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Elder David Fillmore 08 Mar 2011
Dear Wayne,
My wife, Emma Jean, and I will miss the 2011 reunion this spring, and will miss the good times. Currently we are serving a proselyting mission in the Canada Vancouver Mission and loving it. We work with the young elders, do projects for the president, are helping build up a local ward with some challenges, and working with YSA, as well. Please encourage the brethren to go on missions, even if not Japan, just GO!

Warm regards,
Elder David Fillmore, and Sister Emma Jean (Erickson) Fillmore
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Howell's in So. Africa 22 Mar 2010
NFEM Board Members:
I just got the following email from Jane Howell, Jim' the Treasurer's wife:
Jim and I have some news that I don't think has reached you yet through the grape vine. We have been called to serve as Auditor/trainers for the Southeast Africa Area and will be leaving in September 2010 for 2 years. We will be living in Johannesburg, South Africa and will be traveling to many of the countries (30) that are covered in that area. We are excited and more than a little overwhelmed. Needless to say, life has been turned up side down for us. It's an interesting story of how this all came about, so I'll fill you in when we see you.

As far as help the night of the reunion on April 2nd, 2010, Mark and Becky Hampson will be our right hand helpers, and they will take over the "Treasurer" responsibilities while we are gone. They can handle it just fine, except for the tax returns, which Jim has covered with someone else in the organization.

