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Brian T Wessman OR Elder Cruz 28 Jun 2009
Hey just looking for Elder Wessman, or Elder Cruzboth spanish speaking, i knew them when they were in carthage and also wessman was a traveling AP... any help would be greatly appreciated;.....
Jason Jensen Send Email
Looking for Troy John Sorenson 03 Feb 2008
Is there anyone who is in contact with Troy John Sorenson. He was a good friend on the mission and I would like to contact him. He served under President hanson and peterson.
Thayne Hymas Send Email
Elder Casey Lewis 20 Sep 2007
Hi Everyone,

Did anyone know Casey Lewis? He served from 2000 to 2002 I believe.

Please contact me if you know him.

Aaron Austin Send Email
Reunions? 12 Sep 2007
I was just wondering if there was going to be any mission reunions for either President Peterson or President Hansen. If so, just let me know. I will be down in Utah on Sept. 29th.
Deny R. Fuhrmann Send Email
happy times 21 Jul 2007
I'm getting married in May 2008!!
Gardner Alan Nielson Send Email
Getting back togther 13 Jul 2007
What's up? Just wondering how everyone is? Been wondering if there is any news about any kind of upcoming reunions or things like from the the 91-93 years. We have a couple for Pres Miles and then they sorta dwindled. Are any of you on myspace or facebook? My cell is 530 200-0091. Do you realize how long it's been? Anyways that get back together. Hope to hear from some people soon. Let your friends know about this sit, this could be cool.

C. Jerome Crow Send Email
Trying to get a hold of Michael Pyle 21 Aug 2006
Does anyone have a phone number for Michael Pyle? I'm trying to get a hold of him.
Michael Roy Dunkley Send Email
Joshua Jensen 22 May 2006
Does anyone have the address for Joshua Jensen? He was an AP, and one of my companions between 2000, and 2002.
Anthony Michael Child Send Email
Wedding 22 May 2006
I am getting married, and trying to contact a couple of my old companions, and can't locate an address.

If anyone has an address for any of the following please email me.

James Glasgow
Sateki Finau
Grant Williams
John Willhelm
Maunaloa Tulimaiau
Lois Prescott
Greg Peatross
Aaron Reidhead
Spencer Redfern

Anthony Child
Anthony Michael Child Send Email
Elder Caleb Mock 12 Apr 2006
Does any one know where elder mock is? I want to get a hold of him. If anyone has a number or address for him please let me know. Adam Beesley
Fredric Adam Beesley Send Email
Sister Annie Fruits Mitchell 19 Feb 2006
I was wondering if anyone has a current address for Sister Fruits (Mitchell).
I was planning on being up in Oregon in the end of April and wanted to get in touch.
Sister Fruits served under Pres. Merkeley.
Colleen M. Norris Send Email
Looking for my Presidents 04 Oct 2005
Does anyone have any info about Presidents Elrey and Wardrop? would love any info you might have.

Alton Anderson Send Email
PAXTON & CARTER 04 Aug 2005
Heyo, anyone have any info on Gary Carter or James Paxton? They baptized me and my sister in 1995. Any type of info is welcome, past address, parents name, or even address or phone number of someone else they baptized that might have contact with them, anything!!! I just got home from my mission and thought that they might like to know about it!!
Tyler Matlock Send Email
Anybody know? 22 Jul 2005
I am looking to get in touch with some of my old buddies from the mission. I have lost the information that I had on them, to get in touch. So if anyone has their info. let me know. I am looking for Elders Alvin Welsh, Jordan Hales, Spencer Lewis, Zac Zurn, Nick Willford, David Anderson, Brent Collins, and Greg Peatross. I would really appreciate the help.
Deny Fuhrmann
Deny R. Fuhrmann Send Email
Garrett Again 07 Aug 2004
Yes this is yet another message about Garrett Porter. Here is the newest information. He will be going through the Mt. Timp. Temple on Aug. 14 at the 6:30 pm session. All who wish to attend must be dressed and in the Chapel by 6 pm. NO LATER. Tell the temple workers there that you are with Garrett's party and they will make sure that you are seated accordingly so that you get in that session. The cook out before the session that day will take place at Sister Whetton's cabin up Provo Canyon. It is not far in the canyon-near Vivians Park just past Bridal Veil Falls. Please contact me for specific directions. We will be sure to have signs where possible to lead ya'll. We will start the festivities at approx. 12 noon so that we will have pleanty of time for food and fun. All are welcome to come. If ya'll would like to help with food (which would be very much appreciated) please call me for an assignment. Also, we thought it would be nice to get Garrett a little something to remember this special occation by. I have priced some decorative plates at Deseret Book with paintings of the Temples. They run about $35. We thought about getting him one of the Mt. Timp Temple. If you would like to pitch in a few bucks to get this for him let me know. Please let me hear from ya'll soon so that we can get everything we need. 801-319-7213. Let's make this special for Garrett. I know it will be special for us to be apart of this occation.
Erin Bingham Send Email
Garrett Porter 31 Jul 2004
Hello again from Sis. Jenkins. I have new news for all who know Garrett from West Plains. MO. He will be coming out to Utah Aug. 12-19 and will be taking out his endowments in the Mt. Timp Temple on Aug. 14!! I have yet to set his session time but it will be either 6:30 or 7 pm. He also wants to get together with as many of us as possible before the session for a lunch/cook out in the canyon if at all possible. I need help to get this all together to make this come to pass for Garrett. Please contact me in any form to let me know if you will be coming and if you can help bear another's burden.:) The lunch would be in the early afternoon so that we would have plenty of time to visit, eat, play, etc. He is soooooo excited to come and finally go through the Temple and to see all of us again. It is best to reach me by my cell (801)319-7213. Leave me a message if you don't get me and I will call you back. Thanks a ton Sisters (and anyone else that wants to come)!
Erin Bingham Send Email
Lets have a reunion 25 Jul 2004
Hey OTM, the missionaries under the direction of President Bird and President Thompson need to have a reunion. I could use some help in planning one. I live in Southern California and don't have a building that I can use in Utah. If there are any of you in Utah who would like to help me with planning let me know. Thank you. Karl
Karl Weber Send Email
Trying to locate the Harris Family 06 Jul 2004
Hi everyone, I'm trying to locate the Jim and Barbara Harris family who lived in Shidler, OK. and were baptized in the Ponca City Ward in December of 1978. They have 2 daughters, Athea and Marcie. If you know how I can contact them please let me know. My e-mail address is the alumni pages.

