a memory or want to post a message to his family. Go to his profile on facebook. Please pray for him.
Susan Barney (Lynch) Send Email
Elder Ben Clements 19 May 2009
It is with great sadness that I bring word of the passing of Elder Ben Clements. Elder Clements served around 1993-1995. Ben and I worked together and he died in a tragic ATV accident in Idaho last weekend. He is survived by a wife and three children. The link to his obituary is posted here for those who knew him and served with him.
Matthew Gamette Send Email
Would love to catch up myself... 04 May 2009
If you remember me send me a message. Otherwise will await the next reunion.
Donovan W Nichols Send Email
Elder Carter 04 Jun 2008
I thought I would just update since it's been...a while. My wife and I moved from CA to Missouri last year, and we are expecting our first child to be born in the next couple of weeks. We hope he gets called to the NYUM.
Michael A Carter Send Email
jed heath 10 Aug 2007
anyone no how to contect jed heath, ilost contect with him
David VanPatten Send Email
Lost: one baker 24 May 2007
Hey I'm looking for contact information for Elder Robert Eugene Baker. If anyone knows his info please contact me at Thanks
jill hirsh Send Email
Mission reunion 23 Mar 2007
Anyone from the mission who served in the 94-96 era planning on attending the reunion next weekend? I haven't done a very good job keeping up with the friends I made from the mission, but would love to catch any that might attend. Otherwise, I'll probably keep working on school junk.
Matthew Rutherford Send Email
Gary O Stillman 24 Sep 2006
Just looking for an ol' College Chum... Anyone know where to find him, heard from him... he served in Utica 1996-1998-ish Mission. Well if you talk to him let him know the tree was wondering how he is... Liesl was too...
Sequoia Redford (Kloncz) Send Email
Carol Lavoe 03 Sep 2006
Does anybody know how to contact or have Carol Lavoe's phone number. Let me know.
Bryce Salisbury Send Email
Checking in 27 Mar 2006
Good all everybody been some time. I've just been working, looking for stars at sundance and deiveing in circles up in Park city. hope all are well.

John (Sody)
John Taylor Soderborg Send Email
trying to find out about an investigator 11 Feb 2006
Hey. I'm actually an alumnus from the Texas McAllen mission, but I recently saw the name of one of my investigators from Texas on your "Friends/Members" list. I tried to email her through this site but it didn't go through. Before I call her up, I wanted to see if I could find out what happened with her and the missionionaries in Ballston Spa. Her name is Linda Fasake but she may have been married to her boyfriend, Keith, after she moved from McAllen. If you know anything about them, please email me at
Seth Grover Send Email
Myspace 22 Dec 2005
If anyone is on myspace I started a group for the mission.
Tom Alsop Send Email
Sister Carly Felice is Geting Married 17 May 2005
Just to let all of those out here that might have served during the time that Sister Carly Felice did that she is getting married on the 30 of June 2005. If you were one of her companions or have the address for Sister Fosse please email me so that I can help the sister out!!

have a great day

Crystal Champion Send Email
Does anyone know how to contact. 11 Apr 2005
Does anyone know how to contact Aaron Paul Lund? His email isn't working? Thanks.
Marc M Webb Send Email
NYUM Mission Reunion 21 Mar 2005
Hey guys... its conference/reunion time! This year we are doing our best to call or email everyone from the 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 mission lists... we want everyone there! We have lots of people that have said their coming so far from talking to them on the phone. (And for you older missionaries... we even have Elder Saunders coming to do a "car report")- :).

Please forward this info to everyone in the mission you know!

Here is the reunion info:

Date: April 1, 2005
Time: 7pm
Location: 2505 Church St., Layton, UT 84040 (just enter that into and it should get you there).

Some people have said that they need a place to stay if they come to town... just call or email me and I can get something together. Also, if you want to get conference tickets... let me know too!

We hope to see everyone there!

Camille (Sister Funk)
Camille Funk Send Email
NYUM Mission Reunion 21 Mar 2005
Hey guys... it is mission reunion time! We really hope to see everyone there this year. Here is the info:

Date: April 1, 2005
Time: 7pm
Location: 2505 Church St., Layton, UT 84040

If you need further information call Camille Funk at (801) 671-9037 or email at

Hope to see you all there!
Camille Funk Send Email
Elder Lemon & Elder Allen 07 Mar 2005
Could someone tell me where Elder Lemon and Elder Allen are. If you locate them would you please be so kind to e-mail me. Thanks
Cheri Lee Send Email
Justin Black 10 Feb 2005
He anyone know where I can get a hold of Justin Black...NYUM 1998-2000
Brandon Woods Send Email
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- Elder L. Tom Perry
Ensign, Nov. 2001
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