I'll keep you updated on those that call me to RSVP. Jane
Wayne W Summers
NFEM Webmaster, Click here:
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Robertson Japan Report-Apr 2008 03 Apr 2008
Dear Brother Summers, et. al,
We've been following your great communications about the upcoming reunion and we can almost taste the yakisoba, etc.. It was great to see how many of our dear friends and colleagues in the work will be attending. We'll be there, too, in spirit! Our bodies, on the other hand, will be here in Tokyo trying to realize more of that dream we all share for Japan.
We read with great interest the report the Shumways sent about their current assignment at the United Nations in New York. We are similarly excited about much of what is happening in Japan.
Here's a very abbreviated look at some of the things that have occurred in the past year since we have been serving as Public Affairs Directors:
1) Wheelchair Donations are continuing throughout Japan. Not long after we first arrived a government organization received the first donation from the church the government has ever accepted. One of the members of the House of Representatives, Mr. Ikuzo Sakurai, came with us to present the wheelchairs in behalf of the church. Since then, we have had other "Giin" (members of the Diet) assisting us to present wheelchairs in their prefectures (Mr. Toshiaki Endo in the Aoyama area for example) and many in Sapporo (ask Elder Kikuchi about the ceremonies he attended there). These have opened many doors to other relationships as well. We'll be in Nishinomiya to present wheelchairs in just a couple of weeks and will be joined by government officials and media at that time. The recipients of these wheelchairs provide us with the real paycheck. They are often appreciative even to tears.
2) English Speech Contests continue throughout Japan. These, too, are including more and more prominent members from the community. We were privleged to attend in 2007 the induction dinner for the head of the Osaka City Council, Mr. Masashi Ashitaka. He came to the church's Osaka Speech Contest. Before the event, we had lunch with him and asked him what the city does regarding the homeless in Tennoji (an area with a large homeless population). We had a good discussion and then jointly attended the contest. The next day we were involved in a wheelchair zoteishiki on the steps of City Hall in Osaka. The Mayor and others were in attendance. Before the event, Mr. Ashitaka asked the church delegation consisiting of Brother Hotta, (Area 70), President and Sister Tucker (Kobe Mission), President Yokoo (Osaka Stake), Darwin Halvorson (Area Welfare Office), and ourselves from PA to join them in their City Council Chambers after the zoteishiki. The zoteishiki was a beautiful ceremony with Elder Hotta sharing how disciples of Jesus Christ try to serve. Afterwards we all met in their board room with an equal number of city officials and shared ideas on how to help the Osaka homeless. This has led to an ongoing collaboration between the church and the city to help solve these kinds of social problems. The wards in the area, for example, are collecting used but still usable suits for the men who are now going to job interviews again from a previous homeless lifestyle.
3) The YSA Conference that was held last year was truly amazing. There were almost 2000 young single adults from Japan who came to Tokyo for the 3-day conference that was a logistics miracle. During that time there were many workshops and activities for the young adults. One of the first things they did was to put on the yellow Helping Hands vests (wish we were there to show you our pictures on a screen) and assemble school kits (in individual back packs) for 5000 children in Micronesia who have been going to school with no books or supplies, often without even a pencil. This was accomplished in the space of little more than an hour. There were representatives from the Micronesian Embassy looking on with clear and emotional gratitude for this service to their country. While hosting the embassy people that day, the church was able to address some real estate issues for buildings in Micronesia and also arrange to begin some preventative medical measures to irradicate the scarlet fever leading to many cases of heart problems in their youth, especially on the islands of Kosrae and Chuuk. The backpacks were on a ship headed to Micronesia that same day and we have since received many thank yous and reports of backpack-wearing children often stopping the missionaries there to thank them. There are water treatment projects that are also occuring thanks to help from Japan. The YSA members reported very positively on their experiences at this first all-country conference where Elder Bednar was the featured speaker and question answerer for these beloved young Japanese saints.
4) The 5 Browns (LDS sibling pianists) did a tour of Japan and played to sell-out audiences in each of the 5 venues where they performed. Before each concert there was a VIP reception and many government, business, and academic leaders attended and were impressed by the quality of the Mormon youth. The people attending their concerts lined up for hours to get autographs and to meet these wholesome and talented Mormon artists.
5) We have personally escorted three apostles to meet the leaders of the Meiji Jingu (Shrine) in Tokyo this past year. First, Elder Eyring, along with the area mission presidents and their wives who were attending a mission presidents' conference were guests at the shrine. Then Elders Bednar and Oaks and their wives were guests as well. When Elder Bednar met with Mr. Shigehiyo Miyazaki, Deputy Chief Priest at Meiji Jingu, there was a loving and warm exchange about the beauty of reverent sanctuaries. Elder Bednar explained that we, too, have those places called temples where we can commune with diety in a very sacred environment. There was such a good feeling that Mr. Miyazaki invited us to stay for additional events beyond what had been scripted. It was concluded that we had so much in common with these dedicated Shinto Priests that we were "almost cousins".
6) Elder Bednar also visited with Mr. Sadakazu Tanigaki in his office at the Government Buildings. There is a lot of concern about low birth rate in Japan and its economic and social consequences. Among other things, Elder Bednar assured Mr. Tanigaki who is heading the policy committees for the Liberal Democratic Party that he would strongly encourage all 2000 of the YSA's he would address that evening to not put off marriage and families. Mr. Tanigaki thanked him profusely.
7) Thanks to Tom and Junko Shimizu we were able to return a Hinormaru (Japanese Flag) from WWII to the brother of a deceased soldier who had been killed in a battle in Guadalcanal. A church member soldier picked up the flag and kept it for years. Then, after his passing, it was arranged to have it returned to the family of the Japanese soldier.This was one of the most spiritual experiences we've had. The whole town government was involved in this return ceremony and there were 5 TV stations and 6 newspapers who covered this very tender event.
We could feel a very thin veil with many spirits of Japanese and Americans on both sides as tender tears flowed freely.
8) We represented the church for its first time at the annual Tendai Shu (Buddhist) International Religious Conference in Kyoto. This was a wonderful event. We met religious leaders from all around the world representing just about every group you can imagine. We participated in all the prayers for peace and the ringing of the peace bell and the preparation of origami cranes and so forth. We were able to network with a number of religious leaders and are now preparing to help the church sponsor a Religious Conference on the Family in Tokyo in 2009.
9) On President Hinckley's passing we received some of the beautiful telegrams that are sent for condolences from various government and religious leaders in Japan. We, of course, forwarded them on to Salt Lake City. Many of them contained messages of respect and honor and friendship toward the church.
10) Recently, we have participated in some meetings on Work/Life Balance. This is a big issue in Japan and people are beginning to recognize how unhealthy the work/work ethic has been for people and their families. The church is taking steps to be seen as a credible voice that can assist in solving this big problem in Japan. Booklets, speakers and symposia are beginning to emerge with church input about how to make happier families and a better balance in life.
Well, there is more. But this is way too lengthy, already. But, the church is coming out of obscurity. We're becoming the Ensign to the nations as we've been directed to be. The church members are doing much less of hiding their lights under bushels. We have had, this week, requests from newspapers asking us to tell them about the church. We have been invited to have a booth at the Yokohama Celebration of 150 years (next fall) of Japan opening to western influence. We'll be there!
You are all invited to come back and help. The fishing and hunting is great!
If you can't come right away, please do keep us all in your prayers. The vision is being realized!
Elder and Sister Robertson
Elder David & Sister Mary Lynn Robertson
National Directors of Public Affairs - Japan
5-10-30 Minami Azabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 Japan
Phone: 81-3-3440-5689
Facsimile: 81-3-3440-2485
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Statistics 07 May 2007
As of 5-5-07 there are 96 Deceased that I know of.
There are 385 that have e-mail
There 283 that have phone only.
There are 173 that I have no contact info for or they are in Japan.
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Bldg Location Update - 2007 03 Apr 2007
Dear Brethren;
The church is still in all the places that Elder Hoover mentioned. The old Okamachi branch was torn down and a nice chapel sits on the same location. I never worked in Yamagata, Muroran and Sendai as a young missionary, so I don't know if the present location of the chapels is the same location as many years ago. I was told when I went to Sendai Stake conference that the stake center was the location of the old branch.
The Kobe Stake Center is on the location of the old San No Miya branch. The Kobe Mission Home is on the same property. Kobe Mission was closed for a number of years, but was just reestablished on March 1.
All the best. Or as the Japanese say: Dozo Yoroshiku.
Bill Walker
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Growth in Okinawa 25 Feb 2007
February 25, 2007
Thanks for your reply concerning the address of the 2007 Reunion. I look forward to seeing you and all the other Okinawan Missionaries. I had the opportunity to return June 12, 2006 for wonderful days to witness the tremendous growth that has taken place there. Where there were no members then, there are now 10 operating Wards and five beautiful chapels and a Stake. I started at Futenma Okinawa earlier in the year and now the Ginowan Stake is operating there. Many of the original saints that I taught and baptized formed the nucleous of the growth. Bro. Takeshi Miyara, whose mother joined the Church when he was just a youngster, later served as a full time Missionary, later to be Branch President, Bishop twice, and in the Stake Presidency, now serving on the Naha Stake High Council. We took lots of pictures of the Naha/Futenma buildings, etc., and the people and you will be interested in seeing them.

