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MTC Instructor 14 Apr 2013
I am looking for missionaries that were in my district in the Provo MTC. I was in the MTC in October 1981. The reason for this inquiry is that I had come into contact with our instructor (Eric Anderson) in the MTC, and he is curious about the whereabouts of the missionaries that he taught.

He has a chronic disease and I am sure that a kind word to him would cheer him up. Please contact me and I can forward contact information. Tyvm.
Glenn Tong Send Email
Mission office address 16 Aug 2011
As I recollect it was 3502 Foxcroft Drive or thereabouts. Don't remember the zip code.
John A Reeder Send Email
Mission office address 16 Aug 2011
As I recollect it was 3502 Foxcroft Drive or thereabouts. Don't remember the zip code.
John A Reeder Send Email
Old Mission Home Address 10 Aug 2011
Does anyone have the old mission home address in Camphill, PA? I need to put the address down on a security form.... Any help that someone can provide will be much appreciated. Thanks much.
Paul G Johnson Send Email
JUST CURIOUS 04 Mar 2010
I SERVED UNDER PRESIDENT AND SISTER BAKER FROM 1970 TO 1971. THE MISSION WAS ABUT 6 MONTHS OLD THEN. WAS CURIOUS IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ELDERS GO ON THE WEBSITE FROM TIME TO TIME. MY EMAIL is [redacted]. I have been married for almost 36 years, have 7 children (all gone from home) One is a surgeon /Physician. I also have 7 grandchildren. Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me from that time period. Jon Michael King
Elder Bill Story 28 Jul 2009
Does anyone know anything of the whereabouts of Elder Bill Story? He was from Oklahoma and was serving in Lancaster, PA in August 1983 with Elder Babbcock. For some reason he is on my mind and I would really like to make contact with him. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Ginger K Bright
St. George, UT
Ginger K Bright Send Email
brown reunion 04 May 2009
Jason Deed Griffiths Send Email
Brown Mission reunion question 18 Apr 2009
I saw and spoke with Brother & Sister Brown last July (2008). They both seemed well and are still in Salt Lake City. I asked if there were any reunions planned and they said no and suggested someone plan one.
Julie McLachlan Send Email
Reunion 04 Apr 2009
I would also be intrested in finding out if President Brown is going to have a reunion anytime soon, if anyone has any information on how or when that would be great. are President and sister brown doing well?
Jason Deed Griffiths Send Email
new logo 12 Nov 2008
I think the new logo is rad, and i think you should totally make the change.
Storie Stinger Send Email
New Logo 16 May 2008
I was playing around with revising the mission logo (emblem, coat of arms, whatever it's called) and I've posted it to the site here.

Please let me know what you think. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, you're more than welcome. I was just messing around in Illustrator tonight.

-- Sean
Sean Gates Send Email
Brown Reunion 03 Mar 2008
The last reunion with President Brown that I remember was about 8 years ago.

Want to organize one?
Neal G. Hamilton Send Email
President Brown Reunion 03 Mar 2008
From Spencer Anderson:

When was the last time President Brown had a reunion? I have never been to a reunion and I have never even looked to see if one was being held. It is getting close to 10 years since being in PA so I figured one might be coming up soon. Anyway, thanks for the info in advance. --Spencer
Sean Gates Send Email
Sister Jensen's Address 01 Mar 2008
Does anybody know Sister Jensen's street address? If not, then at least her email address? Thanks.
Dustin B Cenatiempo Send Email
looking for the ones who opened the door 10 Oct 2007
I'm not sure exactly what year it was, but I'm thinking it was prolly 2003-2004 my very closest freinds lived across the street from the missionaries in Berwick. I all but lived with my friends, spending every spare moment there. The missionaries were the sweetest guys, always there to lend a hand and help out. We even played in the snow on a day that we got 2 feet overnight. They did everything they could to get me to consider the church... but I always disappointed them. A few years later I kinda "randomly" ended up in Utah and after 1 1/2 years here something really hit home one day and when I went back to my apartment the Book of Mormon that the missionaries in Berwick had given me was on my bookshelf. I don't remember keeping it or bringing it to Utah with me, lol. I finally opened my heart and was baptized a month later. I want to say thank you to those missionaries who first knocked on my door. The thing that was most instrumental in my conversion was the example set by others, and they were the first step on that really long road. I'm hoping that they will see that even though I wasn't baptized when they tried to teach me, they were an instrumental part of my becoming a member. THANK YOU!!!!
Heidi Carr/Larish Send Email
Searching for 21 Jun 2007
I am trying to locate a family that I baptized in 1974. Stephen & Casha Steffick were from Greencastle & were baptized in Chambersburg. If anyone knows of their location could you please let me know.
Justin Loran Hardy Send Email
P-day 10 Apr 2007
We are assuming that p-day is Monday. Is that the case? Are there many areas that have e-mail access, or should we expect snail mail?
Joshua M Wilson Send Email
I just got my call!!! 07 Apr 2007
I'm really excited to serve and I'm wondering if anyone could give me some idea of what the area is like and what to expect.

