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"No Water for Sunday" 16 Sep 2003
Here is a story that I will always remember from the Crazy days of Ciudad Del Este circa 1995.... I was a junior companion in Ciudad Del Este Area 3 with my new senior companion Elder Carrasco. Our Branch met in a small house and we had a portable baptism font(basically looked like a kiddie pool) that we used for baptism when we couldn't get over to the main Ciudad Del Este Church in Area 1. There was no running water in the house so we would use a well that was located in the backyard of the house whenever we had to fill it up. Well one Saturday we went to the house to fill the font up for a baptism we were going to have the next day when we discovered that the well was DRY! We had no WATER to fill up the pileta! AY! AY! AY! At first, we tried to dig the well deeper to get water. When that didn't work, we tried to see if we could get some gallon water jugs from the local despensa but to no avail. So the chips were looking down on us. We then did the only thing that was left to us, PRAY for help to fill up our baptism font somehow. After we finished praying, Carrasco and I we decided to go for a Coke break at the local despensa , figuring it would help us clear our heads and think clearly about what we should do next. And sure enough after our little break on our way back to the meeting house we happened to pass by the Casa de Bomberos(Firehouse) and that's when the idea hit us right on the head from the big guy upstairs "FIREMEN HAVE WATER". Of course, it just happened that the Firemen were out front washing their firetruck , so with a prayer in our heart and some good Guarani jokes we slowly approached them and started to talk with them about our situation..... .. The next thing I know Carrasco and I are riding in a firetruck around the streets of CDE honking the horn and wearing really cool firehats to the branch meetinghouse. Once we got there, we then had the fireman back up the truck to the house and we brought the firehose through the window and filled the baptism font in 5 min flat!!!(Our fastest pileta filling ever for sure) We thanked the firemen for there help before they took off and thankfully our baptism went off without a hitch the next day. Viva Los Bomberos!!
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