Takeshi Miyara's four sons, have all served Missions up in Japan proper. The oldest son recently married and the youngest is living here in Salt Lake City with Takeshi's sister Seiko, and attending school to learn English. Takeshi's wife's name is Chieko, a lovely lady, and hosted a dinner for twelve of us at their home in Shuri, near the Shuri Castle, which has been rebuilt. It was delicious and we had a great time. Chieko's sister and another lady from the Ward helped out.

We think Takeshi and Chieko will be coming to Salt Lake next summer. If so we are planning to take them down to southern Utah to visit the Parks and show them a good time. We'll keep you posted.

Okinawa has turned into a 'destination' point for the Japanese. We flew from Narita to Naha on a 747 that was packed with Japanese going down to Okinawa to spend the weekend swimming, sunbathing, and staying at the many resorts that are now there. I was completely amazed at the growth on the island. We took a tour out to where we held our baptisms many years ago, and up the western side of the Island and were never out of what seemed to be a continuous city. The main highway from Naha up to Futenma and on north is eight lanes and full of traffic. There is a toll-road that goes down the middle of the Island from Nago to Naha that is a four lane and it too is busy. It took us forever to go from Naha to Futenma where in the old day, even by local bus, it only took about 20 minutes.

Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and really was the highlight of our 12 days touring. The Sunday night before we left the members held a Fireside to honor the me as first Branch President of Naha. About 200 or so attended, many I didn't know but knew of me. We had a great pot-luck dinner and afterwards music was enjoyed and various people got us and told about knowing me. Pres. Asato, Ginowan Stake President spoke and told of meeting me when I taught his mother and baptized her. The current Stake Pres. Kinjo, a high government official from up north said that when he moved to Naha he kept hearing about this Elder Wright who did this, said that, etc., and said more people knew Elder Wright than knew the mayor. I'm sure he was saying it in jest, but you know we tracked every home in Naha more than once while I was there. It wasn't all that big back then!
Again, thanks for the info and keep in touch.

Willis Wright
12827 Boulter St.
Draper, Utah 84020
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
2007 Reunion 22 Feb 2007
I just heard from Sister Gayle Hadfield.
She indicates that Bill has secured the church house at: 1889 South 1700 East, Salt Lake City, UT
It is a red Brick Church and we have used before, maybe 2-3 years ago. It is NOT the familiar White Church.
I don't know the Ward or Stake name.

Also Will Van Wagnen was returned safely. Thanks for your prayers!
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Prayer Call-Van Wagnen 30 Jan 2007
Today (1-30-07) I was notified that a young man from our community (Will Van Wagonen) was kidnapped in Iraq. Would you please join me in a prayer for his safe return.
There is so power in united prayer. Thank you.