Thanks, Elder Arlen Scorse
Arlen Scorse Send Email
Peterson reunion? 05 Apr 2004
Hey all,
I've received a few emails and phone calls wondering if we're planning a Peterson reunion. President and Sister Peterson were not able to come down this spring so we decided to just do a big one in October. However, if there are a lot of people interested we could put something together. Let me know. Hope you all enjoyed conference!
Loni (Sister Kennington)
Loni Kennington Send Email
Mission Reunion??? 03 Apr 2004
Wondering if there is going to be a reunion this April for the Peterson bunch???
I hope everyone is doing super!!
Mackenzie Atlin Wright Send Email
Mission Pictures 09 Mar 2004
I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of the mission from Oct. of 1999 to Sept. 2001. Most of the pictures that were posted were of conferences after Sept. of 2001. Please let me know!

Deny Fuhrmann
Deny R. Fuhrmann Send Email
Sisters who knew Dusty Black 17 Jan 2004
I'm looking to get in touch with any of the Sister Missionaries who knew Dusty Black from Cassville, MO (and later moved near Jopin, MO). Some of the Sisters who knew her were Sisters Jenson, Hanson, Clothier, and Worthlin. If anybody has contact with any of these sister or others who may have known Dusty please e-mail me. She has some wonderful news and would like to get in touch with her missionaies.
Tara Tietjen Send Email
Erin Jenkin's homecoming 04 Jan 2004
Hey one and all! Sister Erin Jenkin's is reporting this coming sunday in Las Vegas and we are organizing a group to go down this weekend. If any of you are interested in coming along please email me. Expenses will be minimal. Thanks!
-Loni Kennington
Loni Kennington Send Email
A companion 13 Oct 2003
if anyone has the address of Elder Greg Peatross, he finished the misison around june 2002. please let me know that would help alot

anthony child
Anthony Michael Child Send Email
Oct. 3rd Reunion 26 Sep 2003
Hey! I've been having a lot of people ask me if President and Sister Peterson are coming to the reunion so I thought I'd better post a message and let you all know that they are planning on being there and that we will be serving Sister Peterson's infamous slush. Look forward to seeing many of you there!
Loni Kennington Send Email
President Thompson 26 Sep 2003
What ever happed to him? He left the mission in 89 and dropped off the face of the earth. If anyone knows anything let me know. Thanks.
Bill Grosland Send Email
looking for formor companion 14 Sep 2003
I am looking for Garth Saunders that I served with in 96. He was from Tule Lake California at the time. He served between 94 and 96.....if anyone served with him or know of his whereabouts......please let me know.

Thank You

Andy Olsen
Andrew August Olsen Send Email
Salt Lake Reunion 11 Sep 2003
Hey Ye Elders of Israel and Sisters in Zion...if you are interested in getting together with some of the OTM in the Salt Lake Area please send me an email so I know if I planned something people would come...I was thinking of food and possibly the new alpine slide at Snowbird on a Saturday. Hope all is well!
Loni Kennington Send Email
Trying to find my comp 26 Jul 2003
Hello Y'All!!
I am trying to contact Elder Sateki Finau. He went home in June of 2001. He might be in Tonga, but i have no idea of how to track him down. So, if anyone has the info, please let me know,

Anthony Michael Child Send Email
lost companion 25 Jul 2003
I'm looking for Sister Jennifer Spencer. She went home from the OTM around March or April of 2002. If you know where she is please email me
"May the Lord bless you" (who said this?)
Tammie Jo Huff Send Email
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