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Recommendations, please. 24 May 2016
My son was called to the Portland, Oregon mission. He enters the MTC July 13. What was helpful to have, what do you wish you had taken with you, what did you take and wished you hadn't/didn't need? We live in Utah...
Skie Jenson Send Email
Elder Clint Scarbrough 07 Feb 2016
I am looking for Elder Clint Scarbrough who served in Hillsboro, Oregon. He taught/baptized our family in 1980-1981. He returned to Hillsboro and married a girl named Kim. Please reply if you have any information about him. Thx
Mary Hansen-Bell Send Email
Trying to find Elder Mortenson 13 Jan 2016
My name is Doug Hoiland. I am trying to find the missionaries that taught me the discussions in the spring of 1972 in the Santa Clara/Junction City/Corvallis area in Oregon. I had a baptism date set and my father chased these elders off with a shotgun. I felt so bad, but to keep peace, I backed away from the baptism. I was attending Oregon State University in Air Force ROTC and the elders tried to find me but I hid from them. I cannot remember their names, but I was baptized 3 years later in 1975. I never got to thank these persistent elders back in 1972. I have been a member for almost 41 years now, and have always wanted to find those elders from 1972 who went home from their mission thinking that they had failed with me. If you are one of them or if you know who served in the Santa Clara/Junction City/Corvallis area in Oregon in the spring and fall of 1972, please reply to
Douglas Hoiland Send Email
Mary Konkright 28 Sep 2014
Mary Konkright passed away yesterday. She and her husband Bob, affectionately known as "The Necco Man" have been taking good care of the missionaries in the Vancouver area for years! Bob now lives in the Salmon Creek area and funeral services for Mary will probably be Friday the 3rd of October. She was loved by so many missionaries!!!
Mary Kay Harrop Goehl Send Email
Sister Lois Larsen Passed Away 08 Oct 2013
On October 4, 2013 President Larsen's sweet wife passed away.

Here is a link to her obituary:

What a great mission mom she was!!
Kraig V. Paxman Send Email
Sister Sharon Stucki 08 Dec 2012
My husband, Elder Michael Merlvin Robinson, 1968 - 1970, works in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple with Randy Stucki and his wife Sonya. Grant Stucki, Jr., came into the Temple this morning while they were working to notify them that their Mother --and your Mission Mother--Sister Sharon Stucki had passed away earlier this morning. We will provide information on this site when service dates and arrangements have been determined.
Bonnie Robinson Send Email
Any one who served 1977-1979 16 Nov 2012
Just wondering if any of my companions or people I new or taught Rember me and would love to hear how there lives are going
Gary LaMar Nelson Send Email
Looking for Forest Grove Oregon missionary's 02 May 2011
Looking for missionary's serving in the Forest Grove Area 1979-1983. Gaynell Parker, Denise Meyers, Sister Grover, Elder Gonzallez and many more...
Barbara Jo Voorhies-Vandehey Send Email
hey there 04 Dec 2010
Would love to hear from missionaries who served 1984-1986.
Keith Edward Conley Send Email
Carroll Verbeck now Bishop 19 Sep 2010
Hey everyone who may have served in Vancouver or past couple of years in Washougal, Caroll Verbeck is now the Bishop in Washougal, WA. Aug 2010 I baptised him and his wife Gail. My companion Elder Rod Ash baptised their 2 children back in Feb. 1989
David R. Stoddard Send Email
Sister DeLange's Funeral 05 Feb 2010
Dear President John A. Larsen Missionaries:

Sister LaBeth DeLange, who served in the office with her husband, passed away yesterday in a Centerfield, UT care center. Her funeral is scheduled for Saturday, February 13 at 1:00 at the Koosharem, UT chapel. Koosharem is about 30 minutes east of Richfield.

If you would like any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me at Please come to the funeral if you can.
Bryan K Earl Send Email
President Grant Stucki passed away. 11 Jan 2010
Just a note from one of the Alumni:
Something you may want to pass on to those who may have served with
President Stucki:

President Grant A. Stucki passed away Sunday, January 10, 2010 after a
lingering illness from natural causes. His family gathered at his side as
his spirit departed.

If you would like information on his funeral please feel free to send me a Comment from the site and I will forward you the information on the Funeral Services.
His obituary will appear in the Daily Herald, Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret
Ben Miller Send Email
Old Mission companions 05 Oct 2009
I served in 1978 to 1980 in OPM and would like to see how many of us are still around. Looking to contact some of them just to see how everyone is doing.
Just found this site by accident!

Vincent Burns
Vincent Henry Burns Send Email
Old Mission companions 05 Oct 2009
I served in 1978 to 1980 in OPM and would like to see how many of us are still around. Looking to contact some of them just to see how everyone is doing.
Just found this site by accident!

Vincent Burns
Vincent Henry Burns Send Email
Looking Elder creech and a MTC friend 08 Apr 2009
I'm looking for Walter H Creech, we served in the Portland Oregon Mission from 1998 to 2000. I'm also looking for Sister Heather we met at the MTC, please send me a email to or call 360-450-1996 cell
Sidney Abdalah Send Email
Klamath Falls 1970's 13 Jan 2009
I would love to reconnect with two missionaries, Paul Haldeman and Bobby Clayton who made such a significant impact on me when they served in Klamath Falls.
Teri Leeper-Blue Send Email
Mission Companions 01 Jan 2009
I am Marshall's wife and am trying to find his old mission comps for a surprise. If you knew him or served with him please email me He served from 99-01
Marshall Call Send Email
lost friends 18 Jun 2008
I am looking for a family, Joy and her daughter daphany lockie who I helped teach in the Early 1980’s. I would like to hear from them if any one knows how to contact them.