Eugene Powell Till
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Korean Tender Apples 02 Jan 2007
Former Korea MP, Eugene Powell Till, wrote the following to share with everyone. (I know he has an e-mail list, so some of you may get this twice.
Gomen) I just wanted to share a wonderful experience with you.

All of the performers (Korean and American) are working so hard rehearsing, and they are coming into Utah from EVERYWHERE.. From Korea,
Washington, Canada, Nevada, Florida, Vermont, California, New Mexico, Guam, Idaho, South Carolina and on & on... It is a glorious sight to fact it is Celestial !!! I have been wiping tears from my face for the last two days.

Many of the Tender Apples have come all the way from Korea, and a wonderful thing happened at the Washington Airport yesterday. About 10 of the TAs were standing at the check-in counter and the airline employee ask what they were doing and where they were going. Hahn Yeh-Yee told the employee
they were a singing group heading for that point they decided to sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" right on the spot.....and by the time they finished there was not a dry eye anywhere to be found in the airport.
The airline people immediately moved the Tender Apples to the front of the line. This is just one of the wonderful things happening because of this
Last night at the rehearsal at Phil Munoa's home, my heart was so filled I could hardly contain myself. I embraced each one there and felt like a
father welcoming each of his children home. All of my little girls (the Tender Apples) told me about their children and the lives they are living.
They are all wonderful MOMs.
Just wanted to share some special moments with you...
Eugene Powell Till
204 E. 4635 N.
Provo, Utah 84604
801 602 3612
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Masayuki Nakano - Tokyo Temple Pres. 02 Jan 2007
Did you hear Elder Masayuki Nakano being released as Area General Authority
of the Seventy by President Monson? Elder Nakano and his wife Michiko
Shimai have been called to serve Tokyo Temple president and matron. And
they will be in Salt Lake City from October 15 through 21, 2006, for training. I
don’t know whether they have been set up and if we should announce it,
but I wonder if anybody would like to meet them while they are in town.
Elder Nakano joined the Church around 1963 in Sapporo as a high school
student. He left for Tokyo in 1962 for college, graduated, obtained a job,
and got married to a sister from Osaka. The Nakanos live in Abeno, Osaka
and their children served on full time missions.Sis Tomoko Ogi Moses has
the contact info for further details:
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Robert Allen Johnson 02 Jan 2007

I was saddened to read the obituary in the Tuesday 10/10/06 Deseret News for Robert Allen Johnson. He passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Bob and his wife Charlene owned the Johnson Mill Inn (B & B) in Midway. A wonderful inn that my wife and I enjoyed. I got to know Bob as the owner of the Inn and then learned that we were both RMs from the Northern Far East mission. It was fun associating with him at some of the reunions.

I will miss him.

Randy Taylor
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
a project-convert Japanese Church documents 02 Jan 2007
Elder Wade and Sister Joanne Fillmore have been put in charge of a project
to convert Japanese Church documents for use on the Church's websites, both and It is a large project. He is inviting RMs of all
Japanese missions, including NFEM and their wives to assist in this work.

We need people to do these things with Japanese documents in their own

1. Use Adobe Software to copy pdf files into Word.

2. Format what is copied.

3. Where necessary input the flies that cannot be copied in to Word.

4. For some files, move furigana into parentheses after the kanji.

5. Do scripture substitution for the Latter-day Scriptures for documents
prior to 1995.

6. Proofreading by comparing finished Word documents to the originals.

7. Use text files from the Translation Department, load them into MS Word
and then compare them to printed originals, correcting the files to match
the originals.

8. Convert completed Word files into html files.

I think that there are many people of our generation who are willing and
capable of doing these things, and perhaps the younger Japanese RM's can
help also. The HOW of the project is being worked out. There is an
attachment that i can send you if you would contact me at this e-mail

Translation skills are not actually needed.
Best wishes,

Elder Wade and Sister Joanne Fillmore
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Asia North Area Office
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Norm Shumway's Call 02 Jan 2007
Dear Wayne:

Although we didn't solicit a calling, the Church has called my wife and I to serve again - this time as Church service volunteers in New York City. We will leave on 7 December for an 18 month sojourn in that city. Our assignment will be to work at the United Nations - (1) to build bridges of friendship with officials and ambassadors; (2) to cure misconceptions about the Church; (3) to monitor activities of the UN which may impact Church ideals, and (4) to help formulate strategies to deal with UN actions. Since no one has had a calling like this before, we will be doing some pioneering. We will report to the Office of General Counsel (Elder Wickman) and the Public Affairs Department. We will replace former Utah governor Olene Walker and her husband Myron who have been in NYC for 18 months, but with strictly a Public Affairs calling. In a technical sense, we will not be missionaries - but will sign a contract with the Church which will specify our work and ways we will conduct ourselves. We will live in the high rise building next to the Manhattan Temple and have offices in the temple building. All of this has been approved by the First Presidency, so we are doing our best to prepare now.