Sister Griffith :)
Ashley Griffith Send Email
Women's Conference 05 Apr 2007
To any sisters from 93-95, if any of you are attending Women's Conference at BYU in a few weeks, how about getting together somewhere?? (a.k.a. Sister Humphreys)

Email me if you can! stanleyrachel [at] hotmail dot com
Rachel Stanley Send Email
Mission reunion 03 Apr 2007
It went really well. The number were light, but those of us there had a great time.
Pres. and Sister Richards gave a great fireside.
Next year it will be at the same place the Friday before April General Conference. So everyone plan on it.
Ken Miller Send Email
Mission Reunion 02 Apr 2007
Just wondering how the Richards Mission Reunion went? We wanted to go but couldn't get a way. Love to hear from those who went.
Shanna L. Watkins Send Email
looking for a book... 12 Mar 2007
My best friend, Nate Furhiman, served in the mission most likely between the years of 1998-2000 (or around that time period). Around his birthday this year; he mentioned that he left a book that his mother gave him in the mission apt. I know that most likely the book is lost but I thought it would be worth a try to find it. Its one of those personal little kid like books where its personalized with your name in the book throughout the story (either Nate or Nathan). I wanted to surprise him with finding the original if I could. Could anybody help find the lost book?? It really means a lot to him?! Thank you, Jes May
Jes May Send Email
mission home 22 Feb 2007
I guess I should of added that I heard Pres Baker Purchased the home and then donated it to the church when he left.
Kenneth D. Dixon Send Email
Mission Home 22 Feb 2007
The Mission home on Foxcroft is still being used today for President Pugh. So, I would guess that it is still owned by the chuch. I don't know if that helps or not, hope so!
Amy Peck Send Email
Misssion Home 22 Feb 2007
This is a responce to Cheri Christensen question on 8 Jan. 2007. I don't know if she still needs the address. I just found the web site. In the summer of 1970 they started the Harrisburg, Pa. mission. George Baker being the first president. I arrived 2 years later in the summer of 1972. The mission home at that time was located at 45 Foxcroft Dr. Camp Hill, Pa. 17011. I heard that Pres. Baker had purchased the home but I don't know for a fact.
Kenneth D. Dixon Send Email
Mission Crest 28 Jan 2007
A question for us:

"I have a son entering the MTC 31 Jan 2007, could you explain the mission crest and the meaning and perhaps a readers digest history of the mission.
Mark G. Williams"


UPDATE **********************

Some answers so far:

"I'm not sure about the meaning of the crest, but my understanding is that it was drawn by Elder John Chaproniere from England who served in the mission approximately 1984-86 ... Hope that helps some."

"I'm not sure if anyone has answered the question regarding the Mission Crest or not, but the very little that I know about it is that it is simply the Pennsylvania State Coat of Arms modified. The Eagle is replaced with the Angel Moroni and the 'Virtue Liberty and Independence' is replaced with the 'Book of Mormon'."
Sean Gates Send Email
1970 Mission Home 08 Jan 2007
From Cheri Christensen:

"Can you tell me where the mission headquarters were in 1970? I think Pennsylvania was all one mission then. George Baker was president. I believe he and his wife purchased a mission home at that time. I'm typing a family history for someone. Thanks."

Can anyone help her out?

Sean Gates Send Email
Hosting Costs 01 Nov 2006
Right now is run on a server that was purchased from donations given back in 2003. Deseret Book graciously provided the colocation for the server, giving us a lot of free bandwidth.

Here are the current choices for (LDSMN) hosting are:

1) Colocate the current server somewhere for a monthly fee;

2) Sign up for hosting from a third party host, using either a dedicated or partially dedicated server for a monthly fee;

Both of those options require money. Their prices vary widely, so there isn't a set cost yet. My guess is that the costs would be between $100-$1000 a month. I'm really not an expert, so I don't know what will be the real price.

There is a proposal floating around to use ads to support the site, but most people do not want to do that. Actually, to support that notion I will put up a poll to find out our collective opinion on the situation.

Thus, donate what you can, when you can. I am confident they will use the money wisely for the entire Missionary Alumni Network. If you want to wait until we know what we are doing, that is fine, too.

PA Harrisburg Webmaster

Note: I want to clarify -- they are also looking at "free" or "very discounted" hosting. But, even then there may be hardware and support costs down the road. -- Sean
Sean Gates Send Email
Cost of hosting 01 Nov 2006
Can you let us know the annual or monthly cost?

Eric William Stewart Send Email needs help to stay online ... 31 Oct 2006
Recently's hosting provider (which is currently Deseret Book) told us that we have to find a different host. There are some options on the table, and almost all of them require money. Please donate what you can to help.

I can explain more to anyone who needs a more detailed explanation.

Note: your donation is NOT tax deductible as the LDS Mission Network is not registered as a non-profit organization. They may be working on that but it is not guaranteed.

Sean Gates Send Email
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