I am also looking for Asian families that were real close friends. The Mine Uth family.
Karl Prisbrey Send Email
looking for my former missionaries 28 Apr 2008
I'm trying to locate the missionaries who taught me in 1975, Sisters Linda Erickson and Ruth Welch. My name was Beverly Casswell and I was living in Scappoose, Oregon at the time.
Beverly George Send Email
Mission Reunion April 2008 09 Feb 2008
Calling all President Eardley era alumni!!!

Please help us (Sis Christiansen, Sis Clegg, and
Sis Pendleton) find our OPM friends!! There isn't
a current list of addresses so we are counting on word of mouth to get the message out! Please let all those you keep in contact with about the reunion! It will be held on Friday, April 4, 2008 at
1000 North Main, Orem, UT.

If you have any questions or info to share, please write Cindy (Christiansen) Ahmu at or call 801-221-0898
Malinda (Clegg) Randall 801-491-0881
Faun Pendleton 801-381-6540

We hope to hear from and see you soon!!
Cindy Ahmu Send Email
looking for... 29 Oct 2007
i'm also looking for a family that i taught and baptised at the begining of my mission. They are the Cole Family. By the end of my mission i had lost contact with them.There's Shawna, Josh, Tyler,
again if anyone knows any contact info let me know.I baptised Josh and would love to get in contact with them again.
Ryan Alexander Sapp Send Email
i'm getting married.. 29 Oct 2007
Yeah so it's true.I thought that this'll be a massive way to get people's adresses. People's adresses that remember me. Mostly my companions that i lost touch with...brad newbold....joseph carver...brian whiting...etc.those are the one's that i can think of off the top of my head.And also anyone i can think's my e-mail adress.Please e-mail me your adress so i can send you an invitation.
Thank you!
Ryan Alexander Sapp Send Email
Coos Bay in 1980 07 Oct 2007

I am trying to find the missionaries who taught my husband and I back in 1980 in Coos Bay, Oregon. Back then I was 21 and my husband 23 and we had no children at that time. Today we have 4 sons who all served missions and attended (or still attend) BYU. My husband is a High Councilman in the stake and we are the Stake YSA Advisors. I just want them to know that we are active and grateful for their service!

How can I contact these good Elders?

Thank you,

Kathy Barber
Kathy Barber Send Email
WEDDING!! 09 Sep 2007
Hey All, I'm getting married in NOVEMBER!! so if you want an invitation please send my your mailing adress! I have some written down but not all! hope to hear from you!
Daniel Clark Amrine Send Email
Ballif's Address 19 Dec 2006
Hey all,

does anyone know the Ballif's mailing address?? If so, can you email it to me at ?


J. Austin Frost Send Email
Correction to previous message 27 Nov 2006
It was not Elder Sorenson who taught my parents the gospel, but Elder Mortenson, who served in Sweet Home, Oregon during late Spring, early Summer 1963 with Elder Joseph Olschewski (correction to spelling of name). Sorry bout the confusion.

Debra Zook (maiden: Palkki) Send Email
Addresses needed 27 Nov 2006
My daughter's family wrote thank you notes to all the missionaries instrumental in bringing our family to the gospel. She would like the addresses for the following missionaries who served in Sweet Home, Oregon during the designated time periods:

Joseph Oleschewski (1963)
Elder Sorenson (1963)

Scott Snow (1973)
Vaughn Taylor (1973)

If you know any of these addresses, please email me ASAP, as my daughter would like to send the letters out by Christmas this year.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

Debra K (Palkki) Zook
Debra Zook (maiden: Palkki) Send Email
Brother Waite's Funeral 03 Nov 2006
The beloved Brother Lawrence Moss Waite passed away on October 30th, 2006 with his family in Delta, UT. His funeral is Saturday, November 4th @ 11 am in Delta's 1st Ward Building, 200 N. 200 W. A viewing will be held at 10 am.

The financial circumstances that he left behind require a fund that has been set up by the family to pay for the funeral expenses. If you wish to help the family for these expenses, you can donate at any Zions Bank, donate towards the Gary Waite Donation Fund.

The family would also like you to know that he they have all of his books and registries that he has kept over the years. If you would like any of them, please let them know.

Good 'ol OPM Taxi...
Micah Paul Keith Send Email
Brother Waite, OPM Taxi News 13 Oct 2006
Who doesn't love our OPM Taxi? I'm not sure many people know of his current condition, but I thought many would like to know. Recently, BW was diagnosed with colon cancer, and they think it has spread further. I'm certain a call from his missionaries would make his day. His OPM Taxi Hotline still goes to him- 888.747.7877. Our prayers are with him...
Micah Paul Keith Send Email
Elder Stanger 12 Oct 2006
I would like to post a memorial message for Elder Tyler Stanger. He served in the OPM during the 1999-2001 range. I send my condolences to his family. He was the flight instructor on the plane that crashed in NYC. May we all send our prayers to his family.
Levi C Black Send Email
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