Our e-mail address ( will not change, so stay in touch. From our end, however, we may temporarily be out of communication. Sayonara!

Norm and Luana Shumway
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Bp. Katsumi Sugimoto 20 Nov 2004
a phone call from Sister Michio Sugimoto at 910 AM indicating Bro. Katsumi Sugimoto passed away at 458 PM, Friday, November 19, 2004, Japan Time at a hospital. Sister Sugimoto was calm and serene and said Bro. Sugimoto passed away peacefully and has a smile on his face. He is a recipient of the promise in DC 42 of faithful saints who shall not taste of death, for it shall be sweet unto them.
His funeral will be held at the Takasaki Ward Chapel, 275 Namie-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken 370-0802, Tel. 81-27-326-9995, at 1100 AM, Tuesday, November 23 Japan Time.
He was a great brother and saint.
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
Rikuo Toma 02 Jul 2004
Was saddened to hear of the passing of Bro Toma. He loved and lived life to the fullest. He surely loved to fish. Will always remember the good days we had fishing at Minersville reservoir and Strawberry. My love and sympathy to Fumiko, one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met.
Thomas Leonard Tasker Send Email
Sad News 22 Jun 2004
I received news a few hours ago, that our friend, Rikuo Toma passed away in Tokyo. Rik was one of the most gracious, generous and exemplary gentlemen that I have ever known. He will be sorely missed and I send my sincere condolences to his great wife, Fumiko, and all of their children other family members. I have not heard when the funeral will be.
Douglas Matsumori Send Email
04 Reunion 02 Apr 2004
Katsuko Nishihara (Sumiyoshi), from Hiroshima, who served from 66 to 67 under President Komatsu is in town for General Conference and will be attending the reunion with her husband Masahiro Sumiyoshi.
Melvin Spencer Young Send Email
Guestbook Archive 05 May 2003

Northern Far East Mission Guestbook!

You for Visiting!

add your comments click here!

Dear Summers choro: Thanks for your communications, reports and notices about the reunion. I am sorry that we will have a conflict - but our Okayama/Hiroshima (1996-1999) group will be meeting in Bountiful, and I need to be there. I enjoyed reading the newsy letter, even containing my own remarks about the Olympics! Incidentally, you have the dates of my missionary service wrong. I was one of those who was detained for a long time - probably because of language difficulties! I served from 29 October 1954 to 27 May 1958 - about three and a half years. Still not as long as Don Lundberg who captures the post-war title with service of three years and eight months! Then, of course, there is Pres. Andrus - - . Anyway, we wish you success and a pleasant evening.
Sincerely, Norm Shumway
Norm Shumway <>
- Friday, March 14, 2003 at 18:36:55 (MST)

This is in reguard to the last message I sent. I just wanted to tell any of you who may have known my dad (Paul Victor Brown served around 1963; died christmas 1984) to please write to me at my physical address or leave a message on the board as I may over look a message on my e-mail. Thank you
Melody (Brown) Cox
- Monday, February 17, 2003 at 17:31:18 (MST)

This may be a lost cause but it is worth a shot. My name is Meldoy (Brown) Cox. I am the daughter of the late Paul Brown who served in the Northern Far East mission around 1963. I was just wondering if anyone out there knew him. He was really tall, about 6'7", and skinny ;). If any of you knew him please contact me! I would really like to talk to some old friends of his to learn a little more about him back then. Please write me at 1212 w 300 n Provo, Ut 84601. Or Thank You
Melody Cox <>
- Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 23:13:34 (MST)

Thanks to everyone to contributed to make the reunion a success. I was rather hesitant to go because I had not attended a reunion since first returning home from my mission, and was afraid I wouldn't know anyone. Thanks to Wayne for putting out a list of attendees before the event - that was the encouragement I needed to show up.
It still gives me goosebumps to realize that I actually saw and talked with 4 other missionaries who served with me in Okamachi Branch. What a night! What memories!
Mary Crook Hill <>
- Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 13:04:24 (MDT)

Sorry I could not make the reunion. I am not having a good year, healthwise, hope to make it next year. Due to Fibromyalgia
and "Fibro Fog", I forget many names, sorry. However, I like to see old friends. I recognize faces! Jo Ann Ball

Jo Ann Isaac Ball <>
- Tuesday, April 30, 2002 at 11:28:56 (MDT)

To the cooks - wonderfull meal - great memories! I hope you understood the there are six seperate nights stays - one for each couple. You will love the place. I look forward to your calls to book a room.

Bob Johnson <>
- Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 18:37:18 (MDT)

We ate, we conversed, we shed tears, and we rejoiced. And while we were getting reacquainted, the food was served and then the kitchen suddently appeared to be cleaned up. Our reunion really ought to be called a "Thanksgiving Feast" because like so many special occasions, a marvelous meal serves as an appropriate incentive for gathering folks together to celebrate and reminisce. The flavors and aromas of the food, the Japanese kimono display, the intermittant conversations in Japanese, and the reports of what's going on in Japan create a perfect environment for reflecting on our experiences in far away Japan, and for expressing our love and appreciation for the Japanese and Korean saints. What a great blessing to be NFE alumni! Sincerely, to each of you who orchestrate the reunion, and particularly to those who prepare the feast, may you be blessed as abundantly as the recipients of your most gracious offering. Domo arigato gozaimasu.
Burkholder Shimai

Pat Bersie - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 17:21:41 (MDT)

Sorry we could not make the most resent reunion.
I was saddened when I read the "In Memoriam" list. I worked with a few of those on that list.
My wife and I will most likely not be to another reunion as we are selling our home and moving to Maine.
Keith Arnold

Keith Arnold <>
- Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 20:33:56 (MDT)



Thanks to you and Elder Howell and all of the committee. It was a
wonderful evening and the food was outstanding.


What a choice experience to see all of those folks again. We truly
were and are a blessed group to have been there at that great juncture in church
history. When you look at our pictures, we really were a bunch of
snotty nosed kids sent to do a mammoth job. The hand of the Lord is
definitely in the work. Thanks again to all. Don Lundberg


Yes, it was a great time last night! I think a major reason for the
large turnout is this website. Best regards, Jim Holm


Thanks so much for all that you have done to keep us together and make
the reunion such a success. It was fantastic! Nick Pond


Kudos for a wonderful job organizing the NFEM reunion. It was well
done and the food was excellent! Larry Shumway


Thanks for all YOU do all year long, maintaining the website
and keeping us all informed. We appreciate all you've done to update
r.m.'s locations, etc. and to build such enthusiasm that we apparently had the
largest attendance ever! It was very heartwarming and exciting to meet
all our mission friends again, and we thank those responsible for the
wonderful evening! The food was excellent also! Shirley & Norm Tong


Thanks for all your good work for the reunion. The number of people
attending this year is a direct result of all your hard work. Jayne Howell


Thank you so very much, and please pass on my heartfelt appreciation to all the others who worked
so hard on our behalf. Cas Nishimoto


Summers Choro;

Thanks for the great job. The reunion was wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves. Go Kuro Sama
Desu. Bill Walker

From Various RM's

- Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 04:53:07 (MDT)

This was my first reunion. My wife and I enjoyed visiting with everyone. Thanks to the cooks and those who made all the preparations. Wasn't that great about Elder Walker.
Anthon H. Jansen <>
- Sunday, April 07, 2002 at 20:16:55 (MDT)

Thank you for adding me on your mailing list. Rae and I look forward to being with you all at the reunion in April.
Ralph C. Jones <>
- Friday, March 29, 2002 at 08:12:20 (MST)

It brought back great memories of when I lived in Tokyo, 1963-1965. It was
wonderful to see Pres. Anderson at the symposium at BYU. I was a recent convert
to the church when I lived in Japan. The labor missionaries and servicemen and
their families were so good to me. I still keep in touch with the Gorringes,
Johnsons, White family members. It was fun to see Brother Gubler at the
symposium also.

Carole Silvester Craig
- Mon Dec 24 04:59:25 2001

Welcome to China,Now I am in charge of the first Ward of our church in
China's mainland.I need communications in Lord, especially in faith. My
hometown is very famous and beautiful, I will be your no money's tourist
guide,but you will give directions in faith. I will expect!

Chengji Jiang
- Sun Jul 1 16:18:31 2001

Tremendous job on the NFE site. Tremendous progress and greatly
appreicated by all I am sure.

Dennis O. Stewart
- Wed Apr 18 01:07:57 2001
Webmaster Wayne Send